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  • Drain



    What does one do when the line between illusion and reality bends? When everything is normal, except what she has seen, can reality be trusted? A memory? A dream? -- A few days of story for Halloween.

  • Life Drain System

    Life Drain System



    Follow Yueliang's growth from weak heir to powerful prodigy! Everything starts with my inheritance?? Who knows what it will contain. Will the world end or will he die with it? What will happen in his futuristic life?

  • Card Apprentice Daily Log

    Card Apprentice Daily Log



    Dr. Dalton Wyatt, a world-renowned Scientist, and Inventor is transmigrated to the body of a high school student Dalton Wyatt who committed suicide due to unfortunate circumstances and complicated life. The new world was completely different yet similar to Dr Wyatt's homeworld earth. Unlike peace full earth where humans fought other humans, This new world was plagued with Dungeons and Monsters people here fought with monsters for the survival of humanity. Mortal humans were not strong enough to fight these mythical and legendary creatures, thankfully some blessed humans could actively control their soul to manifest soul power and become Card apprentices to fight for the humanities chance at survival. Card apprentices are people who contract grimoire and use various powerful yet resourceful cards to fight off the monsters and conquer dungeons. Grimoire provides the card apprentice with abilities like Card creation and Card fusion, most importantly it allows the Card apprentice to display their full potential in a cardfight. Even though this world has the concept of science but it is not focused on electronics and industrialisation like back in the earth, here the world has cards for every little thing's eliminating the need for electronics. This new world is highly focused around grimoire abilities Card creation and Card fusion. Coming to a world where money could literally buy him strength Dr Wyatt had to earn money for his survival. But thanks to his otherworldly information and knowledge, card creation comes easily to Dr Wyatt compared to other card apprentices. Dr Wyatt creates and sells various perfect, powerful and resourceful cards to earn money and get stronger step by step in this monster-ridden world for his survival. ... "What did you say? making good cards is hard! Bah!! Card making couldn't be easier""Trash materials! Let me teach you there are no trash materials only trash card makers."[Bloody Veins - G rank, Mortal grade][Nylon Rope  G rank, Mortal grade][White Core - G rank, Mortal grade]Card creation… complete! [ Card Name - Bloody Rope   Card Type - Item card  Card Rank - E rank, Common grade   Card Rating - 3 stars   Card Durability - (100/100)   Card Effect - Bloody rope can be used to bind opponents. If bound on open wounds additional effects of paralysis and blood drain activates unconditionally.]"Omg! You used a G rank mortal grade core but how did you create an E rank common grade card with 3-star ratings and that too with full durability. This is a dream! Yes, I am dreaming! I didn't wake up today. I am still in my bed dreaming!"...

  • Draft Book for Brain Drain

    Draft Book for Brain Drain

  • Hell's Consort

    Hell's Consort



    "I will make you my queen." He grabbed the chains attached to the bed and closed the shackles around her wrists. "I'm the High Priestess. You can't—" Fear trembled through her mind and body. She couldn’t consummate this marriage if the Blood Beast truly decided to make her his queen. Luna must remain a virgin High Priestess in order to remain a vessel for Hecate's magic. "What are you planning to do?" “I will make you mine no matter what so that I can take control of the Vampire King's consciousness forever. He won’t be back anytime soon." Luna thought the Blood Beast was out of his mind for wanting to make the virgin High Priestess his mate. The consequences of that would… Her mind raced through all of the possible consequences. There was no way she could allow the Blood Beast to gain any more power. Especially if he gained that power by drinking the blood that was, laced with Hecate’s magic, running through her veins. She needed the Vampire King back. The Blood Beast moved on top of her body. He stopped when he was eye-level with her. The sudden intimacy was shocking, especially since she was tied down. Chest to chest, he removed her cloak and peeled off her flimsy dress. He growled. "If you struggle, I will rip your head off." +++ Luna was one of the few remaining Amazons who worshipped the goddess Artemis. As an Amazon, her ordinary life took an unexpected turn when a pack of rogue werewolves took over their home--the Sacred Valley. Left with no other choice, Luna flees into the nearest kingdom, the Vampire Realm, where she was captured to be part of the Vampire King’s Consortium. To avoid the fate of living and dying as a Harem girl for vampires, she offers to become the High Priestess and study dark magic in order to break the King's curse. If she is successful, she could request the King to grant her her well-earned freedom. There has not been an official High Priestess in the Vampire Realm for centuries. Not since the first High Priestess cursed the King to become the Blood Beast. When the Blood Beast tries to take the reins of the Vampire King's consciousness, the King was cursed to drain the blood and his victims' life force in order to pacify the other immortal inside of him. In order to try and maintain some semblance of control, the Vampire King is forced to maintain his strength and immortality by kidnapping women from all over the realm to be used for food and sex. But, what will he do when he finds a woman worth keeping, but he can't even touch her? Will he be able to control his hunger for blood and lust when he looks upon her delectable body? As the new High Priestess, Luna was able to become more powerful than ever before. As she did her best to break the Vampire King's curse, what will happen to her when the 'curse' latches on to her instead? Note: If you are curious about ML and FL relationship dynamic, check out CHAPTER 447 (Sweet Talker) #RuthlessMLtransformsintoDotingHusband #UNDER EDITING Fun Fact: Plot and Storyline are decided by Tarot Cards :) Please make some noise on my discord server: https://discord.gg/KRABhk39XG

