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  • Debate


    Just some debates, like what’s better TPNL’s manga or anime. I’m open to suggestions and critique, but no crap like “u’r bad get better” that’s not helpful, and if you don’t like what I’m doing here than leave. Don’t waste both your and my time, other than that just have fun, debates are fine but don’t take it to far.

  • The Bloody Debate

    The Bloody Debate

  • Her mercy to His penitence

    Her mercy to His penitence



    "Don’t do it love! Please. Am sorry I hurt you. How can I live without you? Forgive me. "The girl stood at the cross road. Tears streamed down her pale cheek as she debated between listening to his pleas or to her heart. She was tired and could no longer take any of it. He took everything from her yet she stayed until she felt that her soul was no longer alive.Each pain he caused chipped a little at her soul until there was nothing left to give. She was now an empty soul that was hanging on a thin thread. She was only breathing, but being alive never counted as living. It was time to let go.She closed her eyes and run in to the middle of the road. A loud screech was heard as her blood painted the black tarmac red.Nooo…..@@@@@@@@@@@@@@NOTE: This work is on-going and not yet edited.DISCLAIMERThe cover was made by my darling sister, @Bash. The images used is attributed to the rightful owner.Join my Discord if you wish to interact with me and discuss the characters. you like my writing, you can always buy me coffee. It would be appreciated.

  • GODOPEDIAOLOGY vs ATHEISTS (debate 1 (food))

    GODOPEDIAOLOGY vs ATHEISTS (debate 1 (food))

    It is a play between a believer and non believer

  • To Capture a Snake God [BL]

    To Capture a Snake God [BL]



    [BL - boys love]LiangLin is born into a snake god family, the leading snake clan of the Hei’ang city, and the sole owners of the largest brothel within 100 miles. XueYa is a sorcerer, on his quest to reach immortality and become the greatest sorcerer who ever lived. To do that, he must retrieve the body of a blue-belly snake.The two lives intertwine when XueYa steps into town and steals LiangLin's body away - literally.On his journey to retrieve his body back from the sorcerer, She LiangLin will learn that, yes, even that one-eyed bastard of a sorcerer has a heart, no matter how small and ugly it might be!And XueYa... well, it is up to debate if he learns anything, at all.---Cover by Valiantxvillainous! her novel: QT: Don't believe in fate here ->'t-believe-in-fate-(bl)_19716791906167305

  • Wife Doting Addiction:My Abducted Tsundere Husband

    Wife Doting Addiction:My Abducted Tsundere Husband


    She was the leader of a gang of bandits, and legend had it that she was bloodthirsty, vicious and unscrupulous. He was the richest of Daliang and the most handsome man in the country. He loved money and beauties and was a charming dandy who had many concubines. They were never supposed to cross paths but in a twist of fate, a robbery brought the two together in marriage. Would love bloom between them? Well, before their love got the chance to bud, his aunts, stepmothers, cousins, distant cousins, and his concubines who were doted on or not all wanted to step on her, the lawfully wedded wife! What they didn't know was that under her weak cat-like facade, hid a ferocious tiger. She could kill without batting an eyelid, and ruthlessness was in her blood. However, the tigers and cats shared one nature. After catching their food, they would toy with the preys before devouring them. When they finally had enough fun, they would strike with their claws and end the game!     In their first encounter, she hid in the crowds to peep at her future husband. The man donned a snow white fur cloak. His inky hair long and silky. He stepped down slowly from the carriage, and his gorgeousness outshined the sun and the moon. All the ladies began to scream in excitement. ” In their second encounter, she was drinking with her gang. With one foot on the table, she grabbed her subordinate by the collar, hollering fiercely. "Drink up, if not I'll kill you!"  He stood at the door and froze, thinking that he had entered the wrong place. The third time, it was their wedding night. She was in red, beautiful and enchanting. He too was in red, handsome and bewitching. "My lady, it's getting late. Let us go to bed!" Outside the window, her subordinates were discussing intensely. "Let Chief bed him, it will be easier for us to strike in the future!" "No, she can't! If she beds him and our plans don’t work out, her efforts would be in vain!" "Let Chief do it, if not it will arouse suspicion!" "No, it can't happen! What if they have a child? How is Chief going to run away then?" While the heated dispute continued, and suddenly something landed among the red-faced debaters.    The man donned in red stood in the center of them, his shoulders half exposed. His skin was fair as snow and his face alluring as the moonlight. Her subordinates gulped and suggested. "How about, let me bed him?"

