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Attitude changing every next second View More
A Father In Marvel · C12
1 week ago
If you're the same one can you carry on your yugioh stacking the deck? View More
A Tale Of Demons and War Gods · C16
1 week ago
If you are indeed the owner of this novel (As i've seen it on another site) please update since he hasn't uploaded in 6 months, also please fix the grammar Chinese issue things. View More
I am in Marvel · C36
2 weeks ago
Oh well **** I feel bad for disliking the whole partying shebang but it's all good, just reincarnated as a Gamer and come back to finish the story for us ~ View More
DxD: God of Gamers · C29
2 weeks ago
I've almost certainly seen this before, so hopefully you have their permission because as far as I'm aware they stopped. Please continue this and make it great. Also NTR the Captain, he deserves her but doesn't get her until the last avengers movie which is pretty bs. View More
I am in Marvel · C15
2 weeks ago
Shits gonna go down with xavier and magneto View More
A Father In Marvel · C9
3 weeks ago
Whatre you on about? Like I said I personally dont care cause I'll drop it but still reccomend to others. I personally dislike the party system so I left my comment to try and help him lean to more of a solo as the majority of people have (from what I've seen in the comments) disliked the whole party and sharing thing. Like I said though I'm probably gonna drop it If it dowsnt suit my needs I'm not telling It to suit my needs, but I tend to drop things I dislike.... View More

Linds: Are you seriously saying this now? Gamer+DxD = Peerage+party(if the author doesn't go into loner route). This is obvious. DxD Peerage is another type of party. It was an obvious hint.
And more importantly, if you don't like party Gamer's go create your own fic. It's the author's idea and his fic. Why does he have to listen to the reader's wish fullfilling desires? You don't want a party. If the reader is not being selfish here then who is?

DxD: God of Gamers · C19
3 weeks ago
This' a sick chapter, if he doesn't tell everyone else, and allow them all (bar Asia) from using the system i'm down. View More
DxD: God of Gamers · C20
3 weeks ago
Meanwhile whilst Julian is doing this.
2 regions have been obliterated, the mutated dragon has turned into an op Hydra killing everything in its path... View More
Journey Towards Greatness · C432
3 weeks ago
Also the top like 4 comments on his past few chapters have mostly been about him not sharing the gamer or actually using the gamer properly because he doesnt use it well. If he suddenly joins sona peerage or some **** or share the gamer with everyone and win fights with luck then that also shows he doesnt listen or take any advice with a hint of salt from his readers View More

Linds: But you're also forgetting MC is not the gamer. Unlike the gamer who had protection, he has none. Finding it a waste to make the party OP as well? Then you want the side characters as trophy or something? Otherwise, why have a problem if they get strong? Trophy characters are trash. MC is the Gamer. Not the party members. The gamer's unique abilities are its inventory, mind, and body. Is that not enough for other readers to make him special?

DxD: God of Gamers · C19
3 weeks ago
I'm not fussed. I personally dislike the party system but advise people to still read this because it actually reads well unlike most others. Gamers Mind/Body & Inventory are all unique to him, but many dislike it when others even if it's a **** version get to use The Gamer to upgrade their stats or get new skills its probably how its portrayed in other fanfics thags brought this dislike on most of us who do. I'm still gonna read this tho depending on how it goes. If it like I predicted gives sona and all them in a party I will stop reading purely for my own reason but if it's just a 1 off like Asia then I'm fine with that. View More

Linds: But you're also forgetting MC is not the gamer. Unlike the gamer who had protection, he has none. Finding it a waste to make the party OP as well? Then you want the side characters as trophy or something? Otherwise, why have a problem if they get strong? Trophy characters are trash. MC is the Gamer. Not the party members. The gamer's unique abilities are its inventory, mind, and body. Is that not enough for other readers to make him special?

DxD: God of Gamers · C19
3 weeks ago

kikicrmkia: Why share gamer ability? Its makes MC unique.. o well ..

