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  • Celestine Academy

    Celestine Academy

  • Caught Between Two Worlds

    Caught Between Two Worlds



    All Celestine ever wanted was to be someone powerful so that she won't be looked down upon. That was what she wished on a blissful night. And that very wish made her life go downhill years later ever since she came across a sacred pendant. When an invitation lands on her lap to the most prestigious university of Adrian, nothing could stop her from going there. That is until her life gets entwined with two men, the cruellest foes of each other which she wishes to escape from. But the universe paints a different picture. On a dreary day, she falls to her near-death and finds herself in the ancient land of Vitalis. With an unintentionally committed crime to her name, she must face the justice of the place where mercy is invaluable and death is inevitable and of little value. And so her trial begins at the mercy of the tainted hands of the Masked Tyrant. Alastair Arden Waldorf. Ruthless, cold-blooded and faceless. When things turn for the worse, will she be able to return to her land and not be involved in a terrifying history? Will she save, kill or escape from the tyrant to the other two men when he shall come for her? Shall love prevail between the two or will they stick to their time to avoid an inevitable curse? ~ WARNING: Mature Content (18+) Cover Design: imagineTishaD (Webnovel) Image Credit: fromKITnoc (DeviantArt) Want to support and interact with the author? Discord: https://discord.gg/ptUDZFYcU8 Fandom: https://realmsofmagic.fandom.com/wiki/Realms_Of_Magic_Wiki Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/rose.of.blues/

  • Celestine's Tale

    Celestine's Tale


    Disclaimer:~The Characters & Event used in this novel are fictitious or used fictitiously. Any similarity to real persons, living or dead is purely coincidental and not intended by the Author. The novels contain Strong Language and Violence due to its contain, Viewers/Readers discretion is advised.~I'm not a professional Author/Writer (I'm just trying to be)~English is not my first language so there's some possibilities that you may find a grammatical error in my novel, If it makes you uncomfortable feel free to use the paragraph comment section so I can fix it.

  • Waking up in an Unknown World- Celestine (Book 1)

    Waking up in an Unknown World- Celestine (Book 1)


    She was one of the people that have experienced a lack of love, affection, and attention from her parents. She worked hard to gain those three words, she yearns for parental love but she later discovered it was all useless. Life had no meaning to her, the one that keeps her alive was her friend. She and her friend got into a fight involving gangsters. That night was her last breath and so is the last breath of her friend. She woke up, her eyes were blurry, she wasn't able to control her body, she tried to speak but cries came out of her mouth. She tried to stand up but can't control her body. She thought she was rebirth but later think of her thought ridiculous and thought of everything was a dream. She fell asleep and it confirmed that she was rebirth! A new start for her! New life, new people, new environment, and most importantly a new family. Will she be able to have a good relationship with her parents this time? How will she form a bond with them? Do you think she'll adjust to this new environment?

  • Lady Toni's Great Escape

    Lady Toni's Great Escape


    When life's being bitchy, it will 'eff you over. Who would have thought that when I, the Captain of the country's Special Forces, woke up after reading a recommended historical romance fantasy novel; I'd end up in the novel itself. Blah! Talk about cliché! Seriously though, it was fine that I ended up in a novel. But why do I have to end up as the third-rate villainess/ bro-con lady Celestine von Trier?It was fine as well, being all that. But why is it that I'm fated to die a pathetic death by choking on a cookie? The injustice! The audacity! The... the...stupidity...I refuse! I will run away from this ridiculous mumbo jumbo. I am the master of my own fate! Plot be damned. Let the Operation: Great Escape commence!

