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    Magic, full of wonders and mystery. Magic was used in the past but it was hidden in the world for decades, now new heroes will rise to fight Mages that are using magic to take over a country. As the adventure continues so is the dangers that awaits the heroes.

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    first me magic I feellovelife

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    Mila, a happy-go-lucky girl, is on her way to NYC to meet her just engaged sister. Caleb, a talented fashion photographer working for a reputed magazine, happens to be the brother of the man engaged to Mila's sister. Yes, love will happen, but with a hint of magic."Meant-to-be are meant-to-be. You don't steal ice-cream from your meant to be!" this is all they fight about. Caleb and Mila sure do have magic. Beautiful, strong magic.But what will happen when the universe throws its worst punch at the happy couple? Will they survive it or will they crumble apart? After all, the universe isn't fair.Read this magical story of a girl, a boy and the universe.

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    A part-cat-girl gets stuck in another world. A world different from what she's ever known. She needs to get by in this strange world...but how? Kireina is in BIG trouble this time.

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  • Magic Shapers

    Magic Shapers


    There is an all-power that created everything, but after it was finished it all, Blank, had nothing to do. Races flourished, and some died, but Blank wasn't satisfied, or entertained by life being snuffed out. Even after installing gods to regulate the races and planets, still there was chaos and turmoil. To deal with the constant problem, Blank for elect one god and a being to travel across the worlds. Their job would be to go back in time to before the end started and stop the event that ends the race. The last Traveler has finished his term and is granted immortal happiness, but a new one must be chosen. Journey through space and time with Dak, and his brother Stell. two boys are chosen by Blank for an unknown reason, saddled with an angry god trapped in a book. The journey will force Dak to grow up and realize his true purposes and potential, but with a natural-born curiosity, you know these boys are bound to get into trouble! My discord:

  • Heartbeats of Magic

    Heartbeats of Magic


    hey readers! this is another book I have marked down to get it on paper. I have 2 other books Poor Man Reborn, Should Have Let Me Die that are contracted and once one is finished I will he working on my other books in this order.but if a certain book gets more collections I will start that book sooner1.Hack&Slash2.Death March In To The Otherside3.Hero Crisis: Running To The Only Reality4.The Fall And Rise Of The Seven Witches Of Miasgard5.Heartbeats Of MagicA chance encounter with the human whirlwind Celfone, those our gentle and hopeless wizard Prana for a loop after he saved her. Prana was on his way to find a great adventurer to take him sightseeing to a dungeon or lair or two. Join these and more mismatched adventures on a quest to see what hasn't been.

  • Extra's Magic

    Extra's Magic



    Aiden, who spent his days staring at a screen and playing the same game, 'Leclentia', had finally succumbed to his unhealthy lifestyle and died... However, he found himself reincarnated in a world full of mythical creatures and magic, with his consciousness inhabiting the body of a frail young boy who was supposed to attend the mage academy. "Wait... I've reincarnated into Leclentia!"

  • Magic Shop System

    Magic Shop System



    Ranulf never thought he would open his eyes again, as he laid in his own pool of blood. Unaware and ignorant of the portrayals of destiny. After the curtains of his existence collapsed, a new and fascinating life began. He transmigrated on the Pengolla—the magical world, filled with mythical creatures and cruel demons and powerful wizards—inside the boy named Kadyn. He thought he could live a peaceful life after finding out that his predecessor had no talent in magic. However, things never go according to the way we want them to be. Out of nowhere, a voice sounded in his head that shattered his world before it could take form inside his memory. [Host transmigrated successfully] [Host need to find a shop in twenty-four hours, or his soul will dissipate] Follow Kadyn on this fantastic journey, and see how he will overcome all the hardships and challenges in the future. How would he save himself and his family and his shop from greedy people? And how would he become a hunter instead of hunted after learning the harsh lesson from life? ______________________________________________ [Read all the free chapters before assuming anything about the story] ______________________________________________ The cover isn't mine. All credit goes to the artist. If the owner has any problem, please contact me, and I will put down the cover, or we can reach an agreement.