DxD: God of Gamers · C19
3 weeks ago
Not necessarily. There is a lot of Solo Gamers and depending on your type you could argue one better than the other. The reason everyone dislikes the party mode is that it shares a pretty OP ability with everyone when people want it to be unique to the MC. The webtoon is good, but he also has a party function but it barely focuses on the side characters training and stuff. In most gamer fanfics they focus on the mc, but also all the other peoples stats in the party and people find it a waste. View More

Linds: If a Gamer can't create a party then he is not a Gamer at all. Characters in games get stronger together in a party. Although the number of party members is limited. Anyways, where there is a Gamer, there is a party. Don't be a idiotic foolish brainless clueless trashy insect reader complaining about it. I'd rather not read if there is no party function. As I said, he wouldn't be a true Game character if he doesn't have a party.

DxD: God of Gamers · C19
3 weeks ago
I liked it at the start, was annoyed that he didnt use The Gamer to its fullest or even use Observe on everything. I was annoyed that Saji of all people can surprise the MC and put up a fight however little it is. I'm annoyed that the MC is now telling people about his ability and sharing it. I'm gonna keep reading because it's good and reads well, but that all depends...

I predict next chapter :

Next chapter he's going to share it with both Sona and Rias' peerages to power level them just watch. After that a lot if people will abandon this because The Gamer Party is one of the most disliked functions about it. View More
DxD: God of Gamers · C19
3 weeks ago

Helel: Here it is! The PARTY FUNCTION! The cause of most abandoned GAMER stories, because there is nothing more stupid than making a story about a normal guy getting a unique power and then giving is to every superpowered woman he bangs, making him much less interesting. Interested to see if this stories survives more than 4-6 months after this chapter.

DxD: God of Gamers · C19
3 weeks ago
Oof... he barely uses the gamer properly now shares it with people? Next hes going to be creating parties with everyone allowing them to become op as **** and use his own plot armour on his mc to win fights View More
DxD: God of Gamers · C18
3 weeks ago
He needs to get stronger if Saji can get the drop on him. He doesn't use Observe at all which would've shown the sacred gear and potential uses. Like he's an apparent Gamer but uses none of it's skills to their potential yet you call this God of Gamers. I like it, love it in fact, but you seem to nerf him all the time, but have him strong when needed it makes 0 sense. View More
DxD: God of Gamers · C17
4 weeks ago
WHY! WHY ISSEI! WHY MAKE MC MORE WEAK! ID Dungeon ez grind. God of Gamer? Forgets Observe, doesn't ID dungeon grind his ass off! Oh god damn, still good but DAMN! View More
DxD: God of Gamers · C16
4 weeks ago
Thanks for a proper review. Updates are normally every 4 days. If I miss that I release 2 the next day due to work. This week has been different because of an appointment I have had for doctors. The world background will be developed soon due to his age and not much travel. Still I've hinted at other places around the world etc. View More

Lovereading88: Writing Quality: 5/5.
Nothing to say about writing. Really excellent, especially for being a fan fiction.

Stability of Updates: 4/5.
Not so much for the number of chapters, they are good for the quality they offer. Too random days. I hope for some news, calendar or other to be able to understand more or less when to check the page.
Don't misunderstand, it's not a fault of the work or the author, it's my fault, but I can't help it. A review is always subjective.

Story Development: 4/5.
Excellent development of the story. The only thing that I don't find too pleasant is the fact that the protagonist discovers too many things in a short time and I'm not talking that the protagonist becomes Op too early. He discovers places, secrets and other things in too short a time. The speed of the facts is excellent.

Character Design: 5/5.
I love the protagonist and also the characters that already existed in the original work. Why? Each character presented so far is perfectly described, not even the characters from the original books seem. He made these characters his own. Really well done.

World Background: 3/5.
Weak part of the fiction. Need to add new places.

Obviously I recommend the fiction and I will continue to read it myself.

