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  • The Examination

    The Examination


    Yongrae, gadis perawat RSJ mendadak mendapat tawaran kerja untuk bersekolah di AEI (Agent's Exam Institute) dari Vuizen, calon penerus perusahaan Oshiro Tech Di sana, ia belajar layaknya seorang agen inteligen negara. Menyelesaikan ujian demi ujian yang meregang nyawa. Namun semakin lama, rasanya semakin menyimpang. Apa yang salah dari AEI? [Buku 1 dari The Examination]****Original by Iseul cosmosCover by iseul cosmosUpload Schedule : Setiap sabtu

  • Examined.


    Bellamy from the capital meeting a girl they had studied together without noticing she had came with the purpose of taking him from a devilish girl. After sometime she fell in love with him but Bellamy didn't want to admit the love he felt for her. ............. :! *******************..................!.:Nara the devilish girl, will she accept the truth she was defeated.? Will Bellamy admit that he've started falling in love

  • Madam’s Identities Shocks the Entire City Again

    Madam’s Identities Shocks the Entire City Again


    Qiao Nian lived in the Qiao family’s house for 18 years before her biological parents found her. Suddenly, all the wealthy families in the city knew that the Qiao family had a fake daughter! A true daughter of an affluent family would be talented, gentle, and kind. A fake daughter would not be able to pick up any skills and accomplish nothing. Everyone wanted to see how miserable she would become when she went back to her ravine after being kicked out of a rich family! Qiao Nian also thought that her biological parents were poor teachers from Luohe County. Who knew that her brother drove a Phaeton that was worth three hundred thousand yuan! Her biological father was also a professor who taught at Tsinghua University! The big boss of the family of scums became a bootlicker and bowed in front of her grandpa… Qiao Nian was dumbfounded. Erm… this wasn’t the same as saying yes! After being freed from the family of scums, Qiao Nian was able to be herself. She was the top student in the college entrance examination, a live broadcast star and the heir of an invaluable cultural heritage… Her identities were revealed and when she started to appear on the hot searches in the city, the family of scums turned green. The anti-fans mocked: What’s the point of trying to fake an image? Aren’t you just sticking to my brother everyday? Qiao Nian responded: I’m sorry but I already have a match. Top Brother: @Qiao Nian. Let me introduce her to everyone. This is my sister. Wealthy Grandpa: My dear granddaughter, why are you working so hard? If you want a bicycle, grandpa will buy it for you! The rich and powerful in Beijing spread a rumor that Master Wang was hiding a wife in his luxurious house. No matter how much people tried to persuade him, he never took her out to meet anyone. If he were asked, he would say the same sentence. “My wife is from the countryside and she is shy.” That was until one day when someone saw the noble and cold Master Wang holding a girl’s slender waist while hiding in a corner of a wall and muttering with red eyes. “Baby, when will you give me a title?” [Fake daughter who is from a truly wealthy family] + [Two big bosses]

  • The Wife I Picked Up Is Too Fierce

    The Wife I Picked Up Is Too Fierce



    When Feng Qing was born, she was sold to a couple from the mountains due to the hospital’s negligence . Sixteen years later, her biological parents brought her home from a small mountain village, she thought her life would better, but it did not. Not only did she not get love from her parents, her substitute sister made her blind. In the end, her parents married her off to an old man in his fifties. On her wedding day, Feng Qing escaped from the hotel with strings of bodyguards chasing after her. In a critical situation, she climbed into the black car that was parked by the roadside. In the back car seat sat a handsome man where cold ruthlessness was a constant fixture on his face. He looked like someone who could not be trifled with. Feng Qing patted her dirty little hands. "So, mister, I noticed that loneliness is written all over your face. What do you think about having a wife who has now presented herself to you?" Xie Jiuhan was commonly referred to as the Ninth Master. He was the overlord of Capital City and had a volatile personality. He was stubborn and ruthless. The socialites in the Capital City used all means, but none of them came close to even touching the hem of Master Ninth's clothes. From this day onward, rumors started to spread in Capital City. Ninth Master, who usually steered clear of women, raised a petite little wife in the manor and spoilt her to the core. Master Ninth: "My wife is too weak to take care of herself." The doctor: "Then, who's that lady who shattered someone's kneecap with a single kick?" Master Ninth: "My wife used to live in villages, she's not good at her studies." The students in Capital University: “Your wife keeps getting number one in every examination. If she's not good at her studies, what are we? Retards?" Master Ninth: “My wife is extremely timid. She's not met many bigshots or prominent figures." The public: “Please shut up!" The leading authority in medicine, science professors, and famous international directors queued outside your house, begging to see her! Yes, your wife had not met bigshots or prominent figures before because she was the most prominent figure here.

