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  • God amongst mortals

    God amongst mortals


    karma was transmigrated into a new world after being stabbed, he got betrayed by the girl he loved he had to create a blood bath in other to survive this cruel world where the strong devoured the weak after 6 years he reaches a high levels and attains Devine power. he finally returns to his home world only to find out that it had completely changed

  • Reincarnation of a Worthless Man

    Reincarnation of a Worthless Man



    "Argh, how did my life end up like this?!" There was once a boy who's well-loved and popular with his peers. His smile could melt an adult's heart and his easygoing and sweet nature attracted a lot of girls who became his admirers. Little did he know that such a blessed life wouldn't last forever. Now, he is an ugly, overweight adult, working a job he doesn't like, and leading a life he doesn't want. No women want to be near him, let alone be his girlfriend, or even his wife. He is an oversized gear in a machine that doesn't even welcome him. When he gets fired from his job, it is the last straw from him. He remembers his life as a kid, and now good and beautiful it was. "I don't want this. I don't want this anymore!" "I would be better off dead than having to live like this for a second longer!" Suicidal, he passes by a flooding river, as there is a storm that day. He immediately thinks of throwing himself there, ending it once and for all. And he does. But not because he actually has the balls to kill himself via drowning, but because he sees a little girl being carried down the river by the strong current. In a split second, he decides that it would be better if she lives, even if he has to die in the process. And he does. He saves her, throwing her into the side of the river. But then his legs, rarely ever used, suddenly cramp. He can do nothing as he is swallowed by the waves. "Aah, it would be nice if I could be reincarnated into a fantasy world, like in those stories... I can do it all over, and do it better this time around..." His wish is granted. When he wakes up, he's no longer his old, adult self. He's a baby, living in an entirely new world. This is his story. ------ This story would have both happiness and hardships, heartwarming and sad moments, as well as romance that doesn't just end in a kiss. This is a harem story that will end up in a genuine polygamous relationship. It's also an adventure story, though it would stay as a slice-of-life for a good while as MC grows up.

  • Reborn in Another World as the Seventh Daughter

    Reborn in Another World as the Seventh Daughter


    A high school girl, Kanami Miria, reincarnated as the seventh daughter of an aristocrat. Since she had lived a miserable life, she dreamed of living peacefully in her second life. However, she reincarnated in a super-poor aristocratic family in the countryside. The lord was a muscle-brain. The lady was a pushover. The eldest daughter was a depressed woman. The second daughter was a hussy who divorced after she cheated on her husband. The son-in-law was a lolicon. Moreover, she was forced to become engaged to a poor merchant. The situation was even worse than her previous life. 「I swear I will get out of this house and live a peaceful life!」 In order to achieve her goal, she practiced magic and secretly went to the Royal Girls Academy. 「Now my second life has begun! I’ll make friends with cute girls and have a yakiniku party!」 But, thanks to her omnipotent magical power, her evaluation became ridiculous. 「Giving me a title? I don’t need a title!」 「An audience with me? Please, no!」 The easygoing Miria decided to ignore them and aimed for a relaxing and peaceful life with her omnipotent magical power. —————————⚠️⚠️⚠️———————— This STORY ISN’T MINE. I am just fond in this story and want a better setting where I can read this novel. Author : Yotsuba Yuto (Check out the author for more work)Translator: Fantazma https://translations.craneanime.com/seventh-daughter/

  • I Click to Level Up!

    I Click to Level Up!



    [Easygoing. Lighthearted. Fun Read.]Long hours of meditation and training to get stronger? No thanks. I click to level up!Years of research and practice to become a better artisan? Naaahhh. I click to level up! Go through dangerous adventurers in hope to rank up? No no no. I click to level up!I'm no genius. I just click to level up! --- Version 2 ---Jake Collins transmigrated to a parallel universe. Magical realms, monster hunting, and endless adventures are the themes of this world. Jake Collins was cool with this abrupt change of lifestyle, until a rather 'questionable' system popped up. [ Ding! This weak dude just mocked you! Are you just going to let him get away with this? Why? Due to laziness? Really? Seriously? Unbelievable! Time to exercise your taunt skills! ][ Ding! Are you seriously going to be this cautious and actually plan things out? This zone is clearly safe! Just shout 'Leeroooy (copyright) Jenkins' and charge into that cavern! Time to exercise your charge skills! ][ Ding! This low-level boss monster is ignoring your presence! And you call yourself a melee hero? Tsk Tsk Tsk. That's some melee hero maneuvers. Reaaal fancy. Reaal impressive. You really are just gonna stand here and watch your bodyguards fight that thing. Come on! Time to exercise your shout skills! ]Jake Collins: Guys. Seriously. I'm actually a low-key person. Really. * All location names and character names are fictional. ---Cover: Kono Dio Erhm... Kono Sett Da! (Sett is a League of Legends Champion)

