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    The world has never been perfect but it was a million times better than what it is today! Blue meteorites rained upon the world and changed everything. That very night thousands of lives were lost and many thought the worst had passed, little did they know something worse is about to happen! The world was covered with blue mist and by the morning it was all gone. The genes of the human race was mutated and a select few had their mutated genes, activated, granting them power and today they are called deviants. 'With great power comes great responsibilities' If many understood what this meant, the world wont be as messed up as it is right now. With the governments biased towards the deviants, the powerless humans are discriminated against and crime rate has risen exponentially. Deviants swagger about, doing what they want with no one to keep them in check, the world was thrown into chaos, animals were affected by the blue mist and mutated as well! it was only a matter of time before the human territories was taken over by the mutated beasts! The mess we are in right now is because of the deviants and someone has to make them pay for their actions. This is where I come in! I am Alex Briggs, member of the Briggs family! I will become the strongest!I will become the absolute!I will fix the cruel world by whatever means necessary! Author : Antihero protagonist who's a scheming mastermind & doesn't trust anyone. MC is smart & quick witted person who knows how to adapt to situations quickly.

  • Deviant


    They thought the war was over for good but they thought wrong. A calamity awaits and time is less. Ryan Shane is the son of the late most powerful alpha who led the Vampire War. Now it's in his hand to protect both the human and mythical community from the Vampire Uprising. But when he finds his mate, Celestia Hales she seems less human, no werewolf and a complete mystery. Ryan and Celestia have a role to play, a big and a dark one.

  • My Beautiful Deviant Lovers

    My Beautiful Deviant Lovers



    Ethan Frey, a college freshman, was facing the most miserable point in his life due to the popular kids in college. However, he suddenly awakened a power mysteriously and his body was no longer ordinary. But he had no idea that his life was heading to a very exciting yet dangerous path, especially when he gets involved with certain beautiful yet deadly 'deviant' women. Will these 'deviant' women make his life a living hell, or would he be able to handle them all? But most of all, how will he go about using his new powers, and face the impending doom lurking around the world? P.S : Main plot begins from Chap 18 Warning: Strong Yandere content included. Only read if you are okay with it. -------------- Read obligatory review for more information regarding the novel. The world is completely fictional so do not compare to our real world or even the universe :# ===== Discord Link ===== Support me and my novel: ===== P.S I don't own the cover. If the owner has any issues, I can take it down.

  • Deviant Man

    Deviant Man

    Fantasy ROMANCE

    Juicy story for readers who's love BL, Yaoi & Shounen Ai. Compilation of short story. Please support me. ( ฅ'ω'ฅ )I love you. (。・ω・。)I'm a dramatic person. O(≧▽≦)OI won't responsible for any of sin you made. This sinful love is individual choice. Just enjoy and don't have a lucid dream.

  • Soul Deviant

    Soul Deviant

  • The Deviant Future

    The Deviant Future

    In a Deviant Future, the world has been reshaped. Humanity has been changed. Yet despite it all, one thing does survive—love. These six stories take place in a violent, post-apocalyptic future where civilization has adapted in order to survive. Mutations are common in humans, animals and plants, however, the harsh reality of New Earth isn't the biggest danger. The greed of the ruling elite poses an even greater threat. A good thing there are still people willing to fight for justice, and love. Includes: Toxic Dust , Wasteland Treasure , Twisted Metal Heart , Catastrophic Attraction Iron Pirate and Ash Princess The Deviant Future series was created by Eve Langlais, an eGlobal Creative Publishing Signed Author.

