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  • Imagination - ChaeLisa

    Imagination - ChaeLisa

  • It's Always Been You

    It's Always Been You

    Kong Yonna and Moon Taejoon had been dating since the end of their high school lives.Both trying to start a new leaf and finding their placement in society.But then Kong Yonna finds herself pregnant with Moon Taejoons' children. But before she could tell Moon Taejoon about them, their relationship crumbles over a misunderstanding leaving them to separate.6 years had passed since they last saw each other. With out realizing it they soon meet face to face with each other. Will fate lead the two couples back together as one happy family?

  • (On hold) Lying Two Faced

    (On hold) Lying Two Faced

    "Outside the underworld people say I'm the slug queen with thick glasses named Jae Eun but I'm not the person I am at home..." she said with her eyes inflamed with anger."Don't forget the part where I'm your husband." Song Minsoo said as he smiled seeing his wife already showing her true self.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Jae Eun has always believed her grandfather was a regular man who loved technology and passed away from late stage cancer. She would have never thought he was in the same gig as her. So if he didn't die of late stage cancer how did he die and why was his last request was to marry the devil Song Minsoo

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