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    being a boy always wanted to be like a male but my behaviour makes me feel like an animal who is transforming into a human

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  • chapter 1 : lying on deathbed

    chapter 1 : lying on deathbed

  • Return To The Past: I Won't Choose Humility This Time!

    Return To The Past: I Won't Choose Humility This Time!



    In her previous life, as Yun Xi lay on her deathbed due to a terminal illness, her famous painter husband said to her heartlessly, “Yun Xi, let’s get a divorce. I would never marry you if I knew that your sister was the one who saved me.” Yun Xi was dumbstruck. It was actually her who saved Mo Ran! She struggled to look at her sister, Yun Lian to see what was going on. Yet, what she saw made her heart sink into her stomach. Yun Lian lowered her gaze as she said, “Sister, I’m sorry. My Brother-in-law and I truly love each other. I’ve been hiding this for so long now, and I can’t hide it any longer.” Yun Xi suddenly felt her world spin, and the past flashed through her head. Her sister had always asked her about how she saved Mo Ran in detail and constantly stood between her and Mo Ran. He gradually became more distant from her - was that all for the sake of today? Yun Xi and Yun Lian are twins, but because Yun Xi was always been better in her studies and had a better husband, both society and their parents showed their bias toward Yun Xi. However, Yun Xi would always tolerate and dote on Yun Lian, giving Yun Lian most of her opportunities, including the precious chance to go to school. Staring at her husband’s icy expression, Yun Xi dragged her sickly body to the window and jumped down. When she opened her eyes, Yun Xi realized that she was not dead. Instead, she had returned to that summer day when she was competing with Yun Lian for an opportunity to go to school. It was on this day that Yun Xi offered her most precious opportunity! Now that she was given another chance at life, Yun Xi swore to take back what was hers. Whatever Yun Lian took from her, she would have Yun Lian pay everything back! As for her ex-husband, Mo Ran, Yun Xi decided to let Yun Lian have him. Yun Xi did not want him anymore. However, the new Yun Xi, who had now become more aloof instead of her old humble self, was further loved by the world. Even that unattainable man started paying her attention?!

  • A Demon's Journey

    A Demon's Journey



    Frascoia Continent… Various races like Celestials, Demons, Humans, Monsters, Elves, Dwarves, and so on occupied this continent.Humans and the other races lived on the mainland of the continent while the Celestials and Demons lived in Heaven and Purgatory, respectively.Within the Demons, a prodigy named Azaroth rose quickly, even by demons' standards, to the point of being dubbed a "Demon God. There was only one person above him within the demons: The Great Demon Venerable, the Demons' Supreme Godfather.Azaroth's extraordinary talent never had the chance to blossom to its full potential; a terrible calamity struck him down and he died soon after. But was this calamity just misfortune or was it hiding an opportunity for him?Near his deathbed, he prepared for his future ascent to achieve his lofty goal.Millions of years had passed after Demon God Azaroth's demise and now a young aristocrat called Edwin Rhodes came across a mysterious cave.~~~~(A/N: The release rate will be a minimum of 14 chapters a week. I hope you like the novel and vote for it. It will help me immensely.)Follow me on my instagram: my discord using this link--> out my Ko-fi page --> Male Protagonist, Anti-Hero, Previous Life Talent, Reincarnation, Transmigration, Beautiful Female Lead, R18+, Schemes and Conspiracies, Sword Wielder, Friendship, Subordinates, Elves, Beasts, Beast Companions, etc.~~A new update and deal for all of the readers.500 Ps a week = 3 advance chapters at the end of the week.1000 PS a week= 5 advance chapters at the end of the week

