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  • The Formidable Son-In-Law: The Charismatic Lucas Gray

    The Formidable Son-In-Law: The Charismatic Lucas Gray


    Six years ago, he disappeared silently! After six years, he becomes the unparalleled "God of War" and returns with glory, only to find that he has a daughter whom he never knew of. Looking at his wife and his daughter, he says, "In this lifetime, I'll bring you the greatest honor and glory!”

  • The Charismatic Lion

    The Charismatic Lion

  • Charismatic Wyte

    Charismatic Wyte


    With Caleb Wyte discovering powers within him after a freak accident,he is sworn to protect the helpless from danger of some sort and help his grandma with house chores.In the mix balancing his school life with his new found friend Amy and his more often bonded friends.Will Caleb cope to embrace the charisma of his Wyte self or give it up to battle for the helpless?Keep reading to find out.Welcome in advance.

  • A charismatic girl

    A charismatic girl

  • Charismatic Kyle Palmer
Command School

    Charismatic Kyle Palmer Command School


  • The Charismatic Rebirth of the Cool Rich Daughter

    The Charismatic Rebirth of the Cool Rich Daughter

    Contemporary Romance REVENGE

    She was the youngest daughter of a billionaire, killed by her own sister and thrown into hell, standing almost no chance of survival. However, reborn instantly, she maintained her smile while keeping her bright, watery eyes open, killing the boss of clan bosses, even massacring every pair of eyes that witnessed her ‘Borrow a corpse to resurrect the soul’ while remaining undetected as if through divine skill. Then, in the blink of an eye, she would show her little attractive face that spills an imposing aura, warmly returning home to ‘gossip’ with her sister who was famous throughout the city! Their brother remained apathetic as he watched the sisters fight, while their father remained ever ruthless in heart and method, his motives unfathomable. When the pitiful one, the meekest and bulliable daughter of all noble families returned, everyone assumed that she was a lamb entering the wolves’ den… but did they know the meaning of the ‘cat who fooled the lion’? Or the definition of ‘scorched earth’? In fact, she taught everyone the definition of shock and awe! Trampling upon blood and taking surprises head-on, she claimed the throne as a woman in the extravagantly rich empire. But while she thought she was merely passing her time at a gala between allied countries, she ran into that man who had sheathed his radiance.

  • Charismatic Matchmakers: The Dating Agency Of Red Strings

    Charismatic Matchmakers: The Dating Agency Of Red Strings

    Fantasy Romance ROMANCE

    Welcome to The Dating Agency Of Red Strings -- a global company of special matchmakers blessed by Cupid, the god of love himself!

  • The Super Team.... With Charismatic Captain Joe

    The Super Team.... With Charismatic Captain Joe

  • Spare Me, Great Lord!

    Spare Me, Great Lord!

    Magical Realism COMEDY CULTIVATION


    Magical energy has come to this world; Lu Shu could only stare as one powerhouse after another appear. Looking at his own peculiar ability, he exhaled a breath of cold air. Dog balls! ... This is a story of how Lu Shu used poisonous chicken soup to become the Demon King Translator Synopsis: This is the story of an orphan, Lu Shu. He is not any regular orphan, but a metahuman experiencing the changes in himself, his country and the world during the dawn of the magical era. Watch as Lu Shu embarks on a journey to hone his peculiar abilities together with his sister, the adorable and charismatic Lu Xiaoyu. Along the way, they’ll encounter supernatural events, obstacles and even the most powerful people in their country. How will Lu Shu make the best of his abilities and oust his never-ending list of rivals and opponents?

  • The CEO's Lovely Wife

    The CEO's Lovely Wife



    October is a woman who was cold and devoid of emotions. This was true, until she met Lexus who let her experience a whirlwind of emotions she never thought she had with a gift she never thought she'll receive. Lanna October Park is the calm and charismatic Assistant Director of the Halo Company. She talks only when needed and was not yet seen smiling by her colleagues which made her known as the Halo Company's Ice Director. But unknown to them, she was in fact the eldest daughter of the Park Real Estate Empire of the whole City D. Indifferent with her family's wealth, she decided to be independent and climb the ranks in the business world using her own capability but her stepmother is more threatened by her and so baked a lot of schemes to bring her down and make her unfit to inherit the business. Because October let her guard down for just once, she fell for one of her stepmother's schemes and was then became the talk of the city the very next day. Unbeknownst to her stepmother, the man she was with was in fact the notorious CEO, Lexus Song. Getting her innocence was one but getting pregnant was another making her career and work credibility being questioned. "I'll take responsibility." He said. "No need. I'm already responsible enough to take care of my child." She rejected and turned to leave but was then yanked back and bumped into his hard chest. "Then take responsibility to me." He said shamelessly as he leaned down to whisper in her ear, "You took my innocence so you have to take responsibility, dear wife."

