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  • Loved By a Vampire King

    Loved By a Vampire King



    After getting banned from her own world at an young age for a greater purpose, Esme Watts was living happily in the human world. Disguising as a human girl, she was getting immense love from her human parents. Slowly, she was forgetting her own identity and was living her life well with some beautiful and loving people around her.One day her joyful world turned upside down when she was suddenly kidnapped.After getting kidnapped by the ruthless vampire king Aaron Richards, Esme Watts was forcefully locked up in a dark room waiting to be rescued by her dear ones.Even every breath she took was too painful for her numb body..As days passed, she kept searching a way to escape from this terrific vampire world. But after knowing Aaron personally and closely, will she try to escape or will she be trapped by his possessive love? Will Aaron love her after knowing her true identity?? Why did Aaron want her desperately? All is in the name of love or something else! || Silver-Tier WINNER Of Prompt Contest --133 ||Part 1 ~ LOVED BY A VAMPIRE KINGVolume Sequence ~ Volume 1 -- Volume 5Status: CompletedChapter Range -- 1- 263WARNING: Both Novel Contains Mature Contents but No Sexual Assault!_____________________________PART 2 ~ SPIN-OFF SEQUEL Title: LOVED BY A DEMON KING { Volume 6-. }Theme Line: When Curse Is The Beginning Of Her Love...!!Status: ONGOINGChapter Range: 264-SYNOPSIS: Being the first hybrid of two worlds was a blessing and curse for Ayra Chole, the controversial Princess from the world of Fairies. Possesing the immense power of two different creatures in the paranormal world, her journey towards living wasn't sweet like others anticipated more specifically after being a powerful princess who was treasured by her family like a gem. Dealing with everyone's hatred and jealousy since her birth, she constantly had to deal with her transparent emotions. She wasn't born to fear anyone except her own powers which goes uncontrollably wrong frequently.In this flicker of hope to find someone who could love and accept her trueself wholeheartedly, her mind was always restless in search of true love. One day,someone had finally picked up the courage to ask her hands boldly. But wait,who was he? The rumored Demon King, Cedric Arnaldo Dixon who was disdained by everyone same alike her coincidentally. The king of dragons whose hands were always filled with blood. Needless to say that he was rumoured to be hated by his own father ever since he born. A man who changed women more often like any ornaments. Rumours said that he had no heart to love others and killing was the only solution of his every arising problem.Very commonly, she was going to reject a rebellious man like him but the man had no other firm intention rather than claiming her as his own bride.How will their journey go around with so much hatred and evil powers? Can this two bloom the flower of love in their hearts? Or an untellable curse was going to destroy everything? ****SNEAK PEAK ****One night, he whispered beside her ears as she kept writhing underneath him," Darling, you can never fall out from a Demon's love. Once you have fallen in love with someone's evil side, you should know that he is your end game in this life time."Tags: #Demon #Hybrid #Fairy #dragon *** Cover is owned by me.Design credit all goes to @Art_By_Arpi on Instagram. Contact her on instagram to get your amazing cover done.***WARNING : Do not use the cover without permission. It is a copyrighted cover and solemnly belongs to me. For Donations and Support Author personally, Join me on Patreon:https://www.patreon.com/AnamikaAnaA:N: This is an unedited book! So you may come across grammatical errors or typing mistake! --------------------------------This Novel Belongs To W E B N O V E L. C O M Exclusively Only.**********************Instagram : anamika_author Discord : Anamika Ana #5922Email : suhanikaanamika@gmail.com

  • Hot for Teacher

    Hot for Teacher

    When the invitation arrives, successful erotica romance author Paige Gillette has mixed emotions about attending her ten year high school reunion. Until she views the guest list, that is, and discovers that Vincent Martinelli, the man voted "Most Popular Teacher" by the class, will also be in attendance.<br><br>Just recollections of the sinfully handsome "Italian Stallion" -- as the girls loved to whisper behind his back when they weren't too busy fainting -- sends adrenalin rushing through Paige's veins. In high school, the sexy teacher had driven her to obsession, and now the temptation to see him again becomes too great for her to bear.<br><br>It doesn't take long for Paige to make a final decision -- she will indeed attend the reunion, and make it one steamy night to remember ...