  • Phil the Deviant

    Phil the Deviant

    Envoy of the OldThe High KingCharlatanFoolAn individual with many titles, famous throughout the Pioneering era was simply forgotten. Even with his many achievements, not a single record of his existence existed. Simply disappearing, like a INSERT SOMTHING___________________________________________________________________________________________________Phil, a well known 'deviant' in his school (NOT DONE ILL EDIT LATER OR SOMETHING)

  • Deviant of Rouge

    Deviant of Rouge


    "Chess is a game like life" or was it "Life is like a game of chess?The world will be a wide-scale stage, that represents the board. The people with different strength and power are chess pieces. The valuable ones are the valuable pieces, and the foolish ones are most likely just a pawn. But the game master is who the one who moves them all.To win, you have to make a move, and sometimes, that move may be foolish, deceitful, or deviant. Just how amusing that a single move may render danger, victory, or death.But the difference between a board game and real life is that...In real life, there will be no more, "NEW GAME" just, "YOU LOSE" or "CHECKMATE" ***"I CHALLENGE YOU!" - That word reverberated once again"All worked up to lose again huh?" - and the unending challenge begins.©WYSIWIA | The Deviant of Rouge. All Rights Reserved. Aeniigmaa. 2020

  • The Catholic and The Deviant

    The Catholic and The Deviant

    Fantasy Romance VAMPIRE

  • The Queen of Everything

    The Queen of Everything


    The famous actress Su Cha was involved in a scandal! The leaked video had left the fans flabbergasted. Fans, "They look so cute together! Her boyfriend looks like an adorable puppy!" However, the public, who had witnessed his muscular physique in the video clip, had a different opinion. "How is he a f*cking puppy! He's more like a ferocious hound!" In Su Cha's eyes, Bo Muyi was a lovable man who was always demanding kisses and hugs. In the public's eyes, Bo Muyi was merely a loathsome and overbearing tyrant. Before her rebirth, the naive and innocent Su Cha departed that life in sorrow. After her rebirth, Su Cha turned into an absurdly talented, but violent and deviant woman. Not only that, she mollycoddled her husband dearly! (This is a story of a brutal and aberrant heroine who met a ruthless yet overly-affectionate hero.) Side note: This is a story of the heroine's three, but not one, lifetimes.

  • Deviant Crown [Complete]

    Deviant Crown [Complete]



    [Gender-Bender] Before Yueguang dies he asks the Heavens that if they can grant him another life, please can I be reborn as a woman... The ones up in the heavens listened to him but during the process someone fucked up somewhere and screwed him over. "Is this what I get for asking the heavens to be reborn as a woman?" [Well so be it!!] Waking up in a foreign world he takes each step carefully not overstepping the boundaries but hits hurdles and meets his master a Martial God. With a rude character, strange experiences and a best friend that loves him, but disappears, he struggles at first but concurs them all and soon meets someone that makes him second guess his life. Cover art by: the_nerd.artistAlso on Scribble Hub, Royal Road and Inkitt.

  • Inferno's Deviant

    Inferno's Deviant

    Kimily Dixon lives a sheltered life in The School-- A secluded sanctuary for Nephilim teens whose parents have either left, or died. But, with the arrival of Pearce March and his sister Houston, the sanctuary begins to feel more like a cage. As The School becomes less and less safe, will Kimily learn to defeat her demons? Or will she join them?

  • Itsudatsu Shita; Deviant

    Itsudatsu Shita; Deviant

    Martial Arts ACTION ADVENTURE R18

    Imagine that the moment that you were born you were doomed to be hunted down and killed because of a slight genetic mutation. In the future where humans have developed super human abilities there are two kinds of people. Hybrids and Deviants. Hybrids who have one ability are treated as high class citizens in this society where Deviants who have two abilities are treated as monsters and trash and killed as such. Hiroshi is a Deviant who has dedicated his life to tearing down this society for the sake of his own people. This is Hiroshis story and his journey to not save the world, but to hopefully save himself and his lineage as well.

  • Revolt of the Deviant Prince

    Revolt of the Deviant Prince


    "Second chances are not given to make things right. But are given to prove that we could be better after we fall." ***** When I thought I took my last breath, I suddenly opened my eyes to the me of 10 years ago. A second chance to redeem my tainted honor and to rewrite my forsaken destiny. The me who never accepted myself for who I am will now cease to exist! This time, I will hold my head high with utmost confidence and dare proclaim to everyone who belittles me that; I, Liam Isis Vermillion, the 5th Light of the Argente Empire, swear upon my second life, to protect the people most dear to me, and to prove that I am also worthy of the golden crown! MAY THEIR VENGEANCE BE MY REDEMPTION!

