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    In the old times when two kingdoms fight against each other's ideals, dragons have to learn their ways how to live alongside it.

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  • +Dragons+


    In a world where there are dragons and demons, the rival kingdoms may start a war, as the princess of Sileveia (the dragon kingdom) wanders into the wrong area…

  • Dragon’s


    This story is about a woman who grew up without parents, she doesn't know if they are alive or dead, all she knows is that she was seen in Frost Land, the one who saw her is considered her parent, by the night comes they will be killed everyone, including her friends without parents.P.S Names, characters, places, and events may be the work of the author's imagination or mere fiction.Any resemblance to actual events or local or human, living or dead, is purely coincidental.PLAGIARISM is a CRIME!

  • The dragon's harem

    The dragon's harem



    Due to an abnormal condition, the mighty void dragons are on the brink of extinction. Their bodies have suddenly started rejecting their kind. Due to that, Arad's mother dropped his egg into a forest where he could hatch safely, leaving him with a fragment of her consciousness and informing him of the condition of their race. From that point, his goal became clear. To save their race by either mating a lot or finding a cure for their condition. But, sadly, nothing is ever that easy. Arad is still practically a newborn and cannot tap into the terrifying might of his race, and his rarity makes him a prime target for mages and scholars seeking to study the dying race. Dragons are arrogant, proud, and vicious. Yet those feeling extends to those whom they love. You who touched a dragon's love, Retribution is an insult, and life is a crime. Beware as merely existing in drawing the dragon's wrath. *** If you liked the story, please support it with power stones and comments! The story now has a Discord server. Please visit it to see character art by me and the community. https://discord.gg/CPJXDj6Adg *** You can contact me at Discord at any time Alen_Tanor#1599 And last. Please don't forget to leave a review, it really helps!

  • Coiling Dragon

    Coiling Dragon



    Empires rise and fall on the Yulan Continent. Saints, immortal beings of unimaginable power, battle using spells and swords, leaving swathes of destruction in their wake. Magical beasts rule the mountains, where the brave – or the foolish – go to test their strength. Even the mighty can fall, feasted on by those stronger. The strong live like royalty; the weak strive to survive another day. This is the world which Linley is born into. Raised in the small town of Wushan, Linley is a scion of the Baruch clan, the clan of the once-legendary Dragonblood Warriors. Their fame once shook the world, but the clan is now so decrepit that even the heirlooms of the clan have been sold off. Tasked with reclaiming the lost glory of his clan, Linley will go through countless trials and tribulations, making powerful friends but also deadly enemies. Come witness a new legend in the making. The legend of Linley Baruch.

  • Dance Of The Dragons

    Dance Of The Dragons


    A dramatic, eventful love story between the Crown Prince and the Supreme General of the Heavenly Empire!This is an Omegaverse story (A/B/O) with a lot of knives at the beginning. Stay away unless you are used to reading danmeis like 2ha, MDZS, etc.. Following the Heavenly Emperor's death, Crown Prince Xie Jianyu's Fuxi Palace was attacked by a combined force of Longjing Palace and Wuyang Palace. The confrontation between Supreme General Zhang Fengxi resulted in Xie Jianyu's death, after which Zhang Fengxi found out that he did not know Xie Jianyu at all. First, Xie Jianyu was an omega and not an alpha. Second, Zhang Fengxi slept with Xie Jianyu before. Third, Xie Jianyu gave birth to Zhang Fengxi's son. When given the chance to return to the past, will Zhang Fengxi be able to undo his mistakes? Will Xie Jianyu be able to escape his tragic end?Let this author take you on a fascinating journey (⁠。⁠・⁠ω⁠・⁠。⁠)⁠ノ⁠♡ ----------------- Credit for the amazing cover belongs to Haifu at https://weibo.com/u/2273681975

  • The Dragon's Kiss

    The Dragon's Kiss



    The first time she saw him, he was surrounded by flames. She couldn’t clearly see his eyes, but his gaze burned every part of her skin it lingered on. Surely if the legendary beasts ever had existed, he would be one of them—one of the dragons. **** Kel has spent her life as a palace guard, hiding her mysterious ability. When sent in the princess's place to form a marriage alliance with a neighboring kingdom, she is captured by enemy soldiers and taken to the Serin Empire. The ruler of Serin is a terrifying and coldhearted man, but he seems to have taken an unusual interest in Kel. How long will she be able to keep her identity and abilities a secret under the constant gaze of the Dragon Emperor? ---------- !!Slow burn romance!! ~I own no rights to the cover image~

