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  • Creatures Community

    Creatures Community

    Nolan is a 17 years old mora. One of the rarest creatures on Earth. He goes to Mythology High - all mystical creatures high school. He can't even imagine what will happen to him and his friends (Daniel, Ivy and Mark) when they overhear about something that they shouldn't.Story about adventure, betrayal, romance, fantasy and more. WARNING: in this story will have a lot of LGBTQ+ content so if you are not okay with it please don't read or write hateful comments thanks. (cover is not mine)Sorry this is my first story so it's not good and I'm not good at descriptions. This story is just for fun. I am not a writer. I made this story just because my weird brain didn't let go of this idea for 2 months. Enjoy! And btw I'm Croatian so English is not my first language. If you find any kind of mistake in my writing feel free to single it out.

  • Free Community

    Free Community

  • Hero Community System

    Hero Community System


    In an empty world without stars or planets. There is a white ball floating in this nothingness.To start changing the course of an infinite number of worlds---------------------------------------------------------------------Well, I know the synopsis is boring, but let me tell you that I'm trying to create a story different from anything else readingIt is my first novel so there will be a number of errors and problems. Please give me your support and comments to continue.I'm still writing the first chapters so I'd be happy to get some guidance.Refuse any ideas to change the plot of the story.---------------------------------------------------------------------------English is not my mother tongueI'm using Google Translate, so sorry for the mistakes.----------------------------------------------------------------------This is my first time writing a novel, but I hope you enjoy.

  • My community service story

    My community service story

  • Communism


  • The Grail´s Quest- Bluthund Community 5

    The Grail´s Quest- Bluthund Community 5

    According to Christian tradition The Holy Chalice is the vessel that Jesus used at the Last Supper to serve wine. In the 12th Century Arthurian literature the Chalice became associated with the pre-existing story of the Holy Grail, a miraculous artifact with magical properties. The fully developed legend further identifies the Grail with the vessel later used to collect Christ's blood, brought to Hispania by Joseph of Arimathea.The Bluthund Community is an informal hermetic group formed on social networks. It brings together researchers from the most diverse disciplines, who collaborate in the resolution of difficult-to-manage cases. They have research methods that come from both the positive sciences and alternative knowledge, based on traditional wisdom, in arcana of different cultures. As part of their training, the Community commissioned 4 young people of different nationalities to follow the trail of a find in Argentine Patagonia, related to the presence of the Holy Grail, presumably carried to these distant places by the Knights Templar.A vibrant historical thriller that will keep you in suspense until the end

  • My love and my community(BL)

    My love and my community(BL)


    Mark is an handsome, intelligent and hard working boy in his third year in the university . He discovered his sexuality when he was in the second year of his high school when he fell in love with is best friend but he never confessed to his friend because he is an homophobic person so he moved on and never fell in love again until his third year in the university where he met Yousef a Guy from another department. what will he do this time? will he confess or remain silent ? because even the community he lives is a community that does not accept that kind of relationship.This is my first boy love novel pls and pls encourage me that you . you can call me prityliz

  • White Online

    White Online



    [WPC #246 - Silver Place Winner!]Since he was a child, Isaac was unable to improve his strength no matter how much he tried, like he was cursed by the Gods.One day, a massive snowstorm struck the peaceful city of Snowstar, wreaking havoc in a peaceful community. Young Isaac was wandering alone in the forest when the snowstorm struck, seeking adventures and excitement, but instead, he found something else that completely changed him and his future.Several years later, Isaac suffered an incident caused by his jealous classmates, which bedridden him for several months, but after the traumatizing experience, doctors thought that it would take him years before he could overcome his trauma, but against all odds... He overcame it in 2 weeks!Being heavily sheltered and protected by his family after the incident, Isaac's life seemed dull and kind of boring, but then... The highly anticipated VRMMORPG White Online was released. Without thinking twice, Isaac bought the cheapest VR Helmet available and entered the new world with almost zero expectations, but excited nonetheless.This is the story of Isaac Whitelock, who will rise from being a protected and weak individual to being one of the sole hopes of the entire Human race.[Connecting...][Welcome to White Online!][Legacies awaits you!][Do you want to be a Legacy Carrier or Casual Player who history won't remember?]__________________Disclaimer: Cover owned by me, made by Dini MarlinaTags: Action - Romance - Adventure - Video Games - Slice of Life - No Harem - R-18 - Yandere - VRMMORPG - Martial Arts - Comedy - Genius Protagonist - Beautiful Male Lead - Worshipped MC - Mysterious Past - Heartwarming - Cute Female Lead - Clingy Lover - Weak to Strong - Gods - Loved MC - Calm Protagonist - Rich Protagonist - Legacies - Historical - Famous Protagonist

