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  • Princess in 1700

    Princess in 1700

  • Awakened: Evolving to Godhood

    Awakened: Evolving to Godhood



    One day, spatial tunnels opened in the very fabric of reality, connecting Earth to a planet that came to be known as Xavier, a planet that has a lot of deserted settlements belonging to the civilization that lived on this planet before we started exploring it. Each settlement not only hides a secret of its own but also treasures, knowledge, and unthinkable technologies.In this new world, magicians rule the world and make the rules. They are those who can contain magic energy, an energy source present in Xavier, in their bodies. This energy is used to mainly empower supernatural cells. One can get them by consuming evolution materials. These supernatural cells suck magic energy to manifest one's superpower in the real world.Elliot, once the son of magicians in the channel opening stage, now lives the life of an orphaned and poor boy. Elliot is the weakest magician to ever exist in the world, a world where the strong are respected and the weak are disdained.With the death of his parents, the ones who used to look down on his has no reason to control their feeling.With a dim fate ahead of him, he grits his teeth and silently moves on to the day the light of glory shines on him, setting him apart from others in a single day, letting him taste what it means to be God! What does it mean to be a God? Read on and Find Out! 1000 Power Stones = 14+1 extra chapters per week. 1500 Power Stones = 14 +2 extra chapters per week 1700 Power Stones = 14 +3 extra chapters per week 2500+ Power Stones = 14 +4 extra chapters per week The chapters will be published at the end of each week based on the power stones earned that week. Join my discord: https://discord.gg/Cm9ZymDUN2

  • I've Turned Into A Fox Girl?

    I've Turned Into A Fox Girl?



    Join the discord Server there are extra details about the characters and the world so it would be great to see you there https://discord.gg/9g5xeRMrGX Discord: Shoomoon#8817 ----------------------------- Shaman, a normal teenage girl falls asleep on the eve of her 18th birthday like any other night. She awakens to find herself in an unknown place in an unfamiliar body with an unhelpful voice in her head. On top of her new fox ears and tail, she seems to have memories of this new world and the body she finds herself in. Unfortunately not all of the memories are clear and she must rely on this rpg like system in her head to both unlock these memories and guide her on a path home. As she explores the world she finds that it is somehow both modern and not, with magic permeating every day life. Architecture reminiscent of the 1700s clashes with modern day conveniences enabled through magic. Will Shaman be able to make use of her knowledge of video games and novels to take advantage of her rpg system in this new world? Or will she be dragged down and entangled by the darkness of the world around her as she searches for the truth behind her circumstances? Many eyes are upon her as she takes center stage in this new world ----------------------------- THIS IS NOT A HAREM. This is just a normal yuri. I try to update everyday, if not every second day ----------------------------- Donate/support: https://www.patreon.com/Shoomoon https://ko-fi.com/shoomoon This cover was made by Kiridea please check her out on Instagram @Kiridea_draws and her Twitter @kiridea24 she did an amazing job so please send some love.

  • Other World Archive: 18th Century Edition

    Other World Archive: 18th Century Edition

    History HISTORICAL

    The Other World Archive is a series of books detailing the history of Terra, an alternate version of Earth. This Edition will cover the 1700s through 1800s.

  • Lost heir

    Lost heir

    In the 1700s, an heir in the great britain kingdom entrica and in the shadow of love ... who will carry the blood of hz.isa and plan a new world

  • Rapier's Tale of Piracy

    Rapier's Tale of Piracy


    From young boy to adulthoodFrom innocence to darkness.From lifefull to lifeless.An important message: This story will have characters from other time period such as 1 from the 1700. It will also have fictional characters but I've limited that to only 1.Also, the time period is 1555 but the technology in it is from 1700. But I couldn't do 1700 for unsaid reasons.***Support me: Cashapp: £SamamaM10***

  • I kneel to no one

    I kneel to no one


    1700 Europe have just gone through one of the bloodiest wars in its history, The Thirty Years' War is thought to have claimed between 4 and 12 million lives. And nearly bankrupted the states that engaged in it. It was waged between 1618 to 1648. Sweden was perhaps the luckiest participant in it, getting enormous wealth and experience in the conflict. Coming out as one of Europe's great powers. This story takes place in the 1700s, in the country of Sweden where a soldier's child sees his family slowly die, and a crown prince watching history burn in front of his eyes. Join their journey across one of history's most turbulent times. Where empires were forged and destroyed. [Sorry for anyone who had read the previous Synopsis] *Gore* *Rape* Disclaimer I do not own the cover and if the owner of the picture/painting would like me to remove it then I will It was made by: Gustaf Cederström (otherwise, I would not have written on it, duh.)

