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  • Beastkin of GRIM

    Beastkin of GRIM


    Trapped on a dying Earth, humanity desperately exploited technology to access the parallel world of Hovestile, a realm of magic and monsters. Hundreds were carefully chosen to enter this world with plans to prepare for colonization, but contact with the humans of Earth was immediately lost. Nonetheless, the natives of Hovestile welcomed any assistance to defeat the monsters threatening their lands. The humans from Earth who accepted this task were labeled as Outworld Adventurers, individuals with the ability to improve their natural abilities through “stats.” Those born to Hovestile were referred to as Native Adventurers, original denizens with an innate talent for magic. Alphonse Kneller is one such outworld adventurer who dreams of making Hovestile his true home. But on his third dungeon foray, he is betrayed by his adventuring party and left for dead. As he begins to abandon hope, Kirie and Asa—two young catgirl demihumans—rescue and heal him. Their mother, Rinka, offers Alphonse a precarious gift known as the Construct Contract, a strange tome of equivalent exchange created by an ancient alchemist. Accepting the contract and a bond with the two sisters, the three new comrades journey into the world as an adventuring party. They are the first members of the guild known as GRIM. This story is planned out as a massive project spanning multiple volumes. Illustrator is sushirollw: Check her stuff out! Incredible work! Support the story by boosting at Topwebfiction: Here is this Twitter thing I barely use: Note: Not entirely sure how 'contributions' work, but the site says it involves coins and premium chapters. Not sure why this is showing on story's page, and I don't know why I'm on the list for my own book.

  • What? I'm a Silverfox Beastkin?

    What? I'm a Silverfox Beastkin?


    I, Mimin, was found deep in the Forest of Magic when I was a baby.I was taken in by two different beasts, and they raised me as one of their own.Born as a human, naturally I was not expected to be able to keep up with the lifestyle of the beasts in the future.However, soon after being taken in, I somehow grew a pair of ears and a tail, characteristics of a beastkin.Not just that, I was a beastkin who inherited the abilities of two different beasts.Thus, I became the only beastkin in the world who has the characteristics of two different beasts.---------------------------Author's Notes:Cover art is a work in progress, who knows when it'll be completed xd

  • The Sex Beast System (Revamped) [The World Of Systems]

    The Sex Beast System (Revamped) [The World Of Systems]



    The excitement was running wild among everyone as it was The System Ceremony, where each individual is infused with their systems. Jacob, an ordinary guy was no different. To his joy, he got the system where points are gained by doing perverted tasks and indulging in sexual activities: The Sex Beast System. Well, that joy lasted for mere seconds before he noticed the other specifications of this system... which made him almost faint with shock.What Jacob thought to be a broken system at first, tuned out be something entirely different from even his wildest imagination possible... and completely changed his entire life.___________________Note: Hello! I am the original author, Roeselawik. My main account was having some problems, especially regarding SBS, so I decided to upload the story again. This is the re-edited version and I corrected as many grammatical mistakes as I could find. There are some slight changes as well, but the story is the same as before. Enjoy! Tags:System, Harem, Explicit sex scenes, Perverted protagonist, Netori, Elves, Devils, Beastkin, Dragons, Dwarves, Beautiful women, Big breasts, First-time Intercourse, Anal, Fellatio, Cunnilingus, Weak to strong MC, etc.Donate to help me continue writing and also get access to advance chapters:- my discord for updates:- you for supporting me!

  • Cultivator in the Beastworld

    Cultivator in the Beastworld


    *ATTENTION NEW READERS!*I am currently in the process of rewriting most of the story with some minor edits so if you are coming to read for the first time be warned that the chapters may seem out of place for the foreseeable future till I get around to editing all the chapters currently out. _______________________________________ You've seen a tons of stories about humans going to other fantastic worlds to journey through hardships and tribulations. Using whatever system, skills, tools or whatever else to achieve greatness or infamy. There are even piles of stories of angels, demons (succubi), goblins, skeletons, even a necromancer or two. But have you ever heard of the Beastworld? A world entirely filled with beastkin of all different shapes, sizes, and genus from the most common ratkin to fantastical ones like the Moontide Phoenixkin. Beastkin aren't the only inhabitants of this world however. Ferocious and deadly Savage Beasts do not have the more humanoid body or intelligence that the beastkin have. But instead are terribly strong of body and still control an immense amount of the savage lands. Journey alongside a young pantherkin who from the moment of his immenent death, to journey this world as one of the few, if not the only weapon cultivator in the beastworld.