  • The boy learned from the board examination.. SSC BOARD.

    The boy learned from the board examination.. SSC BOARD.

    Realistic Fiction ADVENTURE

    Learn From Exam

  • Exam cancel of class 10 not prepared for examination due to covid 19

    Exam cancel of class 10 not prepared for examination due to covid 19

    Plz me winners chose I have very poor se I win this amount and is business

  • Examinations are essential today

    Examinations are essential today

  • Reincarnation Management System: Second Life Examiner

    Reincarnation Management System: Second Life Examiner



    UNDER HEAVY REVISIONS AND EDITING!!!! Disclaimer: Pic's not mine, all credits to its owner. ... Please try my other works too. Quick Transmigration: Saving The Crazy Villainess (male protagonist) The Sinners' Queen (not for people physically, emotionally, and mentally aged 19 and below)

  • Bambi and the Duke

    Bambi and the Duke



    Disowned for being a human, Vivian was taken in as a maid at the age of seven by the Carmichael household. Serving one of the most respected and elite pureblood families in Bonelake, there were rules. Rules that must be followed by all servants and maids. Like everyone else, Vivian was repeatedly reminded not to disobey the rules. But before she could learn to blend into the background like the other servants, the Duke's young son calls to her, “Bambi.” And all hell breaks loose. ----- "What? Never seen a bruise before?" Leonard scoffed at the girl. "Does it hurt?" Vivian asked, gently kneeling beside him and examining the several bruises covering his face. "Not that much." Remembering what her mother used to do when she got a bruise, Vivian brought her sleeve to her mouth and blew warm air on it before placing it on the boy's cheek, taking him by surprise. Leonard swatted her hand away, a hint of pink appearing on his cheeks embarrassed, "W-what are you doing?" "Mama told me this will make the pain go away," the girl held her hand close to her chest as she shared her past memory. "I’m not a child!” Leonard huffed at her. “I don’t think you’re a child,” she stared at him with a crystal-clear gaze. Taken aback, Leonard locked eyes with her for two seconds before shaking his head. “Don’t worry about it. They’ll heal in a day or two anyways," he reassured her before getting up and taking a seat at the table where his books were placed. "Odd girl," he muttered to himself as he pulled the top book from the stack and lost himself in it.

  • I Experienced an SSS Encryption

    I Experienced an SSS Encryption

    Magical Realism URBAN


    Raymond traveled to the exam room of the college entrance examination. He found he knew nothing when he had seen the examination papers. Fortunately, he activated the Grade-A Student System. However, he then found the system was somewhat weird! In the Chinese exam, the system offered him a body cultivation method? In the English exam, the system offered him Morse code? In the geography exam, the system offered him the Art of War of Global Actual Combat? In the physics exam, the system offered him the design drawing of Chengdu J-20? ... Lin Yi wanted to cry, but he had no tears to shed. In the end, he only wrote some nonsense on the examination papers. In the Chinese examination paper: “Qi and blood attack. Direct qi to flow through the meridians in your body. One day's work can last one week...” In the maths examination paper: “The weather controller can launch a meteorologic attack, such as thunderstorm, frost, in hemispheres. The calculation formula is x.=Ax...” As expected, Raymond’s total score was zero. Those weird examination papers got viral on the Internet. The whole school was talking about it on Homecoming Day. However, to his surprise, the military saw Raymond’s examination papers. On the same day, the papers were encrypted on the SSS level.

