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  • Contemplating to justice

    Contemplating to justice


    Story of a young boy who witnesses the cruel death of his father as the mob turned him into an orphan. Why did they do so?, why didnt he save his father? What made him search for justice? And many more interesting questions, right?Read the story full of emotions, love, hatred and the reality of our world.

  • contemplating to justice

    contemplating to justice


    all about justice, a story of a son who witnesses his father being killed by the mob, but does he have courage enough to save him? is he able to achieve his mission in life?

  • My Fierce Tigress Wife

    My Fierce Tigress Wife


    Everything Wang Hu ever wanted before he died was to build a family. He reincarnates into a tiger with the memories of his previous life intact. He contemplates a life of captivation in the zoo for some interaction with humans before loneliness eats through him… until he encounters a beautiful snow-white tiger. He forces her to be his wife which results in two tiger cubs. Everything seems to be perfect until one day. The world suddenly experiences the awakening of spiritual powers, giving nourishment to everything on Earth. Alternate worlds start appearing and major powers seem to be on the move… Moreover, something seems to be wrong with his wife. Is she a reincarnation of someone great? However, it doesn’t matter since she can never beat him. “You have to abide by me since you can’t beat me!” “Roar!”

  • The endless cycles of contemplation

    The endless cycles of contemplation

  • Cultivation Notes of a True Immortal

    Cultivation Notes of a True Immortal


    Everyone wants to be Immortal. But when one actually achieves that goal, everyone asks themselves the same question: 'What do I do now?' Some have an answer in the beginning, and some don't. Eventually, those who hit the ground running, slow to a standstill. Those who started slow, eventually soar freely among the heavens. However, both types will come to a standstill many more times than once throughout their existence. I, myself, contemplated for a while about my next venture. Ultimately, I wanted to write my memoirs and give my fellow immortals something to keep them entertained. As I thought of the past, I came up with the idea to write my cultivation notes. Real cultivation notes. Not on a single sword art or martial skill. Not about some Dao or occupation. My name is Orym Vamoria. Orym in the Elvish tongue means 'Ten Thousand Skills.' I'm going to write about how I've mastered them all. During my first life, a great martial artist had a saying: "I fear not the man who has practiced 10,000 kicks once, but I fear the man who has practiced one kick 10,000 times." Tell me, do you think he would fear a man who practiced ten thousand skills more than ten thousand times? Haa, I wonder... Anyways, the journey began long before I was born on the Chaos Serpent Planet. My journey started on a planet destroyed eons ago --Earth. Pay attention because even the smallest life detail can affect your cultivation. Written in First Person Omniscient: A rare form of the first person is the first person omniscient, in which the narrator is a character in the story, but also knows the thoughts and feelings of all the other characters. It can seem like third-person omniscient at times.

  • Trapped Destinies

    Trapped Destinies



    “The fragrance of your love always flows in my veins,” Asher said coming dangerously closer to Louisa “How do you?” Louisa asked shocked. For some unexplainable reason her heat skipped the rhythm listening to those lines “Babygirl from now on you will only be answering my questions” Asher spoke caging Louisa in his arms “The past is gone just like the water under the bridge, you can’t get a second back; what matters is ‘now’ the right now and where will we go from here” he whispered into her ears smiling viciously The way he said those lines contemplated something in her mind “Why do his eyes look like the ones I knew?” she thought trying to get out of his tight embrace which is making her feel suffocated. “I am loving this Babygirl, where I can see you out but you can’t see it; It’s giving me inevitable pleasure,” he said leaning towards her lips but she pushed him away “Babygirl; if you are still thinking of running away, you better give up that silly idea of yours. You don’t have any other way than this as we had our destinies trapped together,” Asher said following her -------------- Synopsis: Louisa Miller: Born with a silver spoon in the affluent Miller family. She is strong, independent, and talented. Some memories were engraved deeper into her heart than the tattoos on her body. Life was never easy for her but she knows how to beat the hurdles and rise against the odds Asher Carter: Mystery runs in his blood. He is like the brightest moon, who still have a darker side which scared him about the worse things it can do and one day everything he was scared of happening, happened and it changed everything. __________________________ This novel has a mix of all the emotions ranging for happiness to mysteries, with the unexpected twists and turns I believe that the story can keep you hooked. The starting chapters maybe a little lousy but every chapter is important for the main crux of the story. I hope you will shower the love, feel free to comment, and correct my mistakes. The cover doesn’t belong to me and was downloaded from pinterest and was edited by Sree_Exol#1214

