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Original Works

  • True Reflection of her life

    True Reflection of her life


    Sometimes while trying to potray being someone who seems not really you, you forget yourself. You forget your identity. You forget your truth while trying to hide it from the world. Nowadays, in the path of hiding your fears and weaknesses,you forget your identity. You try to become the person who is completely different than you. Ying Yue seems to be not the person who shows she is. What is her true identity? What is she hiding? And why? Why does she seem so different than what she potrays? How many stories are hidden behind those eyes? She seems lost. Can she find the True Reflection of her? Can she find herself?. Let's unwind her path towards herself along with her unknown stories she never told anyone. Let's listen to her unsaid words on the path where she meets some old acquaintances and some new people. Can she find the real her?

  • Melody of my Life Song

    Melody of my Life Song



When there is a anticipation, hope and love for something, there is always a fear about losing that thing. And the fear deepens when your hopes and expectations are constantly crushed upon. I can understand the reason behind her fear of facing her past. I hope she can get through her pain and fear. View More
Imperfect Desires · C165
1 week ago
I totally agree with you. View More

XiaoReiChan: I love everything about it Little MeeHee~~

I feel that my heart was gonna burst because of so much joy! I felt XiuXiu's happiness upon confirming who Darren really is. 😍😍😍

What's hers in her past is still hers in the present. It's really their fate that they are together now. Even death couldn't completely tear them away from each other. It only paused their relationship.

That's how powerful their love is. ❤️

Imperfect Desires · C165
1 week ago
People always think you are hurt when your wounds are visible but they never notice the pains and agony you are facing because of your wounds in your heart and mind. They don't understand how hard it is to fight against your pain every single day and how one need to smile and laugh by hiding their tears as if nothing is wrong. View More
Imperfect Desires · C164
1 week ago
Bai Xiu is really a sweetheart. Finally she got her memories back. I like how this story is going.
Thank you for the update View More
Imperfect Desires · C163
1 week ago
Some habits really are unchangeable. It started as Chen Xiu and remained the same as Bai Xiu. Dylan and Xiu are true xerox of Tom and Jerry. They are bound to quarrel when even they meet. But it's kinda cute too. View More
Imperfect Desires · C157
2 weeks ago
Thank you for the update 💜💜💜💜
I never thought they would have met in this way. Life is truly full of mysteries. View More
Imperfect Desires · C155
2 weeks ago
You are right. View More
Imperfect Desires · C152
2 weeks ago
She said it. So they can't say why didn't she tell them the truth. Sometimes we don't even realize the truth even its in front of us. We search for things every where when it is already there beside us. I hope they realize it. View More
Imperfect Desires · C152
2 weeks ago
I hope someone takes it seriously rather than as a joke that will make it quite interesting to know how they react. Nevertheless, it would be great if she gets Bai Xiu's memories too. View More
Imperfect Desires · C151
2 weeks ago
If she gets Bai Xiu's memories, it surely will be very interesting. I want to know what kind of person Bai Xiu was and what kind of life she had. Will her life affect the present Xiu as the past plays role in our present. View More
Imperfect Desires · C149
3 weeks ago
👍👍👍 View More

XiaoReiChan: I'm anticipating for this Xin Xiaosi to appear in the future. He's Didi's cousin anyway. But I'm really rooting for my #NoLan ship to sail~~ 😩 What if Ah Si's return make Nora and/or Dylan realize it is them who are meant for each other?? 😍

On the other hand, baby XiuXiu and Darren's ship is sailing quite smoothly~ They're so adorable and rated GP but their make out sessions are quite steamy too. 😏😁

I'm so excited to find out what's gonna happen on their date! 🥰

Imperfect Desires · C145
3 weeks ago
Xiu's words really made me think how past makes us who we are in the present. If we didn't make those decisions, would we learn those lessons? But yet,we keep thinking what has already passed away and drowning on our regrets. She is truly brave to let go and walk once again. View More
Imperfect Desires · C144
3 weeks ago
Thank you for the update View More
Imperfect Desires · C142
3 weeks ago
I agree with Ethan. No matter what Lexi had right to know the truth. Hurting hurt as shield to protect her only forced her to end her life. Lexi already said before she wouldn't give Morris another chance again. Yet it's heart wrenching how one needs to be hurt to see the other one to be happy. I hope everyone gets a happy ending. View More
The Rise of the White Lotus · C196
4 weeks ago
Even unintentionally i always keep wondering what would be their reaction when they get to know that, the person they missed in the past is actually the same person standing by their side. Life is truly full of surprises. The one who you are fated with will eventually make a way to find you no matter where they are. View More
Imperfect Desires · C134
1 month ago
I agree. The mistakes and the decisions we took in the past maybe will always remain as regret in our lives but those things are the greatest lessons which teaches us to better and makes us the person as we are today. View More

QysQk: And sometime we learn it the hard way ... but looking back that moment somehow make us learn what important things and moment to appreciate the lesson of life #justmythought 😁

Imperfect Desires · C133
1 month ago
There is a time when you can't imagine your life without that person but in another moment he becomes a stranger. I guess that's the reality of life. It's seems crazy yet it's the truth. It's just so sad to know that Life can be so rough. View More
Imperfect Desires · C133
1 month ago
Nora is the soul sister i am looking for. Aiyoo!! I am so jealous of Xiu. View More
Imperfect Desires · C131
1 month ago
I sometimes wonder why we search for the thing we want all around, when it is beside us. One sentence, one word and that one step towards it is enough to find that thing we are looking for. Maybe that's why we need to cherish the chance we have. View More
Imperfect Desires · C130
1 month ago
I like the author's word of the day. It's quite interesting. View More
Imperfect Desires · C122
1 month ago
Thank you for the update 💜 View More
Imperfect Desires · C120
1 month ago
Life is simply unpredictable. You never know what's going to happen. A simple coincidence can do wonders in your life as always change it. It seems funny yet true. We come across some people who becomes important part of our lives without any indication or knowledge. Just one encounter is enough for it. View More
Imperfect Desires · C118
1 month ago
😂😂 Agreed View More

Xiaoie: Yu Chen gained a Fiancee and Two Buns overnight. A win-win situation if I were to judge.

I Hate You, Devil! · C50
1 month ago
I really like how Xiu put it out saying everyone has flaws. Nowadays, everyone is so busy to be perfect hiding our flaws and drowning in our insecurities. But reality is not a straight road, it's a curved path with lots of bumps. It's okay to not be perfect because that's what makes us human and different. View More
Imperfect Desires · C115
1 month ago
I can't stop smiling. It just warms my heart. View More
The Rise of the White Lotus · C170
1 month ago
Yu Chen is simply adorable 💘 View More
I Hate You, Devil! · C48
1 month ago
Cheers to that slap!! View More
The Rise of the White Lotus · C168
1 month ago
😆 View More

devil_princess_07: Darren is already possessive over her, really good improvement 😍😍😍 poor Dylan but he deserves it, who told him to fight with our baby xiu and ruin her first date and most importantly our dose of dog food😅😅😅
Thanks for the update baby Meehee ❤️ *hugs* and please give us some dog food, after all its their first day of dating you can't let it pass like that😉

Imperfect Desires · C111
1 month ago
Their interactions are simply adorable. View More
The Rise of the White Lotus · C166
1 month ago
Me too!! View More

WinterKaguya: Finally!!! Been waiting for sooooo long! I can’t wait to see how Yingying gonna avenge Daiyu! Its about time too! Looking forward to the progress of the plot...

Granting You a Second Life · C154
1 month ago
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