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  • World peace (DxD)

    World peace (DxD)


    Seorang pemuda yang berhati mulia.mengotori tangan nya sendiri untuk mencapai kedamaian dunia ini. 1 chapter per minggu ada kemungkinan chapter tambahan


Like "the one who's moving my bone is gay" That View More

MilkGod: MilkGod's Facts: William Shakespeare had a "curse" engraved on his tombstone to prevent anyone from moving his bones.

Nanomancer Reborn - I've Become A Snow Girl? · C365
2 days ago
Thnx for Not showing up the Cliff View More
Vergil in another world · C83
3 days ago
CRUSADE!!!!! View More

Luxus_Logo: This Evil author dares leaves us on a cliffhanger gather your weapons we are gonna revolt

Vergil in another world · C81
4 days ago

vashurajput269: Wanted

Name :- Immortal cup cake
Reward:- 10000$
Crime:- Cliff hanger

Fairy Tail: The Fourth Master · C58
4 days ago
Well, Don't make the negative take control of you, express your emotions by action

Fairy Tail: The Fourth Master · C57
5 days ago

PinguGod_: Aren't you uploading a little too fast?

Noble Life in Akame Ga Kill · C52
5 days ago

MapleHound: When it comes to working out your physical body. You are literally tearing the muscles and tendons in your body apart, all be it at a slow pace.

That is the same reason why working out burns and hurts, because your breaking apart the muscles in your body.

What's important is the recovery process. Your body doesn't want to break again so it rebuilds what has been broken only stronger.

When something get's stronger it only becomes harder and harder to break. Not only does it become harder to break but it also becomes harder to heal.

Thus 50kg squats quickly turn into 100kg but 100kg only turns into 105kg within the same time frame.

The same thing applies when you try to learn something. You learn the basics extremely quickly (1+1=2) but it quickly becomes harder (5412+6657=12069)

When first beginning it's easy at the start. But once you have learned to do it, it only becomes harder and more time consuming to gain the same benefit as before.

Noble Life in Akame Ga Kill · C50
5 days ago

Kreo08: Gotta no complain and I actually prefer your way but now do you have a moment to discuss about our Mistress and Owner Esdeath-sama? (I ship her x mc)

Noble Life in Akame Ga Kill · C50
5 days ago

Blood_rogue: You don't have to rewrite it. The mc is strong and knows how to use his strength and that's more than enough. There are not many threats in this world which requires him to be strong. He is already as strong as Esdeath who is probably the strongest in this world. So now instead of increasing his strength physically , you should increase his strength politically. Instead of killing all the bad guys, it would be better to better to destroy them politically and then assimilate their wealth secretly then use the funds to support your faction.
Anyway I really enjoy this story and you are free to write as you wish.

Noble Life in Akame Ga Kill · C50
5 days ago

Anonymous_Hh: you don’t have to rewrite it. the story progress is good as it is

Noble Life in Akame Ga Kill · C50
5 days ago

MoonSon: Author rewrite nothing, I just saw a story I was reading end because it tried to follow everything that the fans wanted...
Continue in your wonderful way.

Noble Life in Akame Ga Kill · C50
5 days ago

John_Smith_3101: Story is perfectly fine and probably my most awaited read every day

Noble Life in Akame Ga Kill · C50
5 days ago
Well if The universe is the same as Fate/series then it's ez,in mana way not Power level View More

Dao_Master211: This is gonna be easy.

Fate/Gacha: Infinite Salt Work · C39
1 week ago
Oh boy my heart, i think I'm gonna pass out View More
Sis-Con with Dimensional Chat Group · C498
1 week ago
fuk your cliff clan (Just kidding). View More

CliffkunLolRekt: Fuuuuuck why must my clan betray me so

Fuck I know it’s our job and it keeps the authors in good health and not stressed but why it hurts I both hate and love my cliff clan

Vergil in another world · C67
2 weeks ago
Now that's is a lot of damage View More

NEETsemsalvasao: I hope MC kills merraid in a humiliating way after all, everyone knows that insect pokémons are weak against fire types.

Noble Life in Akame Ga Kill · C33
2 weeks ago
Akame Best Cuddle Stuff View More

AverageWannaBe: Esdeath best babe

Noble Life in Akame Ga Kill · C28
3 weeks ago
I think the killing curse hit the soul and Drop the life force so No instant death only in critical condition. View More
Start by Becoming a Mangaka · C962
3 weeks ago
Me see the author note
Me:"Text Before The apocalypse,2012" View More

Curiosity44: I will write a fanfic to create a hero party and defeat the evil villain known as "college"! The 'how' is up for debate.

Also thanks for the chap.

A Lazy Man's Adventure · C197
3 weeks ago
Reading Status: C25
i hope you to come back, and i wish you have a good day.

And Some ****er who decided To spam This story With 1 🌟 **** you,I bet your parents Failed to teach their Kid. View More
The Shadow Monarch
1 month ago
Well who is this guy, Some random Mob Just shut the **** up,i don't care what your opinion I just want read the book. I'm tired dealing with little **** like you.Some author doesn't have the Mental for Your little fucking Sassy comment. Just enjoy the book You little ***** View More
The Shadow Monarch · C0
1 month ago
Well in my opinion Just Drink hot Tea Without sugar. While relaxing. View More
A Lazy Man's Adventure · C192
1 month ago
I just want to sleep why God...
Why you forsaken me View More
A Lazy Man's Adventure · C192
1 month ago
Nope it's already Common we need something different. View More

CliffkunLolRekt: Mc shuld chose the domains of darkness and balance hence he will become a nifilhime half angel half devil he will embody yin and yang punish evil(riser) protect the innocent and free the wrongfully chained (dedoras nuns)

Light and darkness will push each outher making each outher stronger

I truly feel this is the path the mc shuld take

Also low key have the mc be 49 percent angel 49percent devil 2 elven

Also me moist pls have the mc take isses booster gear as well as have issea die or get givin to that gay magical man girl hahahahha I hate that Basterd issea

DxD: God of Gamers · C9
1 month ago
Just relax, write the chap, and Don't update until the chap is Done.I don't wanna a fake update It's make me sad. View More
RWBY: Reborn With A System · C0
1 month ago

GodlyFerret: Good to be back also POWER

RWBY: Reborn With A System · C98
1 month ago

Kevinlu19721: You sir did a illegal move. You Gave us lime instead of lemons.

RWBY: Reborn With A System · C98
1 month ago
It's pizza time View More
RWBY: Reborn With A System · C97
1 month ago
Stfu to people,Just enjoy if you find the novel unattractive then drop it.F*cking c*nt View More
Food Wars: The Golden Hands · C123
1 month ago
First View More
Start by Becoming a Mangaka · C899
1 month ago
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