  • The CEO Is Mine

    The CEO Is Mine


    Kim Nana is a 27-year-old woman who is still single. She is the best graduate on campus, with all the perfect honors attached to her. However, that makes it difficult to find a mate. Moreover, the trauma caused her almost did not to believe in the name of love. Until many times matchmaking offers consistently failed. It wasn't enough to stop there because her boss, a masher, made Kim Nana forced to lose her job. And it makes Nana even more frustrated. Until one day, Fang Yin—Nana best friend, provides information if her company needs a secretary. It didn't take long, and Nana was finally accepted to work there. And who would have thought, a young man led this advanced and prestigious company. Han Soo Jun, the company owner, is not the kind of guy who is accessible. He is the kind of older man and always wants everything to go perfectly without the slightest flaw. His orthodoxy often makes Nana clumsy to make. There were small debates that made Nana getting used to Soo Jun. Moreover, one of the Soo Jun diseases requires Nana to interact with her boss constantly. Will the two of them fall in love? Or will their relationship end just as a working relationship?

  • Return of King Of Hollywood

    Return of King Of Hollywood


    For me, movies are first and foremost a tool for making money, followed by entertainment tools. As for art? what is that! On the subject of art, I debated with her all my life, winning or losing? It's too easy to divide. Look at the world and see if she is popular or I am popular! A movie theater projectionist was reborn in the city of angels, and the entire Hollywood changed because of him. The world has since added a superstar. The little golden man got his hands soft, and the gramophone ignored it. He has left countless classic moments in the history of film, and his work has added more than 10 billion dollars at the box office. He is the most special one ... he is the king of the world! It’s Google translated so please bear with it.

  • My Unexpected Weakness

    My Unexpected Weakness



    "I loved, and adored him back then. But maybe, second chances aren't meant for everyone in the world."She is type of a girl who is a kind of oversized one but, brainy she can do both or must say multi task, a debater who is very articulate, a journalist to their school paper and known as a genius student but one day, he met again a person from his past without her realizing that it’s him and became the one reason of the changes to her physical appearance and inner soul.Then an unexpected thing will happen that someone will fall in love with her that she met in the world of RPW, who had a familiar vibe. How will she handle it? Is the first guy still the same guy? Are they still one person? Or the other way around.Is there a chance that, maybe, the silent opponent of who? Is the literal soulmate of her, the guy whom she knew deeply who was already there before he met those other people?Or, her literal weakness is the guy who admired her since they were in their first years, in high school. What if the two of them are her weakness and it is unexpected.But the worst thing is another person, or more people will confuse her again about what she feels towards the guy that he truly loves.Years will come, thousands of people will meet and encounter each other, cashes will continue to burn out, those bright colors will fade, leaves will fall down by the help of the frail or burly wind, small plants will finally grow, time will fly quickly, and then maturity will hit them. All of us will grow old, but her true weakness will still remain who? From a puppy love, back in high school until she became the heiress, will still be who? Who will be her unexpected weakness?All Rights ReservedNo to Plagiarism

  • Lavender Love

    Lavender Love


    Rose is perfectionist while Liam is a money bragging brat. Both are CEO of two different successful companies and are well-known for being bragging billionaires with beauty. The story begins at an international conference that is being held at San Francisco with the Top 20 richest branded companies of the world. Both Liam & Rose are invited to the conference representing their respective products. The first conference had all 20 different company CEOs along with the host where a debate makes each individual shake with fire but at the end e everyone gave up the debate except our handsome man Liam and beautiful Rose who continued to argue on the fact. They became enemies in their first interaction and thus their bitter-sweet story of enemity, love, lust and power begins ! WSA THEME: CEO & Billionaire

  • Lavender love

    Lavender love

    Both ML & FL are CEO of two different companies — they both are rich, billionaire, arrogant, snobbish — the story begins when an international conference in being held at San Francisco with the Top 20 richest branded companies of the world. — Both ML & FL are invited to the conference representing their respective products — the first day they reach the grand hotel, freshen up and have a little party — the second day morning conference had all 20 different company CEOs along with the host where a debate makes each individual shake with fire — at the end all other gave up the debate except the ML & FL who continued to argue on the fact — they become enemies in their first interaction and thus their story begins !

