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Original Works

  • The Ruler of Blood

    The Ruler of Blood

    Fantasy Reincarnation Action Adventure

    The first. He was the first of his kind in all of existance. The man who was destined to rule the fate of all, his reign was everlasting and filled with bloodshed. He was THE FIRST VAMPIRE. -------------------------------------------------- Most likely to not update frequently as I'm just writing for fun and because of bordem. -------------------------------------------------- Also note this is my first time writing and I'm not a professional. Also this is not my cover and belongs to who ever created it.

  • Being Op is a way of life

    Being Op is a way of life


    Coming soon - Imagine cover as a guy then it sort of looks like the mc Tags OP MC, System, Ruthless MC, Cultivation, Vampire MC, Secret Society

  • Experience




  • Life Of Sven

    Life Of Sven

    Magical Realism

    Life of Sven MC Sven wakes up one morning and gains the system. Which will help him to experience his life to the fullest. Tags : System, Slice of Life, Dark Mc, Serial Killer, Genius Mc Written on phone chapters are short. Cover is from Pintrest


akera: I mean i'm mostly locked up home, so i was eagerly waiting for a new chapter, but it's people like you that can actually save lives (or at least enable people to do so).
I don't feel like it's an easy excuse but more of a justified and understandable explanation.

Stay safe, strength to you, and thanks for the job you do, be it for the novel or irl :)

Trap System (18+) ( IN HIATUS ) · C29
6 days ago
Reading Status: C374
Great Read if your just looking to relax and not fuss about every little detail. MC hardly if ever loses to anyone in fights, obviously it's also the type of novel where everyone thinks that the MC is always 'Overestamiting' himself.

Most side Characters that come along aren't just forgotten about in the next.

The Romance doesn't start till chapters are in the 300's , it isn't the best kinda forced in my opinion.

Anyhoo good novel to binge read recommend anyone to give it a try. View More
Supreme Uprising
1 week ago
Is this dropped? View More
The Thanos Crusade · C7
3 weeks ago
Mad. View More
DxD: God of Gamers · C20
3 weeks ago

Chezebrelephaffe01: Okay. So this is potentially way better than getting a martian to devour. I agree that he should make a place for higher learning... and maybe experiment to see if he can alter his followers. Quintus for instance has been there since the beginning, he could alter his dna, maybe turn him into a DC-verse mutant 😁 Just a thought.

3 weeks ago

Justin_T: Phenomenal writing all around, from the grammar to the development. The only real downside to this story is the update speed, but it’s not like they’re getting paid to write it so who cares. Just appreciate that this person is bothering to write such an amazing story in the first place. Honestly though great job author can’t wait for more.

3 weeks ago

heliumjax: I understand you, but you misunderstand something though, they aren't immortal, they will all die eventually and time will move on, but the history will remain, this is only my attempt at story building, it won't last much longer.

3 weeks ago

selfinsert: 1 SPECIAL CHAPTER: archaeologist uncovers remnants of the mc empire, and world react

3 weeks ago
Dw take ur time 👍👍👍👍 View More
3 weeks ago

Old_Wolf: If only I could perfectly describe how great a novel this is. Before I get into the actual review I would like to thank the translator for his work and stability with this novel, it brought me much joy and made reading this novel the highlight of my day. That being said, the author is amazing( that is no exaggeration)for writing such a novel and am looking forward to his other works.

Let’s start off with me saying that the background and setting of this world is very in-depth. There is so much that made the readers wish to know, so many secrets that has yet to be revealed and although it sounds like a negative the author does a excellent work with slowly unraveling this to us along with the MC. It makes us feel like we are going through this journey with him and not watching from above. In regards to the setting it is detailed enough to picture scene by scene which I believe further enhances the experience we readers feel when going through the story.

When it comes to plot and story development, let me say to you “prepare yourself”. The story starts off slow with some ‘slice of life’. But this is just the groundwork too better understand the world and slowly delve deeper into the mysterious. Later on you will enjoy these moments as they become increasingly rare but satisfying. As the story progresses like many other stories there are clear goals and some hurdles in between, but what stands out is the interwoven connections of these hurdles and although it is not clear or is seemingly unrelated it plays important role for the MC as not just experience but to also ‘ connect the dots if you will’ . This also in turn adds a sense of danger for the readers. Everybody knows plot armor for the MC has its role and is why in my opinion, being ‘OP’ early on is something I detest and being ‘OP’ later on( nearing the end) is tolerable. This story is not detestable in the slightest. I feel the MC’s danger throughout his journey. His struggles later on when being stressed. His lack of strength in other parts. His cleverness to make up for that weakness( puts other MC’s to shame, especially the so-called genius ones). You don’t ever feel his strength unrealistic or intelligence lacking.

