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    Ini tentang dia yang bersinar bagai namanya, Estelle. kata orang orang nama nya berarti bintang! oh, betapa beruntung nya gadis itu!Estelle aku mengagumimu. Cerita ini kupersembahkan untukmu, aku harap kamu bisa membaca nya

  • Estelle Cassia Fraizer

    Estelle Cassia Fraizer

    Estelle Cassia Fraizer seorang gadis yatim piatu, ia sedang patah hati karena kekasihnya akan menikahi perempuan lain. Namun siapa sangka ? ia bertemu seorang laki-laki kaya di inggris yang alergi, anti terhadap perempuan. Laki-laki ini memberikan Estelle perhatian sepenuhnya, tetapi juga membuatnya bagaikan tawanan cinta. Akankah Estelle jatuh cinta kepadanya ?Novel ini ditulis tidak untuk menyinggung ataupun memberikan kesan kepada pembaca, jika ada kata atau hal yang tidak sesuai mohon tegurannya dan jika kalian ingin memberikan saran bias tinggalkan di kolom komentar.

  • A Villainess Should Be Strong

    A Villainess Should Be Strong



    "A Villainess should be strong," she thought as she vaporized an entire lake.The day Estelle Clareste was born, she already had the memories of Kirisaki Reina, a 21-year-old woman living in modern Japan.From a Villainous Duke's daughter, to the world's leader, and suddenly a Goddess?! Estelle's past, was it as simple as she first thought? Or was there something more lurking behind?Will she achieve her goals, or will she meet her downfall before that?-Photo not mine, I found it on Pinterest ^^-

  • Menara D'Estelle

    Menara D'Estelle

    Pada mulanya, Adam sekadar mengambil 'ujian' untuk mendapat kerja sahaja. Tetapi lama kelamaan dia mula tertarik dengan gelaran Tenshiz ini, mengembara dunia dan mencari misteri. Dia bertemu dengan lebih banyak sahabat dan keluarga baru sejak hidupnya berubah 360°. Pada suatu hari, dia terjumpa sebuah buku lama mengenai menara lagenda. Dia mula mencari sisa-sisa maklumat yang ada mengenai menara tersebut. Adakah menara itu hanya akan kekal sebagai lagenda atau sebaliknya?Join us (. ❛ ᴗ ❛.)

  • The Tower of D'Estelle

    The Tower of D'Estelle


    What is Tenshiz actually? Adam only know that it means someone that has the power and strength to kill monsters. So... he ended up with taking the first test of becoming it himself. Although at first it was only for the sake of getting a better job for both him and his mother. He meet more friends and a new family along the journey he take lead. Somehow he hear about this legendary tower that's only an old myth that has been passed down. All myth start with their own history. Ever wonder what kind of mysteries the world hold? There might be an ancient civilizations that's buried somewhere where human can't reach.Author: This is an eng ver of the original novel. (. ❛ ᴗ ❛.) Just so you know. I draw the character. If you're interested pls visit my ig, raphael_eden99P/s: This is my first time making English novel so it's not really good T-T. But anyway enjoy the story.Join us

  • Transmigrated to Become Hero's Aid

    Transmigrated to Become Hero's Aid



    Life was peaceful. Enjoying the university life, having fun with friends, a family which was neither poor nor rich, warmhearted and loving parents and cute little sister, Arkar could not ask more for his life. It could be said as one of the best for him who appreciated such peaceful life style.But it seemed that fate didn't want to allow him to have what he wanted.CRASH!"Am I going to die?"It should be just a normal morning, on his way to his university."I don't want to die yet......."His wish was not fulfilled as his consciousness began to fade away and everything became silent around him.Blink BlinkWhen he opened his eyes again, a whole new world was waiting for him."Young master Lucas! You are awake!"He became Lucas, the youngest master of a noble family.His abilities?Healing magic which was said to be rarest of all.His mission?To help and save the hero from going on rampage."Oh well, I missed my home...." Lucas, who was Arkar, now became one of the major people to save the world from its own hero.

  • Fated To Love A Billionaire

    Fated To Love A Billionaire

    "Some things will change baby, wait till you read the new contract." He whispered into my ear-nibbling softly and then trailing down to my jawline. "Huh?" I asked, confused and turned on at the same time. "I want you in a different way now." His hand ran up my back, touching me sensually. I couldn't believe it was Anthony that was talking. "I want your legs sprawled out on my desk, showing me what I want. I want to remember what it feels like to be buried deep inside of you." He mumbled the words as he kissed my skin. With such words leaving his lips— it was harder for me to control my inner whore. He brought his hand between us and between my thighs. I stopped breathing as I just stood completely frozen. He ran his finger over my clothed vagina-breathing erotically in my ears. "This is mine, all fucking mine." Kathryn Thorne, a girl that comes across as uptight and snobbish to those who don't know her. Her aim has always been to just get by for what she loves most, her mother. Anthony Starks, a billionaire who appears to be heartless to everyone that crosses his path. He wasn't always this way, but he has his reasons— Everyone does.