  • I'm a succubus~

    I'm a succubus~


    [currently taking a seasonal brake] return Oct.ever hear about an angel getting cast out of heaven... yeah well try a Demon getting cast out of the's not just any Demon, it's the 25th daughter of Lilith the first succubus Alison cainin is cast out of the underworld or atleast out of her household after killing multiple people in cold blood.she is sent to the main real were humans, beastkin and demi-humans/halfling(half-half) rain dominant in those lands.but she is not to be she was striped of her demonic power, sealing it away and now having to start back at the beginning.Alison was never like her sisters, despite her age she was still a virgen and she never really cared for her succubus nature seeing as she considerate herself nothing more that a Demon warrior. and that was it.but what she failed to realize was, the succubus's nature was always stable and at peace when ONLY in the underworld.but out in the that was a totally different story and she'd soon learn as she sucked at being Suduction or even talking normally in general.sure she had the natural charm...but she was also really scary Demon, and even the other Demon's didn't mess with her or attempt to want to mate with her either.*****now watch as this castout succubus try's to survive in the main world/realm.will she even be able to gain a single partner.seeing as she had a sadistic side, who knows what will befall her.will she grow a harem full of many partners will that boy kill her girls for her in the name of true love.or will she be found out as a demon and persecute, making her have to run away....also will her power be unsealed?orwill she have to try and gain new power with hard work.also will she fall inlove? and who does she favor more, her girls or boys.[Cover dosent belong to me if the owner ever wishes I'll remove it, thank you]

  • Why Did the God of Love Choose Me?!

    Why Did the God of Love Choose Me?!


    My name is Kichirou Saiyaku, and I’m your average shut-in NEET. Gaming and anime are my life, everything else can go die in a fire! One day, I woke up and found myself in a world of magic, monsters, and even other races like Elves and BeastKin. Like, is this a dream come true! But the reality is I’m weak. Like what the hell! I came to this world level 1 with stats lower than that of a baby! On top of that, I was summoned here by one of the seven Gods to be her chosen hero, and she’s telling me it was a mistake?! What kind of Goddess misspells her hero’s name?! Seriously, why did the God of Love choose me?!

  • Reborn into Fantasy Game -RF Collection Fanfic-

    Reborn into Fantasy Game -RF Collection Fanfic-


    //A.N; The title... is going to change hopefully when I figure it out soonReborn has a made up side character in actually Rune Factory 4 wasn't Ellis planned at all and Fallin in love with beauty of the amazing world wasn't supposed happened either. But here she is just free falling in love with everything that Rune factory 1 to 5 was created. She was trying not to get involved with everybody from Selphia, who decided to just keep visiting the new farmer who isn't that main character, and annoyingly they kept mistaking her has as well a guy which isn't new to them at all.Damn it how to get rid of beastkins who are just kept snuggling next to her weirdly because she was an animal vet in her old life and they aren't correcting their fellow villagers on what gender she actually is... weirdly she thinks that the beastkins are just having fun.

  • History of Forest

    History of Forest


    The story of a boy growing to a man. His journey from an innocent village boy to a grown up man who has seen the worldThe vast world is filled with magical beasts, elves, dwarves, and other beastkins. The hero starts a journey to explore the lands, learn new things and cultures and experience the land that extends to infinity. Join the journey of Veda a boy from a village as he explore the world of Bhoomi. An alternate earth where there is magic and more. --------------------------------------------This story could be said as a mix every other fantasy story that comes and goes in the internet. Oh and one more this is my first story there various factors that I have to develop so please give feedback. This will be a slow paced novel. It will take time for the events to unfold. Furthermore, the MC is not cunning, scheming, cold or any such things. He is a normal guy achieves things because he is hardworking and has a bit of support and luck.

  • BoG [Old Version]

    BoG [Old Version]


    New listing for story: Due to some technical and life issues this story is being moved to a new listing. This work has also undergone some revision to outlines and improved progression. As a result of this update, all current chapters (from the time of this announcement) will be uploaded in a single day with two extra added. These changes will only occur at this current instance, and the story will progress from the new listing regardless of sudden real life demands. Thank you for your support and understanding. I hope you enjoy the story.



    The tides of change sparks throughout the Elven empire while a dark shadow grows beneath. The shadow's claws reach spreads as the chaos of the Great Sphirix War intensifies, the economies of the human and beastkin empire crumbles as the death toll increases. A pair unite through circumstances, each with their history. The venture into the shadow with and aim not knowing its might. Only by letting go of their shackles can they defeat their opponent or they would be swallowed by it.