  • Dawning Skye

    Dawning Skye



    When Skye Moonstone’s wedding is interrupted by her former, supposedly deceased betrothed: her life becomes a series of complications, mystery, and excitement. Knowing only of the boy that he used to be, Skye finds herself drawn to the man that Prince Tidas has become. Intelligent, strong, and charismatic; he had decided long ago to do whatever it takes to protect the love of his life. No matter the risk to his body or soul.. Throughout her many trials, Skye will learn that her home, family, and even personal history are all stories meant to keep her safe. That her true purpose is not just to save her love, but her entire world. The fates of both Humans and Fae alike will rest upon her shoulders.. Intrigue, legends, and her place in it all will lead Skye down a path that she knows she may not come back from. But to save the lives of her loved ones, she’ll risk her very existence.. Whatever it takes to save them. Magic, Fae, War, Fate; they all reside within this epic love tale of fantasy. All can be found within the Dawning Skye.. One simply needs to look. ****WARNING: 18+ Mature Content Viewer Discretion Is Advised**** Content Contains: Violence, Language, Blood/Gore, Trigger Material(No Actual Rape Scenes), And Extremely Graphic Sex Scenes. Viewer Discretion Is Advised. Not A Slow Burn Book. This Series is about a devoted couple with a strong friendship and respect-based relationship. Enjoy! •Three Chapters A Week, Every Week! Unless... •500 Power Stones: 3 Bonus Chapters •1000+ Power Stones: 8 Bonus Chapters *Bonus Chapters Will Be Released The 30th of Every Month If The Previous Month’s Goal Was Met* Cover is Owned by the Author. Cover Artwork By: Chainslock(on Discord and DeviantArt) Note from the Author: This series is written in 3rd POV, and will be four volumes long with 500+ chapters in each volume. You will see Intentional spelling errors in the dialogue and inner thoughts due to character accents. I believe this gives the characters a realistic aspect, since people in real life have accents. Skye and Tidas’ journey takes them to every known continent in their world. Their experiences will shape them into heroes, and challenge their love on the highest of levels as the story develops.. The first volume will be about Skye and Tidas reconnecting, and solidifying their bond. Skye will also learn her true identity, as well as the true history of their world. There are many characters throughout this series, with an extensive world background; all centered around Skye and Tidas. The volumes will be: 1. Dawning Skye(completed) 2. Darkening Skye(Current) 3. Starlit Skye(Check Back Later) 4. Endless Skye(Check Back Later) More details shall be added as the series progresses. These books are not for the faint of heart. The main characters will experience epic love, and unbelievable betrayal. They will have epic victories, and world-shattering losses. The couple’s devotion and sanity will be challenged as their story develops. They will grow and change with each trial they overcome both together, and separately. Until they face their final battle…

  • barbie - a.k.a psyche ( strong personality, talented, beautiful, not too smart sometimes slow witted), Eros- a.k.a cupid (handsome, charismatic, prince charming type)

    barbie - a.k.a psyche ( strong personality, talented, beautiful, not too smart sometimes slow witted), Eros- a.k.a cupid (handsome, charismatic, prince charming type)

    A beautiful girl meets a handsome jerk prince charming..what is going to happen when the jerk suddenly fall in love with an emotionless goddess?..

  • Her Young Amorous Husband

    Her Young Amorous Husband



    Many say love is a fleeting emotion. But to them, love is an amorous devotion.[ E r o t i c a ] … Cassandra Qin, a woman of grace and feminine perfection. Well-known as a charismatic and regal chairwoman, a prime woman in her late thirties whom all could only worship in their most beautiful dream. Seen as a woman who has it all; exquisite beauty, success and outstanding daughter. She is respected and admired by all, yet little did anyone knew that the same businesswoman has to nurse her own wound in darkness of night when no one is around. A woman whose heart is encased frozen to the passionate heat of intimacy is what she believed she is, or so she thought until she met him, the younger man who melts her coldness, her sweetest mistake. A wet dream dressed in a hot suit, the finest womanizer. He whose presence set her body aflame and whose smile featured upon her dirtiest fantasy. Heir of the darkest household, bound to his devious vow. He is the man she should have no contact with, yet the maddening temptation is just as irresistible as his daunting smile. This is a passionate romance about them, a dignified older woman and her male vixen lover. Equally dominant man and woman. Them who get very lost in their sensuous yet ultimately loveless affair, neither are able for fall for the other.Twist gets turn and their fates intertwined in a fight against past, norm and themselves. However, when everything came to light, she will be faced with the hardest decisions to make, knowing that the other woman is her own dearest one. ... Sensuous fingertips traced down the lines of masculine perfection and up rippling pectorals. Hot and wet tongues locked together as silken thighs straddled gyratingly in a sinuous motion. Inhalations whisper of passion and desire. The breaths caught while fingers orchestrated an exhaled symphony of moans. "Please me." The lady demanded upon his neck biting his skin as she topped him down against the velvet sheets. "My pleasure." The man rasped, swallowing down, as he caressed the silhouette of smooth, contrasting thighs. "Anything you want, my Queen." ... Dirty romance (18+) with touch of drama. Told from female and male viewpoints. Original concept and longer chapters. Crappy writing and slow update.