  • Hazel in the Demon's Den

    Hazel in the Demon's Den



    “I’ll marry anyone who will take me!” Hazel declared loudly. “I don’t need love!”“Get down!” Will hissed. “You don’t know what kind of people are lurking around in here! Talking like that might get you killed!”==Hazel Dixon thought she was putting her troubled past behind her. But when the person she thought she trusted most betrays her, she loses her head and proposes to an entire bar full of strangers. Enter Will Sheffield, a charming stranger who decides to take her up on her offer to save her from herself. He spoils her rotten without expecting anything in return and Hazel's confusion only grows. She doesn't know why he is acting this way. Or why he reminds her so much of the 'dangerous' childhood friend she thought was gone forever...*Cover art by polkadottedscrunchie*

  • Hot & Heavy in Paradise: A Man for Every Season

    Hot & Heavy in Paradise: A Man for Every Season

    Want a hotter than hell man to be at your beck and call? These 5 holiday Hunky Helpers have someone for any need which may arise. In August there’s a teacher learning you can’t judge a book by its cover even if you're a male stripper. In September a repairman saves his leading lady from her a-hole neighbor and sees more of his sister than he ever wanted. October needs an over-the-top apology to win back the heart of our heroine. Will she run or get her turkey stuffed by the hot plumber in November? December rounds out this box set with the perfect Christmas gift. Five over-the-top holiday stories will keep you reading with this complete box set. Warning: These books are over-the-top fun. They’re full of crazy antics, hot scenes, love at first sight, and happily ever afters. Suggested age 18+ Hot & Heavy in Paradise: A Man for Every Season is created by Dezi Dixon, an eGlobal Creative Publishing signed author.

  • Hot & Heavy in Paradise: Manny Collection

    Hot & Heavy in Paradise: Manny Collection

    Want a man to come and sweep you off your feet? How about five of them? These sexy hunks will fill your nights with pleasure. With five single men hired as the manny for five different single moms, there is sure to be drama…in and out of the sheets. Ali isn't looking for anything permanent, so why not have a little fling with the manny and his aptly named Big John? Bri has naughty times on the mind and she’s ready to act out her fantasies with the manny and his wobbly sword. Candi's manny survived the school drop-off line, but will he stick around when her secrets emerge? Dylan never expected to find someone who could handle her daughter, much less her overbearing baby daddy. Ellie wants a happily ever after, but someone's ex doesn't plan to let that happen. Warning: These books are over-the-top fun full of hot scenes and happily ever afters. Suggested age 18+ Hot & Heavy in Paradise: Manny Collection is created by Dezi Dixon, an eGlobal Creative Publishing signed author.

  • Hot & Heavy in Paradise: Bodyguard Collection

    Hot & Heavy in Paradise: Bodyguard Collection

    Knight Security is here to serve and protect. Better lock up your heart because these men and women know how to do the job right. When Yuri ends up on a controversial campaign at her new job, she won’t be running away from her bodyguard Ferris, but toward him. The mounting evidence is too much for Violet to ignore. Will she accept the help she needs in time? Can her bodyguard, Elliot maintain his cool long enough to keep Violet alive? Deacon needs protection after his Tiger Bill goes sideways. Will they both get bitten? Xena’s certain her best laid plan will come tumbling down, but Cameron won’t let that happen. He’s not giving up his new family without a fight. They're equal when it comes to their careers, but now it's time for Blaze to show Yasmin he can be the man she needs. Zelda’s stubborn but Asher won’t budge until she’s ready to admit what they have is real. Hot & Heavy in Paradise: Bodyguard Collection is created by Dezi Dixon, an eGlobal Creative Publishing signed author.