  • Domineering Billionaire Husband: Please Love Me Gently

    Domineering Billionaire Husband: Please Love Me Gently

    She was forced to accept a marriage proposal from a strange billionaire to pay her huge debt and to take back her inheritance left to him when her mother died.Nathan's lawyer handed her the documents, including the marriage certificate.Crystal contemplated the proposal for a moment before addressing Mike, his lawyer. "I only have two questions," she said. "The first question is this: if I sign it, does it mean that I don't need to pay my debt?"Mike: "Yes. And your second question...?"Crystal: "Okay, I haven't reached the legal age for marriage yet, so even if I sign it, it won't take effect. Is that right?"Nathan quickly raised his hand and said, "If I say that it is effective, no one will dare to say that it isn't. Do you believe that?""I suppose so," Crystal admitted. She hesitated for a moment, and then she signed the marriage certificate.Months later, she asked for a divorce from him. He stared at her in silence, then he uttered, "Have I ever told you how much I love you?""What does that have to do with our divorce?" Crystal asked."I'm only asking because I care about you," Nathan murmured.Suddenly, tears began to stream down Nathan's face."I'll be happy if you say that you care about me," Nathan continued. "Why must you torture me this way? Haven't I done enough to prove my love for you?"She was stunned hearing his confession and words stuck on her throat.Nathan carried on with his little speech. He said, "I have died once, and the fear of death has no hold on me. But if you admit that you care for me, then I will live for you! So, please, love me once, and I will be at your disposal!"

  • High-Class Mob

    High-Class Mob



    Read my Other Story: Payne: The Absolute King === As Leo opened his eyes, he found himself in the body that is not his. Colt Edgeworth is a man with little to no information in the story Sword of Heaven. The character Colt Edgeworth died in the hands of his fiancé after experiencing some stabby-stabby action. And that is who Leo had become. ‘I am in a world that has magic, different technology, customs, races, and Gods actually do shit, and I have a woman who loves me but also wants to turn me into swiss cheese...’ He looked at the mirror, contemplated his fate, and came to a single conclusion... ‘So be it, I’ll try living.’ === I do not own the cover pic...I just saw it and thought it was awesome...all rights reserve to the original creator Patreon:

  • check for Heir of Crazy Necromancer

    check for Heir of Crazy Necromancer


    -Kyle Clement- A man regarded as one of the brightest minds of the 21st century for his grand advancements in the fields of Artificial Intelligence and Robotics. As an engineer and an inventor, he was recognized for the groundbreaking work that revolutionized the world, almost single-handedly bringing about the next era of industry. But, as is with all good times, tragedy struck and reduced the man who was once world-renowned as the “Father of the Robotic Era” to nothing more than an unemployed middle-aged man in the countryside. “I, who was a great man and did right by everyone, have become nothing more than a washed-up nobody! What happened!? Where did it all go wrong!?” he’d frequently ask himself, but arrived at the same conclusion, no matter how often he desperately sought a definite answer. He didn’t know! What he did know was that, right now, he was as broke as fu*k! Being the penniless man that he was, as he listlessly gazed into the sky, he contemplated what he could do to get out of his current situation. Even if not for himself, for the five children that were dependent on him. He needed money. He needed money to at least feed those who had the unfortunate luck of following him to his lowest point, already knowing that his doom was set in stone. That's when he remembered something that was mentioned in the news earlier that day, “Genesis”, a VRMMORPG which created huge waves across the globe, whose story shifted and developed as the players affected the world itself. While that’s great and all, what really got his mind churning was how lucrative that game was and continued to be, as well as the possibilities it could provide him to help claw his way back up from his current circumstances. He, who only ever played games off his PC, decided to jump into the new world of magic and opportunity. Will he really be able to do what he set out to do or will he fall into despair trying...? Only time will tell!!

