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  • My Soulmate Is My Evil Deskmate (BL)

    My Soulmate Is My Evil Deskmate (BL)

    Magical Realism ROMANCE

    Have any one of you pretended as a stupid student , even though you are an outstanding one? Well, that's what I'm doing now. Plus, there's also another trick. I make myself look ugly. But, my new deskmate eventually knows my secrets. He's indeed an evil. He makes me do whatever he wants threatening me with these secrets. It can be said, "We lead a cat-and-dog life together. "Who would have thought that ,at last, we would turn out to be a couple?

  • Does he truly love me??

    Does he truly love me??


    I am sure that u r gonna feel the feeling of excitement and eagerness and would drool to read the next chs so be connected and be the first one to read my chs #Stayhappy #Loveyourself #Beyourself

  • Temperature Of Love

    Temperature Of Love

    Ara adalah seorang wanita yang sangat setia bila di urusan mengenai cinta, tapi dia selalu di buli karena dia orang biasa, tapi dia akan berusaha menjadi seorang yang sangat hebat dan akan menemukan cinta nya #beyourself

  • The Lost Sketches

    The Lost Sketches

    Eva and her friends must save the world and the universe from a mysterious man who has tried to take over and be the “New God”.

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