  • Superstar Wife : Please Have Some Mercy

    Superstar Wife : Please Have Some Mercy



    [WARNING! THIS BOOK HAS MATURE CONTENT]Elysia Davies, is a true beauty with many talents. She is not only the top actress in Los Angeles, California but also the lead vocalist of the ever popular girl group 'Spicy Sugars'… Ivan Moore, the handsome CEO of 'Mystic World & Entertainment', is not only the richest business tycoon of the world but also the charismatic member of the famous boy group 'Golden Amigos'… She is a troublemaker, while he is the peacemaker… She is the 'Feisty Queen’ of the industry whereas he is the 'Chill Dude'… She loves to torture people who hold a grudge against her while he is the king of forgiveness only towards those folks who doesn’t target his families… She is the rich spoiled brat while he is the wealthy respectful heir… Simply, she is the Tormentor but he is the Savior… So many differences between both of them yet they had one thing very much common in their lives…'HATE'..!!! They hate each other with every living cell in their bodies… Just a look at each other is enough to flip their mood off. If they were kept in the same place, it could turn even the most peaceful heaven into a scorching hell. In short, they should never be left alone with each other. That could cause chaos and disasters. But the question is, what will happen when these two opposite poles attract? What if the yin and yang, are abruptly tied together by a so called 'Arrange Marriage'? Will the hatred between them overcome all the boundaries and blossom into LOVE? Or, will they still continue as the two sides of coin rather than blooming into the most 'Mismatched Couple'? And, what does their lives have in store for them? A smooth love track or a roller coaster ride with many twists and turns? --- “I don’t like to walk on flowers if there are no thorns on them. And I’m no saint nor a forgiver… I’m a witch who can make the hell descend on to the earth, on those who tries to step on me. And there is no ‘mercy' in my scary dictionary. ” Elysia scowled as she glared at him. “Oh, so you’re now a spooky poet too, huh? Then let me also add my own share to your so-called poetry.. I can be the thorn in your flower bed if you wish me to be. Try intriguing my rage, I’ll never set you free. If I unleash my demonic side, you’ll perish in the hell you’ve created. Cause the word ‘mercy’ has never existed.. ” Ivan scoffed at the raging lady, standing in front of him. "Not only you but I can act like the devil too." he smirked with his eyes mocking at her. Elysia huffed in rage as she spouted with her venom filled eyes, “You know what!! I just hate you, Mr. Ivan Moore.” “Trust me…The feeling is mutual, Ms. Elysia Davies!” Ivan spat, chuckling darkly at her… --- “Never have I thought in my life that I’ll fall in love with my biggest foe. Now, she is the sole controller of my heart.” Ivan said inching closer to her. “Who could have imagined that I’ll be head over heels with my nemesis whom I have loathed the most in the past..” Elysia mumbled touching her nose to his. “I love you Sia..” Ivan whispered, pressing his forehead to hers. “I love you too, Ivan..” Elysia muttered as their lips crashed in as they kissed each other passionately, under the vast sea of stars.. --- Hi, this is author here… Thank you for looking into the synopsis. If you liked it then please join the rollercoaster ride of this amazing 'Haters turns lovers' couple by adding this book into your library.. I promise that it will be a full package of drama, love, revenge and many more interesting twists and turns which will lead you to unfold numerous of secrets… No rape and physical abuse… But have lots of face-slaps… I hope, you guys will give it a try… ---- This is my second book… My first book is 'My Heart Beats Only For You'.. If you want, then please check it out too… [P.S.- The cover is not mine.] ---- Discord Insta @sree_exol

