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  • Cuckold Wizard’s Adventure

    Cuckold Wizard’s Adventure


    A new member joins the adventuring team of a boy swordsman, a female priest, and a female ranger. The new member is a male wizard.As they go on adventures, their bond deepens and they become the best team ever.But Alvin, the boy swordsman, doesn’t know.What Alvin doesn’t know is that behind the scenes, the wizard Shinji, his beloved priestess Milis, and his best friend Renka, a female ranger, are having a physical relationship.The two of them have fallen into pleasure.Only Alvin doesn`t know.This is a netori story.There are scenes other than cuckolding.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Author(s): Majikari(まじかり)Translator(s): TinyTL Group(Novel Updates)I do not own Cuckold Wizard’s Adventure it belongs to Majikari(まじかり).if you want more chapter please support the author/translator

  • Cuckold Wizard's Adventure

    Cuckold Wizard's Adventure


    As they go on adventures, their bond deepens and they become the best team ever. But Alvin, the boy swordsman, doesn't know. But what Alvin doesn't know is that behind the scenes, the young wizard Shinji, his beloved young priest Milis, and his best friend Renka, a female ranger, are having a physical relationship.The two of them have fallen into a state of pleasure. Only Alvin doesn`t know.

  • A Cuckold's Life

    A Cuckold's Life

    This is a true story and the day to day life of myself and my cuckold . Bdsm/fetishs/sexual acts all within the book .

  • My Crown Prince Consort Is a Firecracker!

    My Crown Prince Consort Is a Firecracker!


    A genius talisman practitioner is reborn as a seven-year-old girl! However, her innocent appearance belies her vicious personality. In the remote countryside, the Crown Prince runs into her, beating up her enemy. She is indifferent, but it’s love at first sight for the Crown Prince! “Not good, Your Highness the Crown Prince, Her Highness the Crown Prince Consort used an immobilization talisman on His Majesty the Emperor, and His Majesty is currently eating dirt in the main hall.” “Isn’t that normal? Who told that dog emperor to provoke my wife? I say it’s a job well done! Pour a bucket of ice water on him to cool him down!” “Your Highness the Crown Prince, it’s really not good this time! The great Crown Prince Consort threw out three explosion talismans and destroyed Noble Consort Zheng and her house!” A certain crown prince laughed madly. “Job well done! She’s truly my wife; she’s as awesome as always!” “Crown Prince, Crown Prince, it’s seriously bad this time! A beautiful man appeared in the great Crown Prince Consort’s room!” You got cuckolded again! The crown prince harshly picked up the handsome man half laying on her bed. “Who are you?” A certain consort replied with a stoic face. “I drew a deity-inviting talisman and summoned a venerable immortal of love.” “Get lost as soon as you finish fighting!” “Oh, sorry, it's easier to invite the devil in than to send him away!” I’m not leaving! Embark on this adventure of a little stoic who just wants to grow stronger and protect her family but unwittingly ends up with a merry company of troublemakers. A riveting cocktail of cultivation, zombies, and sci-fic!

  • Madam Is A Sensational Figure In The City

    Madam Is A Sensational Figure In The City


    As the leader of bandits, Yan Jinyi has been a bully for twenty years, and she ended up causing her own death. The next thing she knows, she wakes up and finds that she has become the Second Young Mistress of the Huo Family. Wielding her knife, Yan Jinyi starts to throw her weight around conceitedly again. Young Master Huo says, "If I'm still single, I'll probably marry my sister-in-law." Third Young Master Huo says, "If I could turn back time, I would have vied with my brother to marry my second sister-in-law. Miss Huo says, "If I were a man, my second sister-in-law would be my woman!" A CEO says, "I thought I was roguish enough, but I didn't expect Yan Jinyi to be more of a hooligan than I am!" The Best Actor says, "Huo Xishen, why are you still not divorced?" Second Young Master Huo points to Yan Jinyi and says, "She is mine." Rumor has it that the second daughter-in-law of the Huo Family can beat a home wrecker up and is especially good at making money. Countless bigwigs are lining up to make a cuckold of Huo Xishen.

