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Original Works

  • Bleach - A New Beginning

    Bleach - A New Beginning

    Anime & Comics Reincarnation Action Transmigration Bleach RWBY Friend-Siblings


    A troubled soul is taken pity of by the gods and reincarnated with their blessings into the world of Bleach with his memories of previous life erased, long before Ichigo Kurosaki starts making troubles in Soul Society. Soul Society faces old and new troubles along with an ancient enemy from the forgotten histories of Soul Society. Watch how Eru Doreigo creates a new legend in the World of Bleach and impacts lives of some of the most famous characters of Bleach. ________________________________________________ Essentially this is a Bleach fan-fiction, best understood by those who have seen the anime or read the manga. Will try to keep the series explanatory enough for non bleach fans to understand too. ______________________________________________ This is a fan-fiction based on the Nintendo DS game 'Bleach 3rd Phantom'. The original Spin-Off story of the game was written by Tite Kubo himself. This Fanfic incorporates the anime RWBY too.

  • Grow Quickly in the Multiverse Beyond

    Grow Quickly in the Multiverse Beyond

    Fantasy Action Adventure Weak to Strong Transmigration Supernatural High Fantasy Gods and Demons Mythos Modern cultivation

    The Mythological History was extremely rich in the planet called Earth. For a thousands of years, many civilizations left behind tales of powerful otherworldly beings known as Gods. Though the future generations could never prove the existences of these supreme beings concretely, yet the Faith of Humanity in these beings never died down. However, Thousands of years later, the world got the proof when the Mythological Universe came knocking on their doorstep.

  • Born as a Sage in Naruto World

    Born as a Sage in Naruto World

    Anime & Comics Naruto Cheat Overpowered Main Character Fast Growth Sage


    Jun is a normal boy living his regular life. However because of his weak physique he was set to die soon. He dies however while saving a bunch of kids, gaining a ton of karmic points, which he uses to reincarnate in his favorite anime world, Naruto World. ______________________________________________ This is a fanfiction based on Naruto and The Gamer.

  • Doppelganger with Demon Summoning System

    Doppelganger with Demon Summoning System


    Forbidden Grimoire Necronomicon falls into the hand of a mortal , cursing him to die of misfortune. However at the time of death , part of it accepts the mortal soul and fuses with it . With the powers blessed to him by gods, enjoy his adventures in his reincarnated world. -------------------------- Fanfiction based on Shin Megami Tensei Series ,Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken, Heavenly Jewel Change and Douluo Dalu 3 - Legend of the Dragon King. May incorporate other anime or manga series in future according to plot development. ------------------------------------ Also, for those interested in supporting this novel or have been itching for those bonus side chapters on various side character developments, I've set-up a patreon! You can find it at

  • Extaria : Grimoire of Gods in Marvel

    Extaria : Grimoire of Gods in Marvel

    Movies OP MarvelFanFic OC Super Powers Mythos Malachai Dark Hero Mystic Arts

    An Agent of Fate, Travelling through Countless stories and helping the main characters succeed, Now finally has a chance at his own story. Follow him as he makes his own legend in the Marvel Universe and others.

  • Born With The Evolution System

    Born With The Evolution System

    TV System Teen Wolf Weak to Overpowered Super Natural


    A Mysterious boy born to mysterious origins and power. Adopted by leader of a enormous shadow organization. His life was steeped in the supernatural world the moment he was born. Now its up to him to survive in it. --------------- A Teen Wolf Fanfic I dont own anything related to the TV series, except for the OC in this fanfic

  • Rise of the Unknown King

    Rise of the Unknown King

    Anime & Comics Reincarnation Overpowered Weak to Strong Transmigration Fairy Tail Pokemon Original Character Unique Magic Weilder

    End of one world gave rise to another Refugees from another world form a desperate plan to save their world's remaining inhabitants with a last ditch effort. However, what will these beings find in the world they are fleeing to? Will they sink or swim in the new world? Read on to see the adventures of Saigo in the World of Fairy Tail as he fights to save the dying race of Pokemon. Pokemon x Fairy tail fanfic I own neither Pokemon or Fairy tail except my original characters


Reading Status: C4
Hi this is the author.
This was the first fanfiction I had ever written and at that point I was not that great in the writing department.
Currently I am rewriting this fanfic in the hopes of making it a great read.
Hope you all love it. View More
Bleach - A New Beginning
1 month ago
For now his Zanpakuto is in a special situation as will be shown in coming chapters. He will regain his God Arcs in future but there is a long process before that happens. View More

dontenglish: so are his zanpakto gonna be his god arcs or is his zanpakto a god arc