  • Bercinta dengan Direktur

    Bercinta dengan Direktur

    Romansa Anak Muda ROMANCE R18 COMEDY CINTA

    Ini bukan tentang cewek kampung yang terlilit hutang dan harus menikah dengan juragan kaya. Tetapi ini adalah kisah seorang penyanyi kaya raya yang dipaksa nikah dengan direktur perusahannya. Valid no debat.

  • Let Me be with You

    Let Me be with You


    A teenage love affair full of stories, is indeed very difficult to forget, and will continue to be a story that will always be stored in the soul. This story begins with the love story of two twin girls who have a love story in competition. They both have the desire to have a greater man but they end up caught in a love story with a man who is who they are not imagine. Not only a story about love, but also a very complicated life story they also experienced. The debate about the story of two hearts and also the story of finding their identity made them understand more about the meaning of their real life. Until finally the path of destiny makes them have to choose one of the winners and respect the decisions of the losers. Happy reading, thank you, greetings full of love from me. Chandrawati.

  • The Luna Talia

    The Luna Talia

    Fantasy Romance WEREWOLF

    My name is Talia Gray, I'm no ordinary child many things have occurred in my life ,firstly I'm a werewolf my father is an alpha Of the tear moon pack I have two big brother one will be replacing my father as the alpha soon his name is Ben my other brother Skyler I don't know what he's doing .Ben found his mate at the age of 18 he is now 20But I'm still 17 and my birthday is very soon . Growing up I was taught that having a mate is the best thing ever and feeling but really is it ? ever since I met him I am in a constant debate with myself about everything that was said about the whole mate thing.

  • Daughter of a Genius!

    Daughter of a Genius!


    Kim Soon-Bok, Abused and Bullied in her past life dies in a car accident after work and reincarnates in the body of 5-year-old Louise de Baudelaire, The daughter of a genius chancellor! Love is unknown to her heart, and her Father a Complete Genius! But, The Chancellor has no idea how to display his affection?! ___________________ "..." He grumbled, I tried some other phrase, "Papa?" He was still unsatisfied, I didn't want to sound like one of those brats on television but, "D-Daddy?" He smiled and looked satisfied, he didn't glare at me anymore. [WHAT IS WRONG WITH THIS MAN?! IS HE AGREEING TO IT BECAUSE HE'S GONNA KILL ME SOON?!] I gasped, [HE'S DEBATING HOW TO KILL ME.] [I never thought Louise would say that, It makes me happy! I need to ask Adelaide what birthday present to give her.] He smiled, it sent shivers down Louise's spine. "Hm?" [She must be really happy, I didn't know she's be this happy about calling me, 'Daddy'.] He patted her head as she thought, [HE'S AFTER MY HEAD!!!! AGH!!! THIS IS THE END OF ME ISN'T IT?!] ________________________________ Being an Isekai isn’t always as easy as it seems..?! She’s surrounded the most powerful men in the Kingdom! But they all want her hand in marriage?! What’s going on here?! "Louise, I miss you, My bed feels so empty at night when you're gone." His words slithered into my ears, Another voice said, "I want you to hug me again, I'll never let you go." "It's not like I like you! If you talk to another man you're dead meat!" The Elf fumbled, "Sister, Don't let those hungry wolves near you. If you stay with Oppa, he'll care for you." "She's My daughter, You have no right to order her around. There's a law that implements that marriage is not NECESSARY. So she can stay with me." Daddy commanded, [WHAT IS GOING ON HERE?!] [ART IS NOT MINE]

  • Plan to Love You (Tagalog)

    Plan to Love You (Tagalog)

    Contemporary Romance ROMANCE TEEN

    Mula sa isang maimpluwensyang pamilya si Charles Gabriel Torres at ginagawa niya ang lahat upang mapanatili ang magandang reputasyon ng pamilya. Kaya naman pati sa sa unibersidad na kanyang pinapasukan ay pinakita niya ang pagiging isang lalakeng mataas ang dignidad bilang president ng iba’t-ibang pang-akademikong organisasyon. At nang magpamiyembro sa kanyang Debate Club si Hannah Gomez, babaeng puro incomplete ang mga grado at bagsak sa mga subjects nito, alam ni Charles na hindi ito ang babaeng naaiisip niya na mamahalin niya. Ngunit kaya ba niyang pigilan ang damdamin? Kaya ba niyang itaya ang pangalan at ang pinakaiingatang dignidad upang huwag mawala ang babae sa kanyang buhay?Samantala, wala sa bokabularyo ni Hannah ang salitang magseryoso kaya naman ng makaharap niya si Charles- ang president ng student organization, Debate Club, at iba pang organisasyon sa unibersidad na pinapasukan- isa lang ang nais niya: ang maging tutor ito hindi lang upang maging maganda na ang tingin ng magulang sa kanya kundi upang mas pagselosin ang panganay na kapatid na si Barbara na may gusto sa lalake. Wala siyang ninais bawat sandali kundi ang sirain ang araw ng kapatid na lagi na lang pinapaboran ng magulang. Dahil matagumpay ang kanyang plano na inisin ang kapatid, kaya ba niyang tanggapin sa sarili na pati ang puso ni Charles ay nais na rin niyang angkinin?"PLAN TO LOVE YOU"ORDER THIS BOOK:

