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  • Flames of Passion in Los Angeles

    Flames of Passion in Los Angeles

    Contemporary Romance ROMANCE

    *UNDER REVISION*This is a sequel of both my books, 'That One Flight' and ' Love In Belgrade', I'd recommend you reading them first (if you haven't) to make the storyline more clear.*This book has some explicit content*BOOK THREE from the 'O'Neill Series'.*EXTRACT FROM THE STORY*I look through my phone again and I see that Ana has texted me. I smile as I read through her messages.Ana:Hey, are you asleep, if so, I am sorry if I woke you up. I just wanted to say that I love you.Ana:And I miss you so much. Too much.Then I see she sent me another message, a short while after her last one.Ana:James, are you okay? Please text me whenever you can. I love you.I can feel my heart is beating faster.James:Hey baby, I am fine. But I'll be better if you were here beside me in my bed. ;)James:How is my birthday girl?James:Ana, I miss you so fucking much too baby. Just the thought of you makes me go so hard. I can't wait until I see you again, kiss you again, hug you again, lick you again, eat you again... fuck you again.Fucking hell, I need to see her, but in person.Ana:You know that me getting wet, plus being out in public does not go together all that well ;)She is wet? Fuck me...James:I am going to make you rain the next time I see you, that is my promise to you ;) Ana:That is not helping my leaking problem, you know that?James:I know... I am just saying what I will do to you the next time I see you.Ana:James! You are going to make me squirt in public...James:Oh... I can't let that happen...Ana:Thank you god...James:You can only squirt for me, only on me.

  • Love Separated by The Atlantic

    Love Separated by The Atlantic

    Contemporary Romance ROMANCE

    This story is a sequel to 'That One Flight', I recommend you read that story first (if you haven't) just for the story to make more sense :)*This book has some explicit content**UNDER REVISION*BOOK TWO from the 'O'Neill Series'.*PREVIOUSLY NAMED 'LOVE IN BELGRADE'.**EXTRACT FROM THE STORY*"Umm, hi James, Ana here... in case if this phone number does not seem familiar to you. I just wanted to see how you are... umm... so... how are you?... I'm good if that is what you were going to ask me..." I pause before letting out a sigh. "But not as good as when I am with you..." I say, not believing how freely I just said that. "I... I miss you... very much... I can't help but wonder if you feel the same about me... if you miss me too...".Then my mind goes blank. "I... I..." I begin, searching for a topic. "I hope you have a good stay in Belgrade... I guess me wishing that I could see you again would be a bit too much of a wish..." I end my words with a giggle.I find myself, once again, walking around my living room."Anyways, that is all that I wanted to say. I wanted to see how you are and if everything is okay. I also read that letter... you have a really beautiful way with words..." I say. "But how do you know I don't like being woken up?... Actually, I don't think anybody likes being woken up, so scrap that question..." I giggle, but then I shake my head. I am taking too long. "Sorry, this message must be very long by now, so I am going to finish now... I just... I really want to see you in person again..." I then once again pause as I look down at my legs that rub my carpet."Anyways... that is all I have to say... see you- I mean, probably not really, but I am hoping I'll get to see you, you know...". A sigh escapes my lips. "Bye..." I say before distancing my phone from my ear and press the red button.

  • Blazing Gun

    Blazing Gun

    Cassidy Jenson's a cowgirl at heart and life, she grew up in the town of Bozeman, Montana. Her parents were part of the church community, as well as her father a rancher Long horns his specialty. Her mother a typical ranchers church wife, small town gossiper and ran the local cafe. Betty's Grill, she heard everything and anything that runs threw town. Nosy nellies of town all talk, but when it comes to certain things it's hush hush. Especially when the owner of the gossip is around. Ryan Brixton was a small town boy from Belgrade, Montana smaller than Bozeman but humble. He learned to cuss and fight and shoot. Played basketball in high school and learned his lessons hard. His daddy died working the rodeo circuit and his momma being injured in a barrel racing competition couldn't afford the big ranch on her own so Ryan took up working on a construction crew. He was determined to fight for his home, the one place he felt safe. Cassidy and Ryan cross paths one Sunday when she crosses the street from church. Ryan almost hitting her and the fire starts, angry and frustrated. A fight of wits and battle of attraction they find them selves closer. Threw out the battle of Cassidy's ex, the gossip, and finding the truth, odd dates popping up. Sparks fly like the forth of July for these two, in an unexpected falling in love.

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