  • Blood Tears: The Wolf's Wickedness

    Blood Tears: The Wolf's Wickedness


    Warning: Mature Contents.Running for her life after being a test subject, she was reborn with an all-new identity, Allen Drake.After waking up from a long sleep, her memories were messed up, some were missing while others were not, but she would try to live and find a way to get revenge! This is not an act of normal revenge. She is no longer a normal human being she thought she was, she has the blood of a beast. She is turned into a monster and a breed that she had only ever heard and seen through movies. Yet here she is, a proof of their existence.She is a hybrid, a unique existence from the underworld society, born from a vampire and a werewolf. A child that they call 'The Forbidden Ones', meant to get hunted and killed by both packs and clans.In her quest to find a way to get her revenge, she disguises as a man, until she meets Zachary Maxwell, an Alpha wolf. and Celestine Sky Edevane, a Royal Vampire."A destined mate.. Did 'he' know? If 'he' does, was 'he' frightened because of that? If 'he' didn’t know… 'He' is just a young 'boy', a Forbidden One at that." Zachary Maxwell's gaze turned sharp as his eyes turned darker like an abyss that can't be seen through them."My destined mate. I am hers, but 'He' is mine, they both belong to me." Celestine Sky Edevane possessively claimed. Who would've ever thought that she would end up meeting a cold, dangerous Alpha wolf and a mysterious Royal Vampire as her mates? Can she hold on until she gets the answers to her previous misery? What about her lost life and freedom? Or will she forever be hunted by everyone? Like taming a beast, could she make him fall for her? Or will he make her fall for him? Will she ever succeed with her revenge?But could she truly use this strength to protect everyone she wanted to protect when she can't even fight for her life?--------- IMPORTANT -----------------This story has something to do with my other book "Blood Tears: My Husband's Madness." To be exact, the story is being closely related to each other as there could be some similar or identical scenes in both books.I know you may have many questions and wonder why. It is because of the changes made (BT:MHM) during the revision of the story that created this book. There are answers to the story that you may get in the other book or another way around. Anyway, as this novel was tagged as fantasy, you will understand later on. Of course, this has its main storyline even though it is connected to the other book. It’s the same story that’s full of mystery, but don’t worry everything will be clear as you continue to read the book.I hope everyone can understand the changes and as a reminder, The story's genre is a mix of fantasy, science fiction, mystery, and romance. Please don't forget, this is a fantasy story.For all those that don't like forced love/ men forcing things on women, characters with unacceptable personalities, sex, and violent scenes, this novel may not be to your taste.I suggest not to read than rate or review unfairly. I don't own the character and background of the book cover.CTTO of the book cover.-----------------------------------I'm also working on my other books.PREVIOUSLY RELEASED:Love Chain: My cute demon brideStatus: TEMPORARILY pausedStatus: Following plots are being revisedBlood Tears: My Husband's MadnessPreviously "Blood Tears: My Husband's WickednessStatus: TEMPORARILY pausedReason: Revisions in works.Blood Tears: The Wolf's WickednessStatus: NewBlood Tears: A Twist Of FateStatus: Coming soonBlood Tears: Angel's CryStatus: Coming soonOne World, Two Books: The power of an AuthorStatus: Newly releasedBroken Laws: Away with a SoldierStatus: Pending--------------------------------------------------Note:.- (spoiler alert) some characters might appear in the future chapters (make sure to remember their contribution)Looking forward to more readers!

  • The Secrets of the Duchess[DISC.]

    The Secrets of the Duchess[DISC.]


    When Mirei Ying tried to save a boy from getting hit by a car, she got hit instead. Instead of thinking of waking up in heaven, she got reincarnated! A true beauty with light blonde hair and beautiful green/grey eyes. A marquis family took her in as ‘Celestine la Luvenis’. Nothing is free, she has to repay them by marrying the ‘Battlefield’s Demon’?! Can Celestine survive in this world? How will her life be with the Battefield’s Demon?

  • The Transmigrated Empress

    The Transmigrated Empress



    Empress Celestine died in the hands of her husband because of her wrongdoings and evil deeds. However, when she woke up, she was inside a woman's body and she's in a different world. Turns out her soul transmigrated inside a rich, young woman with the same name and physical features. Her fiancee also looked like her past husband and so she changed herself in order to avoid her death. "This time I will change my fate."

  • An-Expected Love

    An-Expected Love

    Brendan Dayl Morris is a successful business man. He lives with her mother who is sick. Her mother's wish for him is to him get married before she leaves in this world.Celestine Garcia is simple girl.She wants to get away from her painful past.

  • Until Death Do Us Apart

    Until Death Do Us Apart


    Si Cataleya Lopez ay isang ordinaryong tao, nabubuhay ng tahimik at masaya kasama ang mga kaibigan. Hanggang sa nakilala niya si Travis Leonardo na may malaking papel sa buhay niya at hindi nagtagal nalaman ni Cataleya na isa siyang anak ng tao't immortal, hanggang sa natuklasan niya ang angking lakas, nagkaroon ng pagsubok subalit patuloy nanghawak sa minamahal. Niloko't sinaktan ngunit patuloy lumaban-sa huli'y pag-ibig pa rin ang nanaig.

