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    Romansa Kontemporer ROMANCE


    Terima kasih untuk bertahan." New adult—romance. Karang tidak mau tahu jika Pelita harus tetap menjadi kekasihnya meskipun Karang memiliki Valerie, yang ia tahu Pelita adalah piala kemenangan yang ia dapatkan dari Ardo--mantan kekasih Pelita karena kalah balapan. Backstreet, hanya itu yang bisa Pelita dan Karang lakukan di depan Valerie serta banyak orang. Tapi, cinta tahu ke mana dia punya pelabuhan tetap. Tak ada yang takkan hancur bila terus menerus menjadi yang kedua dan menghalangi hubungan orang lain sampai ia bertahan pada titik kelemahannya. "Dia atau aku Kak Karang?"

  • dank memes

    dank memes

  • Immortal and martial dual cultivation

    Immortal and martial dual cultivation [REPOST]


    This is not my original work, however this is my favourite series and I wish to share it with you all.===Reach the peak of immortal cultivation and become able to run amok without fear! Use the power of martial arts to rule the world and defeat heroes! The weather changes at the whim and wave of a palm. He who cultivates both immortal techniques and martial arts, who could possibly defeat him! Xiao Chen is a shut-in who purchased a ‘Compendium of Cultivation’. Soon after, he crossed over into the Tianwu World, a world ruled by martial arts. He then refined pills, drew talismans, practiced formations, crafted weapons and cultivated the Azure Dragon Martial Soul that had not been seen for thousands of years. This is a story that tells of an exciting and magnificent legend!===link to original work. please support the original author: http://gravitytales.com/novel/immortal-and-martial-dual-cultivationAuthor: Fiery Moon / Yuè Rú Huǒ (月如火)Status: 2482 Chapters (Completed)Translator: DragonInWhiteEditors: Vampirecat, Dank Oz, Nora, MindLitUp, Chlocolatte, FluffyGoblyn 

  • Embracing the Villain's Thigh

    Embracing the Villain's Thigh

    Contemporary Romance TRANSMIGRATION


    WFP Contest #23 Silver Tier Winner (rankings posted in here: https://forum.webnovel.com/d/46739-winners-of-wfp-23-24 & posted by "ImagineTishaD" in the comment section of 27- Announcement). Thank you all! ‘A new beginning.’ Was there even such a thing for a monster like him? He was the object of fear, a thing to be hated and disgusted. His entire life was stained with blood, bruises, and scars. He would be beaten. Again and again. Tirelessly, until that woman he called “mother” would become sober and cry. The cycle was endless and he had become accustomed to the pain. He was numb to the very core, indifferent to his harsh reality. After all, what was the use of crying? Crying was reserved for the privileged. Those who cried meant that they had the privilege of someone to comfort them, someone to love them, someone to support them. Even if he had cried, there was no one who wanted to comfort a monster. Yes, he could hear the voices ever so precisely. “Monster!” they called him. The children’s pointing fingers and frightened faces were reflected with such clarity it nearly stole his breath away. It was the same wherever he went. Yes, it was the same word he had heard at the funeral too. He was a monster child, one who had driven the suicide of his mother. None of his relatives wanted to raise an unlucky monster, a bastard child without a father. He had heard it so much, so often that he had begun to believe the truth of it all. In fact, he knew long ago he was a hellish, repulsive little thing. When he had seen his mother dead in the bathroom, his first emotion wasn’t grief nor was it sadness. It was relief. Relief that it was all over. Relief that he finally had salvation from the beatings, the scoldings, and the lashes. He had laughed for the first time at that home. It was a beautiful, melodious sound, much like the jingles of a wind chime. A peal of childish, happy laughter reverberating through the dank walls of the crimson bathroom. Yes, he was a monster that had even laughed at his own mother’s death. The abominable thoughts he had locked deep within his mind were vigorously unleashed, breaking the shackles of his rationality. His eyes were drowned in murky waves of paranoia and obscurity. And in that cold darkness, he heard the voices. It was a collection of male voices overtaking his mind in all directions. The chants urged him, “You’re a monster. Destroy it. You’re a monster. Destroy it. You’re a monster. Destroy it.” The incessant voices repeated the same words over and over again, consuming his mind like a pervading poison. They were building a crescendo of tension within him. His shaky hand reached for it. Five inches. Four inches. Three inches.Two.One.Disclaimer: This is a warm, healing novel and may not fully and accurately represent those with mental disorders, especially schizophrenia patients. Additionally, this novel takes place in a Chinese setting, therefore Chinese pinyin names were used. If there are any issues, the names can be changed to reflect a more localized taste. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------The cover art is not my own. I will take it down if any issues arise.Email: sheronxu123@gmail.com