  • Fated To My Alpha

    Fated To My Alpha

    I have stopped counting the days in which I have spent in this place. A place I cannot call home, yet it feels like I have spent my whole life here. I arise from my slumber after another restless night after encountering yet another nightmare that I wish was not a reality. It didn’t change the fact I no longer had a family or a place to call home. Or that I truly was alone. It’s funny. I had always wished to be left alone and now when I truly am I wish to have some company. I guess I really took everything for granted. Not that this realization will help me now that I am stranded in the rogue territory and labelled as rogue despite not being physically expelled by my Alpha. I guess it’s too late to have regrets now.

  • The Magical Stones of Pharr

    The Magical Stones of Pharr

    The Eight Lands of Pharr are in trouble, and the only ones who can help are a young princess and the sister she believes lost. They hold two of the four Magical Stones, created long ago by an Ancient Mystic to channel the magic of his bloodline.<br><br>But when an evil witch named Patadora Coggs seeks to control the Stones, the two girls must join forces to save their unsuspecting world.<br><br>With them is a motley crew gathered as they travel to retrieve the remaining two Stones. Airk Ranon, cynical Weapons Master. The Baret Wray and First Commander Dungan Weir, who command King Randel's army. Elke, a centurion who has never been away from home. Skotak, an Emini Plainsman who provides steeds for the travelers. Dreux, a young prince seeking adventure, and his lover, Estelle. And Kitt, a young orphan held enslaved by pirates.<br><br>Chased by Patadora's Maelnords and her own shapeshifting daughter, and by the infamous Weapons Master's outlaw reputation, the young friends travel land and sea in their quest to find the last two Stones. Once they have the Magical Stones of Pharr in their possession, they must travel to the witch's lair and end her evil reign of terror.



    Fantasy Romance ROMANCE TEEN ALPHA

    I yelp and bite down on his bottom lip almost tasting the metallic taste of blood. His grip on my thighs tightens and I feel my towel get loose. He loosens my towel, not breaking the kiss and unwraps it off my body and tosses it off somewhere in the room. "fuck." I hear him cuss,Fuck indeed......_It is supposed to be a fresh and new start in another continent but in the same pack....there is only so much normality your life from the horrible pain awaiting her...↑→→↑←←↑

  • Enchanting General is the secret heiress

    Enchanting General is the secret heiress

    Tang Yue is our FL she is the Country youngest General as well as the heiress of the Tang Conglomerate ( One of the largest company in the country and abroad). Yue is the best definition of of 'Perfection' not only she is a beauty but she is also a genius with many secrets. Wu Feng is the Highest ranking General and also the heir of Wu empire. The most sought bachelor of the country and abroad.Describe as cold and emotionless 'Devil' with perfect looks and he is also a genius in his own way.Let's see what will happen when this two people cross each other's path and unexpectedly falls in love with each other.Sorry guys I had to make a new account since I lost the previous one (*Enchanting general is the hidden heiress*) and btw I have changed the plot of this story. Since I am a new author I hope you won't mind my grammatical mistakes and all. And I hope you Guys will support me to complete this novel. I love you my dear readers...




    ... A BNHA FANFICTION : Meeting an old woman called LADY in the afterlife is probably the coolest thing happened to me. After all, who wouldn't take the opportunity to become a HERO in your favorite anime, with a CHEAT CODE TOO!

  • The Masked Villain Wants to Marry Me

    The Masked Villain Wants to Marry Me

    "You have no option but to accept my offer, Estelle," Raziel said, his eyes flashing red.Lady Vienna's only desire was to be with the story's male protagonist. Not until a mage appeared and handed her a book one day. The book, it turns out, contains the flow of her life! She even assumed she was the female lead, yet she was the story's villain! When she learns that she will be murdered by the villain, Duke Raziel, at the age of 22, she does everything she can to prevent it!She gets closer to the villain and learns his secret, which causes him to propose her a marriage contract when she discovers the truth about the male lead's actual nature. In most stories, villains are killed, the male and female leads marry, and they live happily ever after; however, Lady Vienna "Estelle" Thaleia Xaviera defies this pattern.It is up to Vienna to prevent poisonings, death threats, betrayals, and assassinations from occurring as a result of the book. "It's better to adore a villain since we know he'd do everything for you. The hero, on the other hand, would be willing to give up your life for the sake of the greater good.”

  • Yuna


  • Cherry Blossom and Raven

    Cherry Blossom and Raven

  • ROAD TO VILLAINY: Tatyana's Revenge.

    ROAD TO VILLAINY: Tatyana's Revenge.


    All she wanted was to grow old surrounded by the ones she loved but the ones whom she cared for betrayed her trust. Fueled by anger and sorrow, she swore she would get her revenge.When she finds herself back when she was 5 years old, 15 years before her untimely demise at the hands of the people she loved. She will make them suffer and no one will stand in her way."If the world is against me, that's not a problem, I will just have to burn it into ashes."

  • hheihe


  • Nalesha Love

    Nalesha Love

  • Flowers For The Bride'smaid

    Flowers For The Bride'smaid

  • loubninnette


    you're the only that can change everything