  • My Rented CEO Boyfriend

    My Rented CEO Boyfriend


    Brilliant fashion designer Harper Montgomery gave up everything she had to be with the love of her life. But what she thought to be a happily ever after had turned into a disaster after she caught her husband cheating on her. Betrayed and broken-hearted, Harper was intent on regaining her former glory. Just as she was slowly fixing her life, she receives an invitation to her ex-husband’s and his mistress’ wedding. Unfazed by their attempt to provoke her, she attended their wedding with a hot stranger whom she randomly met in the streets of New York. Unbeknownst to Harper, this extremely gorgeous stranger was no other than Roland Bretford, the most eligible and charismatic CEO everyone wanted to lay their hands on. With the help of Roland, Harper was making a name in the fashion industry, chasing the dream she thought she could no longer pursue. But amidst the whirlwind of climbing the ladder of success in the fashion world, entertainment, and dealing with family drama, will the blossoming love between Harper and Roland stand against all odds? – “You think so highly of yourself, Roland. Well, not all people are quite interested in you.” Roland hummed. He wanted to believe that it was true. If it were, his mother wouldn’t even have a hard time looking for a perfect match for him. “Or maybe it’s just you, Harper. You are exempted from my charm. But are you really?”

  • Alma




    Reed, a young man that had spent his entire life in the slums wished for a miracle. He dreamt that one day he'd escape the ghetto he had been born in and travel across the world. He longed to embark on an adventure and truly begin living a real life. Alas, it was not meant to be. The stars had other plans in mind for the young man. On the night of his sixteenth birthday, he had his life flipped upside down. Caught in the midst of a confrontation between two rival gangs, Reed suffered a fatal injury. As he laid on the street, Reed couldn't help but laugh at how unfair his life had been from beginning to end. Born poor? Sure. No parents? Okay. No opportunities in life? Fine. But his own miserable life, too? "What more can I be deprived of?" Reed muttered as he struggled to keep his eyes open. A soft voice chuckled and said, "Much, much more, boy. But you'll soon have the opportunity to have all your wishes fulfilled." "...If you can earn the right to obtain them." --------------------------------------------- Let this message serve as a FINAL warning to those who have come in expecting the 'usual' type of story on this site. This is 'NOT' a wish-fulfillment based story. Please do NOT come into this novel with the expectation that you will get some kind of fearless action hero. The MC is everything but that. That he will be... this 'fearless, intrepid' person straight out of the FIRST chapter. A bold, charismatic hero with an unshakable resolve and iron will. Get that irritating preconception out of your head right now if you dare venture further into the story. I KNOW that's what you're expecting because that's the common setup with the stories on this site. I am writing a story about personal growth, above all else. Be forewarned about that. I'm serious. That means that the character has to start from the bottom and work his way UP. Not in only in terms of power, but also in the strength of his character -- as in, maturing INTO someone who will become a hero. Not over the course of a SINGLE chapter like some stories do. Not in SINGLE arc, or volume, but over the course of the ENTIRE STORY. My main character starts off as COWARDLY, INDECISIVE, and WHINY. He is by NO measure a heroic person, or EVEN a whole person. He is weak-willed and flawed because that is how I HAVE WRITTEN him to be, for good reason. Now, it's your right to DISLIKE this decision I've made and not read the novel because of that. Absolutely. If you want an OP power-fantasy, then go find it elsewhere on the site. You do you. Don't let me or anyone stop you from reading what you want. But if you read my novel for what it is and then give it a poor review, criticizing it for having a "flawed, detestable, and pathetic main character," I WILL delete your goddamned review on that point alone. tl;dr: My main character isn't fucking He-Man and the Terminator's baby. He's a human being with all the ugly, pathetic parts you don't like seeing in your OP Reincarnation novels. ------------------------------------------------- Any comment or review you'd leave for the novel is worth more than gold to me. Have a good one.

  • When I Laid My Eyes on You

    When I Laid My Eyes on You

    Castiel is a man of few words. He prefers to stay quiet, and hates loud noises. He is a man blessed with a mysterious halo. His family is noble and rich.His business is booming and successful. He is also handsome and Charismatic, Truly the son of heaven. but Something went wrong. He suddenly died. He was stabbed. Then died.However, There's no heaven nor hell. Just a vast darkness stretching far beyond he could see. Filled with confusion, Castiel cursed. Dying Wasn't Enough? He remained at limbo. Stuck and unable to reincarnate. Then, he suddenly heard a mechanical voice in his head.[I am System 25, also known as Guardian System. Congratulations to host for bindingto this System. Please, be the guardian ofthose who were oppressed and unjustlypunished. Save the true son of heaven, and punish those who seeks death. Prepare yourself, Host. Launching in 3...2...1...]