  • My Monster Hunter Academia (Monster Hunter X My Hero Academia

    My Monster Hunter Academia (Monster Hunter X My Hero Academia

    Martial Arts SYSTEM BNHA


    Izuku Midoriya, being pulled out of his fanboy delusions, walks home mentally battered. He began finding a way around the situation, how he will never be a hero. He then decided that, rather continuing living in this lies-of-heroes world, it would be better to simply just end it all; not like anybody is going to care. After finding a six story building next to the ocean, Izuku walks up the roof into the emergency exit of the building. He sits in the border curb of the rooftop as he contemplates the sunset with its orange and fluffy companions. He mutters, "Men really are not born equal." With this thought in mind he leans forward, and drops. As the waves crash violently because of the sudden intrusion, some shades of crimson taint the ocean. The ripples in the ocean start to fade away just like the sunset. The silence overcomes the shore, occasionally broken by crashing waves. *DING* *Quirk Activation: overcome a li-....*

  • After drawing the sword 100,000 times I became a sword god!

    After drawing the sword 100,000 times I became a sword god!


    Li Changtian crossed over and became an ordinary disciple of the Thunder Sword Sect in the Great Eastern Region. Because of the offense against the Holy Maiden, he was punished to practice his sword on the Thinking Over Cliff and was not allowed to step out of the Cliff! Li Changtian, who thought he would have to live a life of darkness in the Cliff of Contemplation until he died of old age, was bound to the system of getting stronger by drawing his sword! Draw the sword 10 times, get the reward: 100 years of cultivation! If you draw your sword one hundred times, you will be rewarded with: Sword Qi Rolling Dragon Wall! Draw the sword a thousand times, get the reward: the moon heaven punch! .... Twenty years later, the Thunder Sword Sect was facing the invasion of evil demons and demon dao, and the sect was in danger. On this day, Li Changtian drew his sword 100,000 times and finally became the Sword God! He, with one step, stepped out of the Siwei Cliff! One sword chills 19 continents!

  • Swimming Prodigy’s Return

    Swimming Prodigy’s Return



    Life isn’t fair and Kim Min-chul knows it...except it isn’t for the reason you are thinking. ...Min-chul is just too damn PERFECT!!! he has a tall height of 184 cm, a fast metabolism, perfect swimmer’s body without even trying and is unknowingly a ladies man! He makes girls fall for him without even knowing!!! How do you even do that?!?! Unfortunately however, he let this all get to his head. Not starting his swimming career until he was in junior high and barely making it into the international leagues. Even then, he would neglect his training regularly. With his 184 cm height, his constant slumping caused him to lose some height, eventually reducing to 176 cm. Even with his fast metabolism, he ate too much and rarely exercised; giving him a potbelly at 29. Despite his natural swimmer’s body, his shoulders got narrowed down and social skills now non-existent. Looking back at his life in high-school and college as a 40 year old salaryman making just above-average wage, he stares over Wariss Bridge and contemplates. Contemplating whether life is worth living or not... “Bwahahahaha!!! What the hell, author? Contemplating what, you liar! I just thought that the view was nice!” “’re courting death; insulting me, ancestor koppa!” That day, a strong gust of wind started the chain of unlikely events that would eventually take Min-chul’s life. ‘.....I died, huh?’ [beep boop zorp... I am making robot noises!] “What the hell?!?!” [Oh! You are host, yes? I am your system! Your swimming system!] NOTE: This story isn’t one of those “ sport is life” novels. This is the story of redemption for a man who lost everything due to his own negligence. He isn’t a swimmer, he is a regular guy with a life who is also happens to be a swimmer. Don’t get me wrong though, there will be tournament arcs and swimming tournaments but I will focus on a more slice of life type story for this novel.

