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    In a world ruled by the notion for survival of the strong,the decision you make will either guarantee a bright future or a chaotic one. The decision of three powerful men is enough to put the world in a spiral of chaos.This is the story of the results of their decisions.

  • You will never be a God

    You will never be a God

    Believe in yourself

  • Blood Creed

    Blood Creed

    Eastern Fantasy SHONEN


    In a world where orphans are deemed of a value worth less than dirt, a lone boy lived his life, working day by day, in hope to better his destiny. The day of his coming of age marks the birth of his potential, where everyone unleashes their magic, in hope that they would receives a powerful ability. The boy held hope that that might change his fate, hoping to be groomed to a noble's house, and change his destiny to the better. However, what he ended up with after his comming of age was nothing but a strange book. A book he thought to be useless, however a simple book it was not. and simplicity was far from fair to describe it.follow Basara as he uncovers the secret of the book that is only the Servants of Death to carry are worthy to carry.This is one of my stories.If you wish to read more, look for.The Everlastings.Rise of the Undead LegionRequiem of Souls.Enjoy the read.

  • The Creed of Obscenity

    The Creed of Obscenity


    Who is Clyde?Clyde is enigmatic.He is perverse... Astute, deceitful, charming.He is depraved, patient, and a tad sociopathic.He is the embodiment of licentiousness.He is Obscene.The unfortunate victim of a cuckold's rage, Clyde Kim—an excellent policeman—is reincarnated in the mystifying world of Ethania, only to have a new destiny forced upon him. In a brutal wonderland where magic and strange beings abound, is Clyde destined to fall into the abyss of beta-hood and never rise again...Or will he rise from the ashes to reign as a true man of culture?This is Clyde's creed...The Creed of Obscenity…*Discord -*Maps - On Discord server*SMUT scenes have designated chapters that do not affect the overall plot if removed. If you are here just for the plot, good for you then.*There is a SMUT scene smuggled into the auxiliary chapters. Check it out if you are interested.*Please view the Auxiliary Chapter 'Disclaimer' before you begin reading. *Viewing the Auxiliary Chapter 'RPG Mechanics' is also recommended—but not too important—as it was included for those who might want an in-depth insight into how things work here.*Please view the Auxiliary Chapter 'Disclaimer' before you begin reading.

  • The Devil's Creed

    The Devil's Creed


    Issac's life back on Earth was a nightmare, he had suffered all kinds of humiliation and pain. Even after being Isekai, he couldn't live a meaningful life, so he at least wanted to live a peaceful life. But the cruel and cold world wouldn't even let him have that. Isaac from his birth to his death was nothing but a Plaything in the hand of others. Even at his last breath, he believed that Gods will take pity on him and provide him with that Justice he deserved but it seems like they don't want to hear his cries even at his last breath. All the pain, the sorrow that he had bottled up in his heart started to change into hatred. He had sworn to get his revenge on all of them. When he thought all hopes were lost that's when someone heard his call, the one who answers the call was neither a God nor an Angel. The one who lend him the hand and saved him from his death was not the light hand of an Angel but the dark hand of the devil. Without any hesitation, he accepted the call and made a deal with the devil. And that is how the successor of the devil was born, Witness his growth, From weak to strong, From a Pawn to a Player, From On the board to Off the board. Witnesses Him and his path which was so cruel that mere mention of his name would make Primordial Gods and top powerful races of the Universe shudder in fear. ============================================ Now, enough with all these backstories and stuff. Are you tired of reading all those generic stories of either Isekai or transmigration or reincarnated in with system novels? Then trust this is your real deal, I promise you won't regret reading this. It is a completely new concept. Where I and Issac break the norms of a novel and bicker through the 4th wall. Author:[ Join ME and Isaac on our journey and be a witness to Our growth. Watch Me as develop my skill, while this snotnose pansy gets Stronger in that process. ] Isaac:[ Who are calling snotnose pansy? you're a snotnose pansy ur entire family is a snotnose pansy. *sigh* Even though the Author is a dimwit but this time he is right. You should certainly join us on this epic story, Please Watch over us, As I and this idiot of an Author make our way towards the top.] ============================================ Author: The cover doesn't belong to me and all the credits go to its creator. If you are the creator and you want me to take down the cover just directly contact me. ( I want to appreciate your work this cover that I'm using is nice and if possible I would like to not change it ) Issac [ Shameless.]