  • Hot & Heavy in Paradise: Single Dads Collection

    Hot & Heavy in Paradise: Single Dads Collection

    Need a man who can rock your world but still have a sensitive side? There's nothing like a single dad who melts your panties. You'll be spending hours in the naughty corner. Five women find out just how sexy Paradise's single fathers can be when they show up to take care of their kids…and end up with more than they bargained for. Khloe needs a new job after she's been let go, but when that new job is her hot as sin ex-boss, what's the worst that could happen? Lydia is tight on cash, so she takes on a new case and falls for the single dad that hired her and stepbrother. Mia's been out of the loop so she doesn't bat an eye at her newest client, only she gets the shock of her life when she realizes he's Hollywood's hottest actor. Nora's hit rock bottom, but the man who answers the door doesn't care, no matter what his mom says. Suggested age 18+ Hot & Heavy in Paradise: Single Dads Collection is created by Dezi Dixon, an eGlobal Creative Publishing signed author.

  • Hot & Heavy in Paradise: Doctor Collection

    Hot & Heavy in Paradise: Doctor Collection

    Have an itch that you just can't scratch? Slip onto the exam table and let five of Paradise General's doctors cure what ails you. Priscilla's biological clock is ticking, and the only person she wants to have babies with is the nurse who works at her side, even if he insists they do it the old fashion way. Quill can't stand the man who's been gunning for her since they both started, but that doesn't mean they can't let off a little steam together. Rayleen has the hots for her boss, and one way or another, she's going to find a way to make him hers. Scarlet's life totally shifted, but when the new director walks in, a man she had a one-night stand with two years ago and demands another chance, can she remind herself she's not the same person? Tenley doesn't want a man, but when trouble comes calling, it might be just what she needs. Suggested age 18+ Hot & Heavy in Paradise: Doctor Collection is created by Dezi Dixon, an eGlobal Creative Publishing signed author.

  • All About Love

    All About Love

    Author: USA Today best-selling and award-winning author Desiree Holt writes everything from romantic suspense and paranormal to erotic. and has been referred to by USA Today as the Nora Roberts of erotic romance, and is a winner of the EPIC E-Book Award, the Holt Medallion and a Romantic Times Reviewers Choice nominee. She has been featured on CBS Sunday Morning and in The Village Voice, The Daily Beast, USA Today, The (London) Daily Mail, The New Delhi Times and numerous other national and international publications. Runaway Billionaire What happens when two sets of parents decide their thirty-something offspring need to get married? To each other. The problem? Neither one wants wedded bliss, and they don’t even know each other. Kyle Montgomery is happy with his single state and the excitement of running the Montgomery Hotel Corporation. Pepper Thornton is just as happy running the family B&B, the Hibiscus Inn. When Kyle’s parents insist he take a look at the “darling” inn they found, he finally agrees. He’ll do anything to get away from their constant hounding. But someone forgot to tell them about hormones and passion and emotion,. What started out as a fun ploy suddenly turns into something much more—until reality pokes up its head and nearly destroys it all. Touch of Magic Maddie Woodward is in a pickle. The last person she expects to see when she returns to the family ranch for one last Christmas is her former lover, Zach Brennan. He’s hotter as he ever was, all male and determined to get her naked. She’s just as determined to show him she’s over him—until she ends up in his bed, enjoying the wildest sex of her life. A night of uncontrolled, erotic sex shows her that Zach is far from out of her life. Now if she can just get him to help her convince her sisters not to sell the ranch—or sell it to the two of them. Wet Heat It was supposed to be a month in a cottage by the lake in Maine. For Peyton Gerard it was time to recover from not one but three disastrous breakups and try to find her muse again. A successful romance novelist needed to believe in romance to write about it believably, and Peyton had lost her faith in it. For Dixon “Dix” Amendola it was supposed to be time to rehab his injured thigh from a SEALs mission that fell apart, to mourn the two team members who were killed and to deal with his guilt. Learning the mission had been compromised did nothing to ease the burden of blame he carried. The problem: the cottage had been rented to both of them by accident. Put two stubborn people in close quarters—a hot SEAL and an appealing author, add in moonlit nights by the lake, and suddenly they don’t mind sharing. But then reality intrudes, Dix returns to lead a repeat of the mission and all Peyton can do is pray it will be successful and that when he returns, he’ll come back to her.

