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  • Reborn In The Apocalypse: It Had Always Been You

    Reborn In The Apocalypse: It Had Always Been You



    # SCI-FI Su Shanshan died a violent death eight years into the apocalypse but somehow, she opened her eyes to find herself reborn. Time had turned back to the day before the apocalypse. Having the chance to start over filled her with hope. Having lived through the bloody violence of the apocalypse, she now had the skills and knowledge to survive and thrive in the end times. She would repay the man who gave his life trying to save her even though she broke his heart. The big brother whom she had reviled in her previous life. This time, she would take a chance on love. As if blessed by the heavens, she had unexpectedly been given a spatial superpower, with which she hoarded resources that would sustain her in the apocalypse. When the world changed in an instant on Doomsday, and hordes of flesh-eating zombies roamed the place, she set off on a dangerous journey to find him, determined to alter the course of events that unfolded and change what happened in the past. Characters: Su Shanshan (beautiful, cold, proficient at martial arts), Gu Jincheng (rich, brilliant, awkward in affairs of the heart)

  • Reincarnation: I Have Always Been Rich

    Reincarnation: I Have Always Been Rich



    "Qu Meng'er was born with a silver spoon in her mouth, but her father had tampered with her brakes and ended her life in a car accident. Little did Qu Meng'er expect that her death would make her reborn. When she reopened her eyes, she had become a little bundle, a little bundle born in the 70s that had been discarded after someone wrongly took her away. Qu Meng'er, the abandoned baby, was adopted by the Chen couple. Qu Meng'er also changed her name to Chen Meng'er. Therefore, Chen Meng'er started to live her life anew. She wanted to see what kinds of changes Chen Meng'er would bring to the poverty-stricken Chen family with her personal spatial dimensions, memories and knowledge from her previous life. She also wanted to know how she would be when she came face to face with the members of the Qu family who wanted her to return home. "




    "Five years and that's all you have to say to me?" he asked. Standing so close she could taste his breath.She wanted to move away from him. But she didn't want him to know just how much he affected her. So she stood right there. She wasn't going to let him intimidate her."Well... Is there anything else you want me to say?" she asked The side of his mouth moved upwards.He was smiling? Why the hell was he smiling like that? She thought. She didn't remember saying anything funny."You left... Kitty" he said. "I asked you to stay... Begged you to stay... And you left anyways.. With him. And now you come back... Acting like everything is okay between us...?"There was something about him... She thought. Something about the way he called her 'Kitty' that made her heart flip. He was the only one who called her that. She hadn't even realized how much she missed him calling her that. "You shouldn't have gone with him". He said. "Oh really? Why not? Because you didn't want me to?" she asked. She was starting to get angry. "Yeah that's right" he replied. "And because of what you felt for me -what we felt for each other. When I came near you, you felt an excitement so intense that you ceased to breathe --like you are feeling right now. You wanted me just as much as I wanted you. And that should have been enough to make you stay"



    Romansa Kontemporer ROMANCE CEO


    "Ooh, sekarang gadis jelek ini sudah merayu pria lain?" pertanyaan Kynan membuat Aluna langsung memutar kepalanya menatap kearah Kynan. "Setelah mencoba merayuku dan gagal, dia beralih ke pria lain?" tanyanya sekali lagi kearah Kendra tanpa menatap lawan bicaranya tetapi wajahnya menatap marah kearah  Aluna. Entah sejak adiknya mengatakan kalau Aluna akan pulang bersama dengan Toni hatinya terasa panas, ada nyeri tak kasat mata yang bertengger di hatinya. Jika melepasmu bisa membuatmu bahagia, akan aku lakukan. Saat hatiku sudah penuh dengan luka yang kau buat dan aku masih bertahan. Kini melihatmu bersama yang lain dengan penuh tawa membuatku sadar. Aku hanya datang sebagai pengganggu. Aluna

  • My Dearest General: It Has Always Been You

    My Dearest General: It Has Always Been You



    Sixteen-years-old high schooler Shi Nian was supposed to be the twelfth victim of a serial killer. After being confined for three months, she managed to escape somehow. Yet unfortunately, she fell into a landslide amidst fleeing and got buried underneath. Afterwhich, she was in a coma, one which numerous doctors stated that only with miracle would she be able to pull through. Yet once again, she managed to do the impossible. Upon waking up, other than blurry memory of the incident and PTSD which caused her to be momentarily mute, Shi Nian regained the memory of her past life.Her lord, General Jiang, was a valiant hero who led thousands of armies, fighting for the safety of the nation but ended up being murdered by the same nation he was protecting. Meanwhile, she was Shi Nian, his little mute maidservant who followed him to his death.In this life, Jiang Jinyan was a high jump athlete who had his future ruined by a car accident that took one of his legs. He became a reclusive, gloomy and absolutely unapproachable Jiang Jinyan, totally different than how she remembered General Jiang to be.With a string of bizarre cases which led her back to the serial killer, would she be able to reunite with him once again?***In her past life, she couldn’t say any word. This life, she wanted to use every chance she have to tell him,“It’s you. It has always been you."***Additional tags:Romance, reincarnation, teen, school life, psychological, thriller, urban crime, police, detective, disabilities, emo male lead, strong protagonists, slow burn, gore, important side character(s), mental illness, manipulation, negative thoughts, maturePolice, Crime and Love Series1. My Dearest General (completed)2. The Devil By My Side (coming soon) Follow my reading list "Delana's Books" to receive updates!Author's other work:- Ten Thousand Years: Loving You Through Time and Rebirth- Villain Saving System (BL)Find me on:Instagram: delanasiwarkaDiscord server: delanasiwarka#1490Cover is owned by me. Drawn by lia.audelia