  • Blood Runes- Bluthund Community 1

    Blood Runes- Bluthund Community 1

    If you love historical fiction, this novel will cut your breath from the beginning.In the eleventh century, after leaving the misty shores of Markland a Viking drakkar is dragged to the Yucatan Peninsula where the Mayan culture flourishes. By marrying the daughter of a tribal chief, Bjarni becomes aware of a treasure hidden in the ruins of an abandoned temple. Years later he decides to return to Greenland but his ship sinks. Upon reaching land he leaves runic inscriptions referring to the Mayan treasures and to intriguing ruins of a city of white men above the Arctic Circle, site of the legendary Thule according to clairvoyants linked to Nazism. At the present time a group of researchers from a virtual society is following in his footsteps but must face a powerful group seeking to restore the Thousand Year Reich on the one hand, and looters of cultural treasures on the other. This book is part of the series “Civilizations, myths and crime” Vibrant thriller in its entirety.




  • The Mystic Warrior- Bluthund Community 2

    The Mystic Warrior- Bluthund Community 2

    After the Bolshevik revolution of 1917 a Russian nobleman surrounded by an aura of mystical warrior continues the struggle in Mongolia and manages to restore the monarchy in that republic. Before falling into the hands of the Communists, he sends the Mongolian treasure to save it from his enemies.In the current age the members of an informal community of researchers called Bluthund keep track of that treasure in the Gobi Desert facing attacks from fearsome Mongol bandits, terrible sandstorms and persecutions of another rival organization working in the shadows.The findings in the Gobi lead them to a much more decisive search in Tibet with amazing and disturbing results.A vibrant thriller that will keep you in suspense until the end.

  • Professional communication

    Professional communication

    Be kind all the time

  • communication problem

    communication problem

  • Being Part Of LGBTQ Community Is Not Easy

    Being Part Of LGBTQ Community Is Not Easy

  • Awarding India From British Government and Community

    Awarding India From British Government and Community

  • The Eagle´s Nest- Bluthund Community 3

    The Eagle´s Nest- Bluthund Community 3

    A strange series of ritual murders in various parts of the world alarms the United States government because of its destabilizing potential in hot areas of the world. Due to the characteristics of the events, the authorities contacted the Bluthund Community, a private organization made up of experts in unconventional disciplines.Certain keys in common to the crimes lead investigators to the trail of the Sect of the Nizaris, created in the Middle Ages in Persia by a mysterious "Old Man of the Mountain", reported by travelers such as Marco Polo and stories from the time of the Crusades. The assassins that formed it had terrified the kingdoms of the Middle Ages of the Near and Middle East.Bluthund investigators travel to the ruins of the mysterious Castle of Alamut, located in present-day Iran. There they find with amazement that the sect is still active and must confront the fearsome assassins who guard their sacred site.A historical thriller that will keep the reader on edge from start to finish.

  • The Romanov Diadem- Bluthund Community 4

    The Romanov Diadem- Bluthund Community 4

    When the Russian Revolution broke out in 1917 and the Bolsheviks assassinated Tsar Nicholas II's family, large sectors opposed the new communist government. By means of the legendary Trans-Siberian Railway the rebels carried the imperial treasure to the heart of Asia and intended to resist from there. The Bolsheviks eventually defeated them but could not find a large part of the treasure including tons of gold bars and the Empress' jewelry.In modern times the descendants of those noble exiles follow certain clues as to the whereabouts of the treasure and turn to the Bluthund Community, a virtual group of scientists in different disciplines, to organize a search expedition in Siberia. However, various powerful groups have their own plans and will oppose their action. Intrigues, mystery and violence in the middle of the wild mountains of East Asia.A travel, suspense and action novel that will catch your breath from the start.

  • Cheetah Communication

    Cheetah Communication

  • The Communication Labyrinth

    The Communication Labyrinth

    Strange events under the Antarctic ice shelves plunge earth’s nations into a predicament and the world's superpowers are clueless about what they are up against.In a remote region of the planet, strange occurrences grab an ice researcher’s attention. The ensuing events cause Russian leaders to seek out a grieving widow who spends her days caring for houseplants; they ask her to save Mother Russia from destruction.British and German officials are stumped by strange messages to average citizens, unsure what to do next. On the other side of the Atlantic, American naval commanders implore a potato chip loving civilian to pull off the impossible.As the crisis grows, the human ability to communicate is found lacking and society's capacity for compromise is tried. The dilemma causes ordinary people to become vital specialists and the ordeal tests limits they were unaware they had. These once average individuals are asked to unite the globe's diverse cultures and confront an unknown foe, or modern civilization will come to an end.