  • Quick Transmigration: Saving The Crazy Villainess

    Quick Transmigration: Saving The Crazy Villainess



    An unfortunate, debt-riddled handsome young man died in the apocalypse after getting bitten by an infant zombie. Yet even after death, he was not allowed rest or grieve as he unluckily got bound to a 'Crazy Villainess Saving' system!His task? To travel through space and time and save all the female villains in the whole multiverse.But wait, why does it feel like there is something wrong with his own identity? And, in every world, why is an odd girl always popping up to distract him from his missions?...........Pic's not mine. All credits go to its owner.............Other Stories:Second Life ExaminerThe Sinners' QueenIf you like the story, please vote and comment! If you don't like the story, er, it might be that arc just happened to be not your cup of tea! No worries, you can try skipping to the next volume/arc since it will be a new story and plot altogether! Give the next arcs a chance! Thank you! XDIf you have any request or violent reaction, you can find me on Discord: Ifallforblue#5480

  • Soul Land IV (Douluo Dalu) : Ultimate Fighting

    Soul Land IV (Douluo Dalu) : Ultimate Fighting


    Ten thousand years later, ice has melted. The Soul Federation Scientific Exploration team found an egg with a gold and silver pattern on it in the far north of the land, and after examining it with an apparatus, they found out that there were vital signs inside. They hurriedly brought it back to the institute for hatching. The egg hatched, but it was a baby, a baby exactly the same as a human - a baby born out of an egg.

  • The Way of the Sword (BL)

    The Way of the Sword (BL)



    Zemin Yan is an orphan who lived on the streets, until the day that the Celestial Sword Sect makes large-scale recruitment, in which even the beggars were analyzed in the Qin Empire. He who lived in an isolated village had managed to pass through the most difficult examination of the sect, but even so, his talent was the only medium. At best, his prospect was to reach the intermediate-level Aurore Core realm. Zemin Yan was happy with this prospect, after all, he was just a humble mumper, over time, he learns to read and write, he even grew a little taller, but his physique was delicate and flexible, not pretending that he was a martial practitioner, thus generating mockery for his colleagues even a strong bullying. However, Zemin Yan didn't care and always proceeded with optimism, until the moment that was allocated to be assistant of the greater cultivator of the young generation of Celestial Sword Sect. Zhong Liang is the supreme talent of the Heavenly Sword, he is tall, handsome and powerful, he is the dream of all women and the goal of all the boys. He is loved and appreciated by all but remains with his cold character and his expressionless face. Because of his Swordless Dao, Zhong Liang was getting colder, indifferent, and cruel, so his Master, fearful that he would turn to the demonic cultivator, decides to put three young disciples to serve him and keep him company, whether in missions outside the sect or even in as servants of this great prodigy. The Master of Zhong Liang wanted him to develop some kind of bond that would prevent him from getting lost in the path of the Dao of the Swordless Thrill. Unfortunately, Zhong Liang doesn't agree with his master's vision and astounds all the young disciples, only one remains he is as firm as a sword stuck in the ground, this disciple is Zemin Yan. "Senior Zhong, do you want grapes or apples?" Asked Zemin Yan with his typical silly smile. Zhong Liang didn't respond and continued training with his sword, he just ignored the existence of this young disciple. "So it's going to be grapes," Zemin Yan said without even letting his mood fall, he had already grown accustomed to the lack of response from his senior disciple. When Zemin Yan came back to call Zhong Liang for dinner, the grapes were far from visible, which left Zemin Yan with a silly and contented smile for the rest of the night. NOTE: 1. R 18 (IN THE FUTURE) 2. Slow Romance 3. Romance 1x1. 4. Contest 59. 5. COVER: POPPY QUEEN 6. Follow my Ko-fi for news and weekly calendars: https://ko-fi.com/post/Calendar-1001--1601-L4L27V5L9 and Ko-fi.com/take_the_moon. Thanks for your support in the 2021. Hope we're together in 2022 too.