  • hey I am interested in reading more books. the truth is I don't know

    hey I am interested in reading more books. the truth is I don't know

  • The Dragon's Rose

    The Dragon's Rose


    "In your eyes, I am nothing more than a plaything, an insignificant pet. Not more than a bar of refined gold, your accessory as an Emperor. Isn't that what you take me for? Just your female prostitute."---------------Celestine Schleifer, in her whole life, has trained to be a courtesan. Finally, at her coming of age ceremony, she was appointed to be part of the Celestial Roses at the House of Amora.However, on her first night, due to unforeseen circumstances, her peaceful life has been shattered, with everything going against her beliefs. With no other choice, Celestine chose to go against her values, and when it seemed like all hope was lost, light once again surfaced-the Emperor.The Emperor has graced her life with his presence, providing her with light amidst her life's darkness.Yet, will all remain the same? For it turns out, the sun that has shined her life with light and warmth was actually as cold as the wind in the dark night, illuminated by the proud and round moon-as ruthless as an errant dragon.

  • I Need to Escape from The Duke!!

    I Need to Escape from The Duke!!


    Saat terbangun dari mimpi yang menyesakan, Celestine terbangun di ruangan yang familiar, tapi ruangan ini seharusnya tidak ada di dunia nyata. Gawat! Ternyata ia masuk ke dunia webtoon yang pernah dibacanya dulu, masalahnya ia menjadi karakter yang akan dibunuh oleh pangeran kerajaan tetangga karena dendamnya pada duke yang merupakan suami Celestine. Duh! Celestine harus kabur sebelum webtoonnya sampai ke chapter itu!

  • Hiraeth


    They say, "we need to make our college life, fun as possible", because it won't take too long. Before we know, it already ended. Afterwards, we will face and deal, the real world.Let's join Zachary and Celestine's college life, together with their friends. How fate makes their life turn upside down?One were craving for warmth and love. The other one was hoping that life can be just simple. Two lonely hearts will meet. Will everything turn out on how they wish and hope? Or it is just their wishful thinking?

  • Loving a Lollita Girl

    Loving a Lollita Girl

    Teen HAREM

    Celestine Claire Constantine, a 21 years old lady who looks like a 12-years-old kid has her so-called childhood best friend Ace Daryl Smith who left her while they are still kids, after promising her that he will never leave her side, no matter what happened after immigrating to Canada. This hurt the young Celestine Claire so bad, but she still chooses to be friends with him even though she felt betrayed by Ace. Days, weeks, months, and years past and Ace never show up again to her, even though he keeps on telling her he will visit the Philippines again to see her. Until the day she gave up, and hate him to death. One day, Ace shows up again to Cel after so many years and transferred to the University where she is studying. The girl hates Ace now, while Ace on the other hand became one of their University's Royalty having the title of "University Hunk". What will happen to the two people who once love each other as best friends, and now became each other's arch-rivals? Could their friendship go back, to where it supposed to be? Could they stay as each other enemies for the rest of their life? Or a new Love will sprout in the middle of their World War?

  • Elementasy High: School of Magic

    Elementasy High: School of Magic

    Join Allea Amor Celestine to her journey of finding out who she really was.

  • The Cursed

    The Cursed

    Celestine Salvador lives in a town full of mystery, She met Stefan, a vampire whose brother was kidnapped by the same person who kidnapped her mother, and together they will find them as they uncover the truth.

  • The Idol is a Fairy

    The Idol is a Fairy

    Who will know that the famous idol, Celestine, is a fairy? After being found out, she made a contract with Angel, the boy who uncovered her secret, to keep silent about it. How will she be able to enjoy her life if she is held as a puppet by Angel who is like a demon in her life?

  • Maid in disguise

    Maid in disguise

    "Be mine Celestine, and everything you've ever dreamed of will be yours." Those were the words of Prince Constantine to Rose before knowing who she was. A spy with a fake name, meant to kill his bethroted. As she tries to escape from the dashing Prince and his glowing eyes, he is willing to do anything to make her remain in his kingdom and as his.