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  • Factory



    In a bright and prosperous galaxy, there are many sights and pleasures to be had. Entire worlds are built with the intent to entertain and stockpile sinful money. On one such world, a young woman finds herself lost and without memory, making up her life one day at a time. Ever present with her is the mysterious self-sustained drug laboratory backpack, labeling her as a "factory." Through her forced life of drug peddling, she comes upon the friendship of two wonderful girls that help her move on from her terrified existence, but accidentally thrust her into a much more violent one laced with bounty hunters, military secrets, and the evolution of mankind. Artwork by Leon Tukker http://tryingtofly.deviantart.com/

  • Super Zombie Factory

    Super Zombie Factory


    Lu Chuan was a poor graduate working in a renovation company who accidentally obtains a factory that can manufacture all kinds of powerful zombies. After calming down from his traumatic first encounter with Uncle Zombie, he begins crossing through the modern and apocalyptic world, raking fortunes and learning more about the new found world.

  • Factory Inc.

    Factory Inc.



    More than 500 years have passed since World war III, A war that changed everything.Humanity has long since recovered from the war's effect. Many human lives were lost, in return they also gained much more.But the Scars of war remains. Monsters and Beasts roam the Earth, and many places remain deadly due to radiation. Still, humanity stood firm and was able to persist and even surpass their ancestors in terms of science and technology.One day! A boy receives the greatest gift in the universe, in the form of a System that can produce factories. Now everything he needs is within his reach. He only needs to grasp this opportunity. But it won't be so easy, as he finds himself surrounded in a quagmire of conspiracies and attacks from powerful gods and demons that are trying to spread chaos in the universe. Follow Arc in his adventures to uncover the secrets of the System and the universe, while creating a safe haven for him and his loved ones.PS. I'm doing this by myself, and I'm no expert in English, so don't expect much. I'm just doing this for fun.. if you have any suggestions let me know every bit of it helps.

  • The Factory

    The Factory

    I'm trying to tell a story here also Life only have true meaning seconds before death.Note:I am writing this "novel" for me and the other people which is probably a few that like this style True Genres: Humorous Fiction, Absurdist fiction, Dark comedy

  • Monster Factory

    Monster Factory

    Video Games SYSTEM

    I am Ye Qing. Lucky I found a [Monster Factory] application. This bunch of super strong monsters are individually comparable to over 100 human beings, and they bring all kinds of skills! Efficiency? With the skill processing speed +300, you still want to compete? Precision? *cough, cough* Bring me that legendary dial caliper, let’s show them what absolute precision really mean. Ye Qing: When, us, men want to be successful, we pull out our wallets. Monsters: Don’t play those malice games with us. The creation of ultimate machinery is our love and life. These impenetrable bodies are our tools of the trade. A 20 meter tall, overly buffed, savage looking monsters hold on to a ultimate cutting machine and yelled at the sky: “I am not targeting anyone specifically! Rather I am telling you all that, everything, in front of me and my tools are, nothing, but TRASH!”

  • Super Warcraft factory

    Super Warcraft factory

    Magical Realism SYSTEM

    My name is Li Xiuwen, and I got an application called "Warcraft Factory".  These non-human beasts are more powerful than the other, and the products produced are also equipped with special effects.  Quality +5?  Efficiency +100%?  The short and sturdy dwarves and the infinite giants said in unison: See how we can make magical products one by one and sling foreign companies.

  • club factory

    club factory

    Magical Realism ACTION

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  • Harvest Factory, A Farmer Life

    Harvest Factory, A Farmer Life


    A story about a boy with talents in both farming and cooking. Follow him in his journey of cultivating rare and legendary fauna and flora while cultivating his strength in the side. " little brother, what's that thing you're eating? " " Jade Crocodile sausage. " " isn't that a rare beast only found in Azure Swamp?! how did you get it?! " " I raised it. " " what's that you're drinking? " " Golden Snow Pear juice. " " ..... did you raise it too? " " un. "

  • Warlock Factory

    Warlock Factory


    Magic is the ultimate bane or boon. The potential to use it are only obtained through the birth of the Omni, who can comprehend the true nature of the world and turn it against the supreme beings that lurk in the shadows of the magical plane, known as Truth. Omnis advance through the refinement of the world’s essence, and gain frightening powers. They are known as the dominators of the world. One particular human Omni set up the empire known as Arcanus, where the ultimate law is the law of the jungle! In Arcanus, where they only respect power, numerous unethical experiments were conducted, and through the knowledge gained, a shocking Industrial Revolution occured! Factories sprouted up everywhere, and thus began the greatest conflict in Truth. “Welcome to the Factory of Power! Technology will turn energy into the ultimate form of magic!” The sudden appearance of Lin Zhou causes a disturbance in the war. How significant will it become in the grand scheme of things?

  • [MTL]Super Zombie Factory

    [MTL]Super Zombie Factory

    Accidentally obtained a zombie factory, the products of the factory are a bit appalling. A wide variety of products: zombies, lickers, hellhounds, tyrants, pursuers, tyrants T002, meat shields, adjudicators, … Create zombies, hellhounds, lickers, tyrants, etc., command them, siege cities and loot for you, and turn the wealth in the apocalypse into your small treasury? Gold, diamonds, antiques. Lack of resources. Countless technical information. It’s all yours. Dissatisfied? When rows of zombies, fully armed, appear in front of you like an army, if you are a survivor, should your eyes drop? The tyrant holding the Vulcan cannon is covered in bullets, bringing a gusty metal storm at any time. Just ask you, accept it or not. Let go of your mind, because the book is all-encompassing and shows everything you want. [MTL]

  • Soulmate Factory

    Soulmate Factory


    There was once a world in which there existed both humans and Immortals, that world was a fantasy which fell soon after. The immortals are almost godlike in power, yet long for love. Using the souls of the slaughtered mortals to form their perfect soulmates.However, the mortals are not gone, and very very angry. The residue from the immortal's weapons mutated them, and their strongest commander; a child borne the day mortals fell, known only as a demon, might be the key to saving them all.If only the opposing general, younger sibling of the immortal's wayward king wasn't dead set on making the commander their bride.because they were soulmates apparently.



