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  • Brick Walls

    Brick Walls

    Just as thought she had found the PERFECT mate, UP popped a brick wall.

  • Brick the Beast

    Brick the Beast


  • Brick Breaker

    Brick Breaker

    Perang dunia ketiga gagal dicegah, dan begitu dunia jadi kacau. Meskipun tidak mau, kau harus ikut bersiap untuk jadi tameng untuk negaramu. Sama seperti Rio, yang hanya rencana hidupnya sangat sederhana. Lulus dari sekolah militer, ikut ekspedisi dan mengugurkan kewajibannya jadi prajurit selama dua tahun, lalu mengungsi ke area netral dan jadi budak korporat sampai dia mati. Hanya saja, rencananya itu harus jadi berantakan ketika teman masa kecilnya ditransfer ke sekolahnya, tiba-tiba diincar nyawanya, dan untuk suatu alasan. Membuatnya mampu melakukan hal yang tidak pernah dia bayangkan sebelumnya.

  • Brick Empire

    Brick Empire

  • Legendary Brick kami-sama

    Legendary Brick kami-sama

    Otaku, sitting on a bench cried out."Mommy, I want assburgers"Mommy was dead, under the bench.A magical hamster demon overlord had brutally murdered her and left the kid to suffer in misery.The otaku kid didn't mind his dead mum, but was terribly hungry and decides to eat his mum.After 10 years he became OP and turned into a brick that travelled to a parallel magical dimension + System.

  • The Wolf In The Brick House

    The Wolf In The Brick House

    Boneless, fleshy undead ravage Lictor's Forest steeling the bones of humans and beasts alike. In a forest that alters its composition every night no one can find the enemy, while they are raided constantly. People think its the end times and nothing proves otherwise. Meanwhile a ghost is sitting in a cave glaring at his newborn hoste. A wolf pup that doesn't have enough brain power to contain his full soul. His AI doesn't understand the problem and he must wait. A psychotic vampire hunts down wolf type beasts where ever they appear. She has an apprentice to train and the scouts just reported a cave full of werewolves, dire wolves, and wolves. To the east the colonies of man send ever more people out west but the forest has formed a border locking away the plentiful western lands. With no way to navigate the treacherous changing forest no one can get through. Follow Jack as he gathers power and sticks his dumb wolf nose in every problem. By his side is a blind folded elf with her own issues. As a member of the adventurers guild and the only nearby elf, she is charged to negotiate a treaty with the skeletons in the forest's second layer. Weeks seperate them from their destination plenty of time for distractions.

  • Combat Maid Harem

    Combat Maid Harem



    I turned my assassin into my maid with the power of money! Money is all-powerful! It was a world full of swords and magic; Lawrend was the son of the wealthiest merchant in town. Since the age of 7, he had been having dreams. A dream about a past life in a modern civilization where monsters are nonexistent, and humans dominate the world. Lawrend saw Iron birds, Magical bricks that display moving paintings, Thunder wielding, and many more. There was a scene in one of the dreams that made Lawrend’s heart beat fast. A row of a dozen maids bowing in front of him. Each dressed in a french maid outfit. Something awakened inside Lawrend when he had that dream. A fervent desire to have his very own Maid Harem! NOTE: READ THE AUXILIARY CHAPTER FIRST Chapter 69 is the first smut chapter. UPDATE December 2, 2021: I have provided a summary for Chapters 1 - 37 as I'm starting to rewrite them. It can be found in the Auxiliary Volume. Please give this novel another chance. I want to redeem myself as an author. UPDATE January 19, 2022: I already wrote the sequel for this novel called, "Lewd Cultivation System". The connection will be mentioned in the future, but for now, the connection isn't obvious. It can be read without prior knowledge about Combat Maid Harem. UPDATE February 11, 2022: For reasons I do not know, this book got nominated for WSA 2021, which is a huge success for this book. Basically, it means that this book is good enough but not good enough to get the gold, silver, or bronze places. ===== Join my discord! Talk to me about stuff. Chapter Length: 1000 words ADDITIONAL NOTE: PLEASE READ TILL CHAPTER 40+ BEFORE DECIDING ON ANYTHING. I'M SURE YOU WON'T REGRET IT

  • I reincarnated as a brick wall?!?

    I reincarnated as a brick wall?!?

  • I got trapped in a dungeon brick

    I got trapped in a dungeon brick

    Basil got selected in a world transfer system between the gods, and a error happened causing him to become a soul sealed in brick.

  • Conjurer Of Bricks

    Conjurer Of Bricks

    {"Congratulations, Xander, you are a 'chosen' and have gained the skill [???] as well as the title of "}, All of a sudden this message popped up in front of Xander.

  • Bricking Romance of duke and duchess

    Bricking Romance of duke and duchess

    The school Romance of a duke and duchess who are born rivals

  • When Doomsday Comes, I Can Upgrade My Refuge Infinitely

    When Doomsday Comes, I Can Upgrade My Refuge Infinitely

    On January 1, 2022, doomsday came to the earth, and the whole world would be exterminated.Jack was accidentally reborn three months ago.Knowing that the end of the world was coming, he immediately began to build a refuge.He also activated the Doomsday Survival System, which could help him constantly upgrade his refuge.The bulky iron door had been upgraded to a titanium alloy fire-resistant insulated door!The brick concrete walls had been upgraded to special space metal walls!The power system, pipeline system, material storage system, and active defense system had all been upgraded.Jack's refuge was as complete and elaborate as a space station!When the other survivors were still struggling to survive in the ruins of the apocalypse, they suddenly saw a huge refuge.

