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  • Hetero X Chromia : Life Purpose of Heterochromia Boy

    Hetero X Chromia : Life Purpose of Heterochromia Boy


    Bagas Askara, adalah pemuda yang hampir selalu bisa memecahkan masalah dengan baik. Namun tidak dengan satu hal yang bermasalah dalam hidupnya. Dia tak bisa menemukan tujuan hidupnya dan dia tak bisa memecahkan masalah itu. Putus asa mencari jawaban dia meminta bantuan sahabat-sahabatnya. Bantuan yang diberikan membuatnya bisa memutuskan hal yang paling sulit untuk dipilih dalam hidupnya.

  • A Song for Aleyn

    A Song for Aleyn

    Fantasy Romance Action Fantasy MagicalRealism

    Roland was an Ex-Paladin who had thrown his dignity because of failure. Now he lives in a regretful life and doesn’t know what to do. Until a red-haired girl come to him and ask for an appointment he offers. At first, Roland didn’t know what the girl means until a meaning and painful memories bring him to a new choice. He wants to live for the girl and make her happy with her life. Start with giving the nameless girl a name with Aleyn.

  • - a

    - a

    Sci-fi Action MonsterSlaying ArmorSuit



Reading Status: C7
Halo, saya author.
Kalau teman-teman pembaca semua suka dengan cerita ini, tolong sempatkan untuk memberikan review agar author (yang butuh apresiasi dan kasih sayang ini) lebih semangat lagi nulisnya.
Terima kasih. View More
Pengantin Lima Ratus Juta
5 months ago

mila_kaisar: Bahasane cuuukkkk..hahahahahhaahahaaa....lanjutttt

Pengantin Lima Ratus Juta · C7
5 months ago

fikri_adriyan: Menegangkan

Pengantin Lima Ratus Juta · C2
6 months ago

INdra_Saputra: Bagusbahjjxbhxhxhbxbxbxggxuuxjjdiskdjchhdkdkdjnxhhcksldmckcjcjcxhhxudodcldkjdhvdhxdkdjxchdhhdhsbhggsygdhhfkfldldkhshsgsyshdfjckdhdd&udusjdhyysbdh

Pengantin Lima Ratus Juta
6 months ago

Dinikurniawaty: Rian kamu ternyata lucu juga....
Siap2 aja dimutilasi ama bagas ....ha..ha..ha..

Pengantin Lima Ratus Juta · C11
6 months ago
It's quite hurt when the first comment be this critical. but thanks anyway
Actually I'm not very good at grammar and writing a story. but I will and still learning to level up my skill, looking forward for next comment View More

MidgetDwarve: Honestly, i dont know where to begin on this one. Like what time period was this taking place?

And why did the cat knight or whatever ask the most obvious question? Even an idiot could tell it was suspicious.

And also you never explain how did the character look like. I thought bird knight was just code name. Since when did he have wings?

And where was this taking place again?

And grammar was pretty bad in this one. In the first paragraph, i could spot a grammar issue right away.

- a · C0
7 months ago
Reading Status: C1
Hello, this is author. Please leave a review if you like the story and desire to read it until it finish, because this story is really beautiful and I want to finist this. But I couldnt manage to keep up if there is no someone give respond to the stories View More
A Song for Aleyn
9 months ago

KEVIN_ESP: Nice story you got there, the background is also quite interesting even though this kind of story is everywhere. But I will still look forward to the continuation of your story. I'm waiting for the next chapter, O writer.

A Song for Aleyn
9 months ago
Reading Status: C1
Grammar quite svck, you should learn grammar or atleast read many english novel so you can gain the english knowledge
Overall, except the grammar, is good,.keep it up View More
9 months ago
Um, author, I think you should edit or looking at the sentence you translate before put it into draft
For example when the sentence tells that riko is male "he" but in the next instance riko became female "she" View More
9 months ago
Reading Status: C3
I like the mc character design, he somehow looks idiot but know what he's doing, with his new best friend, they just look like naruto and sasuke
Older reviewer said the grammar doesnt good, but I see the grammar quite well that makes me think you must had revise it and thats good, keep it up View More
Legend of Bumi
9 months ago
You can't use both of 'wanna + to' in the same sentence, author View More
Legend of Bumi · C2
9 months ago
I think you shouldnt make the three priest dialog into difference space or at least you didn't have to make it onto three difference parenthetis if thats still are one person dialog
For the character, I think Lie characteristic is somekind good because he feels alive on the story, laslty its somehow make it peculiar when the archer said "Earth? Are you kidding ... " thats make the scent odd because somehow the archer know what is earth anyway View More
Legend of Bumi · C1
9 months ago
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