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  • I am a med school student that barely has any time so reading/writing and comics bring quite the relaxing joy to me.

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Original Works

  • Advent Steel

    Advent Steel

    War&Military survival romance adventure action drama war death smutwarning gory

    Servia lost her entire family in a house fire causing her to live with a friend of the family. Following his instructions to earn her keep she finds herself in a difficult situation having to make choices that will alter the rest of her life. Meeting a man along the way that stirs emotions she never understood before. The two kingdoms have been fighting throughout the past two decades, and now Servia hand delivers a key to the destruction of the West country. However, the East countries prince has a different idea all together. WARNING: 18+ This story contains descriptive language, violence, murder, attempted rape, and sex. Suggestive themes in family relationships

  • Shipwreck


    Realistic Fiction romance adventure genderbender action drama pirates smutwarning

    Captain Eron Von Schneider is a woman who has masked her identity to gain her own ship and live out her dream. S(he) hides her identity by pretending to be a man and must keep it hidden at all cost to remain in control of her crew. It was a death sentence to portray as the opposite sex out at sea and for women to be Captains at all. Her ship falls prey to pirates on one of her trips and she struggles to find comfort as she watches her ship sink to the depths of the ocean in the arms of her betrayer. Leaving her alone on her enemies ship with a Captain that intends to use her to find his lost trinket that was stolen from her father.

  • Lost in the Past

    Lost in the Past

    Fantasy Romance fantasy romance CEO comedy drama Rich Heir timetravel

    Trevor suddenly stumbles upon a secret linked to a pair of cuff-links that take him back to a time far behind his own. He is met with challenges and love altering his course and desire to make it back to where he came from.

  • Shadows Forge

    Shadows Forge

    Fantasy fantasy drama monsters war suspense smut Sexual content mythology Slavery

    Iohanna was taken as a slave when the war broke out. Both her mother and father were casualties leaving her the last of her kin. She watched as those around her died, and how she was defying all odds against her. She taught herself how to survive and it landed her a master that taught her how to kill. Her discovery of who she really is, is just about to begin.

  • Into the Wasteland

    Into the Wasteland

    Fantasy adventure action drama smut Survival game-like Another World Murder Betrayal

    A group of college boys get thrown into a strange world where life is turned upside down. With a new objective to get home the boys work together to get back. However, a hidden quest is secretly present to each of the boys, these quest hold great reward at the cost of their friends lives. With a puppet mast in the shadows, will the boys get out alive? Warning: No one under 18 recommended strong sex scenes, explicit gore, psychological warfare.


It is, thank you for your kind words. View More

SAIYAJAO: if this story is 100% yours is to be congratulated. DO NOT ABANDON HISTORY AND LET IT DIE++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

Lost in the Past
1 month ago
So accurate View More

Shielle: Our dear Qin Ge already has feelings for Lord Jiu. Now I must wait approximately 3,752 more days for him to realize it

National School Prince Is A Girl · C86
2 months ago
This is really cute, I like how he is getting used to the flirting and dishing it back. View More
National School Prince Is A Girl · C86
2 months ago
Reading Status: C0
It reminds me a little of Love o2o, and that is one of my favorite Chinese dramas. So, naturally this is a favorite of mine as well. I rated it a 5 star regardless I just started reading it so I dont know how well theh update, but since it is this good it can't ever be enough View More
The Beautiful Time With You
2 months ago
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