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A war novel or military fiction is a novel about war. It is a novel in which the primary action takes place on a battlefield, or in a civilian setting (or home front), where the characters are preoccupied with the preparations for, suffering the effects of, or recovering from war. Many war novels are historical novels.

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  • Herald of SteelHerald of Steel


    Herald of Steel

    Waking up inside the ruins of an orphanage, Alexander finds himself chained and sold to slavery. A modern metallurgist, trapped in ancient times, watch as he tries to play with the cards fate dealt him. He will make plate armor, invent paper, build roads, teach governance and many more, as he tries to carve a place for himself. But how can such things not attract jealous eyes? The naval superpower- Cantagena, The unstoppable army of- Exolas, The superpower of the east- Adhania, The mercantile confederation- Sybarsis, The religious fanatics- Iyizarid, And the ever-present- Barbarians of the Barren Forrest, All want something from each other. In this ocean of sharks, follow a small carp as it struggles to leap through the dragon gate and establish a dynasty to outlast them all. The cover is not mine. If you are the owner of this cover, comment and I will remove it.

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  • Tempest of the Stellar WarTempest of the Stellar War


    Tempest of the Stellar War

    He received a genetic score of 28... completely disqualifying him from applying to military college! He helped deliver a friend's love letter... and fell into a lake becoming infamous for dying for love! His very first gift... warped him into a brutal training simulation! However he perserved through all these trials! Our Dear Student Wang Zheng has finally started his lucky(?) university life! This is the song of a blood boiling and exciting storm! The most ferocious and heated mecha adventure around is finally here! TL Note: This is a novel about doing the impossible, seeing the invisible. Follow along for a ride across the universe! TL;DR: Not Shakespeare, not complex, but fun and easy to read. Come support! As the translator, I've enjoyed translating this novel and I hope to bring the essence of what the author has tried to portray into the chapters you will read. To sum it up in 3 words: Mechs! Explosions! Science! To be perfectly honest, this novel is about your typically overpowered protagonist who does get looked down from time to time but always overcomes the odds with his own special power. He's abit more mature having grown up on his own and just a littttttttle bit dense. Although it always ends up with him winning, it always happens in an interesting (subjective) and fun way that