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  • Collected Stories of Unrequited Love

    Collected Stories of Unrequited Love

    Realistic Fiction SYSTEM

    Series of stories of unrequited love. A police officer found the one child he wish. A couple that help a young girl achieved her dream. A dying mother befriend her estranged daughter. A miraculous doctor who found love and life in a strange town. And a heroic son who care for his estranged father.

  • The Adapter's System

    The Adapter's System



    In the year 2053, earth was struck with a mana surge from a failed scientific project, causing great magical calamities and mutations. The supernatural became the natural, magic became the norm. Advanced Civilisation had become extinct. While suffering through the invasion of races and the aggression of monsters originated from the mutation of animals. With this society who has progressed into the supernatural, how would a Young talentless man, with no power or magic, be able to survive? What if, one day, he had a fortunate encounter with a system, a system which could not only adapt but evolve. Would he remain weak and powerless? Or would he adapt and become something… Bigger? Power stone objectives till the end of march: 200 Power stones / 2 extra chapters 400 Power stones / 3 Extra chapters 600 Power stones / 4 Extra chapters Collection Goals: 500 Collections : 1 Extra chapter 1000 Collections: 2 Extra chapters 2000 Collections: 3 Extra Chapters

  • Some good ass poems I collected

    Some good ass poems I collected


    Yukari Saito lived a depressing and lonely life full of misery and hatred. He tragically dies in an accident on his way to school, but his soul refused to extinguish and reborn like a phoenix. He woke up in the world of Soulless Heroine—his favorite light novel. Unfortunately, what awaits him at the end of the Protagonist's journey was the destruction of the multiverse. But unlike everyone who are bound to the storyline's script, he's a Fateless character with a unique system that defies plot armor. Determined to take matters into his own hands and avoid the inevitable bad ending, he uses his knowledge of the storyline to get ahead of others.Will he achieve a good ending or die a meaningless death?

  • Hot Sex Stories Collection

    Hot Sex Stories Collection

    Fantasy Romance R18 SMUT

    Warning!!! Warning!!!!! Full of smut and sex Real sex stories here But if you want to cum you can join me ^_^

  • Thomas the trickish man who collected his king a full bag of gold

    Thomas the trickish man who collected his king a full bag of gold

    My king I have something great for you I have just seen an angel in my house and the Angel want to meet with all the villagers but it is whosoever that is cleen that will be able to see the Angel

  • Rise Of The Prism Collective

    Rise Of The Prism Collective


    The Prism Collective has long fallen, but in its place rising from the embers centuries later was their last effort. a machine so advanced, to one day rebuild what was lost. However the three races of the universe will seek destruction of the machines should they discover the last of their race is still alive.Will the last machine succeed and build armies under the three noses of the races or fall just like others had under their unshakable foundations? _______________Hey folks, I'm not so good at making the summaries of this, but in other words an advanced machine has the challenge to rebuild what's lost and not be discovered by the vast armies under the three races. this is like Skynet in space, slightly tweaked, of course their not the same, but their certainly looking like it.Also tags are wonky on phone, so some may follow a slight deviation, but i assure you that's as close as i could get. On phone they don't allow you to make your own apparently..

  • Sword Collecting Legend

    Sword Collecting Legend


    "You dared to hurt my Divine Luminous Harbinger of Light?!! I won't forgive you!" In a world where everyone and their mothers had a Class, no matter how simple or mundane it's function was, one man stood by himself. Louis Fraser, an 18-year-old-boy lived his whole life shunned by society for not having a class. For being the sole anomaly in the entire world. People called him a sinner. A blasphemer. Someone who was thrown and cast aside from receiving the Grace of Gods. They believed that if they interacted with this child, they would get cursed too. The Unwanted. ___ That day, he lit a candle and sang the classic Happy Birthday song in a low volume, with nobody to attend the party except for himself. Perhaps, he had to thank his horrendous luck. For that was what triggered the fateful encounter between him and his first sword. Amidst the lonely night, in the darkness, there he was. Blood was dripping from his arm, which had been grazed by the fallen blade, but it didn't distract him admiring the shining item. From then, something awakened inside him. His path to fulfilling his obsession- No, his passion was about to begin. ____ What were classes? Grace bestowed by the Gods to help humans survive through countless perils? A form of their love, a protective mechanism? If so, why did the Gods put them through those arduous trials in the first place? A sole man who was unaffected by the terms of 'Classes'. He, who breaks the rules of boundaries set by the Creators could be the sole hope of mankind in solving this endless ordeal. With the world constantly changing for the worse, something needs to be the key to stop it all. Could Louis Fraser be the one? "Ending disasters? Mankind is about to fall down? Whatever, I only care about my swords! Scram!" ...It could be, if swords are involved. If not, count him out!