Bleach - A New Beginning · C3
1 month ago
Deja Vu deja Vu deja Vu View More
A Bend in Time · C198
2 months ago
How did u manage to write so many different fonts in this novel View More
Swallow a God in Douluo Dalu · C0
2 months ago
This is so small chapter ... Barely can be called that even ... But oh well ... Excited to see the progress of the story View More
《Infinite Stamina》 · C37
3 months ago
This chapter reminded me of Pokemon game for some reason
Going on an adventure ... Getting a bike as a transport View More
Dragon Ball: Saga Of The Strongest Human · C12
3 months ago
This was a superb chapter View More
A Bend in Time · C135
3 months ago
A really awesome chapter View More

DJRogue: TY for the compliment, makes my day and gives me the motivation to get more chapters out

The Phoenix Aspect · C11
3 months ago
You should get someone with proper English knowledge to edit this ... This would be worthwhile to read then View More
Prince of Asgard Orion · C1
3 months ago
There is a slight problem here.... According to Harry Potter books it is based starting from later 1900s.... At that time uttarakhand didn't exist .. it was part of the state of Uttar Pradesh View More

Master_Sigil: your culture fascinate me and glad that your people are so dictated to continue preserving your faith to your gods even the encroachment of other religions...

Rise of House Falken - Harry Potter Fan Fiction · C65
3 months ago
Pretty accurate assessment about the mc
But i mentioned the properties of nemeton in this chaoter for a reason .
I mentioned it is a seal ryt ... Rest is for future chapters View More

ZiaZombie: Another thing I would like to mention is that there could be 3 Malachai in this timeline Nick, past Nick and nicks son cyprian Malachai. Also nicks general's of the past one of them can see into the future. With how strong your character will be in the future if would be weird not to see nicks general's not confront him at some point. It's not like the MC is even trying to hide himself, it's def a unique idea to bring the dark hunter universe into here but since you did it's safe to say that the mc is weak asf rn.

Born With The Evolution System · C9
4 months ago
There are just too many dark hunter novel
Even i have not read them all
Last i read was Acheron View More

ZiaZombie: Nick chronicles is weird as a book series, it's all a build up for Nick to meet himself in the world of the dark hunters. The mc is pretty op because he can siphon powers from others. He could easily steal the powers of a Malachai after all the Malachai attracts the supernatural because of their glamor, you just need to find a good excuse to go to new Orleans then you could steal all that power. Plus new Orleans so a central hub for supernatural creatures in the dark hunter universe. The only problem I see with taking the main character there is that everyone would potentially try to kill him because he's a young power! Anyways I dropped the dropped the dark hunter novels because there is nearly 30 books to read. I finished the Nick chronicles, the latest dark hunter graphic novels and the first 5 dark hunter books.

Born With The Evolution System · C9
4 months ago
N what i don't get is why the heck is he fighting all might on physical terms
Kamui itself is strong enough to make all the quirks taste the ground
Obito spent years defeating so many kage and top ninjas with just Kamui
This is so uselessly overpowered mc with no idea how to use his powers View More

DevinDevin: Only way to have a story, although it's quite dumb because He can contend with all might on some level plus his nin, gen, and eye abilities. There's no point for him to even try lol

Strongest Ninja In A Hero Society · C11
4 months ago

TrueFamine: Someone explain why he's in UA .. It doesn't help him at all

Strongest Ninja In A Hero Society · C11
4 months ago
Why the heck doesn't he simply heal all might if he has complete yang mastery
Naruto was able to bring gai back even aftr he used 8th gate
Did u forget the actual use of yang energy author? View More
Strongest Ninja In A Hero Society · C11
4 months ago
Would it be better if i went witg tge chronicles of nick timeline instead of the original dark hunters timeline?

After all, the new ambrosius Malachai is changing a lot of stuff View More

Time_Kink: I want to see how Acheron will react to another syphoner other than his daughter Katra, especially one that keeps the energy for himself and makes himself stronger. Have him feast on Apollo and Artemis and become the dirty of sun while he gives the moons power to Allison, cause **** both the twins!”

Born With The Evolution System · C8
4 months ago
I will be combining parts of Dresden Files here (which is what the council is from) along wity combining with the Dark Hunter Universe.