  • A Billion Dollar Exchange

    A Billion Dollar Exchange

    Contemporary Romance ROMANCE BEAUTY


    COMPLETED!!!! "Mr Liu Wei.." Liling paused as she took In a deep breath. "I need one million yuan... " Liu Wei shifted his gaze to face her. His face bore a surprised expression. 'What was she using that much money for?' Liling who was anxious held the helm of her gown tightly. She swallowed hard and continued courageously. "I don't think I can pay back..., but I'll give you something else" Her voice drained of all vigour. It was really hard to give herself away, so easily but she had no choice. Taking in a deep breath, she lifted her eyes to look at him. "My body..." ... ‘’Jin Yue, please wait.’’ Jin Yue suddenly stopped in his tracks, he badly wanted to look back but at the end he decided against it. ‘’Speak, I’m in a hurry.’’ ‘’Jin Yue, throug the time we spent together, did you ever, even for a split second, love me?’’ Jin Yue froze when he heard her question. Did he love her? From the moment he set his eyes on her, he had loved her. She had stolen his heart away that even right now, he wanted to kneel and beg her to stay with him. But he wouldn’t tell her that. If he wanted her to stop feeling guilty, he would not tell her. She should hate him so she would be happy with the one she loved. ‘’No; not even for a split second, so Miss Xin Yong, stop being delusional and scrap every memory you have of me.’’ ... This is a story of two couples and the hurdles they meet in their journey of love and how fate tries to bring them back together. I hope you like it.





    "Your virginity has always been mine to take," he said while his fingers gripped the neckline of her gown ready to rip it off. Her teary eyes widened in shock at his declaration, and she forgot to breathe. All the colours drained from her face as she froze frightened.She was meant to be his forever, but his one mistake turned her love into hatred. He was her Prince Charming, but her hatred turned him into a heartless Villain. Mistakes and misunderstandings led to heartbreaks.She doesn't want to be with him anymore, but he doesn't want to let her go, ever. A Love-Hate relationship between childhood Sweethearts who turned into archenemies by the time they reached adulthood. Read on to know more about their journey into the roller-coaster ride of LOVE. PS. The male protagonist comes with a bit of negative shade. My characters are immature reckless teenagers, and they act impulsively. They make mistakes and wrongs, but eventually, they'll learn from their wrongdoings. Don't be too quick to judge them unless and until you read till the end.

