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  • Errol The Maine Coon

    Errol The Maine Coon

    As Errol sleeps peacefully his slaves suddenly brung back an enemy they called 'Oreo' but the closer he gets to this new sibling he finds out theres more to him then just a cat invading his palace.

  • Owning The Heiress

    Owning The Heiress

    "Falling in love once isnt real. Because whenever I see you, whenever I look at you, I fall in love over and over again." Thrace hates his father for being such a coon and manipulative. Pero nang marinig na ipang-e-exchange gift ang kanyang kapatid sa mga Speckhart, agad niyang inialok ang sarili. Why not? The Speckharts princess is the one being called the sultry heiress. At sino ang hindi papangarapin ang maalindog na babae? Kung tigas sa pagtanggi ang kapatid, siya naman ay sabik na makasama si Chyiarah. Naglalaro na sa kanyang isip ang maiinit na sandali na pagsasaluhan nila. But then, Thrace finds out something strange about her. Hindi na lang kaligayahang seksuwal ang gusto niyang ma-discover mula sa babae. Kundi ang pinag-uugatan ng mga eskandalong nakakapit sa alyas nitong the sultry heiress.

  • The Last Water Magus In The Apocalypse

    The Last Water Magus In The Apocalypse


    Humans should have gone extinct hundreds of years ago. The prolonged earthquake. The volcano that doesn't stop spewing lava. The huge tornado that blows away skyscrapers. The ocean that submerged many continents.When humans began to surrender to all these disasters, hope arose. Hope that came from 4 people who look the same as other humans but have something that other humans don't have.The Magus Master of Earth who can stop the earth from shaking.The Magus Master of Fire who can return lava to the bowels of the earth.The Magus Master of Wind who can calm the furious tornado.The Magus Master of Water who can subdue the ocean.The Elemental Legend of The Apocalypse. That's the name they get after successfully becoming human hope in the apocalypse. Now the surviving humans reside in a new continent that was never on the map. The Three Districts Continent, that continent was all they had.Hundreds of years have passed. The Master Magus of Water is cursed to have only one successor to the Water Magus per generation. Unlike the other three magus, a new Water Magus will not appear if the previous Water Magus is already dying.Now humans are faced with the second apocalypse. A parasitic infection that turns humans into zombies, and El-Demons—The Demons with elemental powers that can match the elemental magus.The Three District is on the verge of collapse because of the zombie and El-Demon apocalypse. The only hope that humans have is in the hands of a young man who is lazy and doesn't want to interfere with things.Earth, Fire, and Wind Magus can match any other elemental El-Demon, except fire. The fire El-Demon will be the biggest challenge for the three of them if Calvin Herodust doesn't develop his huge potential.Calvin is just a teenager who manages to live a normal life without anyone knowing that he is a water mage from birth except his father and his two siblings. For him, his simple life without showing his water magic that troublesome him was more than enough.“You will become the greatest Water Magus who will protect the world. Join us!""No. I don’t want to.”"Come on. We need you. What do you want? House? Gold? Game console? We'll give them all!""I've got them all.""Beer? Beautiful and sexy woman?”"I'm only 16. And my sister said—""Kitten?"“Maine coon kittens. Deals?”"I don’t know what that is, but we have baby lion.”“That’s better! Deals!"Thanks to the baby lion, so The Last Water Magus is finally moved to protect the humans in The Apocalypse.Will Calvin succeed get the title of The Master Magus of Water and protect the world? Why was only his brother proud and happy to see him become a hero?

  • Involuntary - Stone Heart Saga Book 2 [COMPLETED]

    Involuntary - Stone Heart Saga Book 2 [COMPLETED]


    Volume Two in the Stone Heart Saga Dmitrei didn't want to be brought back into the world he left behind centuries ago. Especially with a collar that ensures he has no access to his incredible powers until he proves he is willing to fight for humanity, on the side of good. He tried that once and is unwilling to let himself care again. Until he meets Elena, a kind animal shelter worker whose bright smile and sexy curves melt the ice inside him and make him want to protect humans once more. Elena knows exactly how unfair life can sometimes be, but she tries to focus on the positives in life. Like her work healing people and animals at the animal shelter. She never expected a god-like, tall, amazingly gorgeous man to walk into her shelter and say he wants to volunteer, only to later admit he just waned an excuse to get to know her. It seems too good to be true, other than the fact that Dmitrei seems to be hiding secrets behind his dazzling sapphire eyes. As Elena and Dmitrei's friendship quickly progresses to sensual kisses and hot rendezvous, Elena is realizing Dmitrei might be more than human, and Dmitrei is realizing Elena might be his mate. Now if only he can face the demons of his past, including the one inside him, to deserve the only woman who makes him feel alive. Join Dmitrei and Elena on their healing, heartfelt journey of acceptance and forgiveness. Catch up on Elric and Ann's life since Dmitrei arrived. Guest starring Peony the kitten, and introducing, Sebastian the Maine Coon!

  • The inky Void

    The inky Void


    / Author note: This story is my 1st time writing, I know it's a bit cliche but it's true, Ow Please don't judge me... Hope you enjoy/Johnathon Wilkie is a 20 year old Man, Newly came out of University.He wishes to make his dreams come true.One of his dreams was to become an animator. However Jonathan also knows, To become an animator, It's a bit Pricey in the Current time, To be said with him being a new college student and with a lot of negatives in his bank account, He cannot possibly do his dreams right now,so in school,he took,engineering,science,and Biology, Using these 3 professions,Johnathon hopes is to get hired into one of these 3 job areas.He planned to slowly, climbing the corporate ladder of ,One of these 3 jobs, And when he had finally reached a high position, He planned to slowly buy the equipment for his animation area in his home. But that's a talk for another time, Returning to beginning his new life as an adult. He moves out of University And goes to find a job in the Real world......(You may Know what's going to happen now)Sadly that's not how life works, When he was walking down the street... The one and only Truck coon, It comes from the other side of the Road.Jonathan tries to avoid, Truck coon,... But you know how this ends for Jonathan...To simplify the incident,Jonathan gets splat on the other side of the Road. When he wakes up,he realizes himself in a Voidless space, He notices a system panel in the other side. Of his sight.This will be the beginning,of Jonathan's Adventure. Calm joined Jonathan with his adventures around In this new world./Author note: Side note if there's any issues of my Grammar.. Yeah I have issues with my Grammar so please don't judge me about this thanks hope you enjoyed the novel-( This novel is a kingdom based type of book so if you're not interested,on that then well I'm just telling you..)/

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