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  • Oh, That Russian Accent

    Oh, That Russian Accent


    "For fucks sake! What did you do?" A very angry voice asks me. Holy shit! That is definitely Dimitri. I can recognize that accent anywhere after our discussion in class today."Holy shit. I'm so sorry. I thought you were a burglar or a rapist following me," I try to apologize. "Shut the fuck up!" He yells, making me flinch. It quickly shut my mouth up though. I didn't like being talked to like that, but then again, I just sprayed him in the eyes with a fuckin' pepper-spray. _____Ruby Derman has to attend college 7 hours away from her home and her dad. She quickly falls into place, but a young, angry guy catches her eye in class. However, she quickly finds out it keep away, as she sees how he treats people. He is arrogant and sinister, but she can't ignore the feeling she gets every time they're near each other. What will happen when two completely opposite people find out, that they're actually not that different from each other? Keep reading to find out.

  • The Heart Accent Lamp

    The Heart Accent Lamp

    " There is never a time or place for true love, it happens accidentally, in a heartbeat, in a single flashing, throbbing moment."Chimon Wachirawit is living with his mother who accepted him for what and who he was. Pluem Purim is a straight and bully guy who loves teasing student who is weaker than him.What will happen if one day a straight bully guy and a clumsy nerd gay met each other unexpectedly?A lamp that was invented for decadesA love that was found on a magical LAMPCome on let's join Chimon and Pluem to find the real meaning of Love, Trust, Loyalty and Friendship on their magical love story.

  • Dawning Skye

    Dawning Skye



    When Skye Moonstone’s wedding is interrupted by her former, supposedly deceased betrothed: her life becomes a series of complications, mystery, and excitement. Knowing only of the boy that he used to be, Skye finds herself drawn to the man that Prince Tidas has become. Intelligent, strong, and charismatic; he had decided long ago to do whatever it takes to protect the love of his life. No matter the risk to his body or soul.. Throughout her many trials, Skye will learn that her home, family, and even personal history are all stories meant to keep her safe. That her true purpose is not just to save her love, but her entire world. The fates of both Humans and Fae alike will rest upon her shoulders.. Intrigue, legends, and her place in it all will lead Skye down a path that she knows she may not come back from. But to save the lives of her loved ones, she’ll risk her very existence.. Whatever it takes to save them. Magic, Fae, War, Fate; they all reside within this epic love tale of fantasy. All can be found within the Dawning Skye.. One simply needs to look. ****WARNING: 18+ Mature Content Viewer Discretion Is Advised**** Content Contains: Violence, Language, Blood/Gore, Trigger Material(No Actual Rape Scenes), And Extremely Graphic Sex Scenes. Viewer Discretion Is Advised. Not A Slow Burn Book. This Series is about a devoted couple with a strong friendship and respect-based relationship. Enjoy! •Three Chapters A Week, Every Week! Unless... •500 Power Stones: 3 Bonus Chapters •1000+ Power Stones: 8 Bonus Chapters *Bonus Chapters Will Be Released The 30th of Every Month If The Previous Month’s Goal Was Met* Cover is Owned by the Author. Cover Artwork By: Chainslock(on Discord and DeviantArt) Note from the Author: This series is written in 3rd POV, and will be four volumes long with 500+ chapters in each volume. You will see Intentional spelling errors in the dialogue and inner thoughts due to character accents. I believe this gives the characters a realistic aspect, since people in real life have accents. Skye and Tidas’ journey takes them to every known continent in their world. Their experiences will shape them into heroes, and challenge their love on the highest of levels as the story develops.. The first volume will be about Skye and Tidas reconnecting, and solidifying their bond. Skye will also learn her true identity, as well as the true history of their world. There are many characters throughout this series, with an extensive world background; all centered around Skye and Tidas. The volumes will be: 1. Dawning Skye(completed) 2. Darkening Skye(Current) 3. Starlit Skye(Check Back Later) 4. Endless Skye(Check Back Later) More details shall be added as the series progresses. These books are not for the faint of heart. The main characters will experience epic love, and unbelievable betrayal. They will have epic victories, and world-shattering losses. The couple’s devotion and sanity will be challenged as their story develops. They will grow and change with each trial they overcome both together, and separately. Until they face their final battle…