  • After the Marriage Cancellation, She Becomes a True Ancestor

    After the Marriage Cancellation, She Becomes a True Ancestor

    Contemporary Romance TRANSMIGRATION


    "The useless daughter of the Su Family, Su Ye, had gone crazy after being rejected by the Bo Corporation's President! On the first day, she touched her father's head. "Nephew, I think this project I found is good. You can go auction for it tomorrow." The next day, she dug up the Su family's ancestral grave with a shovel and muttered, "I remember that it was buried here?" On the third day, she patted the shoulder of a certain clean freak CEO. "Little Bo, even if the marriage didn't work out, we still have feelings for each other. I'll give you a discount on this medicine, just give me six million." … Su Ye, the most ambitious woman in the business world who had died 40 years ago, had coincidentally been reborn into the body of his grandniece. Thus... In the department of inheritance notarization, a large inheritance that had been shelved for 40 years was claimed. The museum was surprised to see that a mysterious person had donated an astronomical antique that disappeared 40 years ago for free. Hacker Alliance. An account that no one had been able to identify who was behind it for more than 40 years suddenly came online. Mysterious Sister became popular online. K.O. Stone Gambling Master, Reincarnated God of Medicine, Big Sister Carrier, Taekwondo Grandmaster… Tens of thousands of people wanted to pamper her, and the Su family's doorstep was frequented by the seventy to eighty-year-old childhood friends of hers who were big shots of various fields. A certain ex-fiancé was filled with jealousy. "Make it hot. Don't affect my fiancée's college entrance examination." Zhen Xiang might be late, but he would never be absent. Bo Yunli never looked at her in his eye before marriage. After the divorce, Bo Yunli suddenly asked, "Which project do you like? I'll bid for it and give it to you." "These are the gold shovels and keys to the Bo family's cemetery. Dig whichever you like." "That's true. The prescription is priceless and six million RMB is too little. How about exchanging it for the position of the Bo Corporation's Young Madam?" [1v1. Double Virgins+ Fake Identity.]

  • My Type of a Bad Boy

    My Type of a Bad Boy


    "Are you always such a dork?" I ask, as I continue to examine his room."What makes you think I'm a dork?" He asks, amused."I don't know, you just are," I say.He chuckles and the sound brings a smile to my face.Snap out of it, Rossita.He's not your type!---In Rossita Jenkins's world, there was only one boy who seemed to fit the role of her bad boy type and somewhere along the line, she gets lucky and starts dating him.She meets Prinse Gomes, a boy who to the naked eye seems to not be her type, but somehow ever since he arrived, her world has been a rollercoaster.And just when she thought she knew what she wanted in life, her heart seems to be fighting a battle between which boy she should be with.

  • Classroom of the elite

    Classroom of the elite


    The story takes place at Advanced Nurturing High School, a leading prestigious school with state-of-the-art facilities where nearly 100% of students go on to university or find employment.The students there have the freedom to wear any hairstyle and bring any personal effects they desire. The said high school is a paradise-like school, but the truth is thst only the most superior of students recieve favourable treatment.The protagonist Kiyotaka Ayanakoji is a student of D-Class, which is where the school dumps its "inferior" students in order to ridicule them. For a certain reason Kiyotaka was "careless"(wrote exam badly on purpose) on his entrance examination, and was put in D-Class. After meeting Suzune Horikita and Kikyo Kushida, two other students in his class, Kiyotaka's situation begins to change.

  • Searching for Andromeda

    Searching for Andromeda



    - Hiatus - will return by July 2022Update sched: Tues & ThursEphraim, or as called by his colleagues, Raim, is an archeologist. Upon his commencement, he was stationed with a task force consisting of a researcher, a biologist, a doctor, and a former sergeant-in-arms; their team entrusted with a duty to examine the desolated LAB of an abandoned former space station: ANDROMEDA. As a man of science, he knew what his weakness was: curiosity. Upon entering the premises of ANDROMEDA, Raim discovers that succumbing to his desires would prove fatal one day. And that day has come. By the end of the darkness of the seemingly isolated laboratory was not obscurity filled with dust and desolation—but a tunnel leading to another realm of knowledge. A pathway to another dimension. No… the -pathway- to another world. The entrance to a completely different time where magic, knights, kingdom, monsters, and battles reigned supreme; Now Ephraim and his task force must utilize their existing knowledge and cultivate their given power to survive onslaughts and drive the kingdoms of another world to prosperity.[note: if you push through chapter 13 where the action generally starts, it will be worth it.]The artwork from this temporary cover is from is Windreader Zell from Bagoum. I do not own this artwork. https://sv.bagoum.com/cards/104421030• • SUPPORT THE AUTHOR • •Buy me a coffee to keep me awake from long nights of writing: https://ko-fi.com/chainslock«CONTEST: Webnovel Spirity Spring Awards 2020»

