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  • And This Is Ed

    And This Is Ed

    Ed Kaehler is a laidback guy. He manages the housekeeping department for his building, endures insults from some of his fellow managers, and takes care of the elderly in his spare time. Some may consider his life to be lacking something, but there’s more to Ed than meets the eye.<br><br>The new facilities director, Titus Leung, discovers this when he goes out of his way to make friends with Ed. But then, Ed finds out that the main reason Titus befriends him is because of a stupid bet. A punch, a knee to the groin, and some choice words settle the matter, and now Titus has to figure out how to get Ed to forgive him.<br><br>That might be asking a lot from a man who’s been hurt too many times. But with the help of Ed’s favorite non-profit, anything is possible.

  • Switch(ed)



    They said that when you count seven stars in seven days your wish will be granted because completing those seven days means you put your faith as strong as your wish. But is it applicable to a life and death situation? Like wishing that you still want to live?(Like wishing that you already want to die?)I want to start again.(I want to end it.)I just want to live.(I just want to die.)Will they both understand everything they need to know? That life isn't about suffering and Happiness? Loneliness and Joy? Frustrations and Excitement?A story that understands each side. That life is not always exactly the way you can imagine.Switch.

  • Drop ed

    Drop ed



  • Dragons Ed

    Dragons Ed


    Drivers Ed but its dragons lol.



  • my ed

    my ed



    Fantasy ROMANCE ACTION R18

    It is about well Ezekiel Quinzee he marries the most childish girl on earth he wants nothing to do with her but the girl has fallen head over hells for him Rose isthe name of the female lead she did not expect her father to have such greed and just marry her off she married him only because she had made a promise to her mom who had died several years ago leaving her with the promise she thought what her mom had thought that her father would put her before anything was true but he was not anything like that as he has changed he marries her off to Ed Scandal or Ezekiel Quinzee the most twisted man on earth although to the pain and sufferings he causes she still falls for him but will Ed ever fall for her and Ezekiel Quinzee is his legal bussiness name while Ed Scandal his illegal bussiness name.and also at chapter welcome to webnovel there is a much better prologue.... release every day and if any crisis i would make sure to inform and plz vote for my story and also 1000 words per chapter also feel free to inform me if any problem with the story through the commentsAriana Monells

  • La Ed

    La Ed

    Las . 

  • Marrying My Scumbag Ex's Elder Brother With ED

    Marrying My Scumbag Ex's Elder Brother With ED



    In her previous life, An Yi's stupidity caused her to enter the wolf's den after escaping from the tiger's den. The scumbag helped her deal with her scumbag father's family, but took over her mother's family inheritance, causing her to lose everything. He even cheated on her while she was pregnant. An Yi died from childbirth, and the first thing she did after her rebirth was to find the scumbag's arch-enemy slash elder brother. She stared at his handsome face and proposed a deal. "I heard that you have ED, and I'm the best urologist around. If you make a deal with me, I'll help you become a normal man." "…" Yi Yu's pale face flushed red. "How can there be such a shameless woman like you?" An Yi raised her hand and tugged at his belt. "A doctor has a heart of a parent. What's there to be embarrassed about in front of your own parents?" After they got married, An Yi used the advantage of knowing what was coming and her superb medical skills to collaborate with Yi Yu. She fought against her scumbag of a father and her scumbag ex! The rich ladies who mocked An Yi were both angry and jealous of her. Why was her life getting better? The ladies said, "Heh, so what if she's rich? She's just married to a man with erectile dysfunction. She won't be able to enjoy the happiness of a woman for the rest of her life!" At night, Yi Yu familiarly unbuckled his belt after An Yi took her bath. "..." An Yi turned her face away from him. "You don't need treatment today." Yi Yu climbed onto her body. "You said it yourself. A doctor has the heart of a parent. What's wrong with a parent looking at me more than once?" An Yi muttered, "How can there be such a shameless man like you?" Three hours later, An Yi rolled off the bed in a sorry state. "Yi Yu! You big liar! You don't have ED at all!"

  • Del-et-ed



    This story has benn deleted. Thank you.

  • My Name Is...

    My Name Is...



    Magic was flowing through his body like a rushing river, and it headed for his hand as he screamed with all his heart:"Firebolt!" From the glowing heptagram that magically appeared from the palm of his hand and floating in midair, a huge fiery sphere was formed, ready to be hurled at the heinous beast.The monster's red eyes that at first instilled fear, no longer frightened, because aware of his Magic, he threw the fireball at the wolf-like beast, which was quickly engulfed by an explosion of flames, burning its pitch black fur and flesh in agonizing pain.Smirking at the accomplishment, he breathed a sigh of relief at the escaped threat, and as he watched death come upon the creature, he exulted saying:"I did it! I'm finally a... Sage!"____________________________________________________WARNING:If you cannot stand dark stuff like rape, murder, gore, etc, my work is not for you.Ordinary man MC Isekai-ed in a world full of conflicts, but most of all, he needs to resolve his inner-conflict. Weak to strong.As a first-time writer, worldbuilding is my forte. The writing and English grammar need to be improved... and I'm continually learning.My chapters are usually longer than the standard on WN, 3-4k words instead of 1.5k words. I manage(d) to publish twice weekly, but by the length of my chapters, it's basically the same amount of content you'll get with daily chapters of 1.5k words.Chapter updates when I have the time, unfortunately.If you wish to directly support me, you can send DOGE to this address: DPy7f5UxEEvty424M7KxfEhGA3dECtQcn8Cover art is not mine. Artist can contact me for removal.