    McKenna is a strong-headed defiant girl who went for what she wants no matter what people think.she believes there is something called love and that it only made people stupid but she still longed for it. So she vowed to wait as long as it takes to find the right perfect man that was capable of sweeping her off her feet and together they would ride off into the sunset.But then she met Jason, a multi billionaire that swept her off her feet quite alright but instead of running off into the sunset, he dropped her inside a gutter.Now, McKenna has to pick herself up and become better and show Jason he made the worst mistake of his life by breaking her heart. Follow Jason and Mckenna on their Journey to forget each other. Mckenna out for revenge from the man that broke her heart and Jason determine to do the right thing by staying away from the innocent girl that almost made him break his one rule - he just doesn't do love.***********Jason walked towards the entrance Thokozani mentioned and met a woman there. She was an albino, tall with brown boots and yellow dress. Jason couldn’t make out her face from the distance he was standing.‘Are you the new help?’ Naya asked without looking up. She was placing plates on the tables.‘No…I am …’ Jason was puzzled that the albino had an accent‘Don’t just stand there, start setting dinner plate on the table. We have less than five minutes before dinner’ she said without waiting for Jason to introduce himself.Jason dropped his briefcase by the door and carried the pile of plates near the window and started distributing across the table. When he got close enough to her, he saw her face. She wasn’t an albino, she was white. And she was stunning.She looked up and stared at him.‘You don’t look like a help’ Naya said and her face was expressionless.‘Probably because I am not, I am Jason and I am your new boss’Naya stared at him and blinked twice.‘Do not forget to place the spoons beside the plates, boss’ and she went back to what she was doing, leaving a puzzled Jason to stare at her in shock.

  • The Erotic Ghost

    The Erotic Ghost

    Dana is a 21st Century woman who doesn't think in terms of carriages, chaperons, or calling cards. Then, one night during an electrical storm, she tumbles into her favorite historical romance novel. When she awakens, she finds a world full of images that are not real, a foreboding old mansion filled with magic tricks, and a dark, tortured paper hero who lives alone. Is he real, or is he a ghost?<br><br>He comes to her as a spirit, his voice whispering soft, enticing accents in her ear. His presence is a seductive wind,-a mist that fondles her. He wants to capture her, hold her close,-have her always to love. But how can he when he is no more than a figment of someone's imagination?<br><br>Is there no way out for Dana? Will these lovers be imprisoned forever between the pages of this book, or will the closing of the last page rip them apart?

  • Twisted Secrets

    Twisted Secrets



    I' dead. It's Luke Matthew!Run and escape only to be beaten another day or plead for mercy making promises to forever be his slave and still get beaten up. Yeah I'm taking the first option.I quickly jump on my feet hoping to make a beeline for the janitor's closet, when I'm suddenly yanked back by my hair - ouch! this mop of brown hasn't seen a saloon in months. Mind being gentle?" Doesn't this just bring back old memories, love? " Luke drawls in his annoying British accent.Okay, so you bumped into him on Friday last week, you shouted at him after and might have called him a number of names one of which was an idiotic butthead with an oversized ego. Then you've been avoiding him all week. You can't exactly blame the guy for having a personal vendetta against you.***“ You seem to enjoy playing with fire.” Nikon says without looking up as he attends to some papers. “ I don't like being disrespected. ” I tell him coldly. ***He feels it's all revenge. But has this need to protect her. He doesn't know when it started. But later realizes it doesn't really matter. What happens when Linda's past comes looking for her? What happens when she realizes what she knows about her past isn't all there is? And what happens when she gets herself tangled up in secrets so twisted they might get her killed?Follow Linda on her journey as she grows into a strong female with so many secrets to uncover. ***Please support this author and check out my other books* Burning Hatred: Entwined Destinies ( it's a fantasy romance ) please help me with your support*My sexy greek God matchmaker ( completed)And Please note that the cover is not mine. Mafia Teen fiction filled with lots of mystery and secrets. You're not going to find any other book like this. Mystery, action, romance and so many more await you. Just add this to your reading list, then sit back and enjoy the ride. Thanks