  • The Soul Keeper

    The Soul Keeper



    The smell of blood invaded my nostrils. I watched helplessly as the woman standing over me raised her sword. I was completely drained, I had no mana left, no items, nothing. As the crimson tendrils held me down by my arms and legs, all I could do was wait for my death. As the sword drew near, I felt the last bit of courage I had disappear. I was going to die. Alone. In this god forsaken place filled with evil. And for what? To protect those ‘friends’? The same people who mocked me, took advantage of, and used me?Oh, who am I trying to fool? I was here only because of my own greed. Because I wanted to be useful to someone. Because I wanted to that group to need me. To value me. To have a reason to keep me around. How naïve I was, thinking that power would grant those wishes. All it did was help build a wall between me and everyone else. The sword approached. I saw the purple light reflect off the sword’s blade. After everything I went through, I hadn’t expected my death to be by the hands of another player. I saw her smile, but this time I didn’t think it was beautiful. It was an ugly smile because it was genuine. She was enjoying watching me die. She was enjoying killing me. The sword struck my chest and pierced my heart. I let out a scream of pain and agony. The pain was so real, all of this was so real. It shouldn’t be, but it was. What should have been a simple game had become my new reality – all of our new reality. A reality filled with magic, war, blood, and death. My vision darkened as the pain slowly faded. I felt the last of my vitality leave my body. It felt cold. I wondered to myself, when would I stop being? When would my thoughts disappear?Soon, I saw those words I feared for all this time appear before me. “DEATH”, in the pale blue font the game always used. They remained suspended in the air for several seconds. It was over. After a long time of fighting, grinding, and exploring, it was finally over. I had died. This was the end of my story.Suddenly, words before me shifted and changed into something different. I took a shallow breath as I heard a faint heartbeat.* * *Cover art by me* * *We have a discord! Come say hi, chat with me and receive updates on status of my novels!https://discord.gg/2EFthae7XR* * *This story is my submission for the 2020 Webnovel Spirity Awards.

  • Level UP Hero

    Level UP Hero


    In a world where the gods gift a chosen few with great powers, Sam Shepard could be counted among the weakest of the weak. His crappy healing ability can’t even cure minor injuries without having to drain Sam’s own life force to do it. Hero society doesn't think Sam's useful, and after failing to heal those he was tasked to save, Sam couldn't help but agree. But it turns out that giving up the hero's life isn’t easy. Not when one’s caught in the machinations of the gods themselves.After Sam gets pulled into rescuing the hero Thunder, he inherits a strange ability from her: the training system that taught Thunder how to become a top hero. Triple-A apparently holds the secret to leveling up one's power, a feat previously thought to be impossible. Not that it'll be easy to achieve...A series of challenging missions and the occasional hero lesson from the system’s creator guarantee a lot of cuts and bruises in Sam's immediate future. But at least he finally gets the chance to go from zero to hero. Oh, yeah, there are also ghastly horrors and megalomaniac supervillains to contend with on Sam’s path to becoming the symbol of hope that humanity needs.

  • Dark Hunger

    Dark Hunger



    A werewolf who would stop at nothing to claim her… After enduring the torment of his first relationship, Caleb Silver, king of Ixoviya, was enraged to find that he indeed had a mate. When he finally came close to her, the rage within him soothed. But she was on her death-bed. Turned into a vampire, she is on the verge of rejecting her mate… Conditioned to hate the night creatures, Elize Walsh, ran away from her mate. She hated him like fiery pits of hell — until this man starts his slow and wicked games of dark desires. Will Elize succumb to the miseries of her past with him and reject him? Will Caleb be able to win her? Join me in this game of seduction and games of the Lore. --- She watched the sun set through the tinted glass, rays blazing over the water, setting it aflame. Elize looked dreamily at the sea and said, "This looks too beautiful to be real."  "No Liz," said Caleb. Elize turned her gaze to meet him, and he was... mesmerized. In a breathy voice, he said, "You are… surreal. Do you know when I saw you for the first time, I thought I had met an angel?"  Her cheeks became pink like the sky outside. A smile tugged her lips up as his sunstruck eyes held her gaze. "When I first saw you, I was done for my life. Your blond hair, those sharp curves— it all acted like a magnet." His heart thudded in its ribcage and his pulse raced. She took a sip of her wine with trembling hands without realizing that it wasn't blood.  "And that instant I knew you were my mate. And that instant I knew that I could die looking at you."  There was so much intensity in his words that Elize's heart raced for this beautiful man. She wanted to go to him and place a kiss on his lips. Her flute shook on its way to her lips. She drained it absentmindedly and her head became dizzy immediately. Caleb came to her side the next instant. He took the glass from her and placed it on the table. Stroking her back softly, he apologized to her for giving her the champagne. She coughed a little and some tears poured out in response when she felt the burn of the wine in the back of her throat. But Caleb had paled so much by that time that she couldn't help giggling. "Since you didn't remember, it is your punishment that you drink the entire bottle of wine and then next."  ---- Book cover by Micehellwd. Copyrights belong to me. Other books in the series are: Feral Confessions: Adrianna and the Alpha (complete) The Silver Crescent Alpha Prince (complete) Ileus: The Dark Prince (ongoing)