  • Progenitor of Dragons

    Progenitor of Dragons



    "Release me! Pitiful Human!" The primal voice demands "What was that? Know your place. Bow! For I am the King." Kaler Dakrun is an 18-year-old student. He is frequently bullied because he is scrawny and relatively quiet. On his 18th birthday, an accident occurred where he would discover his family history, powers and his destiny. He already possessed elemental powers along with most in this world. However, they are not fully developed. In an ancient cavern, he stumbles across the Gauntlets of the Progenitor. He is deemed worthy to wield them, taking the role of the Dragon King. He can use his elemental powers to tame and create dragons and avatars. Now he lives a double life. He must continue to go to school and conceal his identity while attaining the full powers of the Progenitor of Dragons. He must gain full elemental Domination as well as regaining the power of his familiars, the elemental dragon Avatars. All the while, he must be careful of who he can trust Book Cover found on Pinterest. Made by sngm66 on DeviantArt

  • The Mates of Dragons

    The Mates of Dragons



    Xerxes is the last of his kind, living to try and complete a promise. The last one before he can just fade off like the rest of his kind. There is nothing left here, no mate is coming. Xerxes is the last living dragon. So why when he comes across one headstrong female. It feels like there is a chance? Kendra herself feels used, lost and trapped. A prisoner of those she works with. Those that hunt down mythical creatures in the world. Kendra however is about to find out that the world is far more vast than anyone could imagine. Especially when she comes face to face with the last living dragon. A deadly creature that has set his sights on her. Volume1: Mates of Dragons Volume2: Souls of Dragons Volume3: Atlantean's Mate Volume4: Atlantean's Dragon Volume5: Atlantean Souls Volume 6: Hearts of Dragons

  • I Keep Witches While Others Keep Dragons

    I Keep Witches While Others Keep Dragons


    Andrew traveled across the magic continent. With a low talent, he unlocked the Witch Cultivation system.After completing the task of unlocking the witch, he could upgrade and obtain the element ability of the witch.You gained 100 points of experience from the Fire Spirit witch, Evelyn's fondness for you +10 points, and unlocked the fire element 10 fold attack. You gained 100 points of experience from the witch of the storm, Taylor's fondness for you +10 points and unlock the windstorm tornado.The witches were not only beautiful but also sexy and charming. Each of them could destroy the world.As their host, Andrew was busy making love with them every day.Andrew had become a unique existence in mage. When others were still diligent in their study, he had become a big tutor mage that everyone admired through breeding witches.When he became the public enemy of the aristocrats on the continent, all the witches destroyed a country, and he became the supreme god of the world of magic!

  • Tempted By Dragons

    Tempted By Dragons



    Within the dragonhood, Tiamat is known as the Black Flame. The dragon with a dark reputation as a ruthless conqueror. He's a prized fighter with no match among enemies, or women ... until he met Fiona, the dark-eyed beauty whose fiery spirit mirrored his own. Manipulated by his dark side, Tiamat fears the times when his inner dragon is unleashed, making him a danger to everyone. Fiona, an independent young miss, is unwittingly thrown into the dragon world and reliant on Tiamat's protection. With a mysterious past of her own, Fiona wasn't looking for love but the answers to her family's betrayal. When Tiamat's intense animal attraction stirs up something deep and emotional within her, she knows to keep her defenses up around him or the dragon will devour her mind, body and soul. Together they face danger and peril side by side... until jealousy and vicious lies threaten to tear them apart. Tiamat wants to be the only lover to melt her frozen heart but Fiona resists him with an icy hot temper equal to his own. Only this dragon lord can save her -- for the Black Flame has the courage and power to stop the ruthless plots that threaten to drive them apart and destroy their bonds of love and friendship. This is a story about healing and redemption for only their love, born of fire and ice, must shatter the darkness that threatens their world.

  • Captured By The Dragon

    Captured By The Dragon

    ##WARNING This story will contain. Strong sexual content, strong language, dark scenes about human trafficking. ## Fear instantly overcame my senses. I had been trafficked. They’re selling me to shifters. Shifters paid irresistible money to own human girls as sex slaves. ** Everything was shaking all around me as if I was in the back of a moving car. An unpleasant smell that could have woken me from even my darkest dreams filled the air and convinced me that I was wide awake. Fear instantly overcame my senses. Where was I? What was I doing here? Who took me? “Help…” I tried to shout. My torn throat wouldn’t allow it. In my mind, images flashed of barbaric shifters standing outside that door. Big, tall and rough creatures that knew no manners and only wanted to claim things. I’d heard stories since I was old enough to understand that they favored pretty human girls and plucked them off the roads as if they were all free for the taking. ** Patara tried to move back away from the handsome young man, but he held her firm. Squeezing her chin a little harder to keep her in place. His blue-grey, beautiful eyes looked over her every feature as if he wanted to burn the image in his mind. “Would you like me to take you away?” He asked in a husky voice. His words made her skin litter in goosebumps. She couldn’t speak, only nod desperately. “And what do you offer me in exchange for your rescue? Would you like to follow me?” Slowly, she nodded her head and put her hand in his. “Remember your promises,” he said against her ear. She held her breath. “The last person who betrayed me got to see what his insides looked like before I slit his throat.”

