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Original Works

  • Stage 2 Initializing : Welcome To Planet Iris (Dropped)

    Stage 2 Initializing : Welcome To Planet Iris (Dropped)


    Stage 2 initialized. All intelligent life forms were transported into a new world. Planet Iris. Civilization reverted back into their primal state. An Apocalyptic era. With the planet is filled with animals that are strong enough to be a natural disasters. Danger zones filled with unknown abilities. Unmarked areas and unknown danger levels. And a shameless system, that acts like a tower defense simulator... Constantly creating waves of new disasters into life. Which some permanently stay. ------------------------------------------------ Wait our lives are just a simulation? What's this about Stage 2? Ugh, why did Earth get destroyed? Why are we on a bigger planet? Shouldn’t the gravity crush us? Why for goodness sake are their game settings now? Those things are mutants? What difficulty is this on? Why... Wait... Everything's gone now… Civilization is no more, Earth is no more, Governments are gone, My loved ones, are they safe? In this place with no rules... -------------------------------------------------- Author Notes- My first novel was written for an writing prompt competition (#45 Apocalpyse) but I had lost. I even didn't hit a runner up. The bottom place runner up had about 700 words, but I still lost with like 14-15k word count. I'm guessing my start was too slow, but I honestly don't get how I did not even make one of the empty spots at least. Since I don't like the genre that much and lost too making me salty, I'm just going to drop this. Maybe in the future I will pick up but I doubt it. For the READERS THAT STAYED, the plot was basically going to follow Shakespeare's Othello, with Yu building up a betrayal, Jess cheating, and other stuff that won't be mentioned for sake of time and in case I pick up again. Ty for the few that supported me. *Check out my other novel- 'Creator of Legends : The Evolution Tree', it is for another writing prompt contest, but unlike this novel, I specialize in that type of writing so it will probably be a few levels above this novel.*

  • Creator of Legends : The Evolution Tree

    Creator of Legends : The Evolution Tree

    Magical Realism

    The mind was arisen from within him. His situation was off though, and soon discovered he was no longer what he thought he once was... The lowest of all life. With the only belonging of his, he shall go on a journey to discover himself and get a new identity. A vow to top all Legends- ------------------------------------------------ -a certain well known broadcast station- “Hey-, have you heard!?” “?” “The thing on the NEWS! The City of Legends!” “Those are lies, its clickbait...” “No! It’s really true! They say countless legends are born every day! The impossible is possible in that city! The attraction is huge!” “Huh?” “Bro we must visit! Don’t you know all the recent stories everyone are talking about originated from there! ‘Twisting Heaven and Earth’, ‘The Legendary Flyswatter’, ‘Demonic Scare of the Heavens’, ‘The Legendary Food Thief’, and so much more! Come on, we might be able to witness one with our own eyes!” “What!? Those are from there!? Frick! Why did you keep quiet!??” ---------------------------------------------- *Cautioned shows some R-18 references and scenes, however this is NOT a romance novel, this novel is focused on COMEDY and FANTASY* ---------------------------------------------- Author Notes- This novel was written for writing prompt #48 Evolution. This novel is basically about a character who starts off as the lowest of all life forms, he needs to hit certain requirements to evolve. The tasks wind up making him famous. Unlike my other novel, ‘Stage 2 Initializing : Welcome to Planet Iris’, this topic I will actually enjoy writing honestly, so I will also focus on this novel more. Schedule for now is a guaranteed 14 chapters weekly. I will try to hit at least 1 chapter a day. There may be extra chapters some days, depending on how much I write. Also please review the novel as it really helps me out and also gives me feedback. If you like this novel too, please use your powerstones! Ty ~ Eslyna