  • Lumen Homestead (BL)

    Lumen Homestead (BL)


    Zeke Ivo, is an office worker aspiring to be a farmer. When a suspicious ad that he came across from the internet offers him an affordable piece of land, he took the chance and left his current life behind. But when he got to the place, he was greeted by a humanoid-talking animal.Things happened fast and now he was given the title of the owner of the homestead, and explorer of the mysterious dungeon 'Tenebrae'. Along with his four farmhands: Wulfric a skilled mercenary, Magnus a humble knight, Dirk, an easygoing vagrant, and Hawke an intellectual outlaw, it is now his responsibility to the dangerous dungeon and bring back riches. Can he save the town from the impending famine? Can he balance the life of a farmer and explorer? Will he be able to obtain that fulfilment that he is looking for in his life? His story shall soon be told.---------------------------------------------------------Please take the time to read!In case anyone ignored the warning notice, this novel is absolutely not for anyone under the age of 18.Disclaimer: This novel contains (or will contain) descriptive texts about gay sexual activities and the anatomy of the male body. If both of these things make you uncomfortable, please don't read my novel. You have been forewarned.PS: Finally got the artwork I commissioned!- Zeke and WulfricArtist: https://sketchmob.com/user-profile/Yuziz/Thank you!

  • Pokemon: The First Attempt?

    Pokemon: The First Attempt?


    This is my first story so please tell me if there's anything wrong or any mistakes on my Fanfiction! This new beginning is the story of Cain (Previously known as Ralph.) It follows his journey as he tries to obtain an easygoing life as his previous one wasn't as easygoing as he wanted it to be. This is mine and his first attempt!

  • Life of dreams

    Life of dreams


    No routines. No licking. No stupid and arrogant MC. No frustrating plot. No harem. No cultivation. No bullsh*t. Just easygoing life and some romance with system.This novel is just a tryout. I will continue to write it if someone is interested in it.

  • Beacon Drop

    Beacon Drop

    In the year 2023, After the human race finally conquered the epidemic they thought it would be easygoing. However soon they realized they were wrong, dead wrong. Suddenly the Beacons Dropped!

  • completely fallen for each other

    completely fallen for each other

    Contemporary Romance ROMANCE

    riyaa who is studying hard to achieve something in life age of 21 leo is a president and owner of the famous company at the very young age of 23 both of them are not easygoing person how the fate tie them together let wait and see

  • The Villainess Wants To Level Up Leisurely

    The Villainess Wants To Level Up Leisurely


    Shizuki Ken, a quiet introvert (who isn't really quiet inside her own world) was given a trip to isekai with the help of truck-kun(which she didn't really ask for). At the moment of her death, her only regret was not being able to witness Luffy becoming the pirate king(only one of the reasons). As for family? She didn't have one so she didn't care. 'Ahh...if there's a next life, I wish to live a leisurely life.' with that wish in her heart, she drifted into a deep slumber. Until..."What the..? Didn't I die?" When she opened her eyes again, what awaited wasn't the hell nor heaven like she thought it would be but instead a big, giant....angel? Goddess? Maybe...this was really a heaven... NOT! 'How the f*ck did I turn into a baby?!' ..She reincarnated into a baby in a completely different world, which was, inside an otome game and...as a villainess at that?! 'F*ck this sh*t, I'm out!' (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻...And she also got a loving family, a doting king uncle, an easygoing powerful queen aunt, a 'I-cannot-stop-twinkling' cousin prince and a mysterious system. 'Oh..I guess that's not too bad.'┬─┬ノ( º _ ºノ) "Whatever, since my wish had really come true. I will live my new life leisurely as I level up!" ***Disclaimer: The cover isn't mine. All rights belongs to the original artist!



    Layla has been always been carefree and easygoing. A bit sharp mouthed and annoying but fun regardless..... until an incident occurs which changes her view of all she has ever known.REVELATIONS;A heart gripping story of lies,loss and deceit... Just how much can a person take before breaking?!

  • Master of devourer

    Master of devourer


    What happens when you open your eyes and find yourself in a compelete new place? Will you panic, be shocked, happy or surprised? Well our mc here has only one thought: how to eat happily, play happily, laze around and enjoy the easygoing life! Well the reality is miles away from luo mei's thoughts! Constantly getting traped in wierd scenerio's, she is annoyed! How one can be this unlucky!! Stepping out of house to find cute animals to roast or play and the result: stucked with ancient divine weapon. Helping a small child: wah the child turns into some divine beast! Carelessly kicking a stone: guess what,the stone turns out to be something ancient! Luo mei never wanted to be a female lead of some cultivation world! She wanted an easygoing life with little thrill with zero revenge! But life always seems to push her in direction to become the strongest among everyone! Follow luo mei in her journey as she is forced to become strong without having any ambition to do so!!!I dont own the image!!