  • The creed

    The creed

  • Creed of the Betrayed

    Creed of the Betrayed


    An orphan slave with a hardened heart meets a noble girl who frees her from slavery and changes her life. How will these changes affect Alyssa and will time allow her to open up her heart and trust again?Cover image taken from Pinterest (If owner of image wants to take it down please contact me)

  • Demons Creed

    Demons Creed


    The steppe, a world fraught with colossal demons akin to walking disasters, in such a world how is humanity supposed to survive. The once-mighty human race, now hiding in the crevices seeking refuge from the monsters that haunt their dreams. The constant tremors a reminder of the titanic monsters that lurk out of sight.But with the rise of a new shade from the ashes of destruction, will he become humanities salvation and bring an end to an era of darkness or will his uprising herald the beginning of humanities demise.

  • Sinful Creed

    Sinful Creed


    A story of clans, betrayal, deceit, heartbreak.. and the throne. When Alaric Mortadire, fourth son to the royal family of the Mortadire clan, finds his father dead, he is framed for the deed. But no proof could be found against him, and so the clan falls into chaos as they try to piece together the scattered pieces of the truth. When his elder brother takes the throne, Alaric is exiled from his clan, his honor stripped of him, and now he seeks only that of revenge. He discards his family name, and begins his new path. Alaric is framed for the sins of another, and now he intends to bring the end of his own clan, and sever the strings that bind him to it. To undo the shadows that are cast on the land. Who is guilty? Who will die? Who will be the victor? Who is the sinner? Who… Will be king? -all rights to the cover belong to the original artist.

  • Angels Creed

    Angels Creed

  • Angels creed

    Angels creed

    In the afterlife, there are people from an organization designed to protect the gateway to heaven from phantoms, sinners, and other beings. Those who have committed only a few sins but not enough to be sent to hell are sent to be a member of the organization. A boy named Uzaki is one of those people. What happens when he joins the strange organization and what will he find out about those stationed within the organization?

  • Demonic Creed

    Demonic Creed


    The steppe, a world fraught with colossal demons akin to walking disasters, in such a world how is humanity supposed to survive. The once-mighty human race, now hiding in the crevices seeking refuge from the monsters that haunt their dreams. The constant tremors a reminder of the titanic monsters that lurk out of sight. But with the rise of a new Shade from the ashes of destruction, will he become humanities salvation and bring an end to an era of darkness or will his uprising herald the beginning of humanities demise.

  • Creed of Vengeance

    Creed of Vengeance

    A young prince. A life changing lineage. Once a prosperous continent, Ithreal bends to the wicked bonds of war. Leo Dornan has the power to end the war or pursue the man who imprisoned and tortured him. He can change not only his fate, but that of Ithreal, its citizens, and its invaders. What will he choose?




  • The Hunter Creed

    The Hunter Creed

  • The Ghost Creed

    The Ghost Creed

    Akpan a love lorn man walks into an ancient and rummored acursed land unknowingly after his failed date. while there he discovers a queer object. A discovery which leads to further discovery and eventually to the activities of an international organisation known as the BROTHERHOOD and their plans Towards theECOWAS head of States meeting in Abuja.

  • Creed of life

    Creed of life


    Jayden's life was always one way or another full filling. But even then he made something out of himself. But what can he do when he is reborn in another world with some of his memories and power's changed to suit the world's law in a royal family whare there is no loving family but a cold stone castle with cold people living in... or is it?Find it out -----The cover is not mine nor I have the lisence all the credits goes to the creator, if the creator wants it down ask me.

  • Biker's Baby Girl

    Biker's Baby Girl

    Creed is an ex sharpshooter turned bike crew President, with a rough upbringing and the scars to prove it. Nine years ago an old drunk offered him his twelve-year-old daughter for his next pint. Knowing that as fucked up as he was he was still the kid’s best bet, he took the deal. He left her with an aunt he thought he could trust because Uncle Sam owned his ass for the next little while, and he had no choice. Then his babygirl turned eighteen and shit went south, literally. He knew he had to stay the fuck away from her or she’d be under him before she could blink, but he made a deal with himself. When his babygirl hit twenty-one he was taking her no matter what. Her birthday was three days away and though he’d kept his distance for the last two and a half years he’s been keeping tabs on her. It was time to collect. Biker's Baby Girl is created by Jordan Silver an eGlobal Creative Publishing signed author.

  • Assassin's Creed

    Assassin's Creed

    Contemporary Romance ACTION ADVENTURE

    Blade Academy, a school for assassins and bandits. A gateway to the underground. Or so, that's what people thought it is. Behind the dark secrets of the Academy, there is only one purpose of it's existence and only those who had entered it knows.The Shin Tribe, the only clan who had the title "Mightiest" 20 years ago vanished out of nowhere without a single clue or trace to follow.Yami, an unusual and mysterious transferee who can tore anyone up just by staring at them.Instinct. History. Void. Purposes. Let us untangle the strings long been attached to know what is unknown.