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  • The Life Journey:The Future Educator

    The Life Journey:The Future Educator


    Thalia is 20 years old future educator who currently wanted to finish her degree and make herself proud.

  • Educated


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  • An Education

    An Education

    Rena and Tracey mean to spend Christmas with their respective partners, only to find out Rena’s boyfriend and Tracey’s girlfriend are planning on spending Christmas with each other. Jilted and betrayed, Rena and Tracey decide to spend Christmas alone, together. <br><br>A couple of glasses of wine later, and both are willing to forget everything about their ex-partners. Maybe it’s the alcohol talking, but Rena’s curious to know what it’s like to make love to a woman. And Tracey is happy to oblige.

  • She Shocks The Whole World After Retirement

    She Shocks The Whole World After Retirement



    The Assertive Female Lead VS The Super Strong Male Lead During a fire, the nation’s first love was disfigured, and her future was ruined! Her fiancé was disgusted by her face and broke off their engagement. Her adopted mother regarded her as the dirt on her shoes and chased her out of the family. She then wrote a letter to break off the engagement and another to cast off her family before she left! After Yu Huang left, the people in the entertainment industry said that after she left, she dyed her hair red, wore a veil, and went to nightclubs every day! But some thought that she went into detention centers. Just when everyone thought that Yu Huang abandoned herself to a life of degeneracy, was sent into jail, and could no longer create any sensational news, Yu Huang got herself trending again. Education Department of Prosperous City: We congratulate Eternal High School’s Yu Huang for becoming the top scorer with 7xx points! Congratulations on being admitted into Divine Academy! That is the academy that will only take in 10 geniuses every year! From then on, Yu Huang began her counterattack. She was reborn, and she shocked the whole world! Sheng Xiao was the greatest genius Divine Academy ever had, and his looks, too, were one of a kind. But he was an aloof person who did not fall for any woman’s flirting. Hence, he was known as the Aloof King of Hell. One day, someone saw him pin Yu Huang in a corner and grab her hand. He said, “You can predict the future. Tell me, are you the only person in my future?” Yu Huang looked into his future, and she shook her head. “No. You have a pair of cute, lively children in your future too.”

  • B.P Education

    B.P Education

  • story of education

    story of education

  • Educational world

    Educational world

  • Educate the world

    Educate the world

  • I Become A Burdensome Child After Transmigrating

    I Become A Burdensome Child After Transmigrating


    When Su Jiu dies on her eighteenth birthday, she transmigrates into a novel about painful love and becomes an adorable four-year-old child. After she grows up, she will become the villainous second female lead in the novel. Not only will that happen, but her father is also a lazy bum! Su Jiu is worried sick about her father. “Daddy, you’re not allowed to eat anymore. Maintain your figure!” “Daddy, there’s a shoot for you tomorrow. Prepare for it!” “Daddy, pull yourself together! Don’t you want to find a stepmother for me?” “Daddy, it’s time for you to receive the award. Think about your thank you speech!” With Su Jiu's help, her father, who is initially a deeply hated and unpopular celebrity, becomes the most popular celebrity in the nation and earns loads of money. As the only inheritor, Su Jiu owns assets worth billions of yuan. With such an enjoyable life, she can just play her life away. However— Wait a moment! Why is the menacing, stubborn and evil villain courting her, instead of the main female lead? She only showed some concern to him when he was a child. Why does he miss her so much? Furthermore, isn’t he an emotionless money-making machine? Why is he doing this? Many years later, the villain becomes the most powerful figure in the business and entertainment world. He even becomes her father’s boss! As a father who dotes on his daughter, he realizes that there is an evil wolf eyeing his daughter. Hence, he fearfully educates her on all sorts of safety precautions. She must treasure her life and stay away from the villain! However, the villain smirks menacingly. “Su Jiu, marry me. I’ll give you everything—even my life. Otherwise, I’ll blacklist your father and destroy everything that he has!” Su Jiu is speechless. “…???”

  • Online education

    Online education

  • Education Foundation

    Education Foundation


  • An Educational Leap

    An Educational Leap

    How I Stopped My Students from Becoming Child Soldiers

  • Educational book

    Educational book

  • Educated Youths

    Educated Youths


    SMA Sima Bangsa adalah sekolah bergengsi dan terkemuka dengan fasilitas mutakhir, di mana hampir 100% siswa masuk universitas atau mendapatkan pekerjaan. Para siswa diberi kebebasan dalam menerapkan penampilan mereka. SMA ini adalah sekolah yang mirip surga, tapi kenyataannya hanya siswa yang unggul saja yang diperlakukan baik.Aku, Lutfi Dwipa, adalah murid kelas E, kelas yang dianggap buangan. Sesuai dengan namanya, kelas E, bisa diartikan "End Class" atau kelas terakhir. Karena alasan tertentu, aku ceroboh saat ujian masuk, dan dimasukkan ke kelas E. Setelah aku bertemu dengan mereka, teman-teman sekelasku, keadaan pun mulai berubah.Seiring berjalannya waktu, aku menemukan fakta-fakta aneh yang terlihat. Ini bukan hanya kisah perjalanan antar lokasi. Ini juga perjalanan antar waktu dan ruang! Sebuah konsepsi ilmu pengetahuan manusia tingkat tinggi pada akhirnya mengalihkan perhatianku dari misteri sekolah ini.Aku harus menjawabnya atau akulah yang berakhir mengenaskan! Ini adalah mata pelajaran kehidupan terbesar dalam hidupku yang harus dibayar mahal dengan menghilangkan semua kebebasanku.

  • Fight for education

    Fight for education


    With the world shock by the discoveries of new virus that becomes pandemic, many countries bans foreigners to come into the countries. 6 months later, as most countries are opening up, Japan doesn't seems to do that. Sung jung il, who just graduated from high school, plans to study in japan. Can he win the fights towards the right to enter and study in japan?

  • Education - The Reality

    Education - The Reality

  • Education and sports

    Education and sports

    Competitive Sports ACTION

  • Power of Education

    Power of Education

  • Absolute Great Teacher

    Absolute Great Teacher


    Sun Mo, the top teacher of No. 2 High School was transported to Tang Country of Central Province after falling into the water and became an intern teacher which just graduated. He actually has a fair and rich fiancee who is actually also the headmaster of a famous school. However, the reputation of this school has declined and the school was soon to be removed from the education list and abolished... Sun Mo's mission is to help his fiancee to sit on the headmaster's chair securely and make the school return the rankings of the nine greats (the top nine schools.) After he obtained the Absolute Great Teacher System, he could mold trash into gold, helping lousy students to become geniuses. Under Sun Mo's guidance, his disciples who used to be bad in school, could rule supreme in terms of their education in a year, become a 'study-emperor' in three years, and an academic god in five years. They would soon become big BOSSes in studying! You dare to say that I, as a great teacher, depends on false reputation? The Sword Hero, Spear Saint, Saber Devil, Holy Maiden, Peerless Country Leader, Devil Emperor, Two Saints, Three Paragons...all of them were taught by me! Are you scared or not? The thing I like most is to transform a bronze-grade salted fish into a king-grade BOSS. Sun Mo stated!

  • NAME THE RAMPAGE! Educated

    NAME THE RAMPAGE! Educated

    A boy how don't have special skill, but he sure a skilled one below there. The story full with plot and PLOT. Sure everyone like to read the plot story one, right?

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