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  • MoRi Jin, The Traveler

    MoRi Jin, The Traveler


    Seorang pembunuh bayaran terkenal pada abad 23 terbunuh saat sedang menjalankan misi untuk membunuh boss mafia peringkat 2 di Itali





  • Fatal Record: Apocalyptic Era

    Fatal Record: Apocalyptic Era

    Fantasi dari timur

    Sebuah retakan kecil muncul membuat sebagian kecil energi ilahi dari Taman Surgawi turun ke alam fana. sebelum energi ilahi menyebabkan kehancuran pada alam fana, Kaisar Ilahi, Sun Wukong memperbaiki retakan tersebut. Namun, energi ilahi yang telah menyebar di alam fana telah menyebabkan pertumbuhan yang sangat mengerikan. Protagonis kita, Ye Xiao merupakan salah satu orang yang selamat dari kiamat. bersama dengan teman-teman yang dia jumpai, Ye Xiao membentuk benteng pertahanan untuk orang orang yang selamat. tapi sayang, dia dikhianati oleh sahabat dan kekasihnya. Sebelum kematiannya Ye Xiao sempat mengaktifkan sebuah artifak ilahi yang mengulang aliran waktu alam fana 1 tahun sebelum kiamat dimulai. ================================ Main Tag: Cultivation, Ruthless Protagonist, Revenge, Cleaver Protagonist, Artificial Intelligence Sytem, Post-Apocalypse, Time Traveler, Romance.


Yes definitely, your words doesn't weight much. And clearly you haven't read it which made you ignorant. Well, a wise sage said that you should witness it before make a comment about it, but surely you're not.
Meh, I just like to rant so I beg for forgiveness. View More

daoistkitty: I know my words won’t have any weight since I haven’t read a chapter yet. But it sounds to me like an innocent and ignorant **** gets sent to another world and gets himself hurt for his innocent and ignorant actions. I mean if magic existed how would you know magical beasts are poisonous to eat cause of their energy that your body isn’t ready or made for? And if you could beat a monster and was confident, why wouldn’t you try to stare death in the face to fight it and get taught a valuable lesson? And maybe he didn’t know those people were bad guys, I mean in a society where we treat criminals better than most citizens, why not save them? Why not try to make companions and see them survive? Sounds to me like a innocent MC who needs to learn about the dog eat dog world the hard way

The Geared Immortal
1 day ago
I don't know that harem can have this higher level of romance up till now. I'm just glad that I read this books but at the same time disappointed that this book hasn't completed yet. View More
illicit relationship · C28
1 day ago
Hey hey doesn't ***** video like this exist?? Why bother that when another example is exist. Fiction can be brain crushing literatures. View More

vashurajput269: So basically MC doesn't care if they want to do sex or not he will just force them to have whenever he please , come on man if in washroom there is a lady can't you just stop for like 5mins or do you wish your mother to get judged by society, surely they will say they don't care about others opinion but we know deep down they will really care .

illicit relationship · C23
1 day ago
Maybe it will become a background for MC to have a bussiness combat with his father that has disvorced his mother. I mean, something like abandoned son. View More

Issou: This **** with the Xiao family is boring, there are many Xiao Families in China so it feels forced

illicit relationship · C20
1 day ago
Actually i really want to read female protagonist that act like a "white lotus" View More

dragonbutterfly: Yay another pampering doting hubby sweet and adorable kids..it will be fun to read. Hopefully no loads of misunderstandings. I dont mind many scheming bitches as long the female lead is fighting back and not naive and stupid. And the most important that its updated daily..So i gave it all 5 stars.❤🦋❤🦋❤🦋❤🦋❤🦋❤🦋❤🦋❤🦋❤🦋❤🦋❤🦋❤😂❤🦋❤😂❤🦋❤🦋❤❤🦋❤😎👍

