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  • Bro, I'm not an Undead!

    Bro, I'm not an Undead!



    [Synopsis]BroooooYou wouldn’t believe this!Everything was normal. Me and my bros doing some mining for mana gems for that old sockethole, Somanda like we always do all day, everyday.Me, Fractures, Bonet, Mono-socket, Broadbone and the gang.Then from nowhere, that ungrateful sockethole, Somanda tries to END me! Can you believe that?!I mean, I have told some questionable stories about him caressing my skull affectionately and deeming me his prized undead, but no need to axe a skeleton for something like that, right?!RIGHT?!I managed to escape through one of the most convenient and contrived get-aways in all of undead history, even managing to pull a bony one on the Lich bastard by stealing two of his seemingly important possessions which I find out later to be better than I thought they’d be!From there it’s a just a SPIRAL of boneshit left and right! I can’t catch a break! What’s with this atrocious luck, bro?!A voice speaks to me about how I have qualified for something about a something that’s supposedly something’s something!Then I find myself in a new world that reeks of life and gives my bones a disgusted rattle.Powerful beasts and men are at every turn, all lining up to be a huge pain in my PELVIS!GAAAAH!Jeez this is happening too fast!However, even while I’m in the thick of this, the one saving grace is that I got something worth while!A new path of power!I can NOT be an undead!I can be something better than both the Living and the Dead!Immune to the antics from both sides. Well... most of them!I’m no longer on the path for Undeath!Only Lifelessness awaits me!But don’t confuse me with those dead heathens!Coz I’m not an UNDEAD dammit!I’m the one who transcends reality in this tale!I am... SKULLIUS!And I’m not an UNDEAD!.......[Sneek Peek]“What kind of skills are these? What can I do with them? They better not be worthless VOW Bro!”[Please refrain from calling me- you know what, whatever! Scroll down to access the actual descriptions about the skills].Um ok.Click.~~~[ Supreme Skill ][ Flesh It Like You Mean It | Lv. 1 ]Tired of looking dead? Are your eyes hollow? Do you need to smile and show off something other than bones? Call on the power of cosmetic flesh and get a body that's to your liking (not really).----[ Supreme Skill ][ Lifeless Evolution ]Tired of the same old undead evolutions? Is being undead not trendy anymore? Is your Lich a sockethole who doesn’t admire your efforts? Well then, try the Lifeless Evolution Package. For strong, unorthodox and peculiar evolutions that will knock your skull off. -IfyouareseeingthisinyourGuidancefielditmeansthatthisskillisboundtoyouandisnon-refundable-~~~"...."I’m going to regret this right?......[Author’s Answers To Popular Readers’ Questions]Q: (IHateArjuun77) -Hey author, is your book trash?-A: (Author) -Haha, screw you dear reader. The answer is NO. The story has elements of comedy, action, magic, adventure and Brutality. Like it gets really dark sometimes. There’s a comprehensive story with characters that I tried my damndest to NOT make generic on top of a cool power system that’s for the most part easy to understand. So its not trash.Q: (IFreakingHateArjuun56) -Hey author why is your first volume so slow paced and... trash?-A: (Author) -Haha. It’s how I designed the First Volume to be. It’s a fun setup that doesn’t focus on many things other than the MC’s mentality, powers and route of progression. The next volumes are normal paced, focusing on the world, the villains and general expansion but all while still retaining the book theme and fun experience-Q: (ShadeIsAPervert001) -Hey author, I instinctively sense that I’ll hate this book, when should I drop?A: (Author) -Is this the same reader?! Anyway, I’ll give a range. Read a minimum of the first 20 chapters to a max of up to chapter 44 before you decide on anything too rash. I’ll hunt down this reader!

  • Super Smash Bros. Unity

    Super Smash Bros. Unity

  • My bros best friend

    My bros best friend

  • The Bro Code

    The Bro Code

    Bros aren't just the ones who are born from the same mother. Those who follows the bro code is also considered a bro.

  • Just Two Bros Hanging Out In Another World (No BL)

    Just Two Bros Hanging Out In Another World (No BL)

    Two best friends get isekai'ed into a fantasy world. What awaits our not-so-brave heroes next? There is and will be no BL.

  • Gost Bro

    Gost Bro

  • ntaran bro

    ntaran bro

  • Hello bro

    Hello bro

    Hello sir

  • lol bro

    lol bro

  • Bro For Hire

    Bro For Hire


    Johnny received the email and saw the ad,"Feeling incomplete? We offer services and products at a reasonable price that will guarantee you feeling complete and finally finding what's missing in your life! All you need to do is fill out the attached form below and answer the questionnaire for us to get to know you more. After this, you'll be a few steps away fron guaranteed satisfaction and lasting happiness. Do not hesitate or overthink anymore and start living your best life!"Johnny doesn't know what to feel about it but he thought he better find out.