  • Alpha's Raygan (on hiatus)

    Alpha's Raygan (on hiatus)


    Raygan ran through the forest with her wound still fresh, but there was nowhere for her to go. Only the dark walls of the cave that failed to provide comfort. As she went deeper inside, there was something unusual calling out to her, her destiny and the reason for her birth. She slips through the dimensional slit to the land of the moon where the Werewolves and Lycans ruled as enemies. Her journey demanded of her to be the curse liberator of either the Lycans or Werewolves. How will Raygan come to terms with this new world and shoulder this heavy responsibility?[This story takes place in the late 1700s but in different dimension][Mature content warning!]

  • True Human Progenitor

    True Human Progenitor

    Now 1500-1700 words/chapter. Only chapter 'After 12 Years going to the Surface' got new content.

  • Long Live The King!

    Long Live The King!


    Set in an Alternate 1700's Medieval style world, King Paul was the most Powerful King, Ruler of the world! He's the first King to unite the 5 neigboring Countries with the help of his 6 Royal Knights. Although to all of the power he has, and loyal companions a Coup has happend! All of the Co rulers of the Five Countries attacked the King and his Royal Knights. Ultimetly they were captured and were beheaded. Their bodies were planned to be thrown to the Ravine of Death. But in Last second Paul used all of his magic and abilities to use an resurection spell! Upon using it all of his Strengths and Abilities will be used on repairing his body causing all of his hard work to to waste. After 5 years Paul finally woke up in the bottom of the Ravine. He is a young one again but now has a different face and his body was sent back through the bottom of the Martial Art World. Now he set foot to a new journey discorvering The Lands he already tackled in his past life as he tries every opportunity to be stronger as before and along the way he plans to lay a perfect Revenge with his Ressurected Allies?! Come join Paul to his Journey on retrieving his past strength with the knowledge of man man used to be called "Ruler of the World" a historic adventure on revenge with noteable inspirations on real life warriors that have existed from the past. Updates Every Friday. Chapter sizes are some where between 1.5k to 2k.

  • The Legendary Book

    The Legendary Book

    Mengisahkan tentang sebuah buku legendaris yang dapat mengabulkan segala keinginan sang pemilik, dan buku tersebut dikatakan telah menghentikan perang besar bangsa iblis dan bangsa manusia 1700 tahun yang lalu dan sekarang buku tersebut menjadi sebuah legenda.

  • A night of rebellion

    A night of rebellion


    Historical / Thriller novel.The story is set in England around the early 1700s.A special, beautiful girl is born within the walls of Warwick Castle.But nobody really knows about the mask of falsehood with which this perfect girl manages to hide a much sadistic and mysterious character.A series of cold-blooded murders begin to become the norm at court, or at least until ....Book suitable for thriller lovers and for people not easily impressionableSuited to an adult or 14+ public

  • The Miss Is An Ice Cold Beauty!

    The Miss Is An Ice Cold Beauty!



    [currently rewriting]Being the daughter of a powerful yakuza boss isn't easy. Living her days in constant chaos and having death follow her wherever she goes, isn't fun either. "Damn! Can't a girl get some peace!"Having to put up with all this and still remain nonchalant, Yang Guifei has developed a bad case of resting b**ch face! Because of this, she's perceived as cold and distant! "I'm just trying to order some cake, why are you cowering in fear?! Huh? My face? Damn it!"If her life couldn't get any worse, Yang Guifei accidentally gets killed!"Sh*t! What did I do to deserve this?! Wait where am I? Did I just transmigrate?!"Its okay, Yang Guifei! Just become powerful and nothing bad will happen to you ever again!"Easier said then done!" Yang Guifei sets off on her new Journey in the world of Ancient China! With her power of breaking the fourth wall and her non stop complaining!How long will you last, Yang Guifei? Watch out Yang Guifei! The two dragon emperors have set their eyes on you!Wang Lei & Wang Jian: "look at her for a mere second, and we'll cripple your eyes!""Wait what! Don't do that!!" A novel with a strong, unique lead. Plus a sprinkle of humour and characters with deep history and depth to them! "all the other novel characters scam one another, But why do I feel like I'M the one being scammed in mine?!" [original novel!][warning!!! Swearing and slight gore] - updates whenever I'm free -{word count 900 - 1700} [cover art is not mine]

  • Mangonel, A Family of Vampyres

    Mangonel, A Family of Vampyres


    Vampyre families rule the world beneath our noses. Their rule is a careful dance, a delicate balance of a million things. They influence governments, wars, revolutions. All to distract Humanity from their existence. In the mid 1700s, that balance was nearly destroyed. A worldwide Vampyric conspiracy reared its head, and threatened to destroy the Earth as we knew it. Among the Vampyre families of this turbulent era, none suffered, and ultimately triumphed, more than the Mangonels. A family of geniuses and idiots, warriors and diplomats, villains and heroes. Well, the "heroes" part is untrue. For there can be no heroes among monsters.

