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  • The Godslayers

    The Godslayers


    When the Gods have forsaken the outstanding warrior, Aife, and the astonishing alchemist Aiden, they decide to get revenge by taking down the Gods themselves.Aife can't recall what has happened to her or why she lives in solitude, but the warrior is sure Gods have something to do with her misfortune. The question is why did they inflict such a hefty penalty on her?Aiden was murdered mercilessly in cold blood as a poor peasant but was reborn as a high lord in the Azure Sky kingdom. He has no other intentions than to demolish the system Gods have constructed with their filthy hands for some lucky lackeys.Aife and Aiden were stripped from bliss and peace of mind because the heroes, the Gods' beloved ones. Now they aim to find the 'heroes' they were sacrificed to and slay the Gods, like the Godslayers they are!Nothing is a piece of cake, especially when Aife gets possessed by her ravishing demon mate and Aiden finds himself enveloped in the arranged marriage.I don't own the art.

  • Twin Cores: Divine Providence

    Twin Cores: Divine Providence


    During the battle against the titans, the chosen hero, Aife, stepped up and saved the world from plunging into chaos.When peace was finally restored, Aife was betrayed and killed by the one she trusted the most.Princess Jade Evenspire, another chosen one, was born a century later. Tragedy also struck as her parents died during the fight against the usurpers who invaded their kingdom. She was taken by the king and queen's retainers to escape certain death.Getting the blessings of the creator, Jade was given a mission. She is this world's prophesized only hope.'Be forewarned: When the night finally swallows the moon, hope is extinguished and the world is bound for doom.'A betrayed savior... an estranged princess with a mission.. and a common enemy..When the destiny of past and present intertwines, how could two opposites face the looming destruction that awaits the world?How would the light prevent the darkness from taking over?Can they determine friends from foe in this world where those that swear to protect had killed and those who were deemed as enemies, protect?we will find out.~~

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