  • After Getting Abandoned, I Choose to Become the General’s Wife

    After Getting Abandoned, I Choose to Become the General’s Wife



    In the hospital, Fang Ya lay on the cold bed. As she did not have the money for surgery, she could only watch as her life slowly faded away. On her deathbed, looking back on her life, she relived all of her regrets. What she regretted the most was that she had chosen to leave her marriage with nothing and refused all the assets given to her by her nouveau riche ex-husband. Darkness enveloped her. When she woke again, she found herself reborn. She was reborn in the year when her nouveau riche ex-husband abandoned her and making ends meet with their daughter. She could not believe it. She had once prayed to God, and God seemed to have answered her prayers—He gave her a second chance! This time, she did not reject the property distribution from her nouveau riche ex-husband. She took the nine-digit sum of money as well as a set of courtyard houses in the capital city. In this life, she would give her daughter a luxurious life. They would no longer be homeless and destitute. She would no longer have to give up her life because she had no money. Not long after the divorce, she met He Feng coincidentally. At this time, He Feng had just returned from the European battlefield. He returned home with dazzling military achievements, only to receive a divorce agreement from his wife. In the few years that he was on the battlefield, his wife had already fallen in love with someone else, and that person was rather rich too. He Feng brought his child to the city where Fang Ya was working and took up a position in the Public Security Department. Someone introduced him to Fang Ya and wanted to matchmake them. Fang Ya, who was reborn, knew He Feng's entire life experience. In a few decades, he would be a five-star admiral with immense power and battle achievements. Moreover, after the divorce, he never remarried. It was said that he was hurt by love. His loyalty would not allow him to trust any other woman. During the blind date, the tall and stern man appeared to be a little taciturn. Fang Ya knew that He Feng only planned to remarry because of his child. He did not want his child to follow him everywhere on his military travels. Once he settled down, he probably would not even consider marriage anymore. Without much hesitation, Fang Ya agreed. He Feng was a good man and was worth marrying. Female protagonist: Reincarnated in her later years and experienced all the vicissitudes of life. After marriage, she assisted the male protagonist to overcome obstacles based on memories from her past life. She also assisted him to ascend to the peak of power smoothly. The male protagonist: An ordinary man who was a member of the special forces. From the most ordinary soldier, he transformed into a man who eventually became the general of the Empire.

  • The Traps of Black Swan

    The Traps of Black Swan



    'Each betrayal begins with trust' ~~~ ‘Endure a while’ was what her grandfather said. She endured the curses. She endured the pain. She endured the unfairness. She endured the behest. She endured the down heart. She endured many things but what did she get in return?  Betrayal from her own people. ‘This cruel world is not for innocents.’ She had to learn it forcefully laying on the deathbed wishing to leave the world forever. But fate plays cruelly. Now she is back to the same world to stand strong and smile at the evil. --- Excerpt: Aarvi Evans typed a message shamelessly on her mobile, [I need a kiss.] Her lips tugged to a rare mischievous curve clicking on the send button. It wasn’t even fifteen minutes, her mobile went off. She walked out of the private room of the restaurant and answered the call, “Hel…” She was suddenly yanked to the opposite private room. Before she could absorb the situation, the door was shut, she was pinned to the wall and a pair of thin soft lips pressed on her forehead calming her nerves. ‘How naive!’ She hadn’t thought he would actually ignore his client just to give her a kiss. A kiss! Aaron Rivas would have called her naive if he could hear her thoughts. The next second, Aarvi’s petite face was showered with gentle pecks without leaving an inch unattended. Aaron paused and said, “Cupcake! you hadn’t mentioned where you needed the kiss.” He didn't let her react and locked her lips. --- This is an original story. Thank you ^_^ for giving it a try. DISCORD: Munchkin_2#7368 Story DISCORD: Ko-fi: Instagram: auth_munchkin Linktree: *Credit to the real owner of the novel cover photo.

  • The Substitute Bride and the Cripple

    The Substitute Bride and the Cripple



    Tang Qiu was a substitute bride–forced to take her half-sister’s place and marry the young master of the Jiang family, a deformed cripple with less than 6 months left to live. “Who would have thought that even a sickly whelp like Jiang Shaocheng would find himself a bride?” “I hear that he’s practically on his deathbed and he’s only marrying the Fengs’ daughter to improve his lifespan.” Tang Qiu ignored the whispers around her and focused on her husband-to-be, who coughed violently in his wheelchair. At the altar, after they had said their vows, she lifted her veil and knelt in front of Jiang Shaocheng, pressing a hesitant kiss to his lips. The marriage contract was signed. No matter his physical deformities, he was now her husband. She wasn’t afraid of the scars that marked his face, nor was she repulsed by him being confined to a wheelchair. Every morning, she made him breakfast, attended to his needs, and thought of little else beyond her duties as a wife. “Young Master Jiang is a cripple who can’t get it up,” her best friend argued. “When he dies, you’ll still be untouched. You should set your sights higher.” “A sickly invalid like Jiang Shaocheng can’t give you happiness,” her ex-boyfriend insisted. “I’ll wait for you.” But Young Master Jiang only scoffed. “I have plenty of time left to be with her.” Later in their marriage, Jiang Shaocheng wanted to enjoy his little wife in all ways–the press of her lips against his, the brush of skin on skin; the way a husband and wife were supposed to. But Tang Qiu refused him, blushing. “No, we can’t. The doctor says you can’t exert yourself.” Jiang Shaocheng’s desire was surging through him, a heat in his core that demanded to be satiated. He cursed, I should have gotten rid of that doctor and the wheelchair long ago. But he yearned to make love to his little wife, and so he revealed his true identity. In the blink of an eye, the deformed cripple transformed into a powerful businessman–tall, dark, and handsome. He quieted Tang Qiu’s protests, his body positioned over hers, his arms caging her as she lay on the bed. His voice was low when he asked, “What about now?”

