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  • Ballads: Orclands

    Ballads: Orclands


    On the 31st century, eNNOVA is released and the world took it as one of those things until they experienced it.Enoc Debre, being the money grubber that he is, sees this as a chance to rise in the social ladder and does that, damning all consequences.Jake Callywood decides that leaving being a CEO of a failing company to pursue his dreams of making a dent in the world, so he does that, at least, he tries to.These two fed up people decide that power is a way better quest than their struggle for humanity. The world was going to witness history repeat itself.

  • Penjaga Yang Ditakdirkan (Destined Guardian)

    Penjaga Yang Ditakdirkan (Destined Guardian)



    (Warning 18+ dengan potensi 21+, terdapat unsur kekerasan, sadistik dan juga beberapa adegan dewasa) Genap setahun Maureen berada dalam keadaan antara hidup dan mati. Kecelakaan yang dialaminya setahun silam juga merenggut nyawa ibunda tercintanya. Kini, iapun terbaring koma tanpa tahu kapan ia bisa kembali melihat indahnya dunia. Genap setahun juga Rizaldy, akrab disapa Aldy, seorang by-stander di geng SMA Caius Ballad, menjaga Maureen yang terbaring koma di rumah sakit. Keseharian Aldy yang berubah membuatnya dijuluki bad boy insyaf oleh teman-teman tongkrongannya. Aldy belum pernah mengenal Maureen, walaupun ia telah menjadi kakak angkatnya, tepat setelah orangtua Maureen bercerai empat tahun lalu dan ia diadopsi oleh ayah Maureen dari dalam sel tahanan penjara remaja. Pikirannya selalu menerka, apakah Maureen bisa menerimanya sebagai seorang kakak? Mungkin bukan itu. Apakah Aldy mampu menjadi seorang kakak untuk Maureen? Dan apa yang terjadi, jika Heri, orang yang mengadopsi Aldy ternyata adalah seorang pemimpin dari sebuah organisasi mafia terkejam?

  • The Ballad of Bloody Mary

    The Ballad of Bloody Mary

    Few names strike fear into the hearts of those in the criminal underground, like that of Bloody Mary. She's cold, calculating and ruthless, without a care in the world, save for the current hunt for a shady ex-lover who tried to have her removed from the game permanently. Her only equal? Another one that she still harbors a small flame for. The top assassin in the fabled Brotherhood of Shadows, known simply as Takeshi. Their individual loyalties took them to separate parts of the world and severed their bond in the process. With another suitor vying for her attention, can severed ties be mended? When Mary's pursuit for revenge leads to a trail of powder kegs, allies old and new emerge to join the fight. New loves are ignited, but old flames never truly stopped burning. Lines are blurred and loyalties are tested. Now, Mary must decide: Who is truly on her side? The Ballad of Bloody Mary is created by Mina Ramey, an eGlobal Creative Publishing signed author.

  • Ballad of Cassidy

    Ballad of Cassidy


    Cassidy Bullock drifts around post Civil War America. Cast adrift after the murder of his wife and children, he moves from terror to terror haunted by the war. Horrors wait in every shadow, and monsters haunt the dark corners of the Wild West. Demons, ghost, and damnation threatens to threaten his mind and very sou





    With added years her eyes becomes stronger, seeing beings that are not from this world. The older she get, the more she sees...the closer she seems to the other dimension that are usually feared by many. While her bloodline holds responsible for her curse, she tried her best to live the most normal life she could in such a filled world. But something felt oddly fascinating about her first reaper she witnessed one nignt. He have beautiful eyes, it felt so new, and yet familiar. Though the beauty of such creatures were swept away when other stronger beings became fascinated with her in turn. The reaper who saw her that fateful night, though usually tasked to mow the souls of the dead, now proceeds to protect her instead....NOTE: Chapters or Episodes will get longer and longer the more you read. Old chapters are merged together as one chapter, but I did not delete any content. BOOK STARTED: Dec. 22, 2020BOOK ENDED: ???

  • Ballad of Insanity

    Ballad of Insanity


    Tags: Noble, Cruel Mc, Torture, No harem, Cunning Mc, No empathy, Tragedy, Single Fl, Arranged marriage, Mc is male, Gore or R18.So if you want to read lol idk.but don't waste your time on useless arguments instead go and do something.