  • Bedding My Vampire Mate

    Bedding My Vampire Mate



    "Greatness comes after third death". .... Joanna Anderson, had nothing except the empty title of being the King's mate, making her a foe to everyone in the kingdom. Losing her mother in infancy, despised by her father and having suffered so much for years, she was pushed down a cliff and left to die. Kayden Greyson, fifth King of Twipera, was a gentle and loving soul until the day he lost his beloved and everything changed. With the bitterness of heart and the mysterious death of all kings in their sixth year of reign, bothering him, he is helplessly faced with death. Can he find out the true cause and save himself or would he fall prey? And what has her survival had to do with his life? **** The wind howled in response as its sweetness, welcomed the body that was thrown into its embrace. "I have suffered too much all my life to end up like this. I don't want my life to end like a joke. I deserve more than what I got from life. I, Joanna, refused to die.” Tears rippled through her face as she closed her eyes waiting for the final destination at death’s door. But… it never came. No one has ever entered the Ancient Forest of No Return and come out alive but this powerless werewolf girl did. Not only coming back alive but with a system, making her powerful through completing missions. The last thing on Joanna's mind after returning was having a relationship or anything that has to do with love but the first mission she got changed everything. [Main mission: Seduce and make your mate hard] [Reward: 50 exp] [Failure: returning to level 1] Almost pulling out her hair or crying, the mission remained unchanged? She needed to seduce the king either way. ***** This is not your typical kind of werewolf novel. I can assure you that this book is different. All you need to do is to be a little patient and you will see the magic happen. Also to the curious ones who wants to know, this is a romance story and although the MC has a SYSTEM the story won't be focused solely on the system aspect. It will explore the romance part of the story majorly, so those who are still contemplating, add the novel to your library

  • This Heiress Is a Wicked Stepsister

    This Heiress Is a Wicked Stepsister


    Money. Power. Status. While others spent their whole lives chasing after all these with desperation, Su Qiao, the only daughter and heiress of the Chairman of the Su conglomerate, was born to live a charmed life. Or so she’d thought. But her picture-perfect world was turned on its head after her mother's death and her father's remarriage. Her new stepsister, just a year younger than her, was a real white lotus who stole the affections of her family, her friends, her fans...And even Lin Zizhou, her beloved fiánce. Disowned by the Su Family, disgraced by the media, and abandoned by the man she loved, Su Qiao didn’t know where she’d gone wrong. All her life, she’d worked hard to be an angel. She’d been kind, smart, and gentle despite her privileges. So how did she end up in this dire state, penniless and contemplating selling herself to an old producer just to get another movie role? When she woke up in her 21-year-old body again, she finally understood. It turned out that she was just a cannon fodder villainess in her white lotus sister’s story. A plot device that was used to highlight Bai Meixin’s flawlessness in the eyes of the readers.With this unexpected second chance, was Su Qiao going to resign herself to the same fate? Not a chance in hell. They didn’t like her when she was good? Then she’ll make them hate her now that she's bad.Her dad’s companies, her status as an A-lister, and her revenge on Bai Meixin. She wanted them all.Oh, sorry, did someone say Lin Zizhou? The little white lotus can keep him if she was into used goods, Su Qiao had had enough.After all, who would settle for second best when his wickedly hot older brother much more…useful? Pairing: Wicked CEO vs Wicked Stepsister Warning: Mature content and a vivacious, cunning, vengeful female lead. Everyone here in this novel is a flawed character but that's half the fun.Updates: Due to an emergency change in my RL work schedule, I regret to inform that for the foreseeable future, I will no longer be able to fulfill daily updates for this novel. As a frontline member of the healthcare system, I value the opportunity to do my part in the current health climate but I also hope to complete this story for everyone who is invested in it. The new update status will be twice weekly on Mon and Wed at 22:00 GMT +8. I would recommend 'fattening' the novel up before consumption. In return, I promise that this novel will forever remain free to read. I apologise for any disappointment this change has caused and thank you for your kind understanding. ETA: After winning the WPC, this novel has become contracted but I would like to reiterate my promise that it will not go premium. Thanks!Disclaimer: I do not own the novel cover.

  • Dear LOVE

    Dear LOVE


    Desperate and contemplating suicide. It felt like Putri's life was in vain.When she lost her mother, Putri got the news of an arranged marriage with a handsome man who was rich and older than Putri.A big secret awaits the journey of Putri's love story. Can she get through her difficult love life?

  • Reincarnated as a Slime? (Rewrite)

    Reincarnated as a Slime? (Rewrite)



    ---- -----, your resident shut-in! Lazy, unambitious, apathetic, all words that describe this terrible excuse for a person. While he's the type of person to only leave his cramped apartment only once a year or so, he finally leaves for a bit to get some food, however, life had different plans for him. Before he could even react, a car comes crashing towards him while crossing the street. Hardly able to even think properly, he hears a strange, almost robotic voice speak to him. Without another second to even contemplate what happened, he appears in a strange place, his sight, hearing, and sense of smell robbed of him.___Hey! I hope you do be wary if you decide to read this! The first fifteen to twenty chapters are incredibly old, like two years old! After that, it gets a bit better, but do make sure you know what you're getting into.

