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Original Works

  • Tale of a Berserk Healer

    Tale of a Berserk Healer


    In a world where Adventurers get to wield magic, or skills that increase physical abilities, being a mage or fighter is truly great! Unfortunately Ryth is stuck as a healer, and seeing as he’s at level 1, he’s not worth much to most teams that are serious. If there were other newbies around he would party with them, but there aren’t... What kind of anger management will Ryth need with how infuriatingly difficult it is to kill anything as a healer? And... what path does a solo healer have to cut out of fate for himself?

  • Fox Tale of a Dungeon Boss

    Fox Tale of a Dungeon Boss

    Fantasy Reincarnation Half-Human Lead


    This story follows the chaotic life of someone who remembers little to none of his old life, and is now the last of the Kitsune, the Fox tribe of Beastkin. Born by a Dungeon’s creation, he is the Dungeon ‘Boss’ and has to deal with any and all attacks or threats to the goldmine he’s bound to. What kind of life is he supposed to lead? Which takes precedence? Dungeon Boss, or the identity as the last of your race?

  • Supreme Phoenix

    Supreme Phoenix

    Fantasy Magic Unique Cultivation Spirit Animal Combat Steam-Punk

    Summon a Spirit Animal, and you’ll gain powers and meaning. When a nobody gains a spirit animal, it’s a not-too common, but still sometimes seen reversal of fortunes. However, when he summons a beast that shouldn’t be possible as a Spirit Animal, and it is one of the sacred beasts, stuff doesn’t go quite normal. Thankfully, he’s not the only one who got a sacred beast... but he’s 2 years late!


Yes, but if slaves can’t read, or never get educated beyond what parents give in stories(If present), then not understanding currency as it wasn’t something to focus on and it was never explained could make sense.

At Least that what I was thinking at this time. Sorry if it broke the reality a bit for you, it’s REALLY hard to make everything make sense and fit into the context without over explaining everything with loaded exposition. View More

Darian: Luna’s final comment doesn’t make sense. Sure, they live in a dungeon now, but there is a whole world out there and she has spent time (as a slave) living in it.
If she really never interacted with payments or money, she could say that she has never used any, but I’m sure her master used some sort of currency.

Fox Tale of a Dungeon Boss · C53
5 days ago

Adam_Naculak_2119: What I find funny is that's last chapter there was a senior crying in joy becouse he got invite to immortal feast whole in the next room there are boxes of the dishes he was do desperata to eat. SS constantly asked every one if they want to eat whole failing to mention what. If they knew what they passed on. IT would be hillarious

Cultivation Chat Group · C1075
1 week ago

MIGHTGUY: Hello it’s ur friendly neighborhood pal here to let u know that the picture used as this novels cover is a very visual manga to say and this is the name
[San Sheng Wan] A Rebel's Journey: Chang'e

Make sure to drink milk before u go to it cause ur gonna be using using a lot of stamina ;)

I got Possessed by the Tentacle God (R-18)
1 month ago
I fixed it! Ahaha... sorry about that View More

Karver: Protagonist powers

Fox Tale of a Dungeon Boss · C80
1 month ago
Sorry, fixed it 😅 View More

RokuX: I am so lost right now

Fox Tale of a Dungeon Boss · C80
1 month ago

FrozenApple: Sebastia: My client killed your leader!!
Werejackals: Noooo! We'll kill you!! *were killed*
Gold: She killed you because it's a more convenience way to meet us..
Werejackals: Wow, OK!

They are so positive and open-minded...

Number One Dungeon Supplier · C443
1 month ago
Once there was, but I’m going through some issues and trying to get back to where I can release 1 a day again. View More

SamStrike_: Ty for chapter, is there a regular update rate?

Fox Tale of a Dungeon Boss · C79
1 month ago

vikimaniac: Ummm, that's a cliff. A bad one. Waiting for the next chapter eagerly. Good work Biako. And, to tell you the truth, it's not just the mystery of what's coming ahead after a point of time reading a story, it's also how it progresses and how it's written. We are here because we enjoy the journey, even if we may guess at what will happen next, we still wanna read as reading is its own reward. Keep writing in the same great manner and we'll keep reading...

Rise of The Undead Legion · C347
1 month ago

StarveCleric: Will just slip in here and say that this is currently one of the most popular novels in China at the moment. It is famous mostly for its great lines (We have a lot of classical sayings in Chinese, and this novel tweaks them a bit to create a humorous twist to the story). Hard to tell how those jokes will turn out in English, but if it could be delivered well, I'm sure it will be an enjoyable read.

Some background:
Spiritual energy is gradually returning back to the world, and supernatural ability users are gradually awakening within the populace. Our MC, Lu Shu, comes from an orphanage, and he has a younger sister, which is actually a non-blood related younger child from the same orphanage who is very close to him. As the orphanage isn't really a kind place to them, the two children left the orphanage to survive in the world through their own means. By the time the story starts, life was hard, but they were still getting by with their own strength. Shortly after the story starts, the MC awakens to a system where he can trade the "hostility" of others into points where he could trade for stuff required for cultivation. However, the hostility must be directed toward him, thus beginning the days where our MC finds all ways to piss off others to win their hostility.

Spare Me, Great Lord!
1 month ago
I don’t know what that means. View More

RokuX: Rofl

Fox Tale of a Dungeon Boss · C73
1 month ago

Matirion: I agree with him, the most important thing is taking care of yourself. If you need a break, take it. Nothing to say sorry for.