  • The Truth of Magic

    The Truth of Magic


    Zhao Xu goes back 10 years in time to the day when Arthur's game servers opened. Only he knows that one year later, the earth will be destroyed and everyone on earth will transmigrate into the world of Arthur! PS: MC is a double character class of Wizard and Archivist, training in both the arcane and the divine, includes metamagic/magic guards/spells/rubies/action points/hyperactivity/pause/temporary effect/activation/in-game purchases in the making.

  • I created Magic!

    I created Magic!



    All things are born from the void and all things shall return to the void. Elias, a large and beautiful world consisting of millions of planes and millions of different races. And such a wonderful world is run by powerful beings called Gods! Born from the dawn of time their divine might shines on all beings. Over time It is said that the Gods created everything. But is that really true? If so, who created the Gods? Accidentally reincarnated in this strange world due to an unforeseen accident. With a thirst for knowledge and a hunger for power, Elric with the help of his A.I chip seeks a way out for himself whilst under the oppression of the Gods. Soon under Elric's relentless desire for knowledge, the first group of humans with powers comparable to Gods were born, Wizards! He dissected a flame slime and learnt to control flames. He studied a dragon and created dragon-slaying magic. He tasted a Phoenix and cracked the secret to immortality. Unexpectedly before he knew it most of the races in Elias had been studied and dissected by him already. One day when he was bored and there was nothing to do, Elric suddenly turned to the sky with a sly smile on his face. "I know! Why don't I study the Gods!" That day the whole Elias shook. with a crazy smile on his face Elric led an army of wizards and stormed the God realm! ------------------------------------------------------------------- discord server:

  • Magic With You (BL)

    Magic With You (BL)



    In a world filled with Magic, the strong rules the world! Calter, a Rank 3 Grand Knight Mage, the highest realm that mages in the Enchanted Star Realm reached died. But instead of completely dying, he woke up one day and realized that he travelled back in time There, he once again saw the innocent and pure blue haired and eyed youth that he always loves that died because of him. The youth that always haunt him on his dreams, his biggest regret and the only person he loved This time, he will make sure to make everything right. He swore to himself that not only he will reach his former power but also exceed it! He will protect Kence from any harm in the world, especially to the Rank 4 Mage that will descend down in the Realm! In a world where magical achievement is your weapon, the two will fight against all odds to become the strongest magicians! ---- This is an adventure in Magic Cultivation World where the main characters are both men and will love each other. A balance of action, cultivation, and Bl romance----Buy me ko-fi! you!!

  • Tales of Magic Swordsman

    Tales of Magic Swordsman



    The no. 1 player in VRMMORPG, Two Worlds, fall under the scheme of his lifelong enemy. From the top of the heaven he crashed to the bottom of the world.Being laughed at and with huge debt in his shoulder he try to get his revenge and conquer the game so no one will looked down on him anymore.With his best friend, can he conquer the game?----------Release rate: 7 chapters / week with a random bonus chapter release. (GMT +7)----------

  • Black Magic

    Black Magic

    When High Paladin Sorin discovers the brutally dismembered body of his cousin Alfrey, a much loved priest in the royal palace, he is left baffled as to who would do so terrible a thing to so good a man. But to find the answer to that question, he must cooperate with one of the highly despised necromancers, men who practice black magic, sleep in graveyards and feed upon souls … The necromancer Koray, however, is far from what he expected. He is beautiful, stubborn, and possessed of a tongue sharp enough to cut down even the High Paladin himself. Koray is also possessed of a strength like nothing Sorin has ever encountered, and the power of the Goddess herself. Sex scenes/explicit content, 18+, violence, gore Gay, mxm, Bisexual, Aloof, Independent, Powerful, mage, warrior, cleric, multicharacter, medieval, another world Black Magic is created by Megan Derr, an eGlobal Creative Publishing Signed Author.