  • The Journey Collection

    The Journey Collection

    Beaten Paths One horrific mistake… After a near-fatal accident, Sarah Adams was left hospitalized and faced months of grueling surgery and rehab—alone. One chance encounter… Charlie Burin walked in when the rest of the world walked out. He refused to let her quit, vowing to hold her up until she could stand on her own. One unexpected twist… When a new obstacle arises, can two people who have been through hell keep fighting for love when the odds are stacked against them? Gravel Road Defined by the land we grew up on, Mason Belle, Texas, wrote our story. And then it tore out the pages. Six years later, Miranda had managed to slip away again. But this time, I refused to let her run. Small-town, high school sweethearts were torn apart by tragedy. Six years later, will this cowboy wrangle his girl in a second-chance romance that will leave you breathless for more? The Journey Collection is created by Stephie Walls, an eGlobal Creative Publishing Signed Author.

  • Collection of Monster Girls

    Collection of Monster Girls



    Walter was just a normal guy in our world who suddenly died of a tragic accident. But the next thing he knows, he was already in a different plane of existence, ready to be reincarnated in a different world. Will his life in his new world turn out to be better than his terrible previous one? Luckily enough, his love of Eroges that features monster girls will be paid off! [This is just for fun. Warning!!! Might have slightly awkward sex scenes!!!]

  • Shelter: All-Class Survival

    Shelter: All-Class Survival



    Players of the game Apocalypse Shelter were transmigrated to another world where danger was in every corner. Players had to collect resources to strengthen their shelter to survive. When Chen Cheng was also transmigrated, he found out that he had obtained the [All Class Panel] and had activated his first class, Beekeeper. He could use his bees to scan his surroundings for dangers, collect resources, and even attack enemies. His bees continued to grow stronger, to the point where his bees were able to defeat the mutated beasts and produce super honey. The superorganism bees became Chen Cheng's best assistants while he progressively activated his other classes.

  • Collection of 18+ stories

    Collection of 18+ stories

    Fantasy R18

    18+ onlyDisclaimer:I do not own any story in this novel. It is a collection of stories found online. You can search for it using google.

  • Dream Dominant Collection

    Dream Dominant Collection

    LUKE & BELLA Traveling the world is the job of a lifetime. No wonder they fell in love. Too bad Luke forgot to mention to Bella that he’s Dominant. LOST & BOUND Spoiled Hollywood starlet Shasta is used to getting her own way. She’s met her match in Dominant mountain man Blake. FOR SPARROW Judd promised to look after young widow Jessi until she finds a new Dominant. What if he’d like to be that man? WARRIOR MINE Can strong, independent single mom Jackie possibly agree to submit to Dominant outdoorsman Scott? Sex scenes/explicit content, Suggest age range 18+ The Dream Dominant Collection is by Pandora Spocks, an eGlobal Creative Publishing Signed Author.

  • Collection of drarry

    Collection of drarry

  • Horror Collection

    Horror Collection

    Horror&Thriller ADVENTURE DARK SCARY

    A collection of spooky and eeire tales that will make you feel chilled or intrigued. If you are a fan of the world of horror and Gore, please endulge in this collection of thrills and chills.

  • The Collection

    The Collection

    Magical Realism ACTION KILLER

    Arthur Barnes is a failed Author with a secret, that will not be found out... that is until a 'photographic journalist' called James Silver gets an exclusive with Arthur Barnes. James Silver isn't a photographic journalist, he's an undercover detective for the New Central Police Department (NCPD) and is given the case to uncover Arthur Barnes secret. Can James uncover what's not in plain sight? or will he be too late?

  • The collection

    The collection

  • Collection of Horror Tales

    Collection of Horror Tales


    Each chapter is independent, but each Volume has its own tale. The first Tale is about a Daemon, hungry for souls and a soul that struggles against him. -Release rate: Im done with this website, im sorry to everybody hoping for new chapters. - new Cover made by: yaoyueyi (Thank you ^^)

  • Arkan Collection

    Arkan Collection



    On Hiatus----- Magic! Mystery! Vast, mystical continents with danger lurking around every corner! That is the world of Arkan! Noah and Ayden, two best friends from Earth, are killed in a freakish way and find themselves in the middle of nowhere in that magical world. Follow them closely as they traverse this world, meeting new unique people! They will dive deep into dungeons, climb up onto mountains to meet with the sages, and tread through arcane deserts to find amazing artifacts!In this new World of Arkan, these two never seem to be able to relax!----- Check out the Patreon, to get up to 10 Chapters in advance, as well as some more extra content! the Discord! cover is temporary!

  • Fangirls Collection

    Fangirls Collection

    Romance is more than just stories between the covers of a book, and many hope the tales spring from the pages and into their lives. For the readers gathered together in historic St. Augustine for the St. Augustine Authors Event their fantasies are about to come true. Some have visions of doing more than just getting a signature from their favorite author or cover model, while even authors arrive hoping for a little spontaneous adventure. Lives change during this weekend event as people take the fantasies, which have kept them warm at night, from the pages of their novels to bring the heat into their lives as well as their sheets. Fangirls: The Collection brings together five stories from five different ladies and shares the relationships they are hoping turn out to be more than just fantasies. Fangirls is created by R.C. Wynne, an eGlobal Creative Publishing author.

  • collection


    This is purely for my own interest in killing boredom. It's just a short collection of stories. no promises in updates. No happy stuff here so beware. Furthermore, this is original and I would be happy if you tell me if anyone copywrites. Lastly, if you have issues regarding unhappy stuff or relatively dark stuff don't bother reading this. I would love comments.