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Pretty awesome . Yes, it’s good that he takes Ophis. View More
Otsutsuki In Mutiverse · C26
8 minutes ago
Exp View More

the_game01234567: exp

Jurassic Hero (Boku no Hero Academia Fanfic). · C159
17 minutes ago
It would be cool if after sex he could copy abilities. Well, for example, had sex with Robin, got her the power of a fruit. Deprived of virginity Momusagi gained her knowledge of Haki. Or it will be df Sex Sex no mi. Don't mind the **** I wrote 😁 View More
Sinful life with the strongest system · C19
1 day ago
Run Kurama, run. View More
Power Manipulator in Dxd · C45
1 day ago
Oh, a lot of neko does not happen. People of culture will certainly appreciate this. 🐈 View More
1 day ago
Or a brick, as from that Chinese novel. ) View More

adrian_perez: Or claw like wolverine 😂

1 day ago

Djabilong: Haven't you heard? Katanas are made of glorious japanese steel that was folded over n^10+1 times at the forges of Mt.Doom, Mordor (5km to the west of Beijing) using the cutting edge technologies of child labor. They can cut tanks in half - it is even documented in the animes so it must be true!

P.S.: the reason why katanas are 33% more expensive at the system shop must be the Weeb Tax that parliament was trying to push through for the last decade

1 day ago
2 annoying beetles in the mc team ... You need to escape from this village and save strength. Away from Danzo and the old monkey. I hope that the plan will be ready for the attack of the nine-tailed. If he survives the massacre, he will be marked in bold. There will simply be close attention as one of the last Uchiha, it can also be put under this program about endangered clans. And start slipping honey kunoichi. View More
Naruto: Road To Godhood · C16
1 day ago
Yes Yes . It is truth . I wrote about this another 2-3 chapters ago. Save Kaguya. Just save her. View More

AlphaSaiyan: With black zetsu gone, MC granted kaguya something that naruto and sasuke gave her in canon, a fate worse than death, Eternal Loneliness.So author please help her out make her a part of MC's group.As even if the otsutsuki clan manage to retrieve her, her fate there is as worse if not much horrible, as likely she'll be tortured or ravage or absorb.She never had a good life, she's suffered betreyal after betreyal, and whats the most painful thing about it?Its that, that betreyal was not from her enemies.

Power Manipulator in Dxd · C44
1 day ago
Well, I don’t know, scenes 🍋 can sometimes be added, the main thing is that this is not so often. Readers want to see these scenes, I don’t know, in order to feel a small victory mc? Or if they are virgin. View More
Reborn in DxD with OP Barrier and Enhancement Magic · C102
1 day ago
Perhaps you can cut down Issei and put on a suit like Serafall. And after ... And after toss his body into Mil-Tan's apartment. View More
Wicked Pervert Plundering The world of DxD · C23
2 days ago
Indeed, if I'm not mistaken, only the name has changed, even the desires and appearance of God have remained the same. View More

WeavingSpider: Is this a rewrite?
I think i read the exact same things before.
Now he will run to the police next or something.

The Crownless King · C2
2 days ago
Nejire is really better. Cutie. View More
My Hero Academia: Sun and Moon God · C15
2 days ago
Good Excellent . If he still finds the df, he will be even better. View More
Sinful life with the strongest system · C18
2 days ago
May Kaguya save, and that's enough. I believe that she is a rather unhappy character, she was kind until she was betrayed and corrupted by the fruit of the chakra. View More
Power Manipulator in Dxd · C43
2 days ago
Haha, this is really her, and also in the mirror was Jiraiya disguised as a henge. ) View More

Rakokus69: The book is icha-icha paradise??

Harry Potter and the Lord of Darkness · C17
3 days ago
Exp View More

Henrique_Paiao: exp

Re: Lightning Beast · C18
4 days ago
Psss I think Issei can collect yaoi harem. "Wink" View More
Wicked Pervert Plundering The world of DxD · C21
4 days ago
1) After graduating from the academy, it was made immediately by Anbu (in a team with Kakashi)
2) Using another sharingan or fuin Uzumaki. Uzumaki is a rather ancient clan older than Konoha, I am more than sure that they have stamps from mental interference and genjutsu
3) If I am not mistaken, this happened after the attack of the nine-tailed.
4) Well, Sasuke seems to be able to do this. Kaguya, Momoshiki could too.
5) Madara with rinnegan is stronger than Hashirama. He was equal in strength to him only with his EMS, although in their battle he controlled the nine-tailed, but against mokuton it did not help much. In addition, from that moment Madara transplanted Hashirama cells to himself, therefore his affinity for the elements became much better. View More
Naruto: Road To Godhood · C0
4 days ago
Ho, I feel the new dinosaur shape. View More
Jurassic Hero (Boku no Hero Academia Fanfic). · C154
4 days ago
Hahah when I read the lines where it says "POSE". I represented Ichiya from Fairy Tail. Damn, it’s hard to take such guys seriously. View More
Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in SAO? · C1
5 days ago
If mc visits Azkaban, maybe he could save Bellatrix? All the same, he is Lord Black, and I consider her an unhappy woman, who was sold by her family. View More
System Alden - harry potter ~ · C14
5 days ago
Lol seriously? Who is he ? Let it be known to you that Greengrass is by no means weaker than Malfoy and in canon they are gray. View More
Harry Potter and the Lord of Darkness · C10
5 days ago
Hah, as long as it's Daphne, Astroria and Scarlett, I am in perfect order)) View More
Harry Potter and the Lord of Darkness · C7
5 days ago
Zhuqing and Rongrong are required. Can I add another Renxue or what was the name there?) In general, she with the spirit of Seraphim View More
Multiverse Traveller · C12
5 days ago
This is good, I wait until he kicks everyone's ass! View More
Re: Lightning Beast · C17
5 days ago
Don't forget Hancock and Carrot, damn garchu. View More
Ultimate Fruit · C22
5 days ago
Pss guy, you smell like gold. View More
Power Manipulator in Dxd · C40
5 days ago

MohamedRost: don't have a relationship with Rias

Life in DXD · C27
5 days ago
Yun Che is truly one of the most trashy characters in all xianxia novels. Usually mc always strive for their women, even if in the worlds of xianxia beauties cause huge problems. Damn author, you reminded me of this Yun Che. Now I want Da Huan from Dragon Marked War God (da huan is a yellow dragon dog) to rape this Yun Che.😑 View More

JRT02: My MC wont even let Chu Yuechan get anywhere within a 1000 miles from that place. The worst thing was that she got pregnant with his child after he raped her and she disappeared after her secret was discovered. So there she is, a pregnant woman all alone in the world having to raise that child alone while he is off fucking other woman. So yeah, not the biggest fan of Yun Che and getting his treasures stolen is what he truly deserved.

Against The Gods with an Anime System · C46
6 days ago
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