Harry Potter: Orphans Ascension
1 month ago
1: MC Is an Angel. He wasn't made an Angel through their system, Their god is dead. Thus MC can **** about as an Angel and not fall. I think that should be something.
2: No, or if some, minimal Issei screen time xD I as much as most people that read fanfics and have watched the show dislike Issei for obvious reasons. Perhaps have the MC gain Ddraig (It'd go well with his Gamer ability).
3: Obviously harem, those who don't want a harem can **** off. This is DXD it's an echhi universe. View More
DxD: God of Gamers · C0
1 month ago
Normally whencer I feel like due to work. I try to at least get 1 every 4 days, if I fail to do that then i upload 2 chapters the next day. Currently I was away Saturday and have a doctors appointment Monday. Ill either release another tonight of monsay night. View More

Pepega123: Just finished binge reading this and got to ask do you have a schedule?

Harry Potter: Orphans Ascension · C17
1 month ago
True, but it focuses on the strongest bits, all the main factions etc... I just want Issei to either jot be in this or to be a minor like Saji. View More

MsomizerM: The story can work with issei in and not let the oc become a side character by simply removing him self from some of the original story arcs. The DxD verse is massive there is a lot of room imagination for the author to create his own story arcs with different mythologies.

DxD: God of Gamers · C12
1 month ago
Lovely, wondering if he can fall? I mean he isn't apart of Heaven's System per-say, he just acquired an Angelic heritage / bloodline somehow. Obviously, **** Issei. I hope you don't make him an extra OC and move the MC to a side character or even add Issei at all. I personally dislike others that make Issei have a harem (That normally include the best girls) Whilst MC get's scraps. You should take the secret gear, it sounds harsh, but because MC is an angel you could look at it like protecting an underdeveloped perv from dying if he became aware of the supernatural or some bs. View More
DxD: God of Gamers · C12
1 month ago
The content has been deleted
Fairy Tail: The Prince of Peace · C32
1 month ago
Nah too long a list. I do this to everyone dw I'm a nazi... No wait, not that Nazi. Awh **** View More

ChocoCrinkols: Then Mr. Wise care to tell me what to change so that it will be proper grammar?

Vergil in another world · C11
1 month ago
He is no beta, but he is broken in regards to proper grammar.. View More
Vergil in another world · C11
1 month ago
Yes ;) View More

DarkNorth2347: wow EMC (Minecraft)? transmutation table?

Harry Potter: Orphans Ascension · C9
1 month ago
He's a **** gamer. Would've known they were devils or different much sooner if he used [Observe]. I love how unique and different this is, but if anyone got The Gamer that knew how to use it they'd spam that ****! View More
DxD: God of Gamers · C11
1 month ago
It still shows he doesnt care for much, also now the ancient one cang really protect him from the attacks ones bound to hit him and enrage him View More

Jasonenrick: I think there is some more to it .
For example now that he got some sleep his mind is more clearer even if it is just slighty .
And then ...he didn't get touched because the Anchient One blocked it all, because she knew if someone would touch him then he woud lill them all.
That's my theory ........

The Maniacal General with his Crazy System · C14
1 month ago
She did good where people were inspired by Hermiones studying, but they also learnt to bully people, to be a dick, and to marry a cunt who's a dick and still doesnt make it up to you :D View More

Weirdo: Agreed... In fact, fanfic is a sort of our fans own self of "what if"... So just like you right now, 'what if instead of dumb down hermione had make her married the man who hate her to the core and lick another rich heir buttcheek and balls, why don't I make hermione do what a common sense would do? '...

And actually we can't blame her much since I dare to say that even she didn't know that her book would sweep the world like tsunami and make a huge splash that lasts for decades... And she target kids in her first few books, making all nonsense into reality to motivate kids and to let them feel the confidence to defeat the adversity even when the opponent is world level dark lord and you only know wingardium leviosa...

Harry Potter: Orphans Ascension · C16
1 month ago
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