  • Marrying My Ex-Husband's Arch Enemy

    Marrying My Ex-Husband's Arch Enemy



    Xu Anran did not know that her husband Qin Xiaokun was a wolf in sheep's clothing until she died. He deceived her feelings with affectionate illusions, conspired to seize her family property, harmed her family, and in the end, he ran her over in his car in order to be with his true love justifiably. After she opened her eyes again, Xu Anran returned to the day she married Qin Xiaokun five years ago. Those scumbags better not think about touching the things that belonged to her in this lifetime! What she suffered in her previous life would be avenged one by one. She walked up to Qin Xiaokun's rival Jiang Rongyan in front of everyone and asked him with a smile, "Mr. Jiang, would you like to marry me?" Behind him were the unpleasant expressions of the Qin family. He thanked her for the invitation. This would be the cuckolding version of the face-slap script specially customized for Qin Xiaokun. -Xu Anran wanted to stay away from relationships in this life, but she did not expect that after the agreed marriage expired, the man refused to let her go now! Jiang Rongyan, "You want to flee after you finished using me? Heh, you're dreaming."

  • His Witch Queen

    His Witch Queen


    “I will never accept that monster vampire as my wedded husband..!" Princess Alice's eyes shined with determination. On the other hand, King Cyrus's eyes glowed with aloofness when he muttered, "I will make the Princess of Suzania cry the tears of blood when she would crave death rather than staying with me…." ... The enmity between both the Kingdoms was evident for ages until they decide to hitch the royal through a wedding, with a deeper and hidden motive She was the beloved princess of her Kingdom Suzania, Princess Alice with a prophecy making her unique of all her kinds.  He was the Crowned Prince of Vampire land Gazelle, who never believed in love, as the word only brought misery in his life. A first-ever wedding where a vampire and a witch were wedded due to the turn in circumstances when her cousin bride denied getting married.  Political based marriage where the groom and bride held undefined hatred towards each other. Love was forbidden because both empires have their unseen aims. But for how long can the couple resist the temptation and their longing for each other, when not a mere human is married off to a vampire. Especially, when the groom was yet to be told about his new wife's precious powers and undiscovered identity? Will Princess Alice, soon to be Queen, overcome the challenges that the newly married life will throw at her?  However in this new Kingdom, many are waiting for her husband’s downfall, and to make cuckolds out of her. Read, "His Witch Queen" to know more.

  • I Can Know the Rate of Return on Investment

    I Can Know the Rate of Return on Investment

    When he found that he was cuckolded, Watson beat his boss badly and fired him.His girlfriend? Let her go!He also unlocked his supernatural power because of endless anger. He found that he could see the return on investment.While stirring the situation in the warehouse auction, he also brought the capitalists of Wall Street to a crushing defeat.A warehouse sold for thousands of dollars earned two million dollars because of a bag of diamonds.The capital thought they could play a trick on Watson this time, but found that Watson let them make a short sale.In fact, Watson's dream was to buy a farm and live a simple life with his twenty wives, but there were always very high return investments coming to him.He was forced by God to make money.

  • My Buildings Mutated

    My Buildings Mutated

    Magical Realism URBAN


    Smith obtained the best Building System. Everything he built or renovated would be granted attributes! Excellent-grade hotel: guest flow +30%, exhaustion relief +30%. Since then, the guests of this hotel have showered the hotel with praise and have never stopped coming back. Exquisite-grade toilet: odor elimination +10, laxative +15. Since then, this toilet became gospel for those with constipation and a nightmare for those with diarrhea. Exquisite-grade home renovation: spouse cheating +20, owner career +15. Since then, though the owner of this house was cuckolded, his career did gradually improve. Perfect-grade tree-lined path: safety +30, environment +25. Since then, this path became the safest road in the country…

  • The Rich and Furious Son-in-law

    The Rich and Furious Son-in-law

    To repay his debt of gratitude and survive, Ryan Fletcher—the direct descendant of the most prominent family—has kept his real identity a secret and become the live-in-son-in-law that everyone despises. But once the family’s ban is lifted, he is back on the Fletchers‘ heir race. "You want to make me a cuckold?" SLAP! "You try to set me up?" SLAP! "You want to fire me?" SLAP! "You want to steal my wife's company?" SLAP! Who says that a live-in-son-in-law must be a loser? I, Ryan Fletcher, never chicken out! Please enjoy every face-slapping moment at the courtesy of Mr. Fletcher.