  • The Deviant Path to Olympus

    The Deviant Path to Olympus


    491BC Ancient Athens. Gaiana was raised as a slave her whole life, she knew nothing more than a life of servitude to her master and his son. For her, this life was predetermined since the day she was born. But as the threat of war looms ahead, with a Persian military prepared to conquer the Greek Peninsula, Gaiana soon discovers that her destiny is far greater than the will of any mortal man. As a vast empire prepares a military campaign across her homeland, Gaiana enters the playing field with the powers of Gods, ready to defend her people against the imminent threat. She will travel, grow, and learn what it means to wield the powers of a deviant, and to use these powers against supernatural forces that exist beyond anyone's understanding. This is Gaiana's path, a Deviant's to Olympus.

  • The Legend of Moon Deviant

    The Legend of Moon Deviant

    Soo Yun adalah seorang Perempuan Ahli Bela Diri yang telah mencapai Ranah Tertinggi di Murim. Dia adalah Orang terkuat di MurimSoo Yun adalah Anggota dari Sekte Bulan Hitam. Sekte Terkuat diantara yang terkuat, Dia berhasil menghancurkan Sekte Iblis yang menggunakan Aliran terlarang untuk menjadi Kuat. Soo Yun memberantas seluruh Anggota Sekte Iblis sampai ke akar-akarnya dengan sendirian dan berhasil. Setelah itu dia di angkat menjadi Ketua Sekte Bulan Hitam karena pencapaiannya yang luar biasa. Sampai pada suatu saat. Soo Yun harus menghembuskan Nafas Terakhir nya karena kemakan oleh Usianya yang sudah sangat Tua. Dia tidak sempat mempelajari Hal l

  • Alexander's Deviant Vanguard

    Alexander's Deviant Vanguard


    In a world where Alexander the Great was exiled from Greece by his father, he will have to rise to the occasion in order to stop the tyranny of despotic empires. Whether it be Greek, Persian, or Egyptian, Alexander is a warrior of the people. And he'll have to utilize the powers of ancient mystic warriors, in order to succeed in his eventual conquest of the world.

  • Deviants


    Imagine that the moment that you were born you were doomed to be hunted down and killed because of a slight genetic mutation. In the future where humans have developed super human abilities there are two kinds of people. Hybrids and Deviants. Hybrids who have one ability are treated as high class citizens in this society where Deviants who have two abilities are treated as monsters and trash and killed as such. Hiroshi is a Deviant who has dedicated his life to tearing down this society for the sake of his own people. This is Hiroshis story and his journey to not save the world, but to hopefully save himself and his lineage as well.

  • The Legend of Golden Moon Deviant

    The Legend of Golden Moon Deviant


    Pada Abad 24 Yaitu Tahun 2301 Sebuah Organisasi Bernama PARADOX membuat sebuah penemuan Mesin Waktu, akan tetapi Mesin Waktu itu mengalami kegagalan total dan menewaskan ratusan orang, sehingga penelitian tentang Mesin Waktu di berhentikan.Pada Tahun 2330 Sebuah Organisasi Bernama Golden Time (GT) Melanjutkan dan menyempurnakan penemuan Mesin Waktu yang dibuat oleh PARADOX.Hasilnya mereka berhasil mengirim dan mengembalikan seseorang menggunakan mesin waktu itu ke suatu tempat.Tapi setelah di teliti tempat yang mereka tuju Menggunakan mesin Waktu bukanlah di bumi. Tetapi di sebuah Dunia yang dinamakan Dunia Pararel.

  • Reincarnated as a Deviant(Multiverse Fanfic)

    Reincarnated as a Deviant(Multiverse Fanfic)