  • Always and Forever

    Always and Forever


    Everything is not what it seems,True love is never easy as It comes with a price,.........................I would taste death willingly ,If that's what it takes to love you -CatalinaShe had everything you could possibly wish for, the money, the beauty, the perfect job, the 'perfect' family, the 'perfect' fiance, one thing Catalina underestimated and felt she could live without was "love,"So when he came along, she fell desperately and madly in love with the young Stiliyan .In this life time, in the next, or the next after, no matter how many times I am to be reborn, I would love you like I have always loved you, "Always and Forever" -Stiliyan Dimitro

  • Always You

    Always You

    Thom Novak feels like a walking cliché: the gay guy desperately in love with his straight best friend, Lee. But he's willing to keep his feelings hidden, to do whatever it takes, as long as they stay friends forever.<br><br>Lee Conway loves sharing an apartment with Thom, his best friend since birth, and would be happy doing it for the rest of his life ... no matter his current girlfriend's opinion on the matter. But he's never been known for being in contact with his emotions.<br><br>When something happens to upset the status quo, Lee pulls away. Has Lee learned how Thom feels about him? Will it mean the end of their friendship? Or is there another reason Lee needs time to think? A more ... hopeful reason?

  • First and Always

    First and Always

    What would you do if all your dreams came true on Christmas morning?<br><br>Michael Pappas has been dating football superstar Tre Griffin on the sly for nearly a year. Unfortunately, the demands of Tre’s career often keep them separated and alone.<br><br>But Tre has a plan to change all that, and showing up unannounced in Miami on Christmas Day is just the beginning of his surprises ...

  • Always You

    Always You

    "Alyssa Jones is in love with Carl Miller for as long as she can remember. Dalton Miller is in love with Alyssa for as long as he can remember. What will happen when their parents decided to marry Alyssa with Dalton who is her best friend and in love with her and Carl with Amara, Alyssa's sister. Will Alyssa accept her best friend as her husband or will she continue to love Carl? Will Dalton make Alyssa fall in love with him? Relationships will get messy. Hearts will break but among all these will Alyssa be able to find her one true love?"



  • Always, Ben

    Always, Ben

    Ben Haggerty is devastated when he returns home from work to discover his lover of eight years has gone off to complete his master's degree at another college -- and left no forwarding address. Not only has Ben chosen Rick over his beloved family, but he's supported his boyfriend both financially and emotionally the entire time. Unable to remain in their shared apartment, Ben moves and spends a miserable holiday season alone. With the New Year, however, he's determined to make a fresh start, so he manages to obtain Rick's address and sends him a card asking if Rick ever plans to return. Somehow, the card winds up in the wrong mailbox.<br><br>Jason Prescott is a genius, having obtained his first master's degree at twenty-one and now working on his second. When he receives a card in error, he returns both the card and a card of his own to be courteous, expressing his hopes Ben can get in touch with his boyfriend. This begins a correspondence that leads to friendship, and ... the start of something more? Jason introduces Ben to his family and reunites him with his own.<br><br>But will Jason, who's even smarter than Rick, be satisfied with someone as ordinary as blue-collar Ben feels himself to be? Or will Rick, realizing what he's let slip through his fingers, manage to persuade Ben to take him back?

  • Always (TAEKOOK)

    Always (TAEKOOK)


    Jungkook has always hated skinship. The less skinship, the better. Well until he met Taehyung. He was the only boy besides his parents whom he let near him but soon another boy came who wants to be close to Jungkook. Will Jungkook let him close? Will Taehyung and Jungkook's Friendship be gone?boy×boyTaekookJungkook- topTaehyung - bottomThis whole story is fictional. This story has nothing to do with real life so please don't hate on it or anything related to it.

  • Always.


    In God's perfect time, I'll find you. You never know that it's true, until one day, he unexpectedly comes back. He was there all along, you were just blind.