  • - Mans Love -

    - Mans Love -


  • Who's To Blame? My Life Is At Risk!

    Who's To Blame? My Life Is At Risk!


    "Mommy! Mommy! Mommy wake up!"Little Karen Walker screamed at the strawberry blonde woman lying on the hospital bed. Her own strawberry blonde hair in disarray and tears streaming down her cheeks. She was being held in the arms of the man she calls Dad. His face in a similar condition to hers. "Mommy please wake up..." Karen cried her heart out. She fought herself free of her father's hold and rushed to her mother's side. Hugging her tightly with her one good hand. "Mommy just wake up please. I swear I'll be a good girl. I will listen to everything you say. I won't climb the trees no more. I wont run on the stairs. I will eat all my vegetables. I promise just please wake up for me." Karen stuttered with her words as she tried to hold the tears back but sobs escaped from her mouth. Her words were heartbreaking to hear for those who heard it. ***Karen Walker is an innocent and lovely girl filled with dreams and aspirations only to find out life has played a game with her feelings.From losing her parents to losing her life, Karen will forever be unable to achieve her goals in this lifetime. All due to someone else's plot.But the universe pitied her, and gave her a second chance at life. Watch as she takes revenge on those that did her wrong and holds them accountable for it.But will she be able to? Or will she die again before she can get her revenge? Is her luck that bad?

  • My curvy mate

    My curvy mate

  • The Beginning of the End: Let's Start Over

    The Beginning of the End: Let's Start Over


    When Bella kills the love of her life due to a misunderstanding, her heart aches immensely. What will she do to ease herself from the suffering? How will she get over her pain? Join Bella as she goes on an unbelievable adventure and finds a new purpose in her life.

  • Renáissance


    Fantasy Romance ROMANCE ACTION R18 VAMPIRE

    "Ceci, just listen to Papa. Stay away from those creatures OK?"The little girl with red-brown hairs nodded with a dejected frown on her face."Yes, Papa." Came the reply from her chime like voice. She then looked at the tall, handsome and strongly built man kneeled in front of her. "But can Papa tell me why? I have seen them on the TV, they are just like us. They have normal jobs, normal families - well, as normal as it can get - and they look just like us." Her Papa let out a sigh."Ceci, Pumpkin, they might be all of those but they don't eat like us. They kill in order to survive.""But Papa! So do we!" The little girl was now throwing a tantrum. She just didn't understand why her Papa, and especially her Mama warned her to stay away from the people of the night. Her Papa fixed her floral sundress and then patted her head. This caused the little girl to wear a gigantic pout with crossed arms.  He then took her small oval face in his comparatively gigantic,  calloused hands and stared hard in her blue hazel eyes that matched his.  He then used one hand to pinch her small nose and the other to put away the pout from her full heart shaped lips."Celicia, those creatures are called vampires for a reason. They feed on blood. Human blood. Do you want them to feed from you?" The little girl hurriedly shook her head. Fear visible in her eyes."Good. Now let's go pick some flowers while we're here to give your Mama more time to finish decorating your birthday cake."A bright smile spread across her face.***What happens when your life gets turned upside down? Her father getting bitten by a rogue vampire gets away and returns home, only to try and kill his family to quench his thirst. What will they do? Do they kill or be killed?Let's find out.