  • Book of Sects

    Book of Sects

    Ever encounter sects in the comments that you didn't know? Don't even know what a sect is? Well here is where you will find your knowledge!!!!!!!

  • The World Awakens

    The World Awakens

    Not only does our universe have many planets, but it has many planes of existence. Meet the man Silas as he comes from a lowly world that used to be a mid sized plane that degraded to a planet as he explores the universe and try's to help his planet become a plane.

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    Really gay

  • Big bootay

    Big bootay


  • Beyond the Aftermath

    Beyond the Aftermath


    The world we know...is gone. Nuclear war has destroyed civilized communities and decimated populations. Humanity has survived only in tiny pockets of an intricate cave system called The Underground. There's no light there. No color. No...joy. Is it really living without the hope of something better?According to most, there's no reason to venture beyond the safety of The Underground. Mutated monsters roam the surface and radiation wells make travel dangerous at best. Over a decade since the war ended and the new normal has settled around scraping by in the darkness.But Nathan Hock and four other survivors have been above ground for just over four years. Things have been far from easy but each has managed to survive. For Nathan, it's the search for survivors that drives him. Surely humanity has managed to find more than dank caves and mold. As his search continues and survival is a matter of more than just finding their next meal, a dark secret may be more than what any of them ever expected.

  • I Know Why  the Caged Boy Sings (bxb)

    I Know Why the Caged Boy Sings (bxb)


    "I'm sure your familiar with my rules about thieves, primarily the rule about thieves within my organization. So here's what's going to happen, first I'm gonna cut off you hands, then I'm gonna take pleasure in cutting out your tongue. Then from there I don't give a damn, I'll send in the others to finish up the job. Now let's get started" I proceed to do just as I plan while also burning what's left of his hands so the blood flow will slow down. Screams.... that's all you can hear before I cut his tongue out. Now he is holding his mouth closed to slow down the blood loss even if that is pointless. I leave the dank smelling basement and proceed up the creaky stairs to tell my men to go finish the job, but to save all his organs and sell them on the black market. "Make sure you bag up his head and send it to his girlfriend. But the remains, I don't want any trace of this ever happening. Do I make myself clear?" "Yes boss" they say in unison. " Good, send the car around and clean this shit up" My name is Cyrus and I know why the caged boy sings....

  • drug dealer in a magic realm

    drug dealer in a magic realm


    our protagonist is mildly successful drug dealer mainly dealing in highly potent marijuana and pills he gets rolled over by some corrupt cops who throw him off a bridge weighed down by heavy riot gear with a bunch of rocks superglued and ducktaped to it ...what? says one of the cops I couldn't get ahold of our cement guy dont worry I tested it on one of the boys had to have a medic resuscitate him even fortified it after....another older cop answers as long he dies it dosen't matter but the riot gear could lead back to us so make sure our people are on the team dragging the lake that said they wrestle heathen fredricks over to the bridge even with his arms and legs tied up with bungee cords he fights as hard as he can whitch dosen't amount to much but futile squirming his muffled screaming translating roughly to I will enjoy murdering you you fucking pigs I will roast you over an open fire.suddenly all he sees is for a moment is the sky a circle of brightly shining stars blazing in the night sky his body never hits the water disappearing midair with riot gear bungee cords and big bag of dank ass weed the seeds of which will grow into a bright future.

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