Attack of the Adorable Kid: President Daddy's Infinite Pampering
1 day ago
Actually i really want to read female protagonist that act like a "white lotus" View More

dragonbutterfly: Yay another pampering doting hubby sweet and adorable kids..it will be fun to read. Hopefully no loads of misunderstandings. I dont mind many scheming bitches as long the female lead is fighting back and not naive and stupid. And the most important that its updated daily..So i gave it all 5 stars.❤🦋❤🦋❤🦋❤🦋❤🦋❤🦋❤🦋❤🦋❤🦋❤🦋❤🦋❤😂❤🦋❤😂❤🦋❤🦋❤❤🦋❤😎👍

Attack of the Adorable Kid: President Daddy's Infinite Pampering
1 day ago
I agree with you. these b*itches really do need to know their place. View More

SleepingDragons: The Best way to make the B*tches Suffer is make Them Enjoy having S*x with You until They can't be satisfied by other Man anymore, then Make Them can't have S*x with You & forcing Them watch Your S*x session with Other Woman while making them can't Masturbate on Their Own 😈😈😈

Netori System · C4
1 day ago
Did you not read it and just how badly this Chaos Profound Vein compared with Evil God Vein ??
Let's start with how fast the cultivation speed.
Just read it dude.
I knew what Chaos mean but in here the author downgrading the majestic words of "Chaos" View More

dazii: Woah.....when did evil god vein have over chaos vein because from what i know chaos means creation and whrn there is creation yhen destruction exist....with the chaos vein i believe he is able to fight against those with high cultivation, please

1 month ago

Omnislayer: No, you was just anti-social guy who doesn't know how to have a proper conversation.
That's why you blame your friends.

The Lust System · C6
1 month ago

daoistdunde: ¸,ø¤º°`°º¤ø,¸¸,ø¤º° [ its a wonderful rendition on the world of cultivation, it needs to be taken back and studied for perv...*cough science proposes] °º¤ø,¸¸,ø¤º°`°º¤ø,¸

Dual Cultivation
1 month ago

I_m_Devil4u: Can u not make it sound so righteous 😂😂

Dual Cultivation
1 month ago

PurpleMagicCube: Who says dual cultivation is bad? Other novels made it look like a terrible cultivation technique but they were wrong. Fellow daoists, join 'MYLITTLEBROTHER's' sect and experience the wonderful world of plucking yin while sharing yang.

Dual Cultivation
1 month ago

DesolateNightSky: I'm gonna shamelessly review my own novel with five stars. As to why, well, because it's my novel lol.

Well, anyways, thanks for the support guys, and also for the ones who liked the previous version. But I do not plan to remake the previous version and leave it the way it is. If I do ever continue it, it may be in another series and not this novel. There will be two worlds of Ability Wielders if I do continue or re-continue it.

Anyways, thanks for the readers and those who supports my novel. I promise I won't remake a new version of Ability Wielders again and not stray from this path.

Ability Wielders
1 month ago

The_Airojab: Individually the chapters have a story but when u read it as a whole you keep changing the facts of the story, the no of plot holes are more than enough to make story within themselves.

Although its not a bad fanfic it would be better if you made up your mind and stopped just trying to fill the story randomly.

Rise of Strongest Dragon Emperor
1 month ago
Yes and more worst.
Trash is just a trash.
And people like you who misleading some new readers better off. View More

nitv: The content has been deleted

Rise of Strongest Dragon Emperor
1 month ago

Zerot_Solar: Readed it around chapter 20

First, the title based on the story is **** nothing to do with being a dragon emperor is only selling false dreams.

Second, he is a slave and the truest end of bitches slaps...

Third, mixing type moon universe out the blue is not so good idea.

Fourth, the story dont make sense at all at the begining he is a naive knowing sh*t about the supernatural world later chapter just tell us about how much he know the supernatural world.

1star is a lot for this novel if I could I would just give 0.1star and only for the begining and somehow decent grammar...