  • Astraea




    "What do you want to know?" He asked then he continued walking. "Why do you have an army?" Brylee was the first one to ask. "One, to protect the mountain. Two, to find the descendants. Three, to protect them." He gave them a direct answer. "If the descendants have gifts, why the need to protect them?" This time it was Briony who asked. "Even though they have gifts, not everyone could protect themselves like you. Not all have physical strengths and speed. You'll find out what I mean when you started to meet them. For now, you cannot meet everyone since they are in the city." He replied with his thick accent. "You said you protect them, from who?" Brina asked in a way that one could tell that the gears in her head are working. "Humans," He casually said as he continued to walk on a never-ending land of snow. The sun is shining but it did nothing to warm them. "Humans?" Bianca looks astounded. "Supernatural may seemed to be powerful and greedy at the beginning but as years gone by and humans had taken over the world they become more powerful and greedy. They wouldn't be on top of the food chain if they were not." He speaks as if he has a deep hatred towards humans. "Aren't you human?" Brylee asked making Gavril laugh. "You do not understand it, do you?" He said with a mocking tone. **** Lorcan Villan trained his five nieces to become bounty hunters just like him without the knowledge of their overprotective, distrustful father, his brother. They were strong, smart, assertive, ruthless, bloodthirsty, and curious. Those were the traits of his nieces and he believed that they just wanted to become bounty hunters to quench their thirst for adventure. But little did he know that his nieces possess special gifts that they wanted to put into use by bounty hunting. And as they hunt for fugitives, they unexpectedly encountered people that could tell them where and to whom they got their gifts. They will soon realize that there is a better way to utilize their gifts and that is to protect themselves from those who are hunting them.

  • Unlimited Power 03: The Sinful Ruler

    Unlimited Power 03: The Sinful Ruler


    Where does the game end? Where does reality start? When one very anticipated VRMMORPG was about to be launched, and Jake was one of the first players to have a chance to access it, he had a weird dream of himself fighting massive beasts and then seeing a world being destroyed. Without knowing any better, Jake assumes that it was just a weird dream, but then he begins to have those weird dreams again and again until they become even more vivid, and much to his surprise, whenever the dream changes, he obtains a new power inside the game. It doesn't take long for Jake to realize that he isn't the only one who has those dreams, and soon enough, Jake realizes that the game and reality are a lot more connected than he thought. Also, the MC has kind of an accent/voice fetish.

  • Rebirth of the Mysterious Immortal

    Rebirth of the Mysterious Immortal

    Eastern Fantasy R18


    The most feared mysterious and elusive Supreme Immortal, Flux Zion, who can kill Supreme Immortals without a sound died in the forbidden abyss while searching for another realm that is beyond the Supreme Immortal.All Supreme Immortals cheered when his death spread. His legend that terrorizes every Supreme Immortal is slowly being forgotten as time passes.But then, who would have thought that Flux Zion mysteriously survived on another planet called Earth. What was the reason for his rebirth? Did he found another realm that transcends beyond Supreme Immortal? Let's follow Flux Zion as he slowly dominates everything in his way while also trying to solve the mystery of his rebirth and the path that transcends beyond Supreme Immortal!-------NOTE: My English isn't that good, please bear with it. Thanks!



    Contemporary Romance ROMANCE R18 PRINCESS

    #The Royals: Anna and Williams Anna was a simple girl, a free spirit and not your usual prim and proper kind-of girl. While girls her age were busy having tea parties, playing castle and attending debut balls, Annalisa-Jane Jacobs loved to play with children, wear trousers under her gowns and climb rocks. It didn't help that she was a princess. She was also stubborn and rebellious; traits she got from her father. And she hated to be confined and controlled even though she was the Princess of Worcestershire Castle. Annalisa-Jane Jacobs wanted to be wild and free and this went against her father's wishes. Her parents, the King and Queen of Worchester, thought getting her married would make her act like a woman. They believed that marriage was the solution. So when his childhood friend, Duke De Beaumont tells him his second son, Williams De Beaumont had returned back from completing his masters abroad in England, the Royal family and the Dukes decides that the young Duke was the perfect match for their daughter Annalise, the Princess. But here is the problem. The Duke and the Princess hated each other from their first meet. William was pompous, proud. Arrogant! Annalisa-Jane was simple, stubborn. Rebellious! They were bad combinations for each other. They rather kill themselves than to get married. And seeing that their parents were hell bent on going through with the marriage alliance; thus they made sure to flaunt their parents plans, get them angry, do un-royal-like things just so they cancel the wedding. It was a ‘’ruin it’’ or ‘’run-away’’ plan if it doesn’t work out. Their hate for each other was evident. But there is one thing as strong as hate -which is love, especially when they did not see it happening. Not Ever!!!! Set in recent times and having an ambience of classic royal family politics, unknown enemies and a bust of unexpected turns, the Royals: Anna and Williams takes us on a journey of hate and eventual love; without restrictions to foul language even in their thick Worcestershire accent, raw unfiltered desires and mixed emotions that would get you laughing, angry, giddy, frustrated and toes curling and heart beating fast waiting for that moment. It would keep you at the edge of your seat because you would not want to stop turning those pages. I mean how can you, it’s too juicy, so don’t blink!!