  • Mine - Her Hazel Eyes Under My Possession

    Mine - Her Hazel Eyes Under My Possession

    I hate keeping her underground in the cell. I love her so much. I gave her everything. HOW DARE SHE LEAVE ME? she is my wife. My other half. I know she is afraid but i love killing. I love the sight when my enemy's body drain out of blood. and did everything to keep all this away from her, hidden. she is too kind to understand this.Yet, she saw me killing my own "so called brother". she didn't even gave me a chance to explain myself. She is still unconscious. I found her and brought her here. GOD, I missed her, i missed her soft skin, her hazel eyes, her long brown hairs, her smile. But she left me."wake up." i shouted pouring water on her. she opened her eyes. she is observing where she is. Cell is dark and damp, she can't see me. "I missed you, My love." I stepped towards her. Her eyes widened in shock. She can't move. her hands are tied above her head and legs secured in chains. I pulled her cheeks and made my way down. she still don't know that she is naked. I noticed my marks are gone. I marked her everyday leaving red marks on her skin. But now, she doesn't have one. This makes me angry. she frowned."what shall I do with you?" I said picking up the whip from the ground. Tears roll down her eyes after looking at the glass pieces on the end of whip. it is meant to cut the skin."P-p-please" she said shivering. "Don't worry, I will go gentle on you." i said pinching her nipple. "afterall, I still have to mark you." i completed."No" she whispered. horrors visible in her eyes. "Don't do this please, I will tell you everything. Give me a chance. please " she said struggling hard to break free.I smiled."You need to learn my love. For your own good. Just few days, let me purify you, let me mark you." I said chuckling. I hate to see her this horrified. I need to teach her."MINE"

  • Boy, bye!: His Wife Is Hot Like Fire

    Boy, bye!: His Wife Is Hot Like Fire



    With Pepper Hart, you can count on two things - She always get want she wants and you will most definitely cry yourself to sleep after encountering her. Her life is perfect. She got class. She was fun. She is the boss…Kind of. After draining her life savings to buy a beautiful house at the right side of town with hopes of a promotion, Pepper was passed over. Now she has two missions, making the man that got her promotion cry as often as humanly possible and getting the perfect roommate. Except her grandparents were board certified crazy and are going out of their way to set her up with a man...or woman, If Gigi and Gramps can find a hermaphrodite they would set Pepper up with them. Now, Gramps is dying and all he wants is a son in law and Pepper has to pull a one in a lifetime miracle…find the perfect man. But the perfect man wasn't Pepper's dream; all she wanted was the perfect roommate. But after her best friend jokingly suggests she enters in a contract marriage with her roommate in exchange for a reduced rent. Pepper hart jumped on the offer. It was the perfect solution except there was a teeny weenie problem. Pepper Hart forced the wrong person into marrying her and now he wants a real marriage. Can Asher tame the wild beast or will Pepper burn him to crisp? *************** "Asher!" "Honey… I am home" The man Pepper got married to earlier said with a big old smile. Pepper screamed louder. Asher watched the woman in front of him and he watched his wristwatch. Great! It's been two minutes and her mouth was still open and his eardrum was about to be damaged. He grabbed her shoulders and he rubbed his hand in a parallel motion on them. "Stop. Screaming!" He begged her but Pepper just kept on screaming. Taking a deep breath, Asher pressed his mouth into hers to shut her up. It was night and people might call the cops if she kept yelling like she just saw a cockroach in her oatmeal. Pepper’s eyes were wide open as the shock of being kissed without permission went through her. She simply stomped Asher's foot as hard as he could and he stopped kissing her. "Ouch! That really hurts" Asher complained while he hopped on one foot. "You don't kiss me without prior permission, pervert or touch me or breathe. In fact right this moment, you should minimize how much air you take in, in my expensive apartment" Pepper waved her hand as she talked. "God! You must have been a general in the army in your past life. That or you were Cinderella's stepmom" Asher finally stopped hopping. "What are you doing here?" Pepper asked him. "Yeah! I think we got married...for real" Asher whispered to her like it was a secret he was trying to keep from getting out. "I know I was there" Pepper yelled like she was disgusted. Asher waited about two seconds for her to feel whatever she was feeling before he made his proposition. "I want an annulment, darling wife. Staying married to you will reduce my lifespan considerably" Asher had a straight face and he nodded like it made perfect sense. Pepper clasped her hand together as she thought of a solution to their dilemma. "Annulment...no, I can't give you that until Angel Michael let's my Gramps into heaven. Apparently, he is unfulfilled and…" pepper was interrupted by Asher. "Wait! Gramps is still alive?" Asher asked her.