Rise of Strongest Dragon Emperor
1 month ago

gman12567: I don't get why so many people act likes this is some insanely good novel don't get me wrong its not that bad (at least the story isn't).
First regarding the translation I think it was MTL'd if not its at the quality of it at some points.
The story is at best above average nothing special, lots of things aren't thought out at all for example he says it would be to hard to make a iron man style suit atm so instead he has the idea to create his very own transformer which is bumblebee from scratch and acts like it would be easier not 100 times harder. And as of chapter 30 he still has not gotten any powers at all nor has he started working on a plan for it it feels like he author is trying to pad word count the only thing close to him having powers is his knowledge and the transformer that he almost completed.
There is romance (If you can call it that) but their is nothing actually romantic about the romance it just like hey we go to school together and we've ran into each other outside of school so lets date.
So far he doesn't talk to people much but all the conversations they do have seems messed up as in it's not how actual conversations go.
And finally you can really tell the author is Chinese cause it REALLY bleeds through for example the characters don't talk at all like how Americans would instead talking about stuff like having a thick face as if it were some xianxia novel which no one does in america.
Also the way the author refers to other characters really shows he's Chinese again for example referring to peter (spider man if you don't know) as "The young white man", Gwen Stacy as "The young beautiful white girl", Max as "a black man with a faint greasy scent", the receptionist as "the white woman", and the security guards as "the big black guards". I'm not some sjw or soy boy who would get offended by this stuff but you can tell the author is placing a lot of emphasis on their race so at worst the author is racist like most Chinese or at best he doesn't know how to write a description of a character and thinks only writing their skin color with few other details is a good enough description for the character

The Online Game Version Of Marvel.
1 month ago

Omnislayer: I just complaining about his behavior as if he isn't his self but Lin Ming.
As for the system, I found it funny to someone said that the system is garbage, because even if you gave some Saiyan bloodline or another garbage from anime, they still can't stand against something from Martial World.
For example, Magic Cube.
That is just one example, well I don't want to scare you about how powerful Martial World so find it by yourself.

Easy Cultivation · C3
1 month ago
I just complaining about his behavior as if he isn't his self but Lin Ming.
As for the system, I found it funny to someone said that the system is garbage, because even if you gave some Saiyan bloodline or another garbage from anime, they still can't stand against something from Martial World.
For example, Magic Cube.
That is just one example, well I don't want to scare you about how powerful Martial World so find it by yourself. View More
Easy Cultivation · C3
1 month ago

WeavingSpider: Read it if you are ok with insta overpower MC's. Out of 52 chapter are 6 *****/sex chapters.
The writing itself is great and i cant find any or many Grammitcal errors.
Its Harem and right now the MC has two chicks as his bedwarmer.
And now to the problem i have with the story so far.
Which is the OP'nes of the MC, the MC says himself that he could kill the strongest entity of this world in chapter 1~10 and repeats that with a comparison of the strongest entity beeing a pebble on the sidewalk and he beeing able t9o just "kick" him away if he annoys him.
With comparisons like that there is No interist to follow the story further.
No one can beat the MC -> No hardships only smooth sailing. ( like One Punch Man but without Comedy? )
Right now this is more of an *slice of life of a dude running around in a novel/manga/animeworld.

Whoever reads this, have a nice day, give this novel a try and have a nice cup of tea.

A Commonplace Story of Overpowered Sorcerer
1 month ago

Lize: When i see this book have 5.0 review..
I wonder this book is that good?
So i try it..

From language.. its good..
From character....... i see the other say that he is smart mc.. but from what i see he only lucky mc that depend on system too much..
The system is spoon feed him anything that he need..
I know it is suppose to be op mc.. so he get everything from the system.. but at the same time.. because author dont want him to be too op.. the mc become like half baked op mc.. so its feel weird.. atleast for me.. 😅😅
The plot....... well.. when kyuubi attack the plot feel like it forced.. well i know writing kyuubi attack when the mc op and the author dont want to change the future plot is hard.. so...... ahhhh.. forget it.. 😅😅

Anyway.. this is an okay book..
I will keep it my libary but will only read it if i dont have anything to read and super bored..

The Supreme Anime System
1 month ago

The author cannot do math. Although this is a commonly seen thing, it is more sever in this case. If you want to enjoy this novel, it is better to just shut of your brain. That way, you can enjoy all the faceslapping and (somewhat) cool fight scenes.

