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    Being a student is not bad at all. A guy who still studies to reach his dream, but fall to a girl that becomes a barrier with his career.

  • Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic

    Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic

    After being secluded for his entire life, a boy called Aladdin travels the world with his "friend" Ugo, the Djinn contained within Aladin's flute, until he meets Alibaba Saluja, a young man aiming to one day explore the nearby dungeon Amon and claim its treasures.

  • Who Am I ?.

    Who Am I ?.

    A young innocent L forget his pass, in order to find it he needs to trouble and look for his memory fragments. A long with his new friend Zykan on his side to help him.

  • Never be afraid to do the things to make you feel free

    Never be afraid to do the things to make you feel free

    A story of unexpected situations of a young fighten girl.The life she has was never been great to her. when a hunter took her from her home town to be sold as slave.In the end the person who bought her treat her good and give her a lot of freedom compared to the other slave.Soon she became the great writer in world.



    A story of leadership and a journey of finding something that was lost a long time ago........ #finding answers.

  • steamy affairs

    steamy affairs

    The night I will never forget, the night when my pride and dignity was ripped off by a man I trusted, a man I called my father.Her eyes part open when I felt hands on my breast. Turning to her side, She was shocked to see her step father on the bed with her. Worst of all, he was just on his briefs.“Dad, what are you doing?” She asked smacking his hands off her breast but he held her hands and got on top of her. She tried to struggle with him but he pinned both her hands above her head.“Dad,c please don’t do this” She pleaded in tears.“Gold sweetheart just be a good girl for daddy”“Dad, please” I tried fighting him off but I only received a resounding slap. He ripped off all my clothings as his hands fondled with my breast and i cried even more.She tried wrestling with him but she was overpowered.Who will save Gold Collins from the clutches of a ruthless master?Read more to find out….

  • Crazy pleasure

    Crazy pleasure

    "You are most certainly not a wh*re, you’re the most beautiful woman in the world and I want to make you feel like you are”. Meet Patrick, a sexually frustrated young man with a deep crush on his lecturer”. Miss Tolu was my Acc210 professor. She was lovely at 5'5 and 140 pounds, with light black hair, a 32 C breast, a slender waist, broad hips, and a nice fat round butt.She was stunning, especially with her dark eyes. I didn't know her age at the time, but I guessed she was in her mid to late 30s.After many sexcapades, a mysterious event occurred.

  • Deranged Writer's Afterword

    Deranged Writer's Afterword


    I'm a loser that writes for a living.Now that I'm about to kill myself, I can proudly admit that fact.I was born a loser and now I'm gonna die a loserSo, with much vigor, I decided to jump off a bridge. But when the moment came I got cold feet and decided to not kill myself.But I still died.....Turns out being drunk and standing on a very thin railing was not that safe and the fact that I don't know how to swim wasn't helping.Mission failed successfully, I suppose.But what's this?Why are my arms so tiny?Why can't I stand up?I have turned into a baby!Literally.WAIT.Why is this world so strangely familiar?Isn't this world based on a novel I wrote long ago...I reincarnated as a baby in my novel's world !??'' Sigh...''Fuck this shit, I'm out.[ Disclaimer: I don't own the cover. If the owners want me to take it down, please dm me on Instagram.]My username is carrot_dude12345

  • Re:write The Authors Transmigration

    Re:write The Authors Transmigration



    Reborn Flames, a writer, who's known for his shitty novel, ‘The world of trials’, found himself stuck in his prologue. Not a writer’s block. Actual stuck as in real life stuck in his novel. Everything seem to go well yesterday, he was offered an adaptation for his novel, and a big interview was arranged by his company. But when he opened his eyes, he awaken to see a white room, and he mistakes reality for some sort of dream

  • With you (bl omegaverse)

    With you (bl omegaverse)

    I will always be with you, in your dreams wether it's a nightmare or not, I will always be there. I just need you to forget the bad time, forget everything that has broken you and just remember me and only me

  • All Five of My Sisters Have Systems

    All Five of My Sisters Have Systems

    Urban SYSTEM


    Because of an accident, both of Simon's parents died and he was adopted by his aunt who lived far far away and suddenly had five sisters overnight. The flattered Simon was bound with the "System Supplier" System. It automatically gave a system to each of his sisters. The eldest sister, a domineering company president, obtained the Return Rate System. Invested in fashion project, return rate 120%; Invested in jewelry project, return rate 300%; Invested in brother Simon, return rate 1000000000%! Second Sister Elizabeth, a Psychologist, obtained the Inner Voices Eavesdrop System. Not only could she hear the inner voices of her patients, but she could also hear the inner voice of her brother. Simon wanted a “full-body essential oil massage-meditation treatment”? Satisfy him~! Third Sister Mary, a superstar actor, obtained the Acting System. Acted as a female officer, acting skills +100; Acted as a female nurse, acting skills +100; Acted as Simon’s girlfriend, acting skills +10000! Fourth Sister Katherine, a gorgeous goddess amongst scholars, obtained the Check-in System. Checked-in to study at Simon’s room received god-tier Biology knowledge! Checked-in to study at Simon’s table received god-tier Chemistry knowledge! Checked-in to study on Simon’s bed received god-tier Physiology and Health Science knowledge! Fifth Sister Lidia, a famous streamer with more than a million followers on Tiktok, obtained the Streaming System. I only need to stream a regular day in the life of my elder brother Simon and me to receive all kinds of rewards! As such. Simon’s life started becoming a lot more lively.