  • Dahaga Cinta Tante Shirley

    Dahaga Cinta Tante Shirley

    WARNING! ADULT CONTENT======================Dalam usia makin mendekati 40, Shirley adalah wanita yang kecantikan dan kemolekannya berada di titik paling matang. Sayang, perjalanan kariernya harus terhenti karena kesalahan yang ia lakukan yang tak terampuni oleh Ervan, sang CEO. Ia harus di-PHK dan menjalani kehidupan yang tak mudah. Ini diperparah dengan sikap Zakaria, suaminya yang lemah secara ekonomi dan fisik serta memiliki jiwa cuckolding dimana ia justeru suka melihat isterinya bercinta dengan orang lain.Setelah berpindah dari pelukan satu lelaki ke yang lain, ia sadar bahwa ia telah diperalat oleh suaminya dan siap berdikari. Sayangnya, Ervan tidak tinggal diam dan ia melakukan perlawanan. Seberapa keras Shirley bisa bertahan?

  • Mr. Fu Is Slapped In The Face Again Today

    Mr. Fu Is Slapped In The Face Again Today


    The ever stoic Mr. Fu was finally married, but rumor has it that he set a house rule on their first night with his new wife. "Know your place, and don't covet what you can never get. "We'll never interfere in each other lives." Bai Yu, dressed in her pure-white bridal gown, merely agreed to it cheerfully while she sat on the bed, "Sure." The whole city knew that Fu Yunzhe hated his wife, but no one mocked her for it, because there was a man beneath her feet, his face swollen while she smiled confidently, "Come now, say it again—who is a ghost wife?" She arrived, dressed in a dazzling red dress later at a certain banquet. Mr. Fu who arrived at the banquet hall saw her chatting lively with an unfamiliar man. He strode up to her and took her by the waist, whispering into her ear, "Are you making me a cuckold in public, Mrs. Fu?" Bai Yu calmly pushed him away. "It's just typical socializing. Why are you so worried, Mr. Fu?" Upset written all over his face, Mr. Fu took off his coat and covered her bareback. "No wearing skirts that short from now on. And who are these people at this banquet..." The woman, fiddling with her fair fingers, lifted a brow. "Are you meddling with my affairs now, Mr. Fu?" The man's heart skipped a beat. Remembering the ruleset on their first night, he promptly changed his words, "I was worried that you'd catch a cold!"

  • Soul Forger

    Soul Forger

    The life of young Solan from the very beginning went the wrong way. He was barely born as a demon moved into his body, due to which he lost his arm, then a “happy” childhood with daily injuries... It remains only to lose the family forge due to numerous debts. Will he allow it? Of course. In fact, he doesn't care about the forge. He doesn't care about everyone except himself. He is looking for a force capable of wrapping the world at his feet and in the small port town he has nothing to do with such desires.

  • I Shall Cuck Everyone

    I Shall Cuck Everyone


    What would you do if you could copy abilities in the apocalypse? Of course, you can only copy women's abilities, by absorbing their coetus essence! "I shall cuck every human and demi-humans! Even if the gods exist, I shall cuck them all!!" Those were the last words he said before his vision turned blurry. Jake Mystro, a stubborn and strong-willed teenager without an ability, was frowned upon and disdained for being powerless as his body even rejected artificial abilities. Yet, that didn't bother Jake or made him sad. Instead, he supported himself with the help of beast items, to avoid being bullied. However, on a certain day, Jake got betrayed by his girlfriend and was on the verge of death. Luckily, he acquired the 'Cuckold System. [Ding!] [You have acquired the Cuckold System] [The Goddess of lust has acknowledged your strong will and determination] [You have become a dedicated follower] "I shall not become the follower of anyone! I will also conquer the goddess of lust! Mark my words!" [ have the balls of steel, you know?] Let's follow the journey of Jake Mystro as he becomes humanity's worst nightmare. ========================= Note: one chapter a day ------- I do not own the cover. If you want me to take it down, check out my discord id on my profile.