  • The Villainess's Revenge

    The Villainess's Revenge



    “Give me a second chance, give me one more chance to exact my revenge and I promise to never love again.” _ She was on her deathbed. Everything had burnt to ashes. Flames engulfed her castle, all her precious belongings were now ashes. Her parents were dead. She swore that she’d do anything to take revenge on him. The crown prince she once loved but now despised. Melissa had been blinded by love, she’d swore never to fall in love again. But it seemed her mind was easily changed by three certain men. How’ll she exact revenge? Did they manage to get Melissa to break her oath? And who exactly were ‘they’? Read the Villainess’s Revenge to find out more!

  • Cattenach Ranch

    Cattenach Ranch

    Kelly Moran is a bestselling author of enchanting ever-afters. She gets her ideas from everyone and everything around her and there's always a book playing out in her head. No one who knows her bats an eyelash when she talks to herself. Kelly is a RITA® Finalist, RONE Award-Winner, Catherine Award-Winner, Readers Choice Finalist, Holt Medallion Finalist, and landed on the "Must Read" & "10 Best Reads" lists at USA TODAY's Lifestyle blog. She is a proud Romance Writers of America® member, where she was an Award of Excellence Finalist. Her books have foreign translation rights in Germany, the Czech Republic, and the Netherlands. Kelly's interests include: sappy movies, MLB, NFL, driving others insane, and sleeping when she can. She is a closet coffee junkie and chocoholic, but don't tell anyone. She's originally from Wisconsin, but she resides in South Carolina with her three sons, her two dogs, and a cat. She loves hearing from her readers. Nearly the last remaining member of Olivia Cattenach's family has just died overseas and left her overcome by grief. But when a soldier shows up at her ranch with a final message from her brother, she finds new purpose. Nathan Roldan is as formidable as they come. Bulging muscles and inked to boot, he looks like every bit the bad boy he claims to be. Except, under his shuttered gaze and behind his walls lies a gentle giant. Determined to carry out her brother's wishes, she chips away at Nate's layers and discovers more pain than any person should ever have to endure. And a passion she never dreamed was possible. He's not the hero she thinks he is... Nate's mistake got a fellow comrade killed, and a deathbed promise to take care of the guy's sister lands him in Wyoming with the hope of redemption. But he wasn't expecting...her. Beautiful, witty, and sweet, Olivia is everything he doesn't deserve. Born a nothing, he'll die a nothing. Though guilt is a living thing, temptation is too hard to resist. Somehow, she's unleashing his restraint and unearthing feelings he buried long ago. He wants her. More, he's worried he needs her. She's trying to save him, but when she learns the truth, he'll lose the only happiness he's ever known. "An emotionally raw story with beautiful prose. A compelling read." ~Katie Ashley, New York Times & USA Today Bestseller

  • Rebirth In Unknown Lands.

    Rebirth In Unknown Lands.



    Eric was not the luckiest of guys around... He lived most of his life strapped to machines; in constant peril. A shining ray of hope graced him and his family in the form of an operation... Even that didn't work out for him Although on his deathbed, a smile still decorated his face. He closed his weary eyes, holding on to his most two important people; his parents. Alas, it seems fate had other plans for Eric. Suddenly opening his eyes to a new body— to a new world. A world of fantasy, and of swords and magic beasts. Read on as Eric swears to make use of this second chance to its fullest. A journey of happiness, struggle, and fulfilment awaits him. --------------------- -If you want to chat with me or share your ideas with other readers, you can hit up this discord server: -Cover is not mine. If you are the artist, or want me to take it down. You can contact me and I'll do it.