  • Rebirth: Stubbornly Fufilling A Promise

    Rebirth: Stubbornly Fufilling A Promise


    'The famous mister truck strikes again.' A sudden joke in her mind turned to reality. She thought that the famous mister truck would remain on those novels and anime's she had read and watched. But when it was her turn to have the chance in going back in time, she made a vow to mister truck. 'Okay mister truck, since you gave me a second chance I will make sure that this time I will succeed.' ***** This is the typical story of her being hated by the male lead. She was hated because he and his love couldn't be together for the fact that she and he ended up getting drunk one night and woke up beside each other the next day, NAKED. It was only later that she found out that it was actually a plot of his mother who didn't like his lover for being poor and believes that she was a heiress. But alas she was not, she was disowned by her family and had lived on her own for long. Don't get her wrong, she wasn't a villainess. She was simply trying to fulfill a promise. Now that she has the chance, she still chose to continue trying to fulfill her promise in this second life. What can she do? She was a stubbron person. But this time she has no plans on failing. She will... SAVE HIM... ***** "Yes, yes, I am already tired of that as well. Don't worry I am stopping now, mama's boy." There was mock in her tone and he couldn't help but to turn red in anger. The phone in his hand was gripped tighter, his knuckles turning white. "You-" "Good bye, mama's boy." *BEEP BEEP* This was the very first time he became furiously speechless towards her. ***** When she opened her eyes, she saw him towering over her. "Hmmm isn't it that sleeping beauty will see the seven dwarves once she opens her eyes? Why am I seeing a giant?" He frowned at her words. At the same time she did. "Were there any dwarves in sleeping beauty?" ***** "It's the wicked witch, here to bully cinderella?" Then she muttered, "Oh no, I think that does not match. Was there a witch in cinderella?" The mother was gritting her teeth in anger while she contemplated on the story of cinderella if there was a witch in it. ***** "Do it." A gun was pointed at her temple but her eyes focused on his. She said only two words but her eyes were saying more. 'Trust yourself for you can do it.' She even tilted her head a little to the side without the gunman noticing. Now with only a space with the size of a pingpong ball, he aimed his gun. If he shoot that pingpong ball sized space perfectly, the man will die. If he don't then she will die. When he wavered and turned to look at her eyes, she was actually smiling and mouthed, 'You will be able to save me.' *BANG* Do read my other stories: SHE'S THAT KNIGHT KNOWN AS ZERO (COMPLETED) VENGEANCE TO THE ROYAL ONES (COMPLETED) COMING FOR THE LAST FOURTEENTH (COMPLETED) RESTARTING CHAPTER BOOK FINALE (COMPLETED) VERACITY OF THE PAST (ONGOING) Disclaimer: Cover photo not mine... Please message me if I needed to change it...

  • Don't Rush

    Don't Rush


    Tanakashi Rito has always been viewed as a weak boy despite being well developed. The reason for this is because of the oppression of various females surrounding his life."...You're so ugly! Stop staring at me with those disgusting eyes!" His female childhood friend said while sending a slap on his cheeks."Kohi-san~ Always smelly as usual huh?" A female friend commented as he rides the train in peace."Don't forget to not talk or look at me in school." His big-chested sister coldly reminded him as he prepares for school.And finally, his supposed 'girlfriend' whom he was forced onto. "I hope you just die in atleast a shitty way so i can make fun of your disgusting corpse on my friends."Under the constant verbal/physical abuse he receives, Rito contemplated for a moment before finally coming up with a statement that will possibly change his life."I'll fight back."——————————-[Disclaimer] :- This is a novel where the world revolves around MC due to the girls around him. This is also fast-paced story. - If you do not like that MC is a natural asshole and doesn't give two shits to those that doesn't like him and won't try to get some of the girls in the plot, this is not your cup of tea.- There are no rape nor NTR in this story. - A generic horsecock MC with little to no experience about building good relationships. A two-faced protagonist only to those who aren't close to him.- Cover photo isn't mine, found it on google.- There may be a couple of mispellings and some grammar errors, this is because i only use my phone to create chapters. I would love it if you can leave a comment pointing it out!——————————- - You can also find this series on RoyalRoads and Scribblehub!——————————-[declinedfizzies]