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  • Aisling Trilogy

    Aisling Trilogy

    Constable Dallin Brayden neither appreciates nor believes in Fate. Wilfred Calder has been running from it all his life. When Wil is questioned about a brutal murder, and subsequently flees, Dallin is dragged into the chaos of ancient myth, fanatical religion, and maybe even war. #fantasy #gay Aisling Trilogy is created by Carole Cummings, an eGlobal Creative Publishing Signed Author.

  • The Queen's Librarian

    The Queen's Librarian

    All Lucas Tripp wants is good weather for the upcoming harvest, suitable matches for his six older sisters, a little money leftover at the end of the month, to never ever come within brushing distance of ascension to the throne, and more quality time with Alex. That’s not so much to ask for, right? Oh, and for his dog to listen to him. And for his cat to stop plotting against him. And for his mother to stop being disappointed in him. And for his sister Clara to someday forgive him for stealing Alex away from her. Not that Lucas did that! When Clara’s new suitor suddenly disappears, Lucas is drawn into an adventure of a lifetime—kicking and screaming all the way. Magical beings traipsing through portals, missing princes, breaking and entering, suspicious magicians, and arsey cousins doesn’t really cover the rest of it, but give Lucas time; he’ll come up with more. The Queen's Librarian is created by Carole Cummings, an eGlobal Creative Publishing Signed Author.

  • Netori: Reborn as the Human Aphrodisiac

    Netori: Reborn as the Human Aphrodisiac



    After living a hopeless life and getting exploited to his breaking point for his unique powers, Mithras is diagnosed with a terminal illness, about to die a brutal death when he is murdered anyway by his boss for refusing to betray his sister. Reborn as the Human Aphrodisiac, and now equipped with a lewd system, Mithras is determined to use this second chance to avenge his past grievances and breed his boss' slimthick mom with a million babies! But there are two problems: 1) He is now unkillable, but can only heal his injuries and sustain his immortality by drinking breast milk or love juice! 2) The System has not only turned his entire body into an aphrodisiac but also made his cum into a five-star delicacy that can not only improve the beauty of any woman he has sex with but also turn them into peerless warriors! "Mithras, we want your secret juice!" "Ok. But how much are you willing to pay for it?" [Ding! Ding! Ding!] [Hidden Quest...Bad Girls Become My Bitches...completed!] [Hidden Quest...I Don't Stuff For Free...completed!] Surrounded by beauties chasing after his secret juice, and persecuted by their greedy admirers, can Mithras protect his secrets and stay true to his past life's principles, or will he indulge in the temptation of his new powers, becoming the Harem God of a generation? Spoiler Alert: Of course, he will! (Note: This story contains no yuri or netorare, but a shit-ton of netori -- meaning that the mc steals other men's girls and crushes. It's also a lot more lighthearted than what I write usually. Extra tags include Wincest, Smut, Netori, Twins, MILFS, Priestesses, Nuns, Demonesses, Monstergirls, Dragons, Revenge, Conquest, Oyakodon, Dual Cultivation, Ero Leveling, Large Harem, Ahegao, Slut-Training, Goddesses Pay Mc for Sex, and many more cultured tags.)

  • 500th Time Reborn, A World Only Known By Women: The Karma System

    500th Time Reborn, A World Only Known By Women: The Karma System



    Journey to a world of wonders and women of all shapes and sizes with Galio, valiant reincarnate! Armed with four hundred and ninety-nine lives worth of knowledge and an R-rated story, he enters a world only known by women, never knowing childbirth, periods, or the leer of a man. From Angels that moan heavenly melodies to nine-foot-tall Amazons with weaves between their legs, explore the Human island with colorful characters, the Dwarf island with things getting weird, the Amazons that need to be dominated, the Catfolk that need cuddling, Dogfolk that need to be treated like dogs, Elves that need bdsm, Golems that need to be broken, Vampires that need to be cum blasted, Orcs that need to be challenged in sexual Olympics, Faires that need to be popcicled, Dragons that need their holes filled with a new fire, and Angels that need to be cream filled! Discover the NSFW art and much more that awaits you on Discord:

  • Second Chance: Doppelganger Body Swap

    Second Chance: Doppelganger Body Swap



    Two world Two girls. ...... "Host, what are you planning?" The system asked, feeling that Olivia was up to something mischievous again.Olivia rolled her eyes. "You will found out soon."And then, Brian stepped in....."Ah! Destroy me... Yes! Cripple me! Make me unable to walk for a whole week! Oh my god! Brian go harder! yes!! that's it! You're hitting the right spot! ahhhhhh."The entire filming crew were dumbfounded, while Brian stare at the woman who he didn't even lay his hand on, looking into his eyes and moaning intentionally. "What's the meaning of this?" He asked. Olivia Smith, whose soul is now inside Emma William's, smirk at him before speaking up, "Oh, you're about to cum?" She asked. "What!"'Let's see if you wouldn't fall in love with me after today.' She said in her head. "Don't hold back baby. Fill me up with your juice and let my inside marvel in your holy water. yessss, ahhhh!" Meet Olivia Smith. The rich proud princess who transmigrated into the poor body of her doppelganger and had to complete the system task if she ever wanted to access the ultimate time reverse system and return to the past to avoid her death. She believed that no one can resist her charm and there's nothing she cannot do. ********'You can do it, Emma!' After assuring herself in her head, Emma William, the poor girl whose soul was now inside Olivia Smith's own, knocked on the door to Maximilian's office. "Come in," came a sexy and manly voice, from inside. Taking a deep breath, Emma barged in, and saw him looking as delicious as always, with his legs crossed and typing on his laptop. "Can I help you?" Max frowned slightly at who just entered, because Olivia Smith has made him hate her before the body swap, leaving Emma to deal with it now. "Fall in love with me." Came Emma's voice. "Excuse me?" "I want you to fall in love with me Max, so name your price." Emma said! .....join the server link:

  • cum


  • Cum






    This is the story of Neo, a young half-orc, half-human from a small town who has an accident and unfortunately became a paraplegic.The unfortunate young man passes away, without his relatives realizing it and he is replaced by the soul of a 45-year-old man who had a double life on earth.Exemplary father in the daySex machine at nightThis replacement came to Neo's body, through the intervention of the fertility goddess "Frigg" to serve as a stallion for the human race, endowing him with a system of the most dishonest possible to carry out his task.but "Loki" the god of lies joins the party, cheating poor Neo whenever he can and changing some things that annoy him about the systemat first Neo decides to help out as much as he can in a way of thanking his family and friends for all the help they gave him when he was bedridden.But things never go the way he plans, driven by what he does best in a place where all they know is the basics about sex.How far would Neo be willing to go?Will you respect his relatives?will he be seduced by the skirts or by the magic of this new world?how far can the gods intervene in this world?Hero or villain?in a story where nothing is what it seems, because the lies are where you least imagine it come and give it a trybut above all, have the patience of a saintTHANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT It is an unprofessional and unpaid job for quiet people. My solemn hope is that someone, somewhere, enjoys thisREMEMBER TO ADD TO THE LIBRARY

  • Cum again

    Cum again


    For those who crave of literary porn, are into hypnosis/mind control/obedienceThis, is for you.

  • Conquer That Demoness

    Conquer That Demoness



    This is a new story. Venn transmigrated into a desolate world where the almighty Gods had fallen and became relics of the past, and where demons with magical powers abound, roamed free and enslaved all of mankind. Follow Venn in his journey from a nobody to an omnipotent sovereign, building an empire from scratch using villainous schemes and a little help from his system. ____________________________________________ "What? I've to defeat and conquer the 7 Great devils of the demon realm through sex to liberate mankind, and I will immediately die if I cum even once?!" Venn firmly grasped his balls whilst binding white lights gradually filled his vision as his head kept getting dizzier from the wonderful sensation. "No! I don't want to die! Stop stimulating me anymore! ARRGGGHHH! I—I can't hold it back anymore~" If you’d like to support me in the creation of this book, you can support me at Join the discord channel: ____________________________________________ Binding host to The God Conqueror System! The fate of humanity now lies in your balls! [Host: Venn] [Points: 0] [Skills: None] [Daily Missions: 3] [Women conquered: 0] 1 Chapter per day. For every $5 patreon subscription, will mass release 1 more chapter!



    Caroll, 25 yro., resident of Heneral, finds life bizarre and troublesome. It was even more exasperating when lonesome letters keeps on showing up in front of her apartment's door. She tries to ignore but, her curiosity leads her to her desire of knowing the identity of the man. Particularly letters filled with deep intimate messages from the anonymous sender. After attending a wedding satisfaction came. Satisfaction that she later understood as another potential frustration to her life collection of unconventional events.

  • Christmas Carol

    Christmas Carol

    what happens when a sweet voice girl Carolina becomes a ruthless army official. accompany her to her adventure to be a sweet carol singer for Christmas and see her manage between duty and hobby.

  • Engaging Carol

    Engaging Carol

    When Daniel meets Carol, it's love at first sight. Though they are both only teenagers, he knows there's nobody else in the world he wants to be with. He envisions a lifetime with her, but Carol has big plans for her life, and they do not include settling down with a husband and a family. In the midst of the tumultuous 60s, the hectic 70s, and the vibrant 80s, Carol seeks meaning and adventure, and Daniel seeks her.<br><br>Though the world keeps pulling them apart, Daniel is the only man Carol has ever loved. No matter what separates them or pulls at their family, she's drawn back to the man who is her home again and again. Can their love conquer the world and carry them to the marriage altar at the chapel where they first met as children?

  • Carol Williams

    Carol Williams


    Carolyn Williams... Carol as called, is the only daughter of the distinguished Williams family,has always a huge burden on her shoulders until he showed up and it was love at first sight .This story is the point of view Carol

  • Cum Zone

    Cum Zone

  • Carol 12345

    Carol 12345

    Hello everyone how are you? What are you doing? Where do you come from?

  • Daddy's Love

    Daddy's Love

    Ana's world is turned upside down when she is kidnapped by a person who innocuously offers her to drop her at her destination while she's running late somewhere. She is introduced to the DDLG lifestyle by her daddy- Christian, which is not a smooth ride for the innocent Ana. She feels more at home when she meets Daddy's best friend/partner uncle Jay and his little Carol and everything is going fine until it's not..

  • cum land

    cum land

  • The princess carol

    The princess carol

  • Letters for Carol

    Letters for Carol