  • Bound to My Demon Mate

    Bound to My Demon Mate


    There's a ProphecyIn the midst of war for blood and cries to runThe king rises like a sunA boy so evil, devil lives withinA soul so pure, an Angel is givenPower to bring worlds on bendFor fire's at his handShould the salvation be chosen upon the damnation of allOnly the Angel is when bound to the king of all---------“Take off your shirt .” he commanded with a cool unwavering voice, not even batting an eye. All the expressions and color drained from her face at his words. “What? No.” she rejected louder and looked at him incredulously. “That is my condition.” He clarified watching her with straight face, no wicked eyes and no usual cocky smug grins.“Take your shirt off or you can go back to listening to your friend whimper and moan in agony all night long until you could take her to the hospital. Which is happening no time soon, as you can see for yourself.” “Why my shirt? It is the only thing I am wearing right now. What do you want to do?” she begrudgingly reminded him in case he didn’t know, hissing thru her teeth.“That is for me to know and for you to find out once you have taken your shirt off.” His sly smooth voice resonated.She will find out his true intentions After she has taken off her shirt? She is not stupid.All the hope of pleading to his inner conscience went out the window because this man has none. And it was obvious that he wouldn’t be asking her to take her only article of clothing off so he could nicely wash it up for her.“Fine. Have a good night.” He announced carelessly and began turning around. Alaina on the other hand would be crushed under the weight of her guilt at her selfishness if she let her friend suffer in pain. “Wait! F-Fine...” It fell out of her mouth mixed in with the defeated sigh.---------When a 19 year old girl, Alaina, goes to attend college in her native town, Painesville, where she hasn't been for 10 years after the tragic and traumatizing house fire, She finds herself landing in between two male species.One, Devilishly handsome but sweet like an Angel. The other, Beautiful like an Angel but Demonically possessed. One she gets smitten with, and the other she just can't stand. One whom she wants, the other who she gets. When the weird dreams starts and the questionable events takes fire; she discovers the world she knew as, was never hers. When she uncovers the truth about her own self and the two whom she gets to know as a lover and a rival.How will she react when she finds out the fate of the entire human species and many others rests upon her inexperienced shoulders?Who will she choose?One who is sweet and caring to her, one who loves her. Or the other who is a jerk to her who hates her.Because she must choose wisely, as one can lead her to the path of salvation;While the other can make her the reason of destruction!

