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  • The Prehistoric Druid

    The Prehistoric Druid


    Ever played Dungeons and Dragons? Pathfinder? Shadowrun? Oh you haven't? tsk filthy normie. Bet you are really enjoying you life right now huh? Anyways what do you think would happen if you suddenly transmigrated into a character you created on w.e normie games you people are playing now? Would you face the dangers head on and make your own path in this new world using strength? Would you try and live a peaceful life using your knowledge from the modern world? Would you have a panic attack because you suddenly realized you died young and will no longer be able to see your friends and family, and will now have to try your best to survive in a dangerous new world you know nothing about where you could suddenly die a horrible death before even realizing what exactly happened? This story is about a boy who transmigrated into the body of his 1st level druid character he had created for his friends new game. Many people might be excited if such a thing was to happen to them, but now our MC. "I had a good family and plenty of friends, Why would I want to be put in such a dangerous world where I would have to fight for my life everyday? Whoever would give up the comfort of the 21s century for this is an idiot! Waaaaa! My friends! My family! The internet! BRING ME BACK!" ____________________________________________________________________________ This is my entry to the Webnovel Spirity Awards 2022 If you enjoy the story don't forget to leave us some stones!

  • My Lucky

    My Lucky



    *slow burn book* In a world where supernaturals exist, they must overcome a variety of obstacles in order to survive. Thirst for power causes some to lose touch with humanity; others are on a quest for vengeance, while others want to be loved, and still others mistake passion for love. As some may have assumed, Lucky is simply an ordinary young man. He is a druid and the holder of the star of salvation, which many people wish to possess because of its amazing abilities. He is not as fortunate as his name suggests; the hardships he endures and the new opponents he encounters will make his life difficult; with the support of his soulmate, his mother, he will overcome these obstacles. Lucky may be a fantastic supernatural creature, but one thing he never seems to be lucky with is heartfelt issues. Join the adventure to find out how he overcomes his obstacles and whether he will be lucky in love.

  • Invincible Druid

    Invincible Druid

    Luke, the former druid god died under the combined efforts of the seven great sects, for fear that he might threathen their positions as the great hegemonies of the cultivation world. luke woke up only to discover that he was back to his previous world, earth. luke grew stronger to return what the seven great sects have done to him a hundred folds. on his path to growing stronger, luke stumble upon a puzzling information, traces of unknown legacies was found and in his investigation, he discovered that earth is like a treasure chest, hiding terrifying secrets that is waiting to be uncovered ****** WARNING: english is not my native language so if there is any typos, misspellings or wrong grammaring that is happening, feel free to point it out to pile it up for some editting, to improve the story

  • druid duke

    druid duke

  • Druid in Drag

    Druid in Drag

    Ren Coulter is used to working alone. As a special agent in the Paranormal Operations Unit of the border patrol, he is to infiltrate a reputed drug lord’s compound in Nogales, Arizona. His mission is to learn the source of a very dangerous and addictive new drug. He goes in drag, disguised as a glamorous young woman, to catch Mendoza’s roving eye. Even before he meets Mendoza, he encounters a Mendoza’s striking body guard.. Despite his lone wolf habits, Ren sees advantages in working together. Still, trust comes slowly and not without a hitch, but soon they must rely on one another to survive.<br><br>Darzul Onaygan has been sent from his home world of Arzula to blend in with the earthlings and help them fight off the evil alien invaders. Bisexual as most Arzulans are, many even able to switch gender at will, he finds Ren very attractive in both his guises. He sees Ren is interested but shocked to learn his new friend is not from earth. Darzul knows it takes more than hot sex to build a partnership. While outside threats may force them to work together, that alone cannot forge a bond. Will they live long enough to accomplish their mission and become real partners?

  • Transmigration as a Druid

    Transmigration as a Druid

  • Druid With A System

    Druid With A System


    Alex was just a normal orphan who is toiling and muddling along with his lonely life. Everything changed when he suddenly fell unconscious in the middle of the crossing.DISCLAIMER; Cover is temporary, image not mine.

  • The Last Druid -

    The Last Druid -


    Flora was hiking when her best friend, Cassie, after her friend went through a rough breakup from a long term relationship when their entire world was turned upside down. Now, Flora has to find Cassie in a foreign realm all while realizing it wasn't coincidental that she ended up there. Caught between surging tensions, Flora finds herself chasing her friend and being pulled back by her first true lover who isn't willing to share.

  • The Cursed Druid

    The Cursed Druid

  • Druid and the Wendigo

    Druid and the Wendigo


    In a forest a man finds himself alone and without a single memory of his past. While he begins exploring the forest he soon finds evidence of a creature more sinister than he'd expected. Within his own mind a creature haunts him stalking him with it's spider like arms it holds him, the creature seems to know more than it let's on.

  • Druid of the Apolalypse

    Druid of the Apolalypse


    Ellis O'Connell is a student at Washington State University. He has three roommates and they share a small house on the outskirts of town. One night when everyone is enjoying their time watching TV, the power cuts out and a message appears; The Fourth World has come to an end, now the Fifth World shall begin.With the world falling to pieces and forces of biblical proportions appear across the world, Ellis taps into the old and ancient power of Gaia. With that power, he fights to protects his friends and survive the apocalypse. With enemies and dangers all around him, can the power of a single druid really make it to the end?