That is all from me. This is my first review of a novel mostly because I’m lazy and second not really motivated to promote a novel. As you can see that is not the case with this one and I have read plenty of novels.see u in the comments section.

Lord of the Mysteries
3 weeks ago

Baphonmet: After 8 chapters, Others MC is killing chickens outside novice village.

Our MC just finished his put on airs to pretend as an ancient god

And after 800 chapters, Others MC is fighting the gods among gods and every punch he does can shatter suns and rend the void in the heavens.

What about us?

Our MC is... using a mushroom to threaten his glove... and getting in a staring contest with a dog....

That’s why I love the novel

Lord of the Mysteries
3 weeks ago

rpo40297: Why the emphasis on someone? Is it because you're one of the 'no one' that pointed it out? Hahaha

Lord of the Mysteries · C896
4 weeks ago

No_glow: In this life as well, you never get what you want in the way you want it... Whatever you thought would happen, changes in the worst possible way, and even what you looked forward to will turn out to be completely different when you finally face it...
I'll not hope that Klein meets Benson and Melissa someday, for it might just be another heart wrenching tragedy.... Instead, just having the wishful thinking is much, much better, cause reality is twisted.

Lord of the Mysteries · C896
4 weeks ago

VAPE_DUCK: This novel is an absolute KINO work. I'm not fond of writing about what isn't in a work, but rather, what is in a work; however, it should first be established that LoTM is devoid of most of the commonplace tropes you find in CN novels. Of course, if you examine it closely, you'll find that it does indeed adhere to some frustrating qualities. Namely, the constant "SASUGA FOOL" and the mental gymnastics Alger especially will go through in order to achieve the requirements for a certain plot point to occur. Nevertheless, these problems are, for the most part, unrealistic at worst, but still within the scope of being believable.

All of the major characters in LoTM have well-established traits and personalities, along with motivations. Derrick has his naive-and-steadfast character, focused on freeing his home-city from its foggy jail; Alger has his mature and experienced, sometimes overthinking personality; and of course, Klein with his constant lampooning. Also Klein's stepping counterclockwise four times. And also his tapping his glabella twice. An especially noticeable trait about LoTM's major characters, in comparison to most CN novels, is that they all progress. Not just in terms of their "cultivation" (named Sequences in this novel), but also their personalities. A fault I do have to give, however, is that the development is extremely slow for many of these characters. Of course, that's a given, given the length of the novel. Still, it is somewhat irksome.

In regards to the story development, LoTM excels in this regard. There is never a moment where you feel that one scene or event is out-of-place, and you receive a sense of gratification when Klein, or any of the characters, really, manage to piece one event with another using in-world knowledge that was previously already provided. For the most part, the story has either action sequences, or sequences with Klein/others planning/thinking/conjecturing/lampooning about matters. When you have the odd occasion where it's a sort of "filler" chapter, you don't really feel that it's out of place for the most part, as most of the "filler" chapters are there to relieve the reader out of the constant action - and when not doing that, to develop a character some more. And I use "filler" in quotations because, later on, almost all of these chapters will 100% not be filler, as they will have some meaning later on. This is a writing technique used by the author I've never seen before in any other webnovel, in which he uses even "fluff" chapters to insert meaningful information that will tie in together. It's amazing.

As for the world building, this novel has one of the best I've seen in my entire life - whether that be in regards to web novels, light novels, or even well-acclaimed stories from the West. It's hard to summarize without an entire novel to write, but in essence, LoTM's lore really does make you feel as though you're reading about the story of a person who is actually real, in a real other world. All the sects/churches/gods and their supernatural backgrounds and lore tie in very neatly, and if you check out the wiki, you'll find that there is boundless amounts of information about the world that was very obviously all planned out by the author from the start.

Another incredible detail about LoTM is the amount of settings in which it contains. The story takes place in many different locations, from your "atypical" victorian-era city which is actually full of secret supernatural gangs, churches, and pirates, all the way to the City of Silver, which is separated from the rest of the world and at the technological level of a medieval age. This is in most part due to the varying amount of main cast members in the story, as well as another major point about the MC which I won't talk about because spoilers.