  • The Void Writer

    The Void Writer


    This young man in his early life as a teenager is considered to be a talent born once every century. A modern Shakespeare. Highly regarded by thousands of people all around the globe with his tear-jerking creations of love story that will make men and women cry. In short, a genius. But everyone knew of his true nature. Despite being awarded countless awards as one of the best romance author in the whole world, he's... clueless. Everything about love. His cold demeanor and a stone cold face shows no signs of attractions or feelings to anyone. He doesn't feel any attraction to anyone. Now, he enters the first years of his high school life. Several interesting characters entered his life in which fate clearly planned to. Will he be able to feel the feelings of the character he writes in his novels or will he just be the same old, cold and heartless, 'Void Writer'? AUTHOR'S NOTE: As much as I'd like to reference real books in the real world in this story, I'm afraid that I cannot since there's copyrights and licensing protecting those things. And I'm not going to risk it. So that's why most of the books in this story will be made up by me.

  • I Can Pick Up Powers From The Novels I Write

    I Can Pick Up Powers From The Novels I Write



    Chen Yi, who was in the process of writing a new novel, encountered an idiotic editor. The editor claimed that even though the writers would not get paid for publishing on their site, the writers could extract the powers owned by the main leads if their books were popular. Chen Yi trusted none of the nonsense spouted by the editor. To prank the website, Chen Yi uploaded a novel with censored content in it. In the end, the next morning, he was shocked by the transformation that occurred to his body.

  • The  Rejected Blind Luna

    The Rejected Blind Luna

    "It's a command and not a request, look me in the eyes," he let out. "I said look me in the eyes," he yelled louder that I couldn't help but shiver. "She's blind," someone let out in the crowd. I could feel my legs go weak. "Are you blind?" he asked but I kept mute. "Don't let me repeat myself, are you blind?" he yelled in frustration. "Yes," I said with a teary and shaky voice. "A blind Mate," he yelled out for everyone to hear. "The moon Goddess must be great to have given me a blind-mate, a useless and weak one! What can a blind person do? They are of no use," he let out as those words hit me hard. "You would never be good enough for me and therefore it would be a waste to have you as my mate," he said as my legs went weak, I couldn't help it as I fell to the floor. I wished that he could stop because all his words were assassinating to the heart. "I, Alpha Ace-King reject you for a mate."

  • The Bonding Love [สามีพันธกาลรัก](Ver,. English)

    The Bonding Love [สามีพันธกาลรัก](Ver,. English)


    Today’s husband is yesterday’s benefactor."Mirawadee" was betrayed by his fiancée, prompting her to flee. She still has to meet with a benefactor and follow her everywhere. Later, to survive, she had to consent to marry him. After that, she fell in love till she couldn’t stop herself. Until one day, she knew he was roughly a hundred years old.But fate has placed her right in the middle of the rank fate of this endlessly agonizing love. When the story from the past resurfaces, a mysterious spirit arrives and offers to ‘Give me your body’ to atone for the previous misdeeds she has committed!!

  • How To Live As A Writer In A Fantasy World

    How To Live As A Writer In A Fantasy World


    Reincarnated in a fantasy world. All of the novels worth reading here appear to be SAT English problems. So I began writing my own fantasy novels as a hobby to augment my previous job. However, the novel I wrote had an odd ripple effect. That’s fantastic as well. Note: This translation is an edited MTL with some edits for better understanding and manual rectification of some (not all) errors. If there are still some errors, I apologize for that.

  • My husband sour betrayal

    My husband sour betrayal

    "Claudia," Travis called but she began to place little kisses on his back. She trudged to his front before shoving her lips over his hungrily and roughly. Firstly he didn't give in but soon, Travis began to kiss her with intensity too. Travis began to nibble her neck as Claudia's breath hitched beneath her throat making her breath come out in puffs. Soon they began to kiss again until they got into an empty room.Travis pushed her to the wall as they deepened the kiss. They eagerly started to remove one another's clothing. Claudia was done as she quickly unhooked Travis's button. They fell to the bed as Travis began to ponder his member deeply into another woman vagina as the moans and groans of their ecstasy filled the air. "

  • This Stalker Won't Leave Me Alone!

    This Stalker Won't Leave Me Alone!

    No matter how far I ran, no matter where I hide, he's always one step ahead leaving me enthralled by his schemes. I never thought in my life that my ordinary life could be flipped upside down. That was until I received a message. A message from an annoying, flirtatious, ingenious guy who's obsessed with me. He's my deranged stalker, And he won't leave me alone until he got me in his grasps. After escaping her abusive family, April Westwood was able to have a decent life in the famous city, New York. Together with her best friend Cherry Baker they work at a big corporation. April's life was about to get back on trail until one day she woke with a strange phone message. The message was from Private Number, her stalker, who claims to love her. April tried to block him, but quickly realizes that that wasn't a smart move. Her deranged stalker had killed three innocent people from her work as punishment for her behavior. April learns that to keep the people that she loves safe from harm that she shouldn't anger her stalker, but that doesn't mean that she wouldn't try to come with antics to get away from him. On her way to the convenience shop she meets Mark Moore, the stand-in CEO of her corporation. The man's beauty is equal to a mythical God and April can't take her eyes off him. At the same time, she can't help but get a foreboding feeling every time her eyes locks with his. Why is that?

  • Writers' Wish

    Writers' Wish

  • A Writers Inspiration

    A Writers Inspiration