  • God Among The Cats: Nya Tribe Dominance!

    God Among The Cats: Nya Tribe Dominance!


    Chris Catlove, as appropriate for his second name, was a lover of cats. There were five cats at his home. He was an animal shelter volunteer, he helped cat orphanage nearby and even studied to become a veterinarian. But one day, this gentle and kind young man died, falling from the height while trying to get a small kitten down from a tree. Death wasn't the end for him, though! A certain strange existence offered him a second chance in another world. What Chris didn't expect is that he would take the role of God to the Nya Tribe of Cat-people. And even more unexpected was the fact that all beastkin of this Tribe is reincarnated cats that he helped through his whole life and they love him a little bit too much...

  • Reincarnation of the Royal demon [hiatus]

    Reincarnation of the Royal demon [hiatus]


    He didn't expect to wake up again as a baby.Not just any baby but a demon. No... not those ugly kinds.Ones that can level-up into a higher range, a higher range that no one can achieve. Rare demons called Royals. A creature that can make anyone one bow with both fear and respect, other evolutions with limited power couldn't compare.He also found out, apart from demons. There are also different races like Centaurs and beastkins, mobs such as goblins and nymphs. Elemental magic and necromancy. But now his top priority his to get stronger, make his title as a royal beneficial.But... Why are those people who held immense grudges and racism towards him suddenly following him around.Uh... Excuse me I thought you said you're going that way? Why are you following me towards my house.-------Ok story is on hold, why?. My style of writing doesn't really satisfy me at all, I'm just gonna edit it for a few days and make it to my contentment.

  • Return of the Empyrean Arcanist Regalia Magus

    Return of the Empyrean Arcanist Regalia Magus


    From the primordial unrecorded time of the world of Prium, there was once called the Chaotic Age.Humans, Beastkins, Elves, Dwarves, and Demons barely survived.Literally every living thing excluding their race are hunting them one after another.At the peak of it all are creatures that call themselves Gods, but the five races called them The Void.Meaninglessly suppressing every living being in the world, looking at them like they are trash easily disposed of.That was already something, but under these so-called Gods, strong monsters hunted them like they are normal food they can devour anytime.That is until seven heroes stood and fought for their freedom.And this story is, about the person that led these seven heroes to victory, Empyrean Arcanist Regalias Magus, Kaiser Nysh Radus

  • A Tragic Hero's Epic

    A Tragic Hero's Epic

    Our mc Kid has been under the care of an old retired master monster slayer called The Old Man. for the last 17 years Kid has been wanting to see the world and make his own path in life like The Old Man has, along the way he's met his best friend Marsen and a stray beastkin given the name Dogbite by The Old Man. Kid, Dogbite and Marsen must find strength in themselves to survive a cruel and dark world whilst finding out who they are and why The Old Man chose them as his students.

  • Demon Lord Academy

    Demon Lord Academy

    The continent of Bellar has been at relative peace for the last three centuries. Humans, elves, dwarves, beastkin, and demon folk live well, under the demon lords. The demon lords rule Bellar, and have divided their territory equally and have created a fair system where wars are not necessary. At the present, a great academy has been built, to nurture the next demon lords. These students are picked from all over the continent with only the best and most unique being able to enroll. The protagonist, Felix Black, A ‘regular’ human teenager, has enrolled into the academy hoping for a chance to escape the normal realm. Felix, being a high end Magic warrior, must quickly prove himself in this academy of fierce competition, without giving away his true nature. The Overall Ranks are as follows: Magic warrior Magic knight Magic master Magic lord Demon warrior Demon knight Demon master Demon lord ??? ???

  • Journey to Mastery: Halberd and daggers

    Journey to Mastery: Halberd and daggers


    In a world of Magic and Weapons a Leopard Beastkin is born. Forced into a Fight he doesn't want to partake in and a choice he didn't want to make. Will he change the world or destroy it?work is crazy sorry i haven't updated any new chapters. just working to many hours to get any new chapters done.I am writing and publishing as I go. Currently I am writing the next chapter and will publish it after I have finished editing it to make sure it reads well. I am back to working again so I will only be writing a chapter a day while I am working and will write as many chapters as I can when I have days off. Thank you for taking the time to read my novel.