  • The Druid of The Dead

    The Druid of The Dead

    Fantasy ELVES

    This the tale of Orinthaor, Son of Dalorn and Dalom. Elven mage of Durinthin and Druid of Skarrad. When I was born the seas were not blue or green or even red. The seas were just clear and from there clarity I was conceived. They raised me from the depths tgrough spells long lost to the mists of time, and tasked me with the naming of all things. The Sea was the Sea, ocean, waves, and currents. The properties of it wet, warm cold, salty, sweet, frigid, tasteful and tasteless, and finnally the font, ended, revealed, and so much more. The Gods and God they had me nam4 along with every star and heavenly body. The trees, plants, animals, and all beings of the world I was tasked to name. To find out more read and enjoy.

  • kisah seorang druid

    kisah seorang druid


    dibalik cahaya sains dan dibalik kabut industri yang korupsi tersembunyi bayangan misteri keajaiban dan penuh horror. dibalik kisah kisah sejarah tersembunyi fakta fakta penuh magis, dan dibalik tiap pergantian zaman para magus akan bersembunyi di piramida piramida gurun. Dibalik kota kota yang ramai para penyihir dan puan sihir jahat meniup sihir sihir mereka untuk menebarkan kejahatan dan penderitaan. jaring jaring gelap menutupi bumi dan membuat manusia tidak berdaya, para egregores yang jahat memparasitasi manusia. Hadi seorang Druid yang hidup di zaman modern yang penuh teknologi dan sains di mana mitos mitos terkubur dalam dongeng dongen sejarah, di zaman ini dia mencari pengetahuan kuno para magus, ahli kitab, dan alkemis yang terkubur dan terlupakan di reruntuhan-reruntuhan yang tak pernah terdengar dan jarang diketahui.

  • Underworld; The Druid Chronicles

    Underworld; The Druid Chronicles


  • The Fallen Druid Kingdom

    The Fallen Druid Kingdom

  • a druid/artificer in fallout

    a druid/artificer in fallout


  • Savern Chronicles: A Futa Druid's Story

    Savern Chronicles: A Futa Druid's Story


    For thousands of years, the druidic people of Verna, the savern, lived in peace. But the thing about peace is that it does not last forever. Suddenly, the savern were victims of a string of attacks carried out by humans.A few years after this, one young savern, one of the only remaining survivors, could feel the earth under her feet dying. She needed to do something about it. Although she knew what could happen to her, she was more afraid of what would happen if she did nothing. And so, Ari, armed only with the talents of her people, set out to save her world. ---A slow-burn futa harem story!

  • Druid Tales and Lumberjack Spells

    Druid Tales and Lumberjack Spells

    Fantasy SYSTEM

  • The Druids

    The Druids

  • Draft for The Legacies - Way of the Druid

    Draft for The Legacies - Way of the Druid

    1000 years after the Fallout, the Earth slowly regain its ecosytems as the Druids terraforms the Nuclear Wastelands into habitable dominions. Fallout Shelters gained advantage from the legacies of the old world they inherited and used to terraform the nuclear wasteland. But Legacies are everywhere and any Legacy Hunter may find their fortune, hidden beneath the ruins of the old world. This story begins when a young elf, dreaming to be a druid and terraform a piece of Wasteland into his own land tried to sell the artifact he found to gain the money and the connections he needed so he can study in the cherished University of SimCity. Only those who have gained a doctoral title may enter the Druid Academy and learned the knowledges the Circles of Druid needed to terraform the Wasteland, and the Universities only allows those with proficient knowledge to further their study there... Don't forget to check these druidic theories: Theory of Everything: Atomos theory: from energy -> quantum -> particles -> atoms -> molecules -> ... -> universe. In this theory quantum jump is a condition where a particle goes from notable matter or wave into the unnotable dark matter before going back into matter/wave. It's similar to where notable ice/water turned into unnotable gas before turning back into ice/water. The reason for the relativity of time is because there are quantities of time and space in the expanding space and flowing time and when matter going through different amount of space or time, the difference of the amount of time they going through shows. Quantum entanglement shows that when two matter going through the same thing they achieved the same result. So it was a matter of looking for what laws govern them, not awed by the fact that there are matters that achieved the same result. It is the Law. And it is certain, so probing the certainty of the "quantum entanglement" will get you the law that govern such matters. Self Awareness: The naming of things as humanity's version of Pavlov's dog resulted in database of names. Collected database of the names of things accumulates that human collected every names they needed to know to simulate the world in their mind: the worldview. As human acted with the objects in the real world and the simulated worldview they're naming their actions - verbs, predicate, etc. As human simulate many actions, they were able to simulate themselves carrying out actions in the simulated worldview. Awareness is simulating the world in worldview, and Self Awareness is simulating self in action in the simulated worldview. The creation of Ego (simulated Self, Self Awareness) and what actions it should take in the simulated worldview make way for Id and Super Id. Ecosystem of Harmony and the Interaction of Everything: To simulate the Earth and all its creatures and all its activities in one whole ecosystem that accounts for everything so that every creature's needs are fulfilled and every consequences of every actions are accounted into a single closed ecosystem, all part of harmony. Humanity administrate the Earth so that every creature needs are fulfilled and every actions and interactions integrated in a way that all creatures lives in harmony. All waste return to ecosystem without disturbing the way the earth works, but contributing to the needs of other creatures. All the needs and all the waste of all the creatures accounted in a whole circle of harmony.