  • Return of the Cuck Hero

    Return of the Cuck Hero


    The return of the Cuck Hero in the modern world. Ride along with our NTR hero as he reaches the top of the world.The MC of this story is Evil and the story has the extreme NTR. Don't read if you are easily offended.Kinks: Cuckold, Cleanups, Creampies, Cum play, Piss Play, Rimjobs, Sloppy Seconds, Evil MC, Netorase, Drugs, Violence, Beasts, gangbangs, and much more.I don't post regularly.Amateur Author at work.

  • Steamy Reads

    Steamy Reads


    If hot and steamy adult action is your poison, then this bundle has what you are looking for! Whether your specific delinquency is interracial, cuckolding, or just a variety of explicit action we have you covered! Read a plethora of stories of cuckquean wives sharing their husbands and helplessly watching as they shoot their seed inside other women.

  • Transmigrated as an NTR’ed protagonist.

    Transmigrated as an NTR’ed protagonist.



    WARNING!!! The mc of this novel is weak(mentally) and thus unlikable. The story also has a tag SLOW-PACE. Which means there won't be a lot of actions going on from the get-go.Erlig, a senior in a respectable college lived his whole life without knowing such a word as trouble. Stable life with no accidents, great parents, and a good friend. Gaming was his hobby.But when he tried a new game something happened to him.He was trapped in a new world as the protagonist of this game. The worst is that he was cuckolded, humiliated, and beaten down. Not knowing how this happened he now forced to live a different life. Those things, that looked like fiction in the game turned out to be much more real. He is forced to confront the dark and grimy world that looks much harsher than what he always saw. The only things that left in his changed world, is his meager knowledge of the game and his, own, self.Given such a miraculous opportunity, he is forcibly taken out from his bubble and placed between a choice.To break and fall or to forever change his fate, his life, and everything around him.A little description to give a better understanding of what this story is about. It's my vision on a fusion of Korean fighting manhwas and Korean r-18 romance manhwas with the protagonist that is not typical to those particular works.Author's note: As this is my first novel and English is not my native language any criticism would be appreciated.Release schedule: At least one chapter every week.I also post on Scribble Hub and Royal Road.

  • The King of Sins

    The King of Sins



    What would happen, if an absolut psychopath would be let free in a cultivation world? This is the story of the 18 year old Fuji, who was bullied and discriminated his whole life, since his childhood. Now, he will receive the chance to use the Darkness System and the best for this psychopath is, that for every abusive or deathly move, he will gain Dark Qi. With every humiliation, torture, murder, rape or cuckolding, he will only increase in strength and he can now let out his psychopathic ideas. But, he will receive Quests from his Darkness System, that includes killing protagonists, heroes or absorbing demons. The path of the evil is the way, he will go and everyone in his way, will immensely suffer. Protect your maids, crushs, mothers, sisters, wealth, artifacts, possession, houses, clans and yourself in front of Fuji, if you don’t want to experience the fate from thousands of others before you. Warning: This Novel contains R-18 and gore scenes! You have been warned!* Disclaimer: The art in the cover doesn’t belong to me. If the Art Creator wants me to change it, please contact me

  • I Get Selected For Godhood But I'm the God of Netorase!? [Hiatus]

    I Get Selected For Godhood But I'm the God of Netorase!? [Hiatus]

    Fantasy R18 SYSTEM SMUT

    Warning! R-18 with certain kinks some find distasteful. Cuckolding and Netorase are included so be warned The Universe Reshuffled itself and it was time to select new Gods to rule over various aspects of the universe. I get selected to be the God of Netorase .......... JACKPOT!!!!!

  • I Was Sent to a Different World by an Evil God

    I Was Sent to a Different World by an Evil God


    Alternative Tittle : [I Was Sent to a Different World by an Evil God, and the Skills I Was Given was a Cuckold Dick.] When Yuri is transported to another world by an evil god, he is given a skill that he doesn't understand: cuckold dick....Translator: [Me] [3 Chap A Day]===========I'm just Translating this novel for fun so the update is kinda long so....les go