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  • Fastest Level up!

    Fastest Level up!



    Please try my latest Novel [ God's Challenger ]It’s been 20 years since dungeons suddenly appeared in the world. Humanity got supernatural powers like Level, Status, and Skill.Dreaming of becoming rich quickly, Amane Rin, an adventurer challenged to capture dungeons.Even though he possessed a skill unique to even adventurers [Transfer within dungeon], he was deemed as incompetent because of the poor usability of the skill.However, the turning point for him came.After a year since he started capturing dungeons, [Transfer within Dungeon] evolved with a level up.As a result, Rin became an existence unrestricted by the rules of the dungeon.Rin, who became the only singularity, continued to level up with overwhelming speed and climbed to the strongest position in the world in the blink of an eye.This is the story of a boy who was looked down upon because of his incompetence but eventually became the strongest in the world.

  • The Fastest System

    The Fastest System

    Are you interested to waste time to read this "novel" with an unreasonable story and main character? Well, if you have time you can try.

  • The fastest man

    The fastest man


  • The Fastest Hero

    The Fastest Hero


    One day, unknown entities attacked many places on earth.Lylie ran away with all his might from the monster around him.he tried his best but eventually died."That was how it supposed to be but what is this!!!"

  • Naruto: fastest ninja

    Naruto: fastest ninja

  • Chronicles of Daoist Fan

    Chronicles of Daoist Fan



    [A cultured novel] When I, a master criminal from earth, reincarnated into a divine body, I was ecstatic. Finally, I didn't have to worry about outsmarting the detectives, being chased by police, and remaining hidden everytime. I was a prince then, a royalty. I could do anything; have any kind of luxury I wanted. I could pursue the things I liked, rather than the things I was forced to like. However, the heavens (even here) didn't seem to give me a rest. Just two years later, I had to descend to a mortal world with my junior sister, and re-cultivate again. I would have to compete with my other 7 immortal siblings, to reach the ninth heaven. This was a contest of Ancension to the Immortal World, a contest for the Divine Throne. With my wits, my immoral experiences, and the memories of the previous owner of this body, Zuifan; I would claim that throne, the Heavens itself. While others may go the straight path of bitter cultivation for years, I would take the easiest and the fastest path. This mortal world, the resources in it, the rare beauties; everything shall become mine! _ _ _ Author's Note: The Mc is evil, like truly. You won't see it coming, you just won't see it because you drop too early. Read all the free chapters before judging. The first 15 chapters are only for disguise. WARNING: Contains mature content. Read at your own discretion. _ _ _



  • The fastest in a different world.

    The fastest in a different world.


    Hayai Raiden, his father is a famous athlete, his mother was a racer, and his little sister is a prodigy in both sports and studies. But who is Raiden, well he is the 3rd placer in the top record of........... Speed typing. Raiden is an average person but due to his health issues, a blurry left eye, he has a problem in his depth perception, weak lungs, and can't run for very long. Raiden loves the feeling of wind on his face. Just like his family, speed runs in his blood. He just spends the rest of his day playing racing games and RPGs where his role is always the scout. But on one stormy night, everything changed.

  • Fastest sword man or sword woman??

    Fastest sword man or sword woman??

  • Honestly, I am Mr.Richest (fastest updates)

    Honestly, I am Mr.Richest (fastest updates)

    Realistic Fiction COMEDY SYSTEM

    This not mine work. sorry for the bad English and format

  • Fastest Demon Lord Extermination in History

    Fastest Demon Lord Extermination in History


    King: Oh great hero, please defeat the demon lord and save the world! Ok now we’re going to check your abilities using this magic ball. Hero: Nice I got the atom split ability. King: ... what’s that sounds boringHero: Ima defeat the demon lord right now! ATOM SPLIT EVERY ATOM MODE!......... KABOOOOOOOOOOM............And that was how the world ended

