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Original Works

  • The Ruler of Blood

    The Ruler of Blood


    The first. He was the first of his kind in all of existance. The man who was destined to rule the fate of all, his reign was everlasting and filled with bloodshed. He was THE FIRST VAMPIRE. -------------------------------------------------- Most likely to not update frequently as I'm just writing for fun and because of bordem. -------------------------------------------------- Also note this is my first time writing and I'm not a professional. Also this is not my cover and belongs to who ever created it.

  • Being Op is a way of life

    Being Op is a way of life


    Coming soon - Imagine cover as a guy then it sort of looks like the mc Tags OP MC, System, Ruthless MC, Cultivation, Vampire MC, Secret Society

  • Experience




  • Life Of Sven

    Life Of Sven

    Magical Realism

    Life of Sven MC Sven wakes up one morning and gains the system. Which will help him to experience his life to the fullest. Tags : System, Slice of Life, Dark Mc, Serial Killer, Genius Mc Written on phone chapters are short. Cover is from Pintrest


Reading Status: C9
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Amazing Story Keep It Up. View More
Marvel: I Wish to be One-Above-All
1 hour ago
Marvel: I Wish to be One-Above-All · C9
10 hours ago
Need more View More
Omni-Mastery · C204
12 hours ago
Keep it small with a team of 3-5 max View More
Omni-Mastery · C203
1 day ago

Mr_immortal: Yeah man, just write whatever makes you satisfied. We all are just free novel hungry wolves here, so even if you restarted this from the beginning people would read it. I would read it for sure.
And i think making him a member of momonga's guild would make writing this novel easier and this way you would not have to worry about new guardians, you'll just have to make interesting interactions with pre-existing guardians.

「Obsolete」Blue Citadel: An Overlord Fanfiction · C47
1 day ago
The bitches in this story walk all of the mc. The dude needs to grow some nuts View More
Gacha Sovereign · C33
2 days ago

Denzel_theking: This guy is taking years to copy someone work without changing anything I hope its cause he is doing extra chapters at the same time cause it may be best he just drop it earlier if not

A God in Percy Jackson Redux · C5
4 days ago

Weirdo: Wait what? Is he a fool? Yeah, this author is a fool.. Not only he wish for something stupid, he even make such stupid.. Sigh, I can't read this anymore...

The Adventures with the originals · C2
1 month ago
Too broken to understand View More
Demonic Hero / DC fanfic · C1
1 month ago

NonsenseUser: When is it?

Cool Anime System II · C1
1 month ago
Lost Interest View More
A Lazy Man's Adventure · C102
1 month ago

Licorice: i hope this is last useless chapter

Golden Fox with System · C122
1 month ago

FBI_B1TCH: How do you know he didn't play around with the local wildlife... Millions of years is a long time to go without sex, I bet some of the dinos were looking pretty sexy in his eyes. 😂

DC: God of Evolution (Dropped) · C0
1 month ago

Scientistx: By The Way Author If I was you I would Catagorize Mc's species as Homo Deus which means God Man

This also has a lot of Meaning Since Homo Deus is our Mankind's Theorized Evolution into In future By Scientific community

Theory is that if mankind Succeds to survive our extincton dangers and predicaments

We will by scientific advancments evolve ourselfs in the view of transhumanism by both using genetic enginnering and cybernetic enchancments which will over time evolve our species into godlike beings

Thus evolving from Homo Sapiens to>Homo Deus

Your Mc is a perfect example of evolutionary transceding since his Dna Even after Transmigration was originally human but evolved beyond it's limits because of extreme eviormental pressure which prove that theorathically humankind itself can evolve to that form Thus He represents Homo Deus

DC: God of Evolution (Dropped) · C0
1 month ago
To stupid and a pointless plan hes going to get the place anyway, it's boring reading this pointless **** View More
A Cheat's Survival Journal · C10
1 month ago
How do you say dageer's name? Is it how it's spelt? View More
Broke: A Clone Wars Tale (Star Wars) · C133
1 month ago

RyuuNight: He is weak

A New Path · C135
1 month ago

Hetiii: This is the worst chapter I have ever read. Dropped. Why you guys even like this is beyond me

Marvel King · C1
1 month ago

Daoist_Little_Yun: This cliff is bad

Low Dimensional Game · C358
1 month ago
More! View More
DC: God of Evolution (Dropped) · C0
1 month ago

G0D1Y: all those restrains made it depressing to read this fan fic. it's understandable that the author didn't want to make the mc some OP character, but the concept of wishes and meeting a pathetic god like this are very disturbing and annoying.
those wishes are pathetic that I hope author should have just made the mc thrown to HunterXhunter world without meeting any one.
At least ask for some talent, and for god sake a immortal soul so where you are eaten ?!! this mc is totally a lost cause.

Endless Adventure · C4
1 month ago
Nothing happened View More
Journey Towards Greatness · C274
1 month ago

Asurah: I am kinda confused here. The MCs goal is not a harem of females. He is more interested in gaining as much power as soon as possible so he and all of humanity can survive the coming threats. What is this NTR bull****, the MC was never looking for any serious relationships.
Calling the females sluts because they choose to enjoy casual sex? Lol, everyone involved are consenting adults looking to have a good time. Perfectly fine for a men to sleep with multiple women but not women sleeping with multiple men? Of course women must be slut shamed for such shameful actions! LOL!

Caveman DNA coming through quite strongly with you my friend. MC is a beta, a loser and not the MC anymore because he isn't the number 1 sex icon? If the MCs only driving force was to have sex with as many females as he can the story could of just ended when he gained the 12hr mind control serum.

Marvel Reborn: Gems of Infinite Potential
1 month ago
Its not a gun shop its a weapons shop according to author cold weapons are guns View More
Golden Fox with System · C112
1 month ago

Invisiblevoice: A one year old can barely talk, and i'm completely sure he can't walk even with chakra, so forget about running or jumping, he wouldn't be able to hide from the girls. A baby wouldn't be reading either, he is reencarnated, i understand, but i don't get how the adults didn't find weird how he choose informative books of history and ninjutsu when he should be putting all his effort in crawling to be able to stand up. Don't tell me he can do everything with chakra, even if he is stronger he should wait until his muscles develop, you can't make stronger something that barely exist, how is it nobody find him weird? I don't think he should be stupid enough to show off to everybody how out of the norm he is, he's going to end in a lab, even if Root doesn't exist because Danzou died something similar should since Orochimaru is still out there. This guy is seeking death.

Journey of a Soul- A Naruto Fanfic · C3
1 month ago

Shinkaio: The guy has a tragic story but it's him that has to confort the girl...I dislike her already

A Returnee Wants to Play VRMMO · C53
1 month ago

RKD_RR: As soon as he left his room he noticed he was being followed. So yeah kinda.

Overlord: The Untold Tale · C5
1 month ago
Did Ulbert sense the betrayal? View More

RKD_RR: Fear of what he summoned mainly. Will go in details next chapter and behind the scenes a little bit.

Overlord: The Untold Tale · C5
1 month ago
Reading Status: C6
Really interesting hoping that the author doesn't drop the story. Everything is looking great so far just wished author posts more chapter. Keep it up.
👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍 View More
Overlord: The Untold Tale
1 month ago

RKD_RR: Fear of what he summoned mainly. Will go in details next chapter and behind the scenes a little bit.

Overlord: The Untold Tale · C5
1 month ago
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