  • Reborn In Harry Potter

    Reborn In Harry Potter


    Having been bullied almost his whole life, Ray's only solace had been his Mother and books. but one day, the bullies took things too far and he died. On his deathbed he had two wishes, for his Mother to be happy and for him to have the strength to be happy in his next life. somehow, both his wishes came true.Supoort me on Patr*on:patr*

  • Re: Legendary Berserker's Advent

    Re: Legendary Berserker's Advent


    Kieran Silver―an extremely talented individual who used his superior battle senses and blessed mechanical skill to rise through the gaming world’s ranks. However, those same gifted senses came at a mortifying price. His seemingly unique gift inevitably led to the rapid degeneration of his mind’s normal functions. It was a "seemingly impossible-to-cure" curse in the package of a blessing. Alas, Kieran’s so-called comrades and guild leader only revealed on his deathbed that while an admitted treatment existed, the board withheld the information in fear of him becoming a monster that the guild could no longer control. After all, with his potential, it was only a matter of time until he reached the true epitome of the remarkable VRMMORPG known as Zenith Online. Any one of the overlords of Zenith Online commanded tremendous strength in the real world because the game evolved continuously until, at its lowest, it turned into an unprecedented financial engine. At that point, many entities on Earth used it as a path to fame and fortune, while others used it as an outlet to release their daily accrued stress. Enraged by the revelation on his deathbed, Kieran’s resentment soared to astronomical heights. Fortunately, Kieran is given another chance when he is ostensibly reborn to a period just before the official launch of Zenith Online. Since most of his knowledge is limited to events regarding Zenith Online, Kieran decides it will be the catalyst to support his ultimate path forward. Thus, this marks the beginning of Kieran’s evolution into an entity lauded as the Legendary Berserker and several more imperious monikers. Whether or not this is the same Earth as before or if the events unfold the way Kieran remembers is a mystery he must tackle at each step in his rise to glory. The advent of an unstoppable force is upon us, and the journey to becoming the Legendary Berserker begins! .... This novel is taking place in the WSA Contest, so during its early period, there will be Power Stone Bonuses! Release Rate: 9 ch/week 50 Power Stones = +1 Ch 100 Power Stones = +2 Ch 250 Power Stones = +3 Ch 500 Powers Stones = +5 Ch Disclaimer: I've manipulated many things about this Earth, so don't expect it to be the same as ours. This includes geography, relationships, the global economy, and much other logic that applies to our reality. So, don't view it in the same light.

  • Re: Love & Magic

    Re: Love & Magic



    Zevien and Vernisia... Zev has a magnificent destiny of living a king's life as a result of his hidden background in Astral Land. After living as an orphan for 23 years in the Gaia continent, that destiny was approaching him. Vernisia, the unfortunate lass who had a fault in her magic eidos body since birth, destinate to die in the arms of Zev. They stayed together for three years in the academy, and after graduation, they also decided to work together. However, the day Zev decided to confess...after six years of staying together, was also the deadline of Verny's life. On her deathbed, Zev cried and howled as his life was not a life without her. But then, a chance was put in front of him by a mystical being that had the appearance of a twelve-year-old... When this being appeared, the entire Magia realm stopped moving as if someone had pressed a pause button. "I can save her, but there is a price to pay," the being spoke with a smile, "the price is not your life but....your destiny." "You shall return to six years ago before you met Vernisia. Vernisia's fault in her magic eidos body will be fixed, but your destiny will transfer to her! Your King's destiny, with which you could live a life with hundreds of maiden even more beautiful than will lose it! On top of that, you will be unable to wield magic normally. To rise and let her fall for you again, you must forge your own path to power! With such conditions, do you agree? or would you move on and accept your King's destiny that will arrive after four months?" Without an ounce of hesitation, Zev uttered, "I agree. I just want my Verny back and nothing else! We will get together again, and whoever blocks me from doing so....shall face my unbound wrath born from my unbound love for her!" "Sigh, fine. I commend your choice, but you must also have the determination and conviction to forge this tough path for yourself. The only advantage you have is your six years' worth of memories." The being spoke with an impressed smile with a hint of amusement in his eyes. "The only thing I can say is that...You must grasp every opportunity that comes your way...Every single one! Whether good or bad or risky, you must grasp them and forge them for yourself!" ------ If you like this book, then please drop power stones, leave a review, and don't forget to add this book to your library ^^. There are also rewards related to this. For that, join my discord server :D---- ------ The art on the cover is mine. Artist is Akime.