  • Locked With The Monster Forever

    Locked With The Monster Forever

    Contemporary Romance R18


    Mu Yuhaan is Asia's richest businessman and king of the underworld. Earth shakes under his feet, air becomes tense around him, and going against him is a straight suicidal attempt. All of this is applicable to all but one, his girlfriend, his soon to be wife, the love of his life, his Mian. Their love story was sailing smoothly garnering everyone's envy, until one day Mian wanted to break all the ties with Mu Yuhaan. Excerpt.. "Agreeing to be your girlfriend was the biggest mistake I made in my entire life!" Mian yelled at Mu Yuhaan's face with agitated eyes. This one sentence drained the glow from Mu Yuhaan's face, for the next few seconds, all he could do was just stare vacantly at Mian. After the buzzing in his head subsided a little, he gently held both of her arms, then asked, “Mian, what are you talking about? What made you utter such words? Babe, what happened?" "Exactly what you just heard and stop touching me! It's over!" Mian jerked at Mu Yuhaan's hands immediately, as if it disgusted her. That disgusted expression on her face was for him?! Anger accumulating inside, Mu Yuhaan's eyes glossed over coldly. "Since you know that, why are you running away? Mistakes shouldn't go unpunished, Mian; and in order to pay for it, you will be locked with me forever." Next moment, Mian felt Mu Yuhaan's strength for the first time, as she was thrown onto the bed, pinned by him. Since she wanted to do this the hard way, there was no reason for him to hold back anymore. While Mu Yuhaan was busy avenging his bleeding heart, tears of heartache were flowing out of Mian's eyes. She wanted to be with Mu Yuhaan as well, but she couldn't! Why can't he just let her go, and let everyone be at peace? They are not meant to be... Will Mu Yuhaan be able to find out the reasons behind Mian's sudden change of heart? Or will he be too late to lose the love of his life forever? == Nina was a supermodel, who had it all—looks, wealth, and a long line of suitors. She always had a big smile while facing her family, but, late at night it was only her tears that accompanied her to sleep. The tragic death of her beloved, took her smile away, clouding her bright life. However, as they say, God can never see his children in pain for a long time, an eventful night pushed Nina into a marriage with Lu Yifeng, the CEO of the Biggest Entertainment Company in the country. From apathy to pure hatred, it didn't stop there, evolving into friendship, then taking turns towards the deepest path of love. Just then, like the naughty bully in school, fate played another cruel game shattering Nina's heart once again. Excerpt.. Nina's teary eyes sought out Lu Yifeng, plucking up her all courage, she pushed the heavy question out of her quivering lips, "Did you kill Mubai?" The deem light of hope couldn't but stare anxiously at him, to hear a negative answer. Okay, he didn't have to say anything, just single shake of head would suffice. Lu Yifeng's face fell instantly. Nina's anxiousness mounted, she cupped his face with both hands to station his gaze on hers. "Why are you not saying anything? Feng, just tell me once, you aren't the reason why Mubai is no more?" Lu Yifeng's eyes drooped, as he stood there hanging his head low. Hreatbreak, betrayal, anger and pain almost blasted Nina's heart out. Staggering a few steps back, she stared at Lu Yifeng through a blurred vision. Just like her vision, she felt her heart never saw the clear version of him. "I really wish, you lose the person you love, perhaps then you will understand my pain!" Like a statue who got his voice back, Lu Yifeng pleaded desperately with urgency, "Don't! Curse me, hit me all you want, drag me to the court, but don't curse yourself, Nin! I love you!" His expression remorseful, the one beyond redemption. Will Nina be able to come out of her past and find love in her husband? Or her hatred for Lu Yifeng will take him to his grave?

  • When Blood Runs Cold

    When Blood Runs Cold



    [MATURE CONTENT]A vampire's love is a dangerous thing. Beautiful and fiery, dangerous and domineering. A perfect lover, and, a perfect killer...'A vampire is the world's perfect predator,' I was once told. 'Seduce you with a smile, a wink, a caress of your cheek, a kiss on your lips. Then they will rip your wings off with their bare hands, leave you flightless; yet in their tight embrace of death, enchanted, you would not even struggle. Not even as they drained each thick drop of blood from your pulsing veins. Vampires are as masterful as they are cruel, they would like nothing greater than to play the overlord in a game of life and death, of love and lies. To them, you are a trifle, a plaything to tempt and toy with. If you think you are anything more, then you have already fallen for their trap.'If this is true, it would take him little under an hour to have me dead. I should have been dead weeks ago.Maybe, I already am.