  • The Bookworm Became a Mafia Queen

    The Bookworm Became a Mafia Queen

    Romance CEO MAFIA


    "She is a bloodthirsty queen that everyone in the underworld fears. She was cold, domineering, wise and decisive. After transmigrating, she was actually reborn in the body of a timid and weak girl! She was so lowly that she liked an outstanding man that was out of reach, yet she was treated like a toad that wanted to eat swan meat. When she became her, everything would be turned upside down, and the wonderful legend would begin! Theatre 1: ""What? That Hu Jian came to school? She still has the face to come to school? This love-struck fool wants to drug the hooligan!"" The girls huddled together and looked at the skinny figure that was getting closer and closer. They pointed at her and spoke in disdain. ""Scram!” A cold voice came out of the thin girl's mouth. The cold light in her eyes made one's heart tremble, and the aura that burst out from her body was extremely terrifying. It shocked the person who was originally determined to teach her a lesson and let her walk past in a daze. How was he still that cowardly bookworm? Theatre 2: ""Great news, Hu Jian from Class A, who ranked last in the entire school, was transferred to Class F."" ""Great, we're finally rid of that love-struck fool!"" The guys patted their chests in relief. ""That love-struck fool deserves it!"" the girl gloated. In just two months, another monthly examination took place. An explosive piece of news swept through the entire school. ""What, Hu Jian is first in the school? That's impossible! What! Class F's average score exceeds Class B's? That's even more impossible!"" Everyone thought it was a joke, but unfortunately, it was all true. A mafia queen reborn in the body of a weak, love-struck girl. Faced with all the troubles she had left behind before she died, she could only sneer in disdain."

  • My Entire Family's Gone Haywire!

    My Entire Family's Gone Haywire!



    "After Gu Xin recovered from her illness, she realized that her whole family had changed. His father who was a gambling addict that once almost sold his wife and daughter, also often picked fights after getting drunk. That same father now said that he would not gamble anymore. He wanted to pick up his textbooks and take part in the imperial examinations to give the three of them a happy life. Her mother who was not just efficient, but also detailed and thorough in her work, spent her days holed up in the house, not daring to try anything adventurous. She did not even dare to light a fire and was only fierce to her daughter. That same mother was now suddenly carrying a chopper and facing off debt collectors. Her embroidery was outstanding and she was cold to others, her sister, who never cooked, no longer held the needles. She smiled more and took over all the work in the kitchen. Gu Xin felt that she was dreaming. Apart from the changes in her parents and sister, after she saved a fish, those who scolded her would fall and those who had bad intentions toward her would be unlucky. If she wanted to eat something, living things would come to her door and knock their heads against her door. Even if they were not living things, she could still find them by coincidence. Everything was so wonderful! Of course, it would be great if the young master of the Zhou Family in town did not go crazy. The young master of the Zhou family said that her parents would sell her and her sister would harm her in the future. The young master wanted to take her far away and escape from the Devil's Den. Father Gu, "Where did this little brat come from? I'm nine thousand years old and only a thousand years away from ten thousand years old. Why would I sell my precious daughter?" Mother Gu, "Get lost, you rascal. I'm a strong woman who owns a big business empire. It's not easy for me to have a daughter. Can I bear to do that?" Sister Gu, "Scumbag male protagonist, don't think that I don't know how much of a scumbag you are in your book and how you will hurt my Xiao Xinxin. Pfft!" Young Master Zhou, "How is it different from my previous life? However, no matter how different it is, I won't miss my Xinxin in this life." Gu Xin, "Have you asked for my opinion?"

  • Classroom Of The Elite

    Classroom Of The Elite


    Kōdo Ikusei Senior High School, a leading prestigious school with state-of-the-art facilities where nearly 100% of students go on to university or find employment. The students there have the freedom to wear any hairstyle and bring any personal effects they desire. Kōdo Ikusei is a paradise-like school, but the truth is that only the most superior of students receive favorable treatment.The protagonist Kiyotaka Ayanokōji is a student of D-class, which is where the school dumps its “inferior” students in order to ridicule them. For a certain reason, Kiyotaka was careless on his entrance examination, and was put in D-class. After meeting Suzune Horikita and Kikyō Kushida, two other students in his class, Kiyotaka’s situation begins to change.