  • Un-conquest



    When the ground split apart and a terrible roar filled the sky, Roy Miller thought ferrying his kid sister off to safety would be the last thing he did before an Earth in the early stages of the apocalypse swallowed him up. If such was his fate, he’d have been lucky. No, the tremors ceased. The roof of dirt and shale vanished with a blink of his eyes. Night became day. Not a cloud threatened to soak him further than the torrent of rain he suffered mere moments ago. Ahead spanned a green meadow dotted with alien wildflowers, while the forest his family was camping in, or at least part of it, stood behind. To his credit, he managed to reach the dry side before he fell to his butt on boneless legs. He’d stay that way, too, mindlessly glancing at the cleanly cut seam between the fragment of this unknown land and his own were it not for the message that appeared on his phone. {You’ve been invited to [Goddess Lumera]’s chat group!} With the guidance of a benevolent deity, super soldiers, cultivators, swordsmen, beastkin, and Roy must unite under a single banner to resist the machinations of beings that would shape stolen pieces of disparate worlds in their own image.

  • Welcoming the chaos

    Welcoming the chaos


    There are tales of beings made of pure darkness, they're only known to cause chaos and destruction. They were simply called the "Forbidden", it's not known where they came from, but as the myth goes; they come from the Void Dimension. Eve Kinhana was always suspicious of the CEO of the W.W.P (World Wide Protection services), Alexander Gear. Lately, she's been sensing a lot of dark energy coming from the HQ, as one of her “Ornament” vast powers allow her to detect many types of energies. It wasn't regular dark energy like the many Elementalist were able to control, but the subdivision of dark energy, that you were only able to control if you dabbled in the Forbidden arts; Void energy. With each passing day and the Void energy growing evermore stronger, Eve decides to go to the HQ. Which was located in “Legis”, one of the many great cities. Thankfully enough, she wasn't going alone. Eve was going to be accompanied by her ocelot beastkin step-sister, Eliza Kinhana, and her “Knight”, Vulcan Georra. They're going to face many difficulties, but it was all worth it as Eve considered it her “destiny”.------------------------I have a separate book for illustrations and the original character designs. Be sure to check it out! :)

  • Ephemeral World

    Ephemeral World

    Our story takes place in a world far different from the one we know. A world where magic reigns supreme rather than science. Majestic castles and huge walls stood mightily across the lands. The largest continent of this world has 4 major kingdoms waging war at each other, the elves that reside on the east, dwarves on the northern side, the west is inhabited by the beastkin, and humans strives to survive in the south. The warring state of this world lasted for 600 years and stopped when all the oracles of each kingdom received the same prophecy which was "Whilst the residents of this world fights one another, a great catastrophe shall engulf it. An abominable race shall arrive and shall take over this world". And thus, the kingdoms agreed and joined forces with each other to protect this world. The catastrophe arrived, the great war of the alliance against the abominable race which they called Epivious commenced. The war lasted for many years, countless lives were taken. With the alliance at a disadvantage, they decided to summon heroes from different worlds to help them.

  • Protagonist Complex : I Don't Want That Carefree Life !

    Protagonist Complex : I Don't Want That Carefree Life !


    Dave has always nurtured a passion for Shonens and Novels where the protagonist has to struggle and climb his way up to become an epitome of existence. He always dreamed of his second life, where he would be born as a beggar, slave, or a fifth son of a down-and-out Nobleman and then would go touring the world, living the hardships, losing a limb and an eye, meeting his fated master, inherit his legacy, become a hero, kill the Demon King and Finally, be betrayed by his comrades and the King. When facing death and despair, he would then be bestowed by his hardship system, saving the beastkin country, receives 1000 system points and hardly acquire a minor healing elixir : therefore, he would go and avenge for his life... Unfortunately for Dave, despite trying multiple times to get hit by Truck-Kun, he died naturally at 92 years-old.Moments later, he woke up as a new-born!" Finally, I reincarnated in a wold of sword and magic, then shall we start cultivate to increase our mana?"[Ding! You have awakaned Greatest System!]" Uhh?! Wait a second! Isn't it too early to awaken my system?""Why is My Mana inextinguible?"" Why can I master all the elements?" "The five crowned Princesses of the 5 Empires want all to marry me?""Why the Dragoness Empress wants to be my wife and give me all authority over the Dragon Race?!"Then my older brother and father came and knelt before me :" My dear lovely Dave, you won't be the next duke because you will be the next Arch-emperor, and therefore as your loyal retainers we pledge allegiance to you.""Ehhh?! I don't want that easy-mode life!"

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