  • Codename:Phoenix


    Contemporary Romance ROMANCE R18 ENEMIESTOLOVERS


    "Airline Heiress turned Murderer""Spoiled Heiress Murdered Her Soon to be Father in Law"Xing Yin was once the envy of every female species. Aside from having an airline magnate as a doting father, she also had the most sought after bachelor Prosecutor Zhang Chenric as her fiancé. Unfortunately, things went down the drain for Xing Yin when she was framed for the death of General Prosecutor Zhang, Zhang Chenric's father. The negative publicity and unending gossips severed Xing Yin's bonds with her loved ones and made her life completely miserable.Her father, instead of standing alongside her during the lowest point of her life, chose to save his company and his reputation by disowning her. Even the love of her life, who she thought will never leave her side, put her behind bars and abandoned her without knowing that she was already pregnant with his child.Despite all the hardships everyone thought would destroy her, Xing Yin endured and survived. She clung on the flickering spark of hope in her heart and like a phoenix, she rose from the ashes of her old self. She lived through the flames of destruction and redeemed herself for the sake of her daughter. She then decided to forget the past and get on with her new life and identity-- vowing to never exact revenge to those who wrongfully accused her. However, fate had prepared a different path for Xing Yin and her daughter. The expansion of her Hotel and Casino Empire pulled her back to the place that shattered her dreams and tainted her soul. Will Xing Yin, now known as Wang Reiji, risk her present life to vindicate her previous self? Or will she choose to leave the past behind and live a worry-free life with her daughter?WARNING: SLOW UPDATES/IRREGULAR CHAPTER RELEASE

  • Contract Go Wrong : the CEO's Tempting Bride

    Contract Go Wrong : the CEO's Tempting Bride

    After getting out of a scandalous relationship, Gina Carlson vowed never to have her heart broken for the second time. But she needed to save her family's business which was drastically going down the drain and the only way she could contribute was to agree to marry the billionaire, who was taking the business world by storm. Faced with this tragedy, with no way out, Gina had to do everything she could to uphold her family's legacy, and to also achieve the dreams she had nurtured in her heart for a very long time.

  • Lost Soul: Nine-tailed Fox's Transmigrations!

    Lost Soul: Nine-tailed Fox's Transmigrations!


    Trying to save someone from death, only to get doom in the end!Kayra Van, a very ordinary college student with a super good character died when she tried to save an old lady from getting hit by a bus-sama. But, Heaven had other plans! When she was going to save the old lady by dragging her behind, a rotten pulpy banana caused her to slip!In the end, both of them were found to be kissing mother earth with all their being and successfully died! The most traumatic thing was, she wasn't on the dead list of the grim reaper!!!But her good intention and past deeds didn't go down the drain because the next second, she got the chance to transmigrate with a cute system!#

  • Sugary Goodness (Book 3)

    Sugary Goodness (Book 3)

    Contemporary Romance ROMANCE R18 BADBOY


    1. Sugar Baby 2. Sugar Daddy 3. Sugary Goodness When Gary worked for Adriana it was for the experience, and for the amount of money that they offer for an easy administration job. He was a boxer by night, it was his hobby, his real passion in life. Then the time came, when he needed more money because of his brother, that was doing bets on the side for his boxing match. Gary's name was on the line because he refused to fix the game. He already drained his account, but he was not coming up with enough money. Until he finally came to Adriana and took on her offer to be a sugar baby. ***** Megan owned her own company, she's a very well-known businesswoman. She was raised the hard way, where she didn't have the luxury of money. Now that she's a billionaire in the making, she didn't have the time to date. But she likes to play, and she was bored being hassled by a man for her money until she found Adriana. Her company was a time saver for Megan. She offered exclusivity with all the gorgeous men that she could choose from. Until one fateful evening when Gary showed up instead of her usual companion. From there she learns the true meaning of living. Will, she finally settled down with him? Will he ever be comfortable around her wealth? Let's dive in and find out, shall we? ******** *Warning! R-Rated for 18+ due to strong, explicit language and sexual content*





    Debbi had always loved only one guy since her childhood, she is madly in love with her best friend from childhood Damien What happens when Damien confesses his feeling for another girl instead of her, would she ever love again? Would she move on with her life and become a better person “The love of my life, I loved her for quite a while now” Damien said “Aimee” he called her name causing all the color on Debbi’s face drain. “I am happy for you” Debbi lies through her teeth “I knew you would be” Damien said as he hugs her Follow me on Instagram @Giftednovels