  • Haunted System: Path to a Superstar

    Haunted System: Path to a Superstar


    A failed man with no backing can only do so much within the real world. So what if he was handsome? He did not even succeed in getting his diploma. But luck would have it- he hit it big! However... he didn't want it to be like this... Why was it that everywhere he looked seemed to be, rather- haunted? If it was like this, he rather have never hit at all... So what if I am famous? I need to be alive to enjoy it... _____________________________________________ As this is a horror novel, the plot is written more slowly in order to add more details. 'My House of Horrors' made me fall in love with horror genre of novels, but after reading about 20ish other books in the genre, I only loved that one. So I decided to take things into my own hands, and write my own. This is more for fun and to kill time, so I took elements from my favorite novels that relate to this book, and also combined it with my creativity. The core of this book contains aspects of horror, entertainment industry, business, and a slice of life while in the modern world. _____________________________________________ Author Note: Please support me with those voting stones thing as my will power is weak without them to keep me writing as I am centrally a lazy person. _____________________________________________ *I do not own the background of the book cover*

  • \(●o○;)ノ



    Used to be 'Harry Potter's Mischevious Shorts'; I removed the chapters as I didn't know you can't delete novels.

  • One Piece: Beyond the Horizon

    One Piece: Beyond the Horizon


    Five centuries have passed since the ending of the Great Pirate era. Powers and devil fruits all reorganized, this was a new world. At a certain island full of slaves, their was no freedom, nor hope. Every day past, was a day closer to relieving their lives, the only true release. To them the world was horrble, full of evils. The light was gone, the world darkened, and in the central midst of the gloom, stood the radical wish of one young boy; "I- Wish-- To--- Be---- Freeee!!!!!" _____________________________________________ ***I do not own One Piece and do not take credit*** A/N: This is a spin off, and likely by the time this novel is done, One Piece will also be over. This takes place in a timeline where Luffy was not able to overthrow Marijose. The book is focused to be similar to the orignal series. So it will be filled with comedy, seriousness, kindness, et cetera; just as the core of the series. If you don't like original One Piece, you prob won't like this, while if you love it like me, you will also grow to love this. This is not some Fan Fic where MC becomes god in first 10 chapters, or some hungry perverted novel. If you want to read the common dumb FanFics, than please by all means skip this.

  • Leveling Up A Planet (*Construction*)

    Leveling Up A Planet (*Construction*)


    *This isn't my main focus, so I decided to just write stockpiles for when I write this, this way I won't lose readerbase as upload dates will probably be slow and random.* A new born planet met the soul of a wandering spirit. From the little lamb she once was, to the gigantic being she had become, she only had one final goal she always strived for. A wish to set free the one who helps her, comforts her, and talks to her... "I sit in the stars, bathing beneath glimmering starlight, laying within the cosmos, alone and divine. If I must become a saint, or even turn into the Devil, I will still willing warp space and time, to finally set you free from this cage!" "To the absence of life, to the spiraling lush. To the unknown, to the enemies of all. To the small weakling, to the giant behemoth. To the hope and wishes, I shall be the one who will craft one's destiny!"

  • *MOVED*


    Eastern Fantasy Weak to Strong Age progression Teamwork Cooking Poor Protagonist Xuanhuan Martial Spirits Beasts School Life Battle Academy

    -Go to new book/link-'s-Drug-Dealer

  • Soul Cultivation: Heaven's Drug Dealer

    Soul Cultivation: Heaven's Drug Dealer

    Eastern Fantasy Weak to Strong Age Progression Teamwork Cooking Poor Protagonist Xuanhuan Martial Spirits Beasts School Life Battle Academy

    What if, with just a whiff, you can achieve any wish? In all the lands, to all cultivators, the heavenly drug is known to all. With only one take, your greatest desire shall be achieved. In a world filled with powerful beasts and cultivators, each person possesses a Martial Soul. The Martial Soul is the determination of one's talent and destiny. In the lower regions of the world, a young boy's dream was ruined. When his Martial Soul was awakened, why was he born with the most useless Martial Souls? Possibly one of the worst he had ever heard of... His innate spirit was a white powdery substance... What could he possibly do with specks of dust? Choke them to death? Blind them for a second? Even weed spirits were better than his... Yet Chen Hai later found out just how much potential his never before seen Martial Soul contained... A heaven defying talent, ones that even the gods would grow jealous of... _____________________________________________ A/N: Inspired from Douluo Dalu (Soul Land) series. Martial Souls, Spirit Souls, and never wrote Eastern Fantasy crap; whats there not to love about that?


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