    It's basically the story of my life, those that I can elaborate in a way that's entertaining, for me at least.Most part of my life comes with what so called "pain". Its intensity is relative to a person's state of life, so some might think what I wrote so far don't live with the title of the book. No matter how inten

  • The Hidden Queen: Sharing A Room With The CEO

    The Hidden Queen: Sharing A Room With The CEO



    Technology queen, Victoria Hill, died after a tragic incident where the person she loved betrayed her for money. Luke Edwards killed her mother and tortured her to the brink of death, taking everything away from her. Left with nothing, Victoria swore that one day, even if it’s in hell, she will see him burn for his crimes. However, in a twist in fate she will have a shot at doing the bidding herself when she is suddenly reborn into the body of a 20 year old rich girl disguised as a boy, Rory Hynes. Forced to attend a school for only the richest of the rich, Victoria encounters trouble at every turn. Most notably, her roommate who never seems to be willing to leave her alone. Coming to terms with her new reality, Victoria realized that her mission wouldn’t be as simple as she wished. **** 18+ scenes so please beware. Definitely not suitable for the eyes of little kids, however I will notify before any extremely dangerous chapter.**** ——————— Excerpt- He was sitting on the grey single sofa in all black cotton pajama-wear with his head leaning on his hand.The warm lighting brought attention to his long black eyelashes and the pale blue eyes beneath them.He looked at her with a taut expression.His free hand reached out to pick up a glass of wine and swirled the red liquid around. "Where have you been?" The deep Russian accent, that was tinted with anger, destroyed the silence between them.

  • The Sex Goddess

    The Sex Goddess

    Ever met a sex Goddess? No not like a God in heaven controlling our world but an actual human being with looks beyond imagination.She's the baddest chick out of the other sex Goddesses.Long silk to the touch black hair, light big blue eyes, soft pink full lips and curves that are out of this world. soft sun kissed skin andWide hips with a voluptuous booty. With such features you can only imagine how many times she gets her way. Many guys want to get with her but only the best succeed. Even when she has the best of the best she was never satisfied. She's your average college student who had just moved to New York away from her big family in the suburbs. She's been sexually active from the age of 16, her "first love" took her virginity and ever since then she would only have relations with him.Until he broke up with her of course, the love she had for him went to a minimum. The sex was the main goal right now. She fucked numerous guys , but still wasn't satisfied with what she was getting. She was looking for the one to for fufill her sexual desires.She would have guys over at night and let them leave at the crack of dawn, They all held their head down in shame as they walked away from her house, their pride slowly dripping away.Now college had already started and anybody with a fully functional dick seemed to want a relationship with Nevaeh, but she would always flat out reject them. If they wasn't offering some bomb ass sex they couldn't obtain the luxury of standing 5 feet away from her.Until... he appeared. He was 6'1 and had black curly hair, his skin was delicate and skin as lovely as chocolate milk, his jawline was strong asf and not to mention his soft lips, and he had eyes crafted by god himself and all of that was accented with a devilish smile. There was no way a human could be this good looking, but she did know one thing, he had to be A Sex God.SEXUAL CONTENT ?‼️MATURE LANGUAGE ?‼️ROMANCE ‼️‼️#187 in feel

  • With You : In The Prevail Planet

    With You : In The Prevail Planet


    Anna is a normal girl from Earth. One-day while walking outside....... She suddenly found herself into a whole new place.... At first she didn't understand anything but later she learnt that she was into another planet..... A planet called "Prevail". And this planet was far away from Earth. And after that many things happened and she met her Soulmate in there. She fell in love with him... (this story is narrated in Anna's voice) Ray : Anna you know, when I think of going away from this place my heart aches..... I feel so bad just by the thought and you have been away from your home for such a long time..... I can hardly imagine how much you miss them. Anna : (chuckles.....Then holding his right arm and placing my head on his shoulder ) Ray you know what there is an accent back in my place .... It says "HOME IS WHERE THE HEART IS "...... And my heart is with you.(looking at Ray I held his face and with a sweet smile on my face I calmed him) So, no matter where ever we are .... It'll always be my home as long as it's WITH YOU. (This picture in the book cover isn't mine.)

  • KALKI : The Final Avatar

    KALKI : The Final Avatar

    This story is about Kalki, Lord's Vishnu's final avatar who accents to earth to put an end to an evil demon's ways.

  • Do You see us?

    Do You see us?