And just in case you're worried, none of these locations are forgotten about. In LoTM, there is no "other region" full of more advanced versions of previous characters like in CN novels. Characters of all varying power levels, straight from the middling novice Sequence 9 to a Sequence 4 (already beginning to enter Godhood) can be placed in the same city. This means that the main characters in LoTM will regularly go between new places and old places in its world.

Lastly, I should talk about the thematic elements in this story. That's right, thematic elements! Unlike many other online web novels (I know I've said this many times), LoTM contains actual themes and ideas around its narrative. The first volume, "Clown", details the idea of laughing at fate - smiling at circumstances that you cannot resist, smiling at that which is greater than you. The second volume, "Faceless", contains the author's depictions of the lives of normal citizens amidst the ocean of the supernatural. How do they, who are mortal and powerless against the mysterious, the monsters and the corrupt Beyonders, exist beyond the frame of the story of the "protagonists"? These are the type of ideas that the author of LoTM have integrated into his story, and they work very well.

For all of these reasons I've stated, LoTM is a wonderful work, and
definitely my favourite WN I'm currently reading. And also, the favourite one I've ever read in my entire life, period.

Lord of the Mysteries
4 weeks ago
Amazing keep it up👍👍 View More
1 month ago

Jasonenrick: I hope he sleeps for a while....but i don't want the existence of the Knowlegde to be forgotten!
So that when he is in the modern world ...the Justice League and the Amazons know of him !!!!
Can't imagine him meeting them and later the all kowing mother of Wonderwoman tells her who he is !
Imagine ....the all the Titles he would have

"The First Human King"

"The First God!"(Or something else because in the tables he was described as a God)

" and how he invented all those things in this Age ....he would he hailed as a the Genius of Geniuses "

Can't wait for the next chapters!

1 month ago

God_of_Perverts: After hearing how Midoriya acts I never watched the anime or read the manga. I've only read fan fic of it.

1 month ago
Why the **** does everyone shout all the damn time. Pissing me off View More
Kol Mikaelson - Journey To The Multiverse. · C7
1 month ago
👍👍👍👍👍👍 View More
The Shadow Monarch · C18
1 month ago
👍👌👌👌👌 View More
DC: The Dragon's Head · C9
1 month ago

dankgod: Never been so happy in my Webnovel life

DC: The Dragon's Head · C9
1 month ago
👍 View More
1 month ago
👍👍👍 View More

heliumjax: I've been working on the next one since I posted the last one, I'll try to post it tommorow.

1 month ago
When's the next chapter my dude View More
1 month ago

Blood_rogue: Hahaha I totally agree with ya, I read on this site for that very reason. This site has more wish fulfillment ones which are not too dark but too bad most of them are ****ty with beta Mcs. Fanfiction.net has great stories but there's too much angst and drama for me and its difficult to find good ones with perfect balance so this is the only other alternative.

Game of Thrones: The Lion-Blooded Witcher
1 month ago
I thought the fireball spell he used in the ruins was a 1st teir spell, that's what you wrote. View More
uehfvjfd · C16
2 months ago

Overlord007: 99 should be the limit for average humans.
The bosses should have 1000's in stats and the 3 great souls should have 10000's, same with dragons.
100's for stronger mob like royal guards. knights. etc
As he is a Witcher better than normal humans and has Elder Blood (The greatest and most powerful magical bloodline with Space and Time attributes in all world), he should be able to channel above 100's.
Plus the mutagen which give him part monster genes should also be able to strengthen themselves to becomes better than the original beast in a particular trait.
For example, having stronger nails and hair than the Royal Arch Griffin he has the mutagen for.
I don't know the plan for his strengthening as it is multiplication,
he would become OP as hell.

Elder Blood Witcher · C61
2 months ago

Gamedevil: Stopped reading this, the translation is just so bad, intermixing knight's, nobles and royals and making rankings totally unclear. Mixing up names, and really needs an editor. It's slightly better than machine translation but there it stops. The story itself is ok, not good but not worse than the average for its type.

Abe the Wizard
2 months ago
I dislike the mc. I hate eveything he does and how he does things. I like the concept of the story just hate mc. View More
Reincarnated as God · C33
2 months ago
Why does he need to know his neighbours there gonna die soon anyway View More
Reincarnated as God · C19
2 months ago
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