  • Ballad of the Mushroom

    Ballad of the Mushroom

  • The Xenophage Ballade

    The Xenophage Ballade


    The Adventure of Shai continues, him and Zarlexia both fell during a battle and we're reincarnated in a timeline where skynet has become the lead in information, man has opened portals to the god realms and people were adventuring in them. Shai decided to be the top in this world as he was in the last. Zarlexia decided to be his partner forever and their journey will take them to heights they could never know in there world.




  • Ballad Of The Dragons

    Ballad Of The Dragons


    G.A.Ms General Assault Modules are massive humanoid machines used by almost all militaries, GAMs are powerful, a single unit equals an army and manufacturers are always looking to make them stronger, however, when a GAMs AI takes matters into its own hands and goes rogue, the company that developed it deploys several experimental units to go after it, little did the pilots of these units know that the unit they were chasing, Unit 16 had the ability to open up portals, or warp gates, and now they have all been tossed into an unknown planet, Zack Forester, pilot of the experimental unit, Arlequim, suddenly wakes up after the crash to realize he is in another planet with no way home except for reaching the mother ship, however a mysterious substance in the air keeps jamming the comms, Arlequim can't fly off the planet, and unit 16s drones are after him(author's note: first time writing so any advice is welcomed, please criticize my work as much as you want, and I hope you like it)

  • A Loser's Ballad

    A Loser's Ballad

    College dropout Yi Ming is swamped with a multitude of problems. Unemployed and reclusive, he lives with his poor father in a musty Chinatown basement and spends the day doing things that would dishonor any conservative family. But all of a sudden, he gets the chance to go through counseling. Maybe his life will turn out for the better after all...

  • The Ballad of a Traitor

    The Ballad of a Traitor

  • Ballad of the Corrupted

    Ballad of the Corrupted

    Sci-fi Romance FUTURE

    It's everywhereIt's nowhereYou can't see itYou can't hear itBut it's thereInside you, inside meSomething that no one can tap intoIt yearns to be releasedFor decades, people have practiced meditation PrayingFastingSacrificingBut they just can't find itAs we move forward in our livesSomething stirs beneath our realmBeside itIn front of itAround itNot of our knowledgeNot of our worldUnrest is caused in their ranksTheir world, their universe as they know itIt's collapsingWalls are folding inThe sky in falling downFlames go upAll hope for their kind has been lost…But waitThere's one more option:The Three Dimensional WorldThey have spaceThey have consciousness They have life“So let's go there”A few lucky folk from Yewedek’e Āwiropilani (የወደቀ አውሮፕላን)Are transfused into our plane of realityNo idea what's to comeHope still remainsAll of the Valeksni kind rests in these fewThey are now matter in spaceNo formNo shapeJust matterLike an out-of-body experience A planet pops into viewIt's blueIt's greenIt's humongous “Yes”“This is the one”And as suchThe Valeksni arrive on earth Well, in earth, technically The inhabitants of this planet are so… hopelessThey talk about killing themselves like it's a jokeThe talk of murdering their brethren is humorousThe lesser are left in rotting conditionsThe many rarely have a good shelter and sustainable lifeThe few are in elevated mansions, governing their own kin like slavesWhat has happened to this planet?The Allfather is alerted of the ramshackled world“We need to save them from each other”“Before they destroy their own lives”“They need to be taught of greater ways”“I trust that you, my children”“Can show them something greater.”Their roots are implanted The conquest begins Our only hope? A young woman with a hidden key to an ancient weapon as old as our sun. And she doesn't even know it. META: this actually takes place from the pov of four to five different characters, but I put a female lead because she's one of them (and the most important).

  • Songbird's ballad draft

    Songbird's ballad draft


  • Ballad of the Two Realms

    Ballad of the Two Realms

  • Wandering Bard's Ballad

    Wandering Bard's Ballad

    What would happen if one day, you suddenly died because of some unknown reason and found out that you've been transported into a world completely different from where you came from? On that new frontier, where all are unknown, you had to live, all by yourself. All of it feels foreign. Whether it be the inhabitants, the language, the environment, and...wait, wait, wait, much worse, even your existence is not even the same anymore!? Feeling the odd sensation of being a toddler with tiny little horns yet having the same wisdom and intelligence of a person from the 21st century...was strange. Just what kind of joke did God played this time? If that is so, then this poor soul must adapt and cope with the situation. Accept it for what it is, and do his absolute best to survive. That's right, he will do anything to ensure his survival, whether it'd be through cruel or just methods, it doesn't really matter. Well, he started all alone, thus, he will also finish it all by himself. Really, human nature is truly fascinating.