Fox Tale of a Dungeon Boss · C78
1 month ago

BookMaster: its cool your writing arnt you?

Fox Tale of a Dungeon Boss · C78
1 month ago

fullmoon: Don’t push yourself and do it at your own pace. Take your time and it will come naturally. Thanks for the chapter

Fox Tale of a Dungeon Boss · C78
1 month ago
Thanks 🙏 View More

fullmoon: Don’t push yourself and do it at your own pace. Take your time and it will come naturally. Thanks for the chapter

Fox Tale of a Dungeon Boss · C78
1 month ago
Yeah, I guess I am! View More

BookMaster: its cool your writing arnt you?

Fox Tale of a Dungeon Boss · C78
1 month ago
I actually really like wolves and a few others, but foxes have a special place to me in their Mythos and meaning rather than the literal animal. View More

BookMaster: i have two search BookMaster and you will find them

P.S is your favourite animal a fox? cos mine is a wolf i like how you have a wolf companion

Fox Tale of a Dungeon Boss · C22
1 month ago
What’s your story? To comment on and throw stones at 😂 View More

BookMaster: hey i like your story and will comment when i can and throw some stones your way, if you do the same for me?

ooops that came out like black mail...

Fox Tale of a Dungeon Boss · C22
1 month ago
Skipped over? Also I just try to get at least 1000 words, but it can stretch awkwardly. So I’m trying to both stay detailed but also gloss over the unnecessary and obvious parts a bit. My writing might change as I figure out what I’m doing more and more. View More

Suicidal_landfish: The content has been deleted

Fox Tale of a Dungeon Boss
1 month ago
...blood creed he says? View More
Blood Creed · C52
1 month ago
Gladly, the foxes like playing with them. It’s like cats with balls of yarn I swear...

[Its shiny and I like it!] View More

flownight: Take my stone

Fox Tale of a Dungeon Boss · C75
1 month ago
Really? I thought I had a lot of readers considering. Is it that good?

Votes for my novels quality:
1)Author responds and listens
2)Updates regularly
3)Literally nothing else lol View More

flownight: First?
Is it supraise thta this good novel is buried

Fox Tale of a Dungeon Boss · C71
1 month ago
Ah! I understand, it’s okay.

Analyze will slowly grow, but yes, I am planning for him to begin getting more into using spells and science together to try and design a dungeon that will terrify any who enter.

[At least that’s what he SAYS he’s planning. Honestly this author is so undecided about story direction it’s a miracle we made it this far.] View More

Marff_Marff: When he sit/lie better plan for dungeon floor or spell stuff. ( i suck at english sry )

Fox Tale of a Dungeon Boss · C66
2 months ago
...can I get some context? On what you mean? View More

Marff_Marff: Maby a meditate Skill for analyze ? I mean a buff for it .

Fox Tale of a Dungeon Boss · C66
2 months ago
I’ll be honest, in the abyss Douch-Guy saw, I’m pretty sure the legion was waiting for him there with great big smiles.

*Dog waves from the abyss for you to join him* View More
Rise of The Undead Legion · C331
2 months ago
Biako please take care of yourself. We all want to see this awesomeness, but as a fellow author(nowhere near as good, but still) I can say that you definitely need your rest. View More
Rise of The Undead Legion · C331
2 months ago
Thank you, I’ll stop for a bit if it gets too bad.

Also don’t encourage the foxes to use magic! I just barely got them to stop smacking me with WindBullets!

[Yes! STRIKE!]

Gaaaah! View More

Matirion: Foxes, cast healing magic! Recover first, don't make it worse by forcing yourself.

Fox Tale of a Dungeon Boss · C65
2 months ago
Thank you! 🙏

I’ll do my best to get better. On a side note, I feel like I made a great chapter recently, so look forward to that in the next couple days! View More

Narso: Health first, take care of yourself ^^
Thanks for the chapter!

Fox Tale of a Dungeon Boss · C65
2 months ago
Ahahaha... *sweats* View More
Fox Tale of a Dungeon Boss · C60
2 months ago
Reading Status: C59
A shameless author must always leave a 5 star review!

So this is an ******* work, and often chapters are improvised to make sure I have enough to update one a day, at an average of 1000+ words a chapter after the first 15.

I don’t plan on dropping it, but if I don’t get comments or any feedback, it makes me feel like less people care anymore, which is discouraging.

So please leave a few comments! No matter what chapter or paragraph it is on, I’ll read it!

Power-stones are appreciated to try and get this book out there.

I think it only really sets itself by chapter 15, before then it’s very scattered feeling(probably cause I had no clue what I was doing.

I correct all grammar mistakes I find, and will edit any you notice. I thought out this world and the area, more than you’d think, which sometimes shows in reveals that prove a previous assumption of the MC wrong.

I also have a fox army who have an interesting dynamic with me, and we do our best with this novel! View More
Fox Tale of a Dungeon Boss
2 months ago
Sir, you are a god. View More

crackedcacti: ‘Kowalski, what do you have to muzzle a tiger?’

‘Not sure Skipper, I need to analyze it’

‘Rico, explosives check’
🧨 🧨🧨🧨🧨
‘That’s plenty, Rico’

Number One Dungeon Supplier · C421
2 months ago
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