  • The Choice.

    The Choice.

    There are also two choices in life. Good or bad. Passionate or comfortable. Life or death. Evelyn has always had an easy life. She is smart, beautiful, easygoing and rich. But when it comes to love, she seems to always fail at something. There is a psychology to love. Those who want to be loved will be loved and those who don't will.......Evelyn must decide whether she will choose easy love or passionate love.

  • A Happy-Go-Lucky's Hectic Life

    A Happy-Go-Lucky's Hectic Life

    This is a story written in the first-person perspective, mainly to challenge the author.This is just an experimental story, to see how hard it exactly is to write in first-person.But if you're interested, then read on.This is the story of a young boy named Jackson Harley Miles, Jackie.Jackie is an easygoing and all-around cheerful guy who leads an ordinary but hectic life.Follow him in this short story full of weird quirks and fun moments!

  • Life of Magic From Isolation of Time and Space

    Life of Magic From Isolation of Time and Space


    Many wish for a chance. A chance to accomplish their dreams and live out the fantasies found in books and shows.Through a stroke of luck, Jovan is granted that chance. Magic, a second life, a fantasy world. With all of these can Jovan live the easygoing and fulfilling life he desires or will the obstacles in his path cause him to fall back to his the ways of his old life.Release Schedule: 2+ Chapters per WeekThis little author here. Do you like the story? Leave a review to express your approval. Have any suggestions? Comment your opinions. But most of all, this little author hopes you enjoy his story. (づ ̄ ³ ̄)づ

  • The Baker Shop

    The Baker Shop


    "Love can be found anywhere, a school, a hospital, a restaurant, why not a bakery?" Specifically, the small-time bakery shop in Aeredale's 5th Street would be a good place to find a perfect and "legal" relationship. Nate Adams owns and runs a newly-opened bakery shop in 5th Street called "The Pastry Corner", hoping to pay off the loan he borrowed to buy the establishment and create his own business. Jessica Flynn, a rookie cop with a chip on her shoulder ready to take on her new life as a certified police officer but is often unkindly mocked by her peers for her tough persona. Determined to move up in her ranks, she takes on a case about the infamous "Aeredale Burglar" tying the case with frequent break-ins in a local bakery shop in 5th Street and meets its cheerful and easygoing owner.

  • Peasant life of Achu

    Peasant life of Achu


    "So what if I'm a peasant?! Is it wronh for me to live? Do you really think that I lived here because I'm poor?! You wrong!!!!" Achu said to her imperial cousin. "I am sorry Master but this young lady indeed capable of annihilating at least a country" Achu may look stupid and easygoing. People take her as a fool and some people keep spreading a rumor of her banished from the Imperial family because she's talentless but it was the opposite. she was able to go out living peacefully like a peasant because her cultivation is approved by the Emperor. "ekkkkkkkkkkkkk" Prince Zhen was so shocked and fainted.




    Nike Anderson is an outstanding CEO of the L group, one of the top best companies of country D.He is very easygoing and funny but he has a problem and because of it,he never associates with women,ever since his wife,Eva, left him,he shut his heart down but what happens when Holly Springfield came knocking. Holly Springfield is someone who has been through hell, along with her little brother, she left her birthhome in country A and came to country D in search of a better life.Then she became the assistant of her college crush and first love, Nike.Will she melt down his heart or give up on her love for him after knowing his secret?read this wonderful story to find out.

  • Oops I'm transmigated in the harem book

    Oops I'm transmigated in the harem book

    An unfortunate events change everything for herA lively and easygoing New York girl Samantha is crazy about fantasy novels. One day a accident transport her to another world. If it is a just normal world she is can handle with it but she come to a cultivation world base on male harem story she most despise, worst of all she is a part of harme. Now she is confused about what is should do. Should she follow the story line and be part of male lead harem and having endless conflict with his women's or throw away the story and live her live the way she want.

  • Beautiful, Beloved

    Beautiful, Beloved

    Elaine, the most beautiful and famous lady. Her beauty was seen once in centuries. Her life was so easygoing but on certain contract turmoil her healthy life.It made her despair, made her lose hope. But to her surprise, she met the person in the park.The boy was too much familiar with her as if he knew her for so long. Elaine, who had been away from man, has finally made contact, or it will show her past.My brother and friend, Jumken, did the cover of this novel.It is a remodeled version. so I hope you guys waitStay tuned for the update. if I feel like

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