  • exedwdwdwdwfwdwdedef ed edwd

    exedwdwdwdwfwdwdedef ed edwd

    (sorry decided to discontinue this series I just didn't know what I was doing so just leav8ng it in the dust hope u understand

  • Emperor’s Domination ED

    Emperor’s Domination ED

    Bao’s Synopsis: A boy that was imprisoned for millions of years had regained his mortal body. He became a disciple of the declining Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect where its patriarch used to be his disciple. Now, he will bring this sect back to its former glory.This is his journey to reach the apex and take revenge on those who had imprisoned him.This is his story of meeting old friends and making new companions.This is his path of traversing the Nine Worlds and becoming the next ruler of the Heavens.Qidian’s Synopsis: Ten million years ago, Li Qiye planted a simple water bamboo into the ground.Eight million years ago, Li Qiye had a koi fish pet.Five million years ago, Li Qiye cared for a little girl....In the present day, Li Qiye woke up from his slumber; the water bamboo reached the apex of cultivation; the koi fish became a Golden Dragon; the little girl became the Nine Worlds’ Immortal Empress.This is a tale regarding an immortal human who was the teacher of the Demon Saint, Heavenly Beast, and Immortal Empress.

  • DRp[[ed/deleted


    Zhou Fang was always alone, nobody wanted to go near him even his parents abandoned him.He lived his life quite smoothly even though nobody wanted to get near him.One day, after buying groceries he died due a truck that collided with him.He thought he died, but when he opened his eyes the world changed.(The cover is just from internet, if the owner wants me to take it down, I will)

  • Dominasi Kaisar

    Dominasi Kaisar


    Seorang anak lelaki yang bernama Li Qiye, yang rohnya terperangkap selama jutaan tahun, telah mendapatkan kembali tubuh manusianya. Ia kemudian menjadi murid utama dari sekte yang leluhurnya dulu adalah muridnya. Sangat disayangkan, saat ini sekte tersebut dalam keadaan sekarat, sehingga ia mempunyai misi untuk membawa sekte ini kembali berjaya. Pada awalnya, ia diremehkan oleh semua orang, namun perlahan dapat menunjukkan tekadnya yang kuat. Beberapa rintangan dilewati, semua demi sebuah misi. Ini adalah kisah perjalanannya mencapai puncak kultivasi dan perjalanan pembalasan dendam kepada mereka yang telah memenjarakan rohnya. Ini adalah cerita Li Qiye bertemu dengan teman lama sampai menjalin pertemanan baru. Ini adalah perjalanannya dalam melintasi Sembilan Dunia dan menjadi penguasa Surga berikutnya.

  • Wannabe Villain get Isekai-ed

    Wannabe Villain get Isekai-ed


    author note(important):I DID A MASSIVE CHAPTERS REVISING, PLEASE CHECK IT OUTAnyways, sorry if this novel looked a bit amateurish, it's my first novel after all, so please forgive me on that part.Aaa~nd!peace out!!The story:Yoro was once a normal highschooler....Well, it was until this novel started.Without any sign at all, his father was suddenly leaving the house with massive debts on his track, turning the family's condition 180 degrees.His mother fell sick out of stress and finally did suicide after she could not hold it anymore.After that, his girlfriend stopped contacting him, his friends were all gone, and he did not have a choice but to leave the school, for the time itself was even racing against him.Well, why don't I just save one's life and die with it? There was no hope left after all....But then a strange person came, telling him that he would be transmigrated onto an isekai!Well sure, why not?And after some hideous deal going on between them, he successfully transmitted in a whole new world as a human. But more importantly, in one piece no less!So he was trying to live a normal life this time, life on without being burdened with anything like the old one.But without him knowing, an interracial war was actually brewing behind his back! And with his newly acquired status, he was a wild factor that each of the party had to get rid of from the board called the face of the world!He must be sent away from the war as far as possible!But to everyone's surprise, he actually came back alive out of that death hole! And with a newly founded power on top of that!Well, fuck!Now, what would his response be when he saw his home was already flat with the earth!?Follow his journey as the heir of white itself!

  • if it to vi ed to in duct

    if it to vi ed to in duct

  • La nouvelle vie de Ed

    La nouvelle vie de Ed


    Ed vivait une vie tranquille lorsqu'un jour il rencontra son funeste destin de mourir. Tout du moins, c'est ce qu'il pensait. Transporté dans un autre plan, il découvre que divers monde existe et qu'il peut s'il le souhaite continuer une nouvelle vie pour essayer d'atteindre l'ascension pour devenir un demi-dieu ou mieux encore... Il décide de poursuivre sa voie dans un monde nommé Malhorne.

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