  • Sold To A Naughty Alpha CEO

    Sold To A Naughty Alpha CEO



    WARNING: This story contains R+18. NO RAPE. “How much do you need?” asked a young, fine man with a pair of alluring eyes. He was wearing a black tuxedo that suited him well. His black hair looked perfect even he was looking at the computer’s screen. I didn't know what to do, but I must convince him today. I needed someone’s wealth for my sister’s operation and it was the only and fastest way I knew. Before I could utter a single word, I closed my eyes, hoping that someone will save me from hell. I knew Lisandro Realm was known for being cold and mysterious, but he was all I need– a billionaire’s money and connections. A few seconds passed by but no one came to help me. My hands and knees were shaking, but I swallowed my pride and ego to come this far. If selling my soul, my body, and my dignity to a dangerous creature who has everything he wishes for, I am willing to take the risks whether it was a good or a bad idea. I am a desperate and hopeless woman. “Two million dollars…,” I finally said without hesitation. I stand straight, look into his alluring golden-brown eyes, waiting for an answer. “Two million dollars?” he asks me again, but this time, his gaze becomes too deep and terrifying that gives a shiver to my spine. He sighs, pulls back the chair, and stands perfectly like a supermodel. I thought he was going to lend me the check but I’m frightened when he walks towards me, staring at my legs. He said, “I am willing to pay you every day, Andy Carter.” And the next thing I know, he’s standing right behind me, caressing my stomach that urges me to moan embarrassingly. “Ugh, p-please stop it!” I beg, but he kisses my neck that weakens my knees and craves for more. The burning sensation I feel seems real that I never felt before. “From now on, you’ll be my new assistant…,” he whispers to my ears that almost drown my soul into a dark, isolated place. “You’re my slave now, Carter,” he murmurs and kisses me passionately which left me speechless. And that moment, I didn’t realize that I sell myself to a naughty, alpha CEO and turned out to be his slave in exchange for two million dollars. – – SIX MONTHS AGREEMENT Signed by Andy Carter and Lisandro Realm Rule #1: Party L has the freedom to entertain the third party while Party A shall remain faithful to Party L. Rule #2: Keep the contract a secret from anyone. The violator shall be punished accordingly. Rule #3: Always use condoms for both parties’ safety and reputation. Rule #4: Both parties must stay away from each other’s private life. Rule #5: Falling in love is highly forbidden. Disclaimer: The artwork is not mine. If it is yours, please DM as soon as possible. Discord: Maryixxx#4838 Instagram: @maryixx Thank you!

  • Mr. Fast
The Story of the fastest being on existance

    Mr. Fast The Story of the fastest being on existance


    Richard Mounty is a average worker that likes his childhood friend but doesn't have the courage to ask her outOne day after a series of events, Richard discovers that hes descended from godhood and is fated to save the existance using his newly aquired powerThe Power of Speed

  • Galaxy's First Ruler

    Galaxy's First Ruler



    “Among all the seeds that corrupt the heart, the seed of Greed germinate the fastest.” --------------------------------------- Brief Intro: (Genius + OP + Sigma) MC + R18 stuff (Cough!) + Incredible Fights + Adventures + System + Dark Theme = This Story --------------------------------------------------- Detailed Synopsis: Bloodshed and war had ravaged the life of intelligent beings of the Milky Way Galaxy since time immemorial. Who had started the war? And why must it be continued? What if some being had created humans for its own twisted goals and pleasure? What if the struggle of evolution in intelligent beings follows a pre-planned rule? What if those who we call Gods are nothing but puppets? What if everything that happens, happens not because of a reason but because someone intends it so? It is commonly said that every life has its own story. What if all lives exist just for the sake of one story? Oblivious to such questions, on the planet Earth, Aldrich was used to living a normal life. And, to learn everything under heaven had become a part of his existence since childhood. Aldrich had just wanted to remain a normal person in an eternal pursuit of perfect knowledge. What would happen if such a person would be forced to become part of the Level-up system? What would happen if such a person would be forced to battle mythical beasts and historical legends? And what would happen if such a person would be forced to learn the Darkest secrets of the Universe? Follow the journey of a scholar becoming the Galaxy’s First Ruler. But if all lives are nothing but puppets, would this Ruler ever find out about the Puppet-master? ------------------------------------ WARNING: The first 124 chapters that I wrote were inspired from my fav Novel Series "The Stormlight Archive" by Brandon Sanderson. So if you don't like changes in POV, this might tick you off. After 124 Chapters the POV is constant and would rarely deviate from MC --------------------------------------- This cover is not my property. So if you are the owner of the cover please contact me for its removal. Thank you. For inquiries (Discord): Hand_Number_37#6967 For inquiries (Mail):