However Dresden files timeline or characters are not being included , atleast not completely. I will only be taking reference of the creatures, magic and organization in the Dresdenverse

Dark hunter universe will almost completely be used here ( i am still figuring out how to adapt the Malachai here, he is seriously overpowered). You will see some of tge details in the coming chapter.

I will try not to leave as little holes as possible in the world background . Hope you guys like it View More

Scientistx: Concuil this new charhacters which show or book are they from???

Born With The Evolution System · C8
4 months ago
Finally was aboe to track down the fanfic by Leylin
Search for Shinobi: the rpg View More

LTG: I am just curious who this leylin you are talking about is

Born With The Evolution System · C6
4 months ago
He wrote the best Naruto fanfic i have ever read, including my own.
Sadly he discontinued further volume of his fanfic after his volume 1 and due to some glitch in webnovel app i lost his fanfic from my reading list and have never been able to find it again View More

LTG: I am just curious who this leylin you are talking about is

Born With The Evolution System · C6
4 months ago
Ah , i love dresden files too... Been a long time since i read any i think though
The last i read was book 14
Well i have lots of ideas that can be integrated i this world
However they are something of future View More

DragonGodSmith3000: I wonder will we get the Dresden files in this story or originals even legacies for their variety of supernaturals that would be interesting but I’m hoping Dresden an originals more then anything as it would truly make more powerful supernaturals in the world even gods

Born With The Evolution System · C7
4 months ago
Ya, i have been cutting back a tiny bit on insertion of system.
This was due to some constructive comments given on my past works that system takes up too much of the story rather than showing the main character's actions and personality.
Therefore in this fanfic system kind of has a supporting role .
It will help the MC indirectly by keeping tracks of the skills he has gained knowledge of atleast subconsciously and also help him with his special energy control and stuff (also using energy gains or drains to passively evolve him constantly)
Also, I stated the origins of the system in the first chapter. It is something born out of the the MC'S own power subconsciously. It is not something someone gifted him so it wont be dominating MC by giving quests or randomly providibg skills. It will however boost how easily MC learns stuff, as is shown in the chapters. View More

GreatDarkLord: But but but system where are you ? Miss u


Born With The Evolution System · C6
4 months ago
Vivian Lilian conversation is so confusing and frustrating View More
Abyss Domination · C177
4 months ago

TurtleManiacc: Good 👍 great👍 amazing👍 incredible 👍
Good 👍 great👍 amazing👍 incredible 👍
Good 👍 great👍 amazing👍 incredible 👍
Good 👍 great👍 amazing👍 incredible 👍

Born With The Evolution System
4 months ago
I don't really like the harem route in stories .
Kind of spoils the progression often .
Also the indecisiveness of the MC is for him to find his own identity as to what he wants to do.
So far it was because he was trying to juggle his friends, his supernatural identity and his mysterious father's legacy
But now he has found an anchor and a goal in d form of Allison View More
Born With The Evolution System · C4
4 months ago
It's a T€€N WOLF Fanfic View More

MimicReads: Allison argent?

Born With The Evolution System · C1
4 months ago

MrZeo: exp

Rise of House Falken - Harry Potter Fan Fiction · C56
5 months ago
Not forbidden
But still a secret jutsu unique to hidden leaf because second hokage invented it View More

Taitiruk: Shadow Clone Jutsu isn't a forbidden jutsu it is taught in the academy, but Multi Shadow Clone Jutsu is forbidden.

Born as a Sage in Naruto World · C19
5 months ago
Originally this was called Gene revolution, inspired by the Legend of Mythological Genes
But then i scrapped that one because I realized what I wanted to put in it didn't go well with what i was initially describing it as
So I renewed it into this View More

Supreme_Turtle: So what was this story originally as it was in my library already but I don’t recall what this originally was

Grow Quickly in the Multiverse Beyond · C1
5 months ago

Niks: Hi Guys, this is my original novel i have been planning for some while.
After polishing my writing skills with a bunch of Fan-fictions i am attempting this original. Hope you guys like it. Stability of updates might be a bit haywire but i hope you guys like the novel.

Grow Quickly in the Multiverse Beyond
9 months ago
Reading Status: C0
Hi Guys, this is my original novel i have been planning for some while.
After polishing my writing skills with a bunch of Fan-fictions i am attempting this original. Hope you guys like it. Stability of updates might be a bit haywire but i hope you guys like the novel. View More
Grow Quickly in the Multiverse Beyond
9 months ago
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