  • My Bro Transmigrated

    My Bro Transmigrated


    I am Li Yao, I am really anxious right now.    I just received a message from my bro who has passed on. Although she’s a girl who I got along with very well and she is charismatic, I am still anxious about what that needs to be anxious about. Afterwards, my bro told me that she transmigrated and even became a mage... I know, I might be striking rich soon. …… Li Yao: “What happened to being an eye pleasing angel? Why are you still a dark devil?! I want a refund, I tell you!” Lin Xiaowei: “Get lost!” Li Yao: ”Sure!”

  • Anime bro

    Anime bro

    Contemporary Romance ROMANCE

  • The 3 Bro's

    The 3 Bro's

    ROBLOX, is under attack and only the Sim Lords can save us. Follow them as they go through tough challenges and wierd moments, starting off with Matthew

  • Pagi Bro

    Pagi Bro

    Realitas Magis ADVENTURE COMEDY

    Menceritakan sebuah kehidupan pagi yang penuh dengan kejadian-kejadian aneh sampai-sampai membuat saya sang penulis juga ikut bingung.. bagaimana bisa seperti itu??? mengapa?? apa ada yang salah?? jadi seperti itulah ceritanya... Tentang pagi hari.. yang indah meskipun saya buat 'Pagi Bro' xixixi..:3

  • Really Bro?

    Really Bro?

    Some things we can relate to, others pretend.

  • Bro Savan

    Bro Savan

  • [A New Foe Approaches Si] (Young Justice/Smash Bros Crossover)

    [A New Foe Approaches Si] (Young Justice/Smash Bros Crossover)


    A 19yr old teen boy who was an avid fan of the DC & Marvel worlds both shows & movies as well as the Smash Bros game series gets killed by a ROB while playing Smash after watching Young Justice.After hours of playing, unlocking all characters & getting both the Bad endings he managed to get the true ending for Smash Bros Ultimate by defeating both light god Galleem and the dark god Dharkon, one who wanted to wipe out all there was that lived by using his light throughout the galaxy to "cleanse/purify" it all & the other who wanted to enslave them all to his will and that's when it happened.In a room playing a switch on his bed we see a teen boy playing the game that everyone knows called "Smash Bros Ultimate" concentrating so he is able to finally beat both Galeem & Dharkon freeing the world from their hold."YES FINALLY THAT TOOK FOREVER WHILE TRYING TO ALSO DO THE CHALLENGES!" I shouted with satisfaction. "..Though I can't do them all -_-" I mutter to myself while a bit disappointed that Tabuu wasn't in the game as a boss again.Suddenly the scene of the Switch began to glow multiple colors I've never thought could exist which then shoots out at me which is the last thing I remember before everything went black.Authors note: This will probably be slow when it comes to updates cause I have to refresh my memory on the show & all the people's abilities from both the young Justice & Smash Bros, don't expect lots of proper grammar or stuff like that I never really write stuff, I also suck at remembering things etc with my adhd & everything else so just take whatchu get honestly I'm suprised i can't find anything like this with the show or dcverse & marvel shows/movies or anime. Honestly despite how my story may be I think the ideas I'm my head I want to put into story are pretty amazing for this just don't know how 100% the npcs will also be more puppets who are an extension of my si with fake emotions rather than real people




    Kim Dongyoung was the best big brother anyone could ask for. Caring, responsible, understandable, supportive and appreciative. His only motive was to keep his little brother happy till his last breath even if he had to sacrifice his anything and everything to his little brother, Kim Jungwoo.Even the love of his life, Moon Taeil.

  • Psychology bro

    Psychology bro

    In this whole every single person's body and mind experience many the race to be a first person everyone is Running but no one understands the importance of Health that is why we Forgot to live our life due to that person experience insomnia,stess, aggression, anger and frustration.what do you think why .it's because fear of failure who Controls our mind and body and also made a person mentally ill...this story is related to my life,your life and every person who go through that and successfully control there stressful mind and be patience on that time...this story is based on true facts and figures which will help every single person who face's stess ... that's the beginning.

  • Bullied To Love

    Bullied To Love


    "Come back!" he says after taking a sip of the coffee.I walk back and stand in front of him."What do you think you are doing bringing me cold coffee!""It w-was hot when I bro-brought it..." I stammer."Shut your mouth!" his loud voice booms." I don't want to hear any nonsense excuses from you. Do you see those boxes behind you? They are filled with files. I want them arranged in alphabetical order and ready by 12:00p.m. Am I clear?" he says in a harsh voice.I widen my eyes when I see the size of the stack of boxes behind me. There is no way I am going to be done by noon. I am about to tell him when he says, "I know you are going to say that you won't be able to finish before noon, but the truth is I don't care. I want you to finish and I don't care how you do it." he says coldly and turns around.I knew there was no turning back because I signed my life away to the devil. I will have to bear whatever he does to me. What a way to start my first day!_________________________________________________________Katherine Luciano is a beautiful lady, living with her single mom. She did not know her life would take a different turn the day she goes for a job interview. She meets the one person she wishes she never sees again in her life. The one person who made her high school the worst time of her life, Lorenzo Costanzo. A well-known person in society. He has the looks, the fame, the money, and everything with a lot of mysterious secrets.Does she fall prey to his wrath once again, or change the heart of a cold man

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