  • Love is Magic

    Love is Magic

    Contemporary Romance WEAKTOSTRONG CEO FAMILY


    " Tell me what happened?" Priya asked anxiously." Don't ask me anything now, I have to go to the police station" Arvind answered without looking at me. Arvind left hurriedly.I didn't understand what was happening here. I went to Karthik's bedroom to check him. Then I noticed his palm was cut and was bleeding. I don't know where the first aid kit in his room, so I brought it from my penthouse. When I was dressing his injury, he hissed in pain and opened his eyes. I observed his gloomy eyes filled with pain and tears at the corner of his eyes. My heart-ached looking at him in that condition. " What happened Karthik?" I asked him rubbing his hair softly." My best friend hates me. It's killing me," he answered. " I did a big mistake by hurting him. I accept my mistake. At least he is not giving a second chance to explain. He is punishing me for two years ignoring me and treating me like his enemy. It is killing me. Even my mom doesn't trust me. No one loves me. I am feeling lonely. I don't want to live anymore" he said while lone tears rolled from the corner of his eyes. "Shhh…..calm down. You are a fantastic person, Karthik I have ever seen. Arvind, Shreya, uncle, and all employees need you. Don't ever speak about killing yourself. We all love you." I consoled him. He immediately got up from the bed and hugged me tightly. "You love me?" he asked me cupping my face. I could understand his state, he was in an alcoholic effect. So I nodded my head straight. He loosens his grip and looked into my eyes. " You trust me, right?" He questioned. " I trust you more than myself" I smiled. " Thank you so much. Do you know my mom loves me but she didn't trust me? At that time do you know how I felt? I was broken …." He cried hugging me. "Everything will be fine. Don't worry." I assured him. " Will you too leave me like my mom ?" he asked me. " Never. I will be always with you." I answered. "Promise…" he asked again. " Pakka promise.." I smiled. "Thank you beautiful…." he kissed me on my forehead. I was beyond the shock of what just happened. My body freeze at once. " Then don't leave me. Be with me all my life" he closed his eyes holding my palm. Still, I couldn't believe…. What he spoke!!Does he love me???Having a family, I am living like an orphan. Why a rich person will love an orphan like me? Love never exists in my life! I laughed at my destiny. ***************************This is a story of two souls who met accidentally and finally bonded in pure love. So peep into the story to know the love journey of handsome Karthik( Male Lead) and innocent Priya(Female lead)

  • Ascension To Magic Godhood

    Ascension To Magic Godhood


    Power. Power to change one's fate. This is the answer that most people would give when presented opportunity to wield immense and peerless might. Yet, what truly power is... Only those who wield it know... It's a power to impose your will over countless others... It's a power to harm countless, yet remain unscathed... It's a power to reign Supreme! This is a story of transmigrator who changed his destiny with whatever means he had... Morals are obsolete... This is the world where power dictates one's destiny!-----Editing first 50 chapters: 7/50 edited -----Support me: my discord:

  • The Emperor of Magic

    The Emperor of Magic


    The continent of Ils, where magic is the main power of every human being, various kingdoms protect the continent from monster attacks. Magic is so glorious on this continent, then comes one figure who is the destination of everyone, having magic so powerful that it is able to destroy the city with just one spell he is known as the master of magic. Each person has different magic, the magic element is divided into seven kinds namely Fire, Water, Wind, Earth, Lightning, Light and Darkness. Every human being has their own magic core that has 10 000 forms. Away from the frenzy of fighting between monsters and humans, a young man with a magic core in the form of a book is working hard to learn his first magic. Having an element of darkness the young man's figure is seen gasping for exhaustion as a result of training so hard, not far from the young man the middle-aged figure sees the young man with anger. Ariya Pino was the name of the young man, born to a normal family but he had a large mana until he became the center of attention in his village.