  • Bride of a Dragon

    Bride of a Dragon



    {Mature Content} ...”I told you once that only two things will have me - you and death”... In a world where dragons were worshipped and witches were hunted and killed for revolting against the throne, Levina, a green-eyed witch, has lived her whole life running away from the dragons and hiding her secret. But what happens when Levina falls in love with the only person she is forbidden to love_ The Crown Prince and heir to the throne of Arvenia. She tries to keep her secret from him, to remain at his side, but what happens when Lucien finds out that the woman he had cherished with his whole being is a witch? Will Lucien turn his back on his people and be with her, or will he be forced to kill the woman he loves with his own hands? ... Excerpt "My lord, she's here..." Lucien's gaze remained fixed on the window as if seeing it for the first time. He heard her light footsteps draw nearer. Those footsteps had become etched in his memory. In the past, he would turn around with a smile when he heard them, but this time, he did not want to. "Lucien..." her somber little voice spoke, and they bore a crackle as though she had been crying. He turned around, and as he had thought, her eyes glistened with tears. "Lucien..." she called again, and he gritted his teeth, purposefully looking away. If he continued to look at her, he was not sure he could stop himself from running to her. "Is it true?" The question had bogged him all night, and he wished, so desperately that it was a lie, that she was not what they said she was. That she was just his Lev. Silence filled the air, and he met her gaze. Tears streamed down her face, but still, she did not answer his question, but instead she smiled; "I love you, Lucien."

  • Dragon's Throne : Rise of Dragons

    Dragon's Throne : Rise of Dragons

    A fallen kingdom and a hidden prince that could lead to the Birth of an Empire. Thus is the Legend of Elric Vellen. Will the sacrifice his father made on the day of his birth be in vain or will he be able to reclaim what was lost. Only time will tell.This is a story full of magic, dragons, blood, and steel with a bit of mild r18 that is relevant to the story's plot and used to spice up the dry lore and world building arcs.Our story begins with Elric's birth and the siege of his homeland and follows his escape to an unknown land in his mother's arms. Were he is given into the care of a kind old man an quickly grows into a budding hero.

  • Immortal Journey Of The Wu Clan's Twin Dragons

    Immortal Journey Of The Wu Clan's Twin Dragons


    Does the death of billions of people even have any meaning to it? It's like once the number passes a certain threshold we humans are unable to imagine the severity such a scale entails.The once prosperous Immortal Domain witnessed its destruction due to an unknown disaster. A disaster that wiped out 2/3 of its entire population in mere hours. Billions, no, even trillions of lives might have been lost.After the Immortal Domain's Destruction, it was split into the Fragmented Lower Realms and the High Heavens known as the Upper Realm. However, all was not lost. From the flickering embers of life that remained, and after countless years, an Era that would eventually be known as the Resurgence Era was starting to show its first signs of brilliance.These first sparks were located in a Fragmented Realm called the Wither Daemon Realm, in which there was a planet named Daiyu.On this planet, heavenly prodigies that were born with one of the thirty rare Legendary Physiques were starting to pop up like common weeds.Longwei, a loudmouth and arrogant brat was born into the Wu Clan while possessing the third-rank Legendary Physique, the Dao Physique. He was also known as one of the six monster-level geniuses on planet Daiyu. His brother Longmin, his opposite, a quiet and reserved boy, though was an equally terrifying genius in his own right, had faded into obscurity since his birth and was estranged by their father after a certain catastrophic incident.This story is the supposed legends of two dragons, who through a journey of bloodshed and betrayal, led their clan to unify the Immortal Domain and stand above Demons and Gods as powerful existences.This is the Immortal Journey of the Wu Clan's Twin Dragons.**Other novels: The Founder Of Qi Cultivation Reincarnates, The Growth OF A TiTanPatreon: www.patreon.com/TSETH

  • My Dragon.

    My Dragon.