    “Why don’t you just…obey.” The man asked, his voice sharp even with his accent. Malou paused and looked up at the man with his usual glare. “Because you aren’t worth obeying.”

  • From Normalcy to Fantasy

    From Normalcy to Fantasy


    A loud crash sound can be heard from the 2nd floor of their family home as the night begins. Mr. and Mrs. Kondark look upwards towards the source of the sound with confused looks on their faces as they had just finished talking about their family's finances. Mr. and Mrs. Kondark call for their son as their daughter was a heavy sleeper, so they knew it wasn't her, also the masculine voice kinda gave it away... "Mason, is everything okay up there?" They didn't react at first until they head a loud scream of pain from upstairs which brought them out of their confusion. Both of the parents immediately went up the stairs to check on their son. When they opened their son's door they saw a woman groaning in pain on the bed curled up into a ball with black hair with blue accents. "Mason?" _____________________________________________________ This is my first novel that I have written myself, (my only other work was editing for a friend,) so please take this with a grain of salt. I hope you all enjoy this novel! Cover Art is thanks to Purple Glory. Discord name is Purple Glory#3509 if you want to ask for commissions.

  • Wrenchplains High School Series

    Wrenchplains High School Series

    Book 1: Freshman Hailey Pensive and wide-eyed Hailey Madrigal thinks that being a freshman in high school will finally earn her some respect in her family. But it isn't easy overcoming insecurities and gaining confidence when she is constantly compared to her popular and talented brothers who also go to the same high school as her. She meets Stephen Cutler, a British freshman, who instantly became the apple of her eye with his green eyes and thick English accent. He is perfect--well except that he's the High School Queen Bee's boyfriend. Together they go through the toughest year in high school as freshmen with disciplinary reports, Algebra, love triangles, friendship break-ups, Queen Bees, and falling in love for the first time. Book 2: Sophie Elaine Elaine Perez's life has been turned upside down when Dana Ferrer, the school's Queen Bee, crashed her car at her lawn. One thing lead to another and the next thing they knew-they're going to be stepsisters! This was because their single parents turned out to have been high school sweethearts who rekindled their romance after the accident. With their personalities clashing, they must find a way to live with each other even if they are both falling in love for the Boy-Next-Door and as well as Elaine getting the part as the lead as the Ibong Adarna (Dana's most-coveted role) in the school's traditional role play, Ang Ibong Adarna. Book 3: Junior Christine As an active member of the Young Volunteers Club, Christine Peralta was chosen to represent Wrenchplains High School in the town's Beauty Pageant. The problem is, well, she detests beauty pageants! But because the pageant promises a scholarship to college if she wins and a chance to raise awareness for coastal clean-up , she becomes motivated to the point to even asking Dana Ferrer to mentor her. Aside from balancing her time with her volunteer works, academics, friendships, and preparation for the beauty pageant, she must also support her boyfriend, Corey Madrigal, in joining a national singing competition and who might just make the toughest decision in his life. Book 4: Senior Trio Recovering from her big break-up, Hailey Madrigal is setting her eye to moving out of town for preparatory college but not without her mother's pleas to stay closer to home. But the course of her love life and the results of her college applications exceed her expectations in the end. Elaine Trancy doesn't know what to do after high school, so she travels all over town and talked to strangers for advice. But will she listen to people's advice or will she follow her own's life path? Christine Peralta became an instant celebrity for dating Corey Madrigal, her successful musician boyfriend who dropped out of high school. She was also able to taste the glamourous life too as a Beauty Queen by becoming a celebrity in her own right. But is it really the life she wants after high school? Join Hailey, Elaine, and Christine in their senior year in navigating life in the last year of high school before they move out of town to find their own places in the world. Wrenchplains High School Series is created by Miel Hontucan, an eGlobal Creative Publishing Signed Author.

  • My Luna, My Queen

    My Luna, My Queen

    Monica never knew her birth parents. Then one day, on the day of her birthdy, she accidentally killed a man that tried to rape her and so the curse within her is awakened. Full moon came and he greatest nigtmare happened. She transformed into a werewolf. Her true form. Confused with everything going on with her life, she met Enzo. The sexy british guy that transferred to their school. Apparently, he does not only has a seductive accent, he is also her mate.

  • Knights Of Moon Pearls

    Knights Of Moon Pearls

    Fantasy ACTION

    Knight of many colors reside in this world each knight has a pearl they get their powers from. Why have pearls started falling from the moon? Who knows...This book takes place in medieval times with poor representation of accents,Please don’t take this seriously!