  • Chaos Is A Friend Of Mine

    Chaos Is A Friend Of Mine

    Fantasy Romance ROMANCE ACTION R18 MYSTERY

    It was a bright morning when I met someone who turned my life upside down. Running through the parking lot, jumping over cars and running around vans with my gun in hand and a hilt with knives attached to my thighs. I was running towards the target of my organisation. My feet carried me forward while my eyes and ears stayed focused on my surroundings. I was heading towards the ground floor where the target has taken off towards. For a man with a build like his, he sure was fast. The sun was glaring down at me by the time I reached my destination. It was mid morning and the streets were busy. Heading to the left of the parking lot, I spotted my target just in time to see him turn a corner. Pushing people out of my way with my gun still in hand, their screams of fright made me become more focused. Made me move faster. It was all I needed to motivate me. Their screams. It opened my mind to the fact that I'll be able to make music with the man I'm to capture.What I didn't expect is to let him get away. All because of one stupid face. Coming from the opposite direction is someone I didn't expect to see. A stranger. Not just any stranger but a stranger with a gun. We aimed our guns at each other.Screams erupted around us. That just made me more relaxed. "Who are you?" to say I had a gun pointed at my head only a few feet away, I was pretty calm."It's dangerous to carry a gun in the streets so openly" his voice was smooth and calm. I raised an eyebrow at him. "Pretty hypocritical. Don't you think?"He gave a deep chuckle. "Who are you?""I'm an agent, I take it you're an agent as well." he said this as a fact, not a question. My eyes narrowed at him. "You know for a red head, you control your temper well. I can tell I'm irritating you" a stupid smirk appeared on his face.He was right, he is irritating me. It's just the constant screams of the people around me keeping me calm. "What's your name?""I'm not supposed to say, but for a beauty like you, I'll make an exception. It's Agent John. What's yours?""I thought you'd know that too" he shrugged in reply. "I'm agent Joan""John and Joan. What a coincidence."***A story of how I met the stupid bastard that claimed my heart. Carrie Mythweald is from the city and is basically the boss of her life. She's used to getting what she wants. Her favorite hobby is listening to the screams of her victims as she tortures them to death.Jason Decathy is a man of equal stature to Carrie, used to getting what he wants and is as stubborn as ever. His favorite color is the bloody red that leaves his victim's body when he kills them.Join them on their action packed adventure as they try to capture the biggest drug lord of all time and save society from his influence any longer.

  • The Assassination romance

    The Assassination romance


  • The Barmaid

    The Barmaid

  • the front girl

    the front girl

  • Hunter Storm

    Hunter Storm

    Fantasy Romance ROMANCE ADVENTURE R18

    Jessica Van Helsing is plenty of things; a smart ,witty ,strong and beautiful good girl. But one thing she's not is,is passionate. That word and everything that comes with it does not exist in her vocabulary,unless it goes with old classic novels. Now that's something she's passionate about.When her family dies in a awful way,she's left with only the people to whom she's close with;her friends. Jessica left Transylvania,wanting nothing more than to stay away from trouble. Or could she have wanted to stay away from Hunter; the handsome, arrogant, annoying but flirtatious vampire.Hunter Storm. Two words,different meanings. But one everyone understood perfectly was that he was trouble in every possible way. Killing and fighting was his game. No one dared to cause trouble with him,for they knew the consequences.But when he lays his eyes upon the Jane-Austen-reading Van Helsing,he feels drawn towards this peculiar girl and wants nothing more than to make her desires come true. And God help anyone who came between what he wants and what she wants.Neither of them planned it. She didn't want it, and he wouldn't take no for an answer.

  • Everything's Just Right

    Everything's Just Right

    Imagine becoming successful. Like finally becoming successful, famous and on the top. All your hard work and sacrifices have now paid off. But now, you have no one to share it with, no one to enjoy it with. And when you think you've finally found the one, who you want to spend the rest of your life with , your happiness with, what happens when they reject you. What happens when they push you back into your shell, that deep,dark lonely place you worked so hard to come out of? Do you stay out of desperation or do you stay and give it another shot?