  • Path to Redemption

    Path to Redemption


    Katherine is an immortal being. She has been calling this ability a curse her whole life. She figured out she was immortal at a young age and a rollercoaster of events soon followed. Those events lead up to evil, and her demise. A girl from the early 1700's wanted for murder, imprisoned for life.It's been 2000 years later, her prison is rediscovered. How long has it been since she last saw the sun? What year is it?With the help of new friends she will rid herself of this curse. Soon scientists learned about a girl trapped in an underground prison and want answers. They will stop at nothing to get what they want!

  • A Dragon Named Chili Pepper

    A Dragon Named Chili Pepper

    Chili Pepper is a red dragon no bigger than a house cat living in France in the 1700s. All he ever wanted was a place to belong but all the other dragons make fun of him because he's so tiny. Then something happens to cause all the mythical creatures to begin to disappear. Now Chili Pepper, a young griffin named Sky, a paranormal wolf named Hunter, a fairy named Wisp, a centaur named Ares, and Belle the Princess of France are on a quest to find out what happened and rescue the missing mythical creatures.

  • Unkept Promises

    Unkept Promises


    In the 1700s, A small yet significant society brought forth the story of Emberline. A young and wily girl, who is under the care of Mrs Oswell. And of Nicholas Oswell, a well-groomed and cheery boy. Unbeknownst to him, The daughter of a well-established family is promised to him, But he grows up in deep love for Emberline. But love is easy to declare, and heavy to portray. And this love for each other is tested in every way because there are many to oppose this affair. Many truths are kept hidden from them because if revealed, it would break them.A distance, no matter how many fortnights away, can never keep their attachment at bay, so only with resentment, are they kept away. And by conflict only, do we see their lives entangle again.A story that exists due to the fear of detachment, abandonment, and heartbreak. All of which are rooted in both fanciers. And all those who are brought together by this romance.

  • The bay

    The bay

    In 1700 there were royal blood man the last one on noah's tree ,was different in all the ways they do feel like us they dont dream like us they do act like us but they're human.In 1750 when the came to their door steps he fought like nothing they saw before unfortunatly they lost but the king of the othman empaire decide to take his kid he saw the honor in his eyes ans since that moment dedicated his life time to actually know the true power of bay none would 've beleive that at that time

  • goddes transmigration

    goddes transmigration


    Jiao Yu Ji mendengar nama itu hanya satu kata....sampah untung neneknya masih mau merawatnya, namun bibi, paman, dan saudaranya selalu memberikan perawatan buruk kepadanya dan tak pernah memberikan belas kasihan lihat bagaimana dewi ini dapat membunuh mu hanya dengan satu tatapan dan kamu bersujud meminta kematian ! Dia Freastaria peonera, sang dewi bintang yang paling bersinar terang diantara dewi-dewi lainnya, memiliki kecantikan yang dapat menghancurkan galaksi, penuh bakat, kepintaran, kekayaan, dan kebaikan, turun kedunia hanya karna rasa keingin tahuan, dan itu adalah permintaan ulantahunnya yang ke-1700 masa kehidupan, ia terlalu bosan diistana langit sehingga keputusan itu datang dengan sendirinya hanya karna rasa kebosanan dan ingin tahu, ia juga ingin merasakan rasa kesengsaraan duniawi yang dirasakan umat manusia.

  • The Demon King Above the Gods

    The Demon King Above the Gods


    The king of all, the ruler of demons, now tormented with old age is unable to maintain his kingdom. His subjects assist him no longer as he is bound to betrayal. From being a man well respected among the people, rumours spread of him being evil and malicious. After all that has occurred, he must rise, back to his original position as that of a true demon king.(This series will be on hiatus for a long time. Once I complete other series, this series will be worked on. Would take a couple years.)--------------------------------------------------Schedule: On HiatusChapter Length: 1500-1700 words--------------------------------------------------Join discord: https://discord.gg/PjmBUn2--------------------------------------------------Support the Author: XXX (Not available atm)--------------------------------------------------Warning: This novel contains violence and gore.

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