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  • The Legacy of House Auron

    The Legacy of House Auron

    Fantasy Romance MAGIC

    When Sonia is sentenced to death, she expects that to be the end. Instead she's brought face-to-face with her 'dead' husband and caught up in a plot to overthrow the very king that ordered her death.

  • Immortal Bastard's Return

    Immortal Bastard's Return


    Auron Phoenix is a blessed of the Goddess of Death, unable to age or die. After being stuck in a collapsed ruin for over 500 years, he has returned. This story is about Auron dealing with his past, as he forges a new future for himself. What future awaits him in the massive world of Aeleran? God-Beasts? Adventure? Big Breasted Elves? Maybe...

  • Yin Demon

    Yin Demon


    Auron was a young boy who joined a demonic sect. His only way to cultivate is through the creation of his own techniques for which he will become known as the very first necromancer cultivator.

  • Returning From Another World And Brought My Demon Wife With Me

    Returning From Another World And Brought My Demon Wife With Me


    After being left for dead by his companions after being abducted through the dimensional rifts called Gates, barely surviving Mimicry dragon attack believe to have fall to his death protecting his crush. the story Kravitz the team leader told to the rest of the members, all along with the hopes of getting closer to the girl you like.All the way to the bottom of the black corpse pit, awaiting his death or the dragon's return. With all his limbs broken, his body was compelled to follow the basic of Instinct survive. It was then where he stumbled upon, or should I say was stumble upon by the reason of him being there; the god of the Abyss, the demon of insanity Auron Rhymus.Due to the right twist of fate, Auron stumbled upon the boy slowly devouring the dead Mimicry dragon he had slain. Greatly amused by his deeds that when God explain the purpose of the gates and the game he was making to the boy, remade his body in to that of an young incubus and kept him in stasis for 10 years. And gave him the mission of defeating the demon king of the realm, to return back to his own world.Through heinous Deeds, irreparable choices, great sacrifices to use all means necessary to survival. He was able to complete the mission, believing it was all over the gate was reopen but upon entering through he had brought over a surprise his world will never forget.

  • Fight or Flight - Luzuplay

    Fight or Flight - Luzuplay

    Romance de adolescentes ROMANCE

    AU Luzuplay donde Luzu sospecha que Auron lo está engañando, dónde Auron engaña a su actual pareja con Lolito.Basado en la canción "Fight or Flight" de Conan Gray

  • Mage’s Arrow

    Mage’s Arrow

    Teen R18 MAGIC

    Sheryl Julian was born into a dukedom alongside her twin sister, Amber Julian. After a war broke out between the countries of Calmen and Thermalk, Amber and Sheryl’s fiancé was sent to the battlefield. Afraid for their lives, Sheryl joined them in secret. After taking an arrow to the chest, Sheryl learns many hidden truths, most of which she had wished remained hidden. Auron, second prince of Thermalk, a kingdom widely known for it’s military prowess, discovered a young woman who was left for dead on the battlefield. She had dark crimson hair and wore the symbol of Calmen on her armor. The sight of the mystified Auron, he had seen one that looked just like her moments before the end of the battle escape on horse back with a blonde man. Out of petty and, admittedly a pinch of curiosity, Auron took the young woman back to camp and nursed her back to health.

  • I Was Reincarnated Again

    I Was Reincarnated Again


    Auron Roswald tumbuh besar sebagai anak yatim piatu,dia di besarkan di sebuah panti asuhan di kota Z.Setelah dia meranjak usia 19 tahun dia pun memutuskan untuk keluar dari panti asuhan tersebut. Dibekali ilmu pengetahuan yang dia terima selama disana dia pun memutuskan untuk mencari pekerjaan,memulai hidup barunya sebagai pria dewasa.

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