  • The Ballad of the Star and Moon

    The Ballad of the Star and Moon

    Magical Realism BL

    Four friends are seated in a coffee shop after being reunited again. The smell of coffees and teas lingers in the room. Lance, JC, JR, and Joy were high school friends, they are from different worlds but were brought together by fate. The four friends reminisce the bond they formed through the years under the night sky and their only desire is to keep their friendship forever. Things take a turn after Lance met a boy named Chris, handsome and kind, he takes care of him after he entered his new school. The two start to develop feelings for one another. But fate has its bitter way, Chris deals with a problem of his own while Lance struggles to get free from a love in the past. The five friends unravel their story as they face the challenges to their love and friendship. This is a story about love, a journey through its bitter-like coffee taste, and strong flavor like tea. The characters find their lives being changed under the beautiful night sky with the stars and the moon as their witnesses. It is the song and the ballad of the sky, the ballad of the star and moon. The themes explore bisexuality and its representation in literary platforms. This is a coming-of-age novella that will surely get your attention. It is a rollercoaster ride of plot twists and emotional turns of the characters who represent the different aspects of love. Share the skies with them and find your own moon and star. ~ Love, L. Prince

  • The Ballad Queen's Lover is a Ruthless King

    The Ballad Queen's Lover is a Ruthless King



    "Be my Queen, Ely... You're not allowed to say no."Elizabeth Berry is a famous multi-awarded singer who tried to follow her dead husband in the afterlife. But after a twist of fate, she arrives in an unknown world ruled by a King, who is known for being ruthless. But this cold King looks a lot like her beloved husband! He becomes smitten by her beauty, and he decides to keep her in his palace, accepting her as a foreign royalty with the title "Queen of Ballad" even though he doesn't know what she means by it. Now, Ely is being tangled in both the mysterious things happening in the nation, and the royal family's issues.As Ely gets involved in the royal family's dark secrets, can the King protect her from his enemies, or will she be forced to return to her own world?------PREVIEW:As she slid down the filled tub, her mind wandered on its own. Slowly, she closed her eyes. She remembered the living days of her deceased husband. She remembered his smile and his kindness. She was crying, but all her tears had diffused with the water surrounding her.She felt that she was diving in the ocean without oxygen. But even if she couldn't breathe, her body felt so free. It felt like she was separating from her soul.She thought, "So this is how it's like to die... I feel refreshed and free."When she thought she could really continue dying, her instinct and consciousness woke her up. She struggled to move her body, then raised her head to breathe again.She suddenly felt the terror of death, then found herself sitting up, and the water was just above her waist. Her long, platinum blonde hair was all over her face. She breathed heavily, gasping for air."What are you doing in my bath?"A naked stranger suddenly spoke behind Ely.------VOLUME 2: SOON ;)------WPC #177 - Court RomanceGOLD PRIZE------Original book cover artist: @omichiart on IGOfficial Instagram: @ainawang.officialOfficial Discord:

  • A Ballad of Ink and Steel

    A Ballad of Ink and Steel

    Fantasy Romance ROYALFAMILY

    The Empire of Veria is in pieces. Emperor Alexandros III has been murdered, his lawful heir driven from the throne which is hers by right. In her place sits the one who was once his closest friend and advisor. All across the continent- and for some, even past that- other nations watch on hungrily as a civil war brews, eager to snatch up anything they can. At the heart of it all is Princess Leonida, determined to claim her throne and save her country. But a dark prophecy looms over her head, one which promises she will sow prosperity and destruction in equal measure, and she may end up shattering everything she is fighting for.

  • Incomplete ballad (secrets)

    Incomplete ballad (secrets)


    You are the incomplete poem, mother, Louisa says in disgust and let go of her mothers dying handLife of the devile and mantragon is filled with pain due to the anticipation of looking for the poco loco Lareleto poem...... The family undergoes PainRomanceDestruction Betrayal

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