  • the haunted factory

    the haunted factory

  • The Dubstep Factory

    The Dubstep Factory

    Horror&Thriller VILLAIN

    It all starts in the year 2020, and all these fake DJ's start popping up out of nowhere, and i thought to myself, how was i supposed to get rid of these fake DJ's. Then it hit me, I should make a factory that will get rid of them all. and when they get here, i will say, Dear all fake DJs, i know who you really are, so im going to say this and only say this once, WELCOME FOOLS, TO THE DUBSTEP FACTORY! Mwahahahaha!

  • The Story Factory [DISCONTINUED]

    The Story Factory [DISCONTINUED]


    The world is filled with infinite beings, each one with a different story. But what if only one person is chosen as a 'mc' of a world. Does that make everyone else just extras? How will the world, this world, or any other world, work like that? Let Emily Brown explain that for you. Not by story or presentation, but by perspective.

  • Charlie And The Chocolate Factory

    Charlie And The Chocolate Factory


  • The Great Factory of Creation

    The Great Factory of Creation


    Year 30XX, Earth, Philippines. The year dubbed by the World as the Greatest "Artwork" Of Hell. May 29, Year 30XX, Monsters That can only exist in Movies and imagination appeared from out of nowhere. Slaughtering Humanity, Pushing them down At the Farther most Spot at the Food Chain ladder. Creatures Of great strength And power Dominated the lands Once Inhabited By the humans, Cresting their own Empire or territory. Of course, Just like a Famous saying from the Scientific Community, People with Supernatural Powers Began to Emerge One after another. Bearing the Power of their Bloodlines, The source of their Strength And Power. Animals, Historical Figures, Plants and even The Bloodlines Of the Beasts That came from out of nowhere. Like A torch that was lit up In the dark, Humanity Treated this Gifted People as their Torch of hope In the midst of this Chaotic Darkness Of Apocalypse. Leathery Draconic Wings. Dangerous, Sharp Claws. Deadly Talons Of death and Terrifying. . . Beak of Steel? Using their Bloodlines, This gifted People fought back and manage to Establish Humanity's Footing into his cruel, Ruthless and Dangerous World of Beasts And Killings. Me? I don't have Wings. Nor Do I have Claws or Ridiculous Beaks. They rise with Bloodlines but me, I rise With my factory.

  • Everyone Evacuated. Only I Am Left on Earth to Wander the Stars!

    Everyone Evacuated. Only I Am Left on Earth to Wander the Stars!


    The sun was expanding quickly and approaching its end. All humankind boarded the spaceship and were migrating to Mars. When they took a last look at Earth, they realized that they had missed out one person. So, all humankind were speculating how the last man would survive on Earth. The USA would never leave any citizen behind. An unprecedented rescue mission began. Shaun, who was reincarnated into this world, discovered that he was the only man left on Earth since everyone else migrated to Mars. Right at this moment, the survival system was activated. Three months later, a solar storm hit Earth and destroyed it. The spaceship was also destroyed after being hit by a small planet. Shaun claimed, “Since you guys didn’t abandon me, I will rescue you too.” He manufactured 10,000 planet propellers, established an A.I. factory, and built a gigantic shelter. He would roam the universe along with Earth. From today onwards, Shaun will be the Lord of Earth!

  • Doomsday: I, the Extraordinary Mechanic!

    Doomsday: I, the Extraordinary Mechanic!


    It was the year 2055. The Zombie Virus had erupted and doomsday was near. The world order had collapsed! Humans used nuclear weapons once again to eliminate zombies all around the world. They cleansed the population with the extreme means of destroying cities. However, what they did not expect was that zombies had unimaginable vitality. Not only did the nuclear weapons not eliminate the zombies, but they created an even greater disaster for humanity. Nuclear radiation ravaged the world. The water was no longer clean. The ground became dead zones. Even the houses they lived in were no longer stable. The zombies even mutated to become fiercer and more terrifying! Humans struggled to survive under the arduous living conditions and manic zombies. Johnson awakened the Legendary Mechanic System and was living extremely comfortably in the post-apocalyptic world. When the others were still fighting each other for a piece of bread or bottle of water, Johnson already had a purification machine which gave him ample food and could even have a bubble bath with clean water. While the rest of the population were still hiding in ruins and shivering in fear, Johnson had already modified an abandoned factory into a sturdy refugee base. Unmanned blasters, giant destructive cannons, superpowered scout robots, laser towers... There was only one rule for entering Johnson's refugee base... You have to be a woman!

  • War Act I: Factory of Heroes

    War Act I: Factory of Heroes


    More than a thousand years ago a prophecy was told by the Old Gods; the human race will bring forth death and destruction all over the galaxy, enslaving every sentient race.The most ancient and most powerful race came to Earth to ensure that the prophecy will never come to pass.After more than a thousand years of escaping genocide. Humankind made 'weapons' akin to the stories of old, to fight enemies of ancient origins.This is a story of those weapons, how they start out as Experimental Subjects to God Killers