  • Deep Dark Fantasy

    Deep Dark Fantasy


    !!!WARNING!!!Read this carefully!1. This is an adult novel; there will be sex scenes, gore, violence, etc.2. This is the different kind of "dark"; this isn't doom-and-gloom and/or goth dark.3. I am a novice writer.4. This is almost a parody of a certain work not for kids.5. Zombies are the minorities in the plot, but WILL be important later on...I think.6. I am a really novice writer, go easy on me.7. There will be rape, so if that isn't your cup of tea, don't read it then bash me for it. I said it was "dark".8. There is Netorare. By simple definition, it's someone stealing (usually) the MC's loved ones or important people, usually through violence, rape, and/or blackmail...or a combination. It's not everyone's thing, like pineapple pizza.9. English isn't my main language, you can take a guess what it is.10. The MC is a useless femboy/trap because it humors me and deep down inside, I guess it's a fetish I'm fine with.11. This isn't 100% fap material, there will be plot(?); plot is up for debate and based on my whim.12. Picking names is not my forte, along with many things like writing a novel/story.13. I hope there isn't a novel already up on this website, or I'll be devastated.14. I poke fun of many things like current events, sorry not sorry?15. Synopsis is a bit short, Chapter 1 will forge the background story to a certain extent. Sorry.16. Updates WILL be sporadic, that is the only thing I can promise...beside being a bad writer.17. ALL characters involved in sex scenes are at least 18, so there will be no pedophilia. But age will not be stated, use your imagination, pervs.18. Novel's name is poorly chosen, I do suck with names.19. Enjoy, you sickos.~~Super Short Synopsis~~[Insert dumb reason for zombie apocalypse]Zombies are now horny undeads, people suck, people don't suck, etc. MC is useless, [Insert NTR action] [Somehow insert actual plot that isn't entirely sex]

  • I never wished her to be my best friend

    I never wished her to be my best friend


    lovers and Mary met at high school as debaters, lovers was doing maths and science at school and Mary was doing general stream involving history, when the principal Mr Johnson saw that the passing rate was approaching 100% on both general and science. He decided to formulate a debate competition about these subjects, they'll be debating about best and important subjects to be leant . They came out as best debaters at school , Marry took a first place and lovers took second place, they were then chosen to go for provincial competition on debate. This is how they got a relationship as friends, along their preparation lovers developed feelings for Marry, then he wish that Marry could be his girlfriend.

  • The Path of the Azure Demon Fox

    The Path of the Azure Demon Fox

    Two young boys would encounter an ancient inheritance that would forever change their lives. If for the better, well, that is debatable, but this one moment. That moment will not only shape their future but also the future course of their planet. Our main character will realize that this world isn't a peaceful and fun paradise. Suffering in agony when this hard lesson is passed down. He will fight against the emperor and his empire! Stomp on those who wronged him and experience new things on his way to revenge. Meeting interesting people on his journey. As he strives to be the strongest. He will also encounter hidden secrets of this world. Secrets that will shake his very understanding of the world, he thought he knew.

  • Mixed Flavors of BL

    Mixed Flavors of BL


    Volume 1: My Fiancees Wedding The night before my fiance’s weddingI was engaged since I was nine to my best friend, who forced me to propose to her. Then, almost at the age of eighteen, I received a wedding invitation from my Fiance, in which she was to marry another man. The night before my fiance's wedding, I decided to finally be true to myself and was going to have a one night stand with a man; that was the plan at least.Volume 2: AmnesiaAfter a memorable night with my friend Milton, who I had loved for years, a minor accident happened the next morning, causing me to lose a small portion of my memory. Though I regained them within a couple days, I debated on whether I should keep it a secret from him or not. We both felt uncomfortable afterwards, so I wondered if feigning ignorance was the right choice.