Godly Model Creator
1 month ago

mya22: A story about some **** boy who steal someone else fiancee and proudly thinking he was in the right and the world should forgive and support him.

He successfully made the girl like him while he was aware of the girl status was someone else fiancee. In his mind, only him is the right boy for the said girl, and any other man who fancy his crush is unforgivable,

In his eyes any human which doesn't act as he think is detestable, sometimes he even rolled his eyes.

Other character can't act suspicious or even think badly for the mc boy because they will put in the 'someone i dislike' zone.

Any other woman who knows his crush will support him stealing other people fiancee. Of course they justified his action.

Some heavenly beauty but not comparable to his crush: "There is no way you're in the wrong taking xx's fiancee. You have to grow stronger to silence them"

Godly Model Creator
1 month ago

Crossfire92: So I tried to come back to this story again... It's got a ton of potential but you'll run into a weird problem in it.

The author said that ability is limitless time and again in this story. But at chapter 47 the teacher basically tells him that his ability has reached its peak and that the only way to advance if through buying a better cultivation manual. This is complete and utter BS. If origin abilities had limitations then why do they matter? Isn't it better to max out the harder to master human body?

So I was pretty upset and went to read other reviews where I discovered that the MC only upgrades his ability through those cards in the future.
Really this isn't a terrible idea but its the way the author writes this story that gets on my nerves. Maybe this story is good in it's home language but the translation for this story is beyond terrible. Half the sentences that should have a depth of meaning are pretty blunt and straightforward.

Take this sentence:
No wonder, with only an E grade talent, you rushed all the way to 200 points. With such a degree of model analysis, I’m afraid that this ability has already reached its peak.

So the author does things like this a lot. What's it mean to rush all the way to 200 points? Didn't he spend years refining his ability? This is a Professor who is basically considering his training "rushing". It's these types of sentences that show up all over the place. Things that are hard and require effort or talent are discarded like that.

And this is the second thing. His ability has reached its peak? How so? I can think of a few dozen ways model analysis could be used combatively and other ways.

1. analysis of Terran and input of instant defensive equipment.
2. Analysis of Unknown monster and identification of weaknesses instantly
3. Analysis of tracks made and infer the originator via saved models.

and so on. He's clearly a tracking/brain type. The key is his ability has to be instant, unblockable, and allow him to fight while using it. What sucks is apparently origin abilities can be blocked. This is a total wth moment. How is a world which uses origin abilities to fight blocked so easily?

My second beef with the story starts at chapter 52. We just came from a fight with a repeater. What's completely bizarre in this fight is that the MC with 300 fitness points doesn't easily overpower a guy with 110.

This is pretty much the example of combat you'll see from beginning until now. This author does not understand combat.

Godly Model Creator
1 month ago

Wallker: I'm surprised he didn't delete your review, but that's probably cause it was one of the ones up front, now after so many reviews, he secretly deletes all new bad ones. Author is shameless.

Endless Path : Infinite Cosmos
1 month ago

Ez_Gia: interested in seeing the novel -> checking out the review first -> reading all Author's comments -> losing my motivation to read the novel.

Endless Path : Infinite Cosmos
1 month ago

GhostyZ: This story has a beta cuck MC. The fan base is a bunch of sjw cucks who ride the Authors tiny cock all day. His pussy admin banned me.

Endless Path : Infinite Cosmos
1 month ago

Intra_Cetum: Not sure why the author let this review stay, since he's an ignorant piece of **** who I've seen delete dozens of reviews and comments. Maybe he wants to keep one so he can look like he's not a dictator piece of **** who censors all the reviews ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Endless Path : Infinite Cosmos
1 month ago

lukereps: Lol I stopped reading a long time ago, but the review is there forever. You should really think sometimes.

Endless Path : Infinite Cosmos
1 month ago

lukereps: Aww does it hurt your ego to know that your story isn't as good as you think it is? How sad! What's even worse is that you basically reply the same thing to all the people who has given you a low rating. No originality, not a good writer. I give it a 2 star. 😂

Endless Path : Infinite Cosmos
1 month ago
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