  • Where the Stars Take Us Vol 1- Sand to Brick

    Where the Stars Take Us Vol 1- Sand to Brick


    Join Jaspen, the illegitimate son of the King on his journey from the desert to the Northern lands where he meets the first Nephilium girl Guardian Eveline and her two friends- Alistor and Sasha where everything is not what it seems in the capital. Corruption, lies, and deceit face them all as they all work towards a common goal of bringing peace to their home, but at what cost? When honor is on the line what are you willing to sacrifice?

  • Where the Stars Take Us Vol 2- Ice to Brick

    Where the Stars Take Us Vol 2- Ice to Brick

    Historical Romance ACTION DEVIL

    Several years have passed since the fall of the Keltcher and things are still tense in Reytor as all try to adjust to there being no separation from the Beautiful Bloods and the Dark Blood race. Now the capital faces a new threat to the North as an unknown warlord rages war with elite ice demon assassins. Will Jaspen help the run away assassin or will he help Eveline his old ally?

  • Fighting Mate

    Fighting Mate



    Myth is a story that was told in an ancient culture to explain a practice, belief, or natural occurrence. Kanisha is a girl who only dreamed of finding happiness before her time ends as she loses something that sustained her life energy. Hiding from the world and stayed quiet is her way to survive but one day a man forced himself to be with her but mocked her for being a weakling and useless. How could she hide from the cruel reality of the world when a certain man with captivating black eyes saved her from the brick of death? Most of all, what would she do when she found herself in the werewolf realm? After all, a mythical monster has the right to live too.

  • Moving bricks woman fall in love with one

    Moving bricks woman fall in love with one

    Contemporary Romance R18 COMEDY SLICEOFLIFE

    He Qihong wanted to be the front desk of a leading advertising agency in the Mainland, but because she could not hide her dazzling talents and abilities, she was repeatedly faced with promotion and salary increases, and she almost became a busy rich woman. In order not to affect her to move bricks on the construction site, she not only had to refuse the 996 work system, but also had to beware of the boss’s reuse and pretended to be crazy. Finally, she had to get involved in the company’s internal fighting and kept getting rich despite the extreme reluctance..

  • Global Castle Age: My Farmers are Level 100

    Global Castle Age: My Farmers are Level 100

    Eastern Fantasy LEVELUP


    Xu Hang was transmigrated into a world where owning a castle was the trend. The lords would have a castle of their own and would use their farmers to harvest resources. They would then use these resources to create armies and wage wars or even upgrade their technologies to build cannon towers. As a lord himself, Xu Hang realized that he could upgrade his farmers. Just as the other lords were wondering how to increase their own resources, Xu Hang’s level 10 farmers could cut down a tree with a single swing and were able to clear a forest in one day. Just as the other lords were trying to add more types of soldiers into their armies so that they could stop the monster waves, Xu Hang’s level 50 farmers were already mining rare ores in the cave of otherworldly monsters. These farmers could even kill any boss-level monster in one shot. Just as the other lords were struggling to expand their castles with bricks, Xu Hang’s level 100 farmers were already upgrading his castle with reinforced concrete. When the other lords were finally ready to start their conquest, Xu Hang had already built planes and trains. “Wars? Is it even necessary? We can just farm and harvest the resources!” Xu Hang laughed.

  • Becoming Cove Luna

    Becoming Cove Luna

    Danica Robinson was your average teenager. She lived happily with her adoptive mother Martha, had amazing friends, and her life was pretty comfortable. That was until the night of her eighteenth birthday.That was the day he came crashing into her life like a ton of bricks. Mason Thompson, well known bad boy, shrouded in mystery, and oh so tempting looks.After that day Danica's world changed forever. Her once simple and ordinary days turned to one's filled with creatures that should only exist in picture books and come to find out she was one of them!With the help of Mason and his pack she begins to learn about the side of her that she never even knew was there as an unknown darkness begins to wreak havoc on her world.Together they will fight to end the threat and bring peace back to their everyday life.

  • A fierce and cute wife came to flirt with him

    A fierce and cute wife came to flirt with him


    She had somehow transmigrated to a lazy and lazy little girl who was despised by everyone. It was said that she even shamelessly relied on her savior? ? ? ? Wasn't this too terrible? However, when Kang Xiaoqiao took a look at the little brother that the original owner had relied on, she decisively accepted her fate. So be it if it was terrible. It was not her turn to be terrible if others wanted to be terrible! PS: Duo duo has already finished her old book, "report, the cute wife has married" . It has more than three million words. The scam is guaranteed. Welcome to jump into the trap. Ordinary Book Group: 285699337, knock on the door brick, all of duo's book protagonist name can be, VIP Book Group: 611482740 Fan Value 2000 + , or any of duo's book can be added.

  • IGNATIUS The Colors of Rage

    IGNATIUS The Colors of Rage


    *Due to physical disabilities, Iggy is isolated for his own protection. He only knows his two brothers, Baine and Nansen, and their world within a brick wall, called New Eden. In spite of his overbearing brothers, Iggy sneaks out of his room and goes into the garden during the day, where he comes in contact with a strange woman. Before he can say anything to her, he loses consciousness, and awakens to her biting his face. As his only caregivers, his brothers save him from the woman, but they cannot save him from himself. Soon after the attack, Iggy is overcome with depression and craves nothing more than to end his own life. But then, a survivor arrives, and changes everything for the worst and the better.**Baine infects Iggy with the virus. Iggy's body becomes perfect in all ways and he is granted unique powers (umbrakinesis). Things are going well, until Iggy sees the color red and his thirst reflex awakens. It is all a matter of time before Iggy's bloodlust leads the F.U.S military to New Eden, to destroy everything that Baine has created. Especially the infected ones.*

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