  • The era of the reborn king

    The era of the reborn king


    In her previous life, she had experienced the cruel end of the world. She had witnessed her parents turning into zombies with her own eyes. In order to survive, she had to rely on the strong. She had to endure humiliation and struggle to survive. In the end, she died in the third year of the end of the world. When she opened her eyes again, she was actually in the classroom ten years ago. Not only did she remember all the major events that had happened in the past ten years, from the national events to the winning numbers, but she also had a unique treasure. It was a small world created by an ancient cultivator. From then on, as she opened the function of the small world step by step, the business world had one more Weirdo who earned money the fastest and spent money the fastest. There was one more miracle doctor in the world who could determine life and death with his flesh and bones. He was also a guest of honor that was hard to come by in the political world That place brought out an invincible and terrifying goddess of death, and the entertainment industry had a legendary figure who did not appear on camera, did not act, and did not sing but had countless fans. Finally, the end of the world had arrived, a new era that belonged to the strong. In this life, she, Xia Junhuang, would become the strongest person at the top of the food chain. She would protect her family and friends, fight monsters when she had nothing to do, and establish the strongest base to stand on her own as the King From then on, she would become the king of the new world! Ps: This article is the long history of the female protagonist's rebirth and growth. Inspirational, strong women and strong men, cool literature in the city + fighting monsters in the end of the world Those who like modern words, urban powers, schools, stone gambling, antiques, entertainment and the end of the world, quickly enter the pit. This article has everything Don't forget to collect, vote, click, comment, diamonds and flowers. Your support is Xia Xia's motivation. Come on, let the storm be stronger [ statement ]1. This article is purely fictional, for entertainment. It is better to have fun alone than to have fun together. Please don't be too fastidious. 2. Xia Xia's writing is cool words. Those who like it, please support it Those who do not like it, if you really do not like it, please close the window of this page directly. You will not accept offensive comments. If you find them, you will delete them directly. However, a friendly suggestion is that you will listen carefully to the words. It is not easy. Please understand

  • Tribe Online

    Tribe Online

    Shi Xieren is a runner athlete.He started running at the age of 8.At the age of 10 he started to attend a running competition.At the age of 12 he become the fastest in Zhoushan.At the age of 13 he become the fastest in Zhejiang province.At the age of 14 he become the fastest in China.At the age of 15 he become the fastest in Asia.At the age of 16 he become the fastest in World.At the age of 17 he stopped running because of some incident which made him could not run anymore.But his legend didn't stop here. He stopped running in the real world but he continued running in the virtual world.Join Shi Xieren, the fastest runner in his age creating his Legend in the virtual world.



    (Book contains mature content)Her mother's sickness was detected the moment Stacy planned to further her studies. Stacy needed money for her mother's surgery and the only fastest way she thought to earn money was to be a prostitute for a short time until she raise the money.Who could have thought that an old man would be interested in her?Stacy was hesitant to make out with an old man because she was still innocent. Finding out about her innocence, the old man lost interest in Stacy but with her pleads. She was alas offer a job. Which was to seduce the old man's son.Instagram page; leegrace04Discord account; Lee Grace#7240

  • Speed Devil

    Speed Devil


    "Everything seems so slow as if they are frozen in time, but they are not, I am just too fast.I feel like I can outrun light but will I be able to? Would I even be able to see at that speed?""Well there is only one way to find out"..._________________A physics intern gets exposed to enclosed tachyon particles in a lab accident which causes his body to go through severe changes making him the fastest being ever._____________________A/N - The start of the novel will be very slow-paced, the characters around the MC will be introduced, the world around him will slowly be built.If you don't like slow pace start, this novel is not for you.

  • The One Luna

    The One Luna



    Luna and his best friend Boni only wanted to play an upcoming MMORPG.But what happens when a is introduced to Earth. Zombies spawn out of nowhere, beasts start to mutate, new races from a failed world appear out of nowhere.A new world where those who adapt the fastest will be rewarded. FIGHT. STRUGGLE. EVOLVE! Before you can even try to find out why these strange events have happened, you have to be strong enough to even survive in the first place and figure out what rules govern this new world!

  • Rome: Beginning with the Commander of the Legion

    Rome: Beginning with the Commander of the Legion


    "Joining the legion is to make money! Otherwise, I wouldn't be willing to give his life to the rice buckets of the Senate!""The rice buckets in the Senate are forbidden to take the initiative to attack, don't you know that only arresting slaves is the fastest way to make money?"Brian, a man who covets the throne of the Republic and the supreme power!In short, this is a story of growing from a legion commander to a great emperor.