  • Evil Occultist

    Evil Occultist



    It's not easy being an evil CULT LEADER! Impulsive and charismatic beginner occultist Ted tries to murder someone with a forbidden spell and instead gets the attention of a hostile sun god. The only way Ted can shake off the influence of the divine being and avoid being absorbed is to perform a sacrifice - ten thousand souls, and they have to be willing. While Ted has no problems getting some poor sods to give up their souls for free, ten thousand is still quite a number and he decides to form his cult somewhere safer than his own homeland: the FIN, a great island in the cold, dark south where the sun god is weakened for half of the year. Ted needs to fight for dominance during his race to control the population of the Fin - first in order to get the technology needed to push through the unnatural storms that have plagued the ocean around the island, then in order to actually get the people to support his evil, insane, self-serving cause. He recruits people left and right, charming them with his silvery tongue and charisma, but there seems to be a conspiracy against him. Someone wants Ted dead, and it is not the hungry god of sun. Ted is not alone, though - his best friend, Eknie, is like a rabid yet loyal dog. She will stop at nothing to get Ted to share his life with her, but Eknie, the diplomatic bard lady from the Great Eastern Kingdom, is a benevolent stalker. Probably. Mostly. She arranges a meeting with someone who can invent a machine that will get the cult to the Fin in no time at all: the genius engineer and scientist, Madorn. He isn't cheap labor, of course... The sun god is nothing like Ted would have imagined. Always breathing down on his neck once the dreaded morning comes, its intrusive and sinister ways make him fear daylight. The god can make him its slave if it is not pleased with the regular sacrifices, and this ends up in Ted creating an army of ZOMBIES. The world of Ad Rath is in the middle of a technological revolution. Steam is utilized in all forms of transport - steam cars, steam trains, whatever one can imagine, it probably runs on steam. There is potential for more, though - the southern islands have been simmering inside a megastorm for years and supplies are running low in the barren land of the Fin. To travel all the way down to the cold and uncomfortable South from the safety of the Kingdom of Sennas with its luxury and degeneracy would be a punishment for most. 50 POWER STONES IN A WEEK OR 15 GOLDEN TICKETS RESULTS IN FIVE EXTRA CHAPTERS POSTED ON SUNDAY OF THE FOLLOWING WEEK. I will not budge from this deal. If you like it, vote for it, make them ps do the work and I'll write more. IMPORTANT: The MC is intentionally selfish and evil, causing misfortune and hurt wherever he goes. The other characters are not much better. Don't like, don't read. Mostly, though, Ted is just saving his own skin and gathering wealth, and being evil just for the sake of doing bad things. Don't expect a virtuous hero here. ALSO IMPORTANT: This is a sequel-ish to Water Belongs to the Dead: Heart of the Witch, set 100 years after the end of WBttD:HotW. While it is not needed to read it to understand Evil Occultist, giving it a look can help you familiarize yourself with the world. Love it, hate it, tell me in the comments anyway, vote, make me work even harder.




    Nathan wanted to take the next step in his revenge against everyone who made fun of him by developing an application for smartphones. This application allows you to receive messages on his mobile phone, messages that will give him the opportunity to have relationships with any woman, including her family, her friends or complete strangers. When trying to develop it Nathan suffers an accident that leaves him injured in his hands, having to receive help from his family until he recovers Note: English is not my main language, please be patient. this story is 100% fiction and fantasy if you are looking for a story about morality, this novel is not for you, simple and charismatic person, because this will contain a lot (͡ ~ ͜ʖ ͡ °) IMPORTANT NOTICE: for my mental health this will not have NETORARE sorry Read at your own risk Thank you for your visit ↓ look at this ¯ \ _ (ツ) _ / ¯ ↧

  • Superstar Aspirations - By Mo Chen Huan

    Superstar Aspirations - By Mo Chen Huan



    DescriptionIn his last life, he was a superstar that dominated the entertainment circle. In this life, he is a rebellious second generation wastrel.Confronting the aunt and uncle who wants to seize the family property and getting rid of those slag friends who only know how to eat and drink…Rong Xu: To not speak out means to perish in the silence!From starting out as a third-rate celebrity, he had to rely on his own efforts to rise to the top of the entertainment circle, aspiring to once again sit on the throne!Their first meeting —Rong Xu: Hello, I’m Rong Xu. This would be our first time meeting, I would appreciate your guidance.Qin Cheng: !!! (…Aahhh, He’s so cute! I really want to sleep with him!)TagsActing Black Belly Calm Protagonist Celebrities Charismatic Protagonist Clever Protagonist Cute Story Devoted Love Interests Doting Love InterestHandsome Male Lead Love at First SightLove Interest Falls in Love First Modern Day ReincarnationShowbiz Singers Strong Love InterestTransmigration Unconditional Love