    What if the man that you love is a Dragon?! Meet Rebecca Willow and Elias Flames. Rebecca is not your typical lady. From the tender age of seven, she has been in plenty of court affairs protecting the people of Belfare, fighting in tournaments showing off her skills with the sword, and dreaming of a world where dragons flew in the sky. Elias is the Prince of Belfare and, he has a secret. He befriended Rebecca because, unlike every other woman who wants status, she creates it herself. She is his only friend that he can truly rely on and one that helps secure his throne. The fate of the Dragons relies on the shoulders of both Elias and Rebecca at young ages, although they don't realize it until Rebecca is kidnapped from Belfare to meet the Elder Dragon. Their friendship starts off rocky but eventually blossoms into an unbreakable bond full of trust and admiration. Later on, he shares his secret and proposes to the one he loves. Excerpt: Rebecca [ "Your Majesty, if I may?" I asked and, he waved his hand, silencing the room. I panicked slightly but regained my courage. He nodded and, I looked to the council leader, who sneered. "I have a suggestion about solving the high crime rates. It is not the high class that suffers the high crime rates, however the working class. It's their businesses that are bring robbed and, it is their families that are in danger." I glared at a council member as he made a move to interrupt. "I say that you can send more soldiers to patrol the streets, day and night. Yes, I am aware that there will be a need for soldiers, so pull a list of names that need to serve their time. And for the businesses, you should pay them for their troubles. At least until the crime rates decrease-" a cough echoed in the room, the council leader looked down on me as a child. "Who says the King shall listen to a woman, much less, a child." He paused as he let the words sink in. There were mutters around the room. "It's normal that crime is high. What do you mean to pay the business that is suffering? Our high class is suffering because they can't do business properly." He paused and, I took that moment to stifle his pride. "You're right. Why should a King listen to this ideal? However, as a citizen of the Country of Belfare, I have a right to come to His Majesty. And Councillor, is it not the working class that grows our economy? "For our country to prosper, our businesses should be protected and have trust in the government. Don't you think?" I asked the question and the Councillor opened and closed his mouth like a fish out of water.] Excerpt: Elias [ "They were bold to hurt both Rebecca and me. It's something I can't forgive or forget easily." I could feel those deep green eyes staring, and when I met them, they were glossy. "How is she coping?" He asked, and I let out a sigh, 'if only she had the patience to understand that recovering takes time.' I thought to myself. "She's... coping, although, I can tell it's killing her, to not pick up a blade. That was a low move of that man." I growled, and the King just nodded his head. "Why don't you heal her?" He asked and, I looked away from his probing eyes. I wanted to help her, but I haven't had a teacher thus, I had little control over my powers. "I wish I had someone to speak to. Humans have plenty of resources plus, they don't have to hide their powers and worry about hurting someone. My kind is so close to extinction, it's painful." A couple of tears trailed down, and I flinched when a drop landed on the back of my hand. "They're not dead." My father's voice sounded stern as he looked at the portrait. I knitted my brows together, 'Those dragons have been dead for about a century and a half.' I looked between the picture and father, noticing there was sadness etched in his features.] Read on to embark on these youngster's journeys, which blossom from friendship to love, with the blessings of the dragons. *Cover from Google*

  • Dragon Academy

    Dragon Academy

    Dragons are born in twins set, one dominant while the other is submissive. One can't survive without the other, the dominants are sent to military schools, they'll spend most of their life-controlling their Dragon side.While the other half goes to Dragon Academy, they'll learn how to cope with being submissive, they are categorized into littles, pets, or simply submissive. The older dominant would meet them there, teach them how to shift, protect them from all dangers, and finally claim them as theirs forever. Kaiden is a special case, a little who never regressed before, she also never cried, until crossing roads with Adrian, a fiery red dragon. This story is DDLG, CGL, Fluff.

  • Married Dragon

    Married Dragon



    21+ Rain Fernandes adalah seorang pemuda biasa yang tinggal di bumi, dia melakukan perjalanan ke dunia sihir dan pedang. Rain telah mengambil tubuh Lois Evander, pemuda biasa lainnya. Tampaknya disitu adalah dunia fantasi yang masih sangat tradisional, namun Rain menemukan beberapa kesamaan yang sangat menakjubkan antara bumi dan dunia sihir tersebut. Persamaan tersebut antara sains dan apa yang disebut sihir misterius. Ilmu pengetahuan adalah sebuah kekuatan, Jiwa, Sihir, Teori Pikiran, dunia magic, musik, dan dunia nyata. Bagaimanakah perjalanan Rain mengartikan persamaan dari dunia yang berbeda itu?

  • Lust of a Dragon

    Lust of a Dragon

    “Why did you take me?” “Because you’re valuable to me,” he replied, his dark and dangerous voice brushing against my skin in ways that made my heart race and my core ache. “I don’t belong to you or any man,” I replied, trembling as I held my ground. “Who said I was a man?” ***** Princess Evie Stanton lived a life of luxury she detested with a passion. Nothing was ever pretty when it came to high society and when her father tried to force her to marry a man twice her age, she knew she had to get out. Little did she know Captain Thane, a dragon prince seeking revenge, had his eye on her. Love often finds us in the most mysterious of ways, and these two enemies are brought together to navigate a way to earn their freedom. Will they be able to put aside their differences for love? Or is the tragedy of Thane’s past too much to forget? Lust of a Dragon is created by Claire Wilkins, an eGlobal Creative Publishing signed author.