  • Vampires Harem: The Forgotten Tale of An Ancient Vampire

    Vampires Harem: The Forgotten Tale of An Ancient Vampire


    “you halfblood bastard,you betrayed our king and tried to kill him during his deep slumber, this is the sin you commit and you have to take responsibility for your deeds,you will never going to live in peace, because he is going to haunt you even in your sleep, he will kill every single one of you in the worst way possible" a beautiful woman whispered as she was on her deathbed,her eyes were filled with hatred as she tilted her head and looked towards the man who was standing a few meters away from her and looking at her with a nonchalant expression on his face. The man was wearing black attire and he has the long silver hair which is coming to his shoulders. He has the white face and deep green eyes which was very deep. That man approached the woman and looked into her deep red eyes. "Tell me lady Layla, do you hate me for betraying our king," that man said as he looked at the woman in a calm manner. Hearing his words a smile appeared on layla's face, she took a deep breath and tried to pour every single ounce of her strength into her last words. "i am ashamed that i treated you like my own brother,When he will wake up from his deep slumber,he will definitely going to come looking for us, and when he knows about your betrayal, he will annihilate your whole clan, those people you loved and care about in this world will going to die with a horrible death,you will feel true despair in your heart the moment you going to face him again, but he will not show you any mercy,he will kill you in cold blood" the woman name Layla smiled as she said those words to that man, but the next moment a sword pierced through her throat and her body started burning with fire, and sometimes later her body disappeared into thin air. ***** This is the story of William a first vampire who lived eternity but one day he is betrayed by his own people and everything is destroyed in just one night.

  • A Magical Destination

    A Magical Destination



    Passing away peacefully on his deathbed, he embraced death, having fulfilled himself in life and left no regrets behind. Reincarnated into a magical world filled with the unknown, a new adventure awaits.With immeasurable talent, he desires neither fame nor wealth, simply complete freedom to roam the world, unbound by the fetters in life. But will his journey turn out so simple?

  • Nexus Convergence

    Nexus Convergence


    The entire multiverse used to be automatically managed by a series of interdepended systems created by a being of immeasurable power. One day, the Fate system, the one which used to assure the safety of any world inside the multiverse, started giving up on some of the words and it's creator was nowhere to be found. Ethan, resident of a relatively peaceful planet called Earth, was pulled from his deathbed by a new system that came online. A system whose only purpose is to save those abandoned worlds. Join our hero as he travels from one world to another, all with the hope of eventually gaining enough power to return to the one person he loves the most, all the while being unaware of how this entire journey is set to change him.

  • The Oppression

    The Oppression


    John, a 60 yr. old filipino general, a big nerd about gunsmithing and also a virgin whose only experience with romance are those dating simulator games found himself on the verge of death, thinking about what happened all throughout his life, looking at the void, thinking about what he could have done to improve the life of those around him and probably himself, he regrets not being able to speak up and do something about the corruption of his country's government despite his power, he could've done more yet he didn't, he thinks of himself as a failure, a hypocrite and a traitor to his own country, as he believes in the saying that "those who close their eyes to the injustices around them are also one of the perpetrators of said injustice" He gave one last breath in his deathbed thinking about those things, yet what he doesn't know is he'll have a chance to be so much more, an opportunity none ever had.

  • I Reincarnated With An Interdimensional Store?

    I Reincarnated With An Interdimensional Store?


    Lying on his deathbed, Xu Chen felt serene as he quietly waited for his end to come but little did he know that he was about to be flung into another, possibly crazy, world accompanied by a strange Interdimensional Store and its mysterious shopkeeper.

  • Shadow Princess

    Shadow Princess



    To show ‘Her’ gratitude, Nuwa devoted her whole life as she acted as the body-double of Princess Liena. Whenever there's a chance of assassination attempt, Nuwa would be there for taking over Liena's role. Her existence known to a very few within the royal palace and Princess Liena was the only one called "Nuwa" by real name. One day, Princess Liena promised Nuwa that she’d set Nuwa free from this dual life after she gets married. But deity planned something else! One week before the wedding, someone badly stabbed Liena that her lifespan was coming to an end. In deathbed, she asked for Nuwa's forgiveness that she can’t set her free to make this kingdom peaceful. So, now Nuwa has to marry Qiu Kingdom's god-of-massacre, Emperor Qiu Feng Mian! But how could she suppose to marry this tyranny, slaughter who didn't even spare his own family's life to ensure the throne! What will happen when he realizes that, she's not the real princess but an imposter, 'A Shadow'! Can she really take Princess Liena's burden of friendship by accepting him as her husband to fulfill her promise or will she escape? What is her destiny!?!