  • Be With Me, Always

    Be With Me, Always

    Book 3: Blackwood SeriesTrenton Blackwood is the CEO and co-owner of the biggest manufacturing company in whole USA. And beside that he is also the Alpha of the Black Forest Pack; one of the strongest and powerful pack in America.In his age he already have all anyone can ask for. But sometimes we can not get everything we wished for; and for him its a mate, the other half of his soul, his true and only love. He has been searching for his soulmate for quite some years now, but he always fail to find the other half of his soul.But when he finally met his mate and learned its not someone he expected, can he accept what the Goddess given to him as his Luna? Or he would turn a blind eye and reject his fated one??Read to find out...

  • Love for Always

    Love for Always


    Keluarga seharusnya lengkap ayah, ibu, dan anak-anak ada di dalamnya. Namun, keluarga Hendrick kehilangan sang ibu karena menderita sakit paru-paru. Tiga anak dalam keluarga ini, Reggy, Felipe, dan Maureen, harus belajar mandiri mengatur hidup mereka karena sang ayah Gio sibuk bekerja keras memenuhi kebutuhan keluarga. Maureen, bersih keras tidak ingin punya ibu tiri. Sedangkan sang ayah, akhirnya merasa butuh pendamping untuk menguatkan dirinya menjalani kehidupan hingga masa tua. Ikuti keseruan Reggy bertemu Resita karena lomba di sekolah, Felipe berjumpa dengan gadis aneh Bernama Wuri, Maureen yang harus memilih antara Natan atau Randy. Bagaimana pula Gio? Mungkinkah putrinya akan luluh dan merelakan dia memiliki pendamping lagi dalam hidupnya?



    "I love you and I will be there for you always and forever. I promise..." When he whispered those words in her ear she felt a shock wave travel through her entire body. Maayi San looked intensely into his eyes. She couldn't believe what she just heard. They both stopped dancing. They looked into each other's eyes. His eyes were repeating those words again and again to her. Maayi was really shocked so no words left her mouth.

  • I Always Become A Baby!

    I Always Become A Baby!



    "Please, just let me grow up!" Baby werewolf, CEO, idol, ancient China's general, baby mermaid, dragon, NPC, ghost, etc, we have all sorts of babies here (Not for sale!) ___________ Mariella Schauer is someone who hates baby in general. But one day, she's suddenly bound to an unknown system. [Greetings, host! You're now bound to Baby Supremacy System!] Mariella: Ahhh! Screw you and your baby supremacy!! Mariella is now forced to become babies in various worlds, help those poor babies to change their fates and create a baby supremacy era in those worlds! Becoming a baby tyrant– [Your mission is to kidnap a hot daddy & receive his recognition.] A certain hot duke: Your majesty, can I not be your dad? Riel: Pfff. You wanna be my mom, then? Becoming a baby vampire– [Your mission is to subdue your ancestors.] Ancestors: We will never recognize a half-blood like you! Riel: *Use cute attack until the ancestors got nosebleeds* Becoming a baby zombie– [Your mission is to become the zombie emperor & make zombies get along with humans] Zombies & humans: You have to die for our sake! Riel: *waving around her frying pan, smashing zombies & threatening humans* This is all for your sake, peeps! Becoming a baby cultivator– [Your mission is to swindle immortals to join your sect.] Immortals: Such a weak sect master! Riel: Come, come, let me show you how 'weak' this sect master is! *Sucks a pacifier intensely* Becoming a baby goddess– [Your mission is to create an overwhelming religion.] Believers: We don't have such a goddess! Riel: Now you do~ *Fixing her diaper while grinning maliciously* Becoming a baby mecha pilot– [Your mission is to explore the universe and conquer it.] Interstellar citizens: She's just a baby! Riel: Say that again after I conquer the universe. *Riding her baby crib to the outer space* A certain pitiful man with the same fate as Riel: How come I always run into her in every world?! Follow Mariella to discover the system's true goal and watch Mariella desperate attempts to go back to her original world. PS: if you're really invested in one of the arcs (world settings), let the author know and if many are interested, the author can make a separate book (novel) related to that chosen arc (longer content, more details, more power building, exploration, etc) There will be 15 arcs and each arcs have around 50-100 chapters, can be more or less than predicted.

  • Always Forever

    Always Forever


    Kisah seorang mahasiswi pembolos yang terjebak dalam pernikahan bersama dosennya sendiri, Azka Darmawan. Pria berstatus dosen yang begitu angkuh dan sombong dan termasuk dalam jajaran salah satu dosen killer. Walaupun demikian pesonanya yang ganteng tetap jadi pujaan kaum hawa.Lantas bagaimanakah Alisyah melalui kehidupan bersama Azka ?###Always Forever ©2019By : Saiyaarasaiyaara

  • Always, Forever

    Always, Forever

    Legend says that if there is a scar of unknown origin on your left index finger, it signifies the promise of a person from your previous life to find you and be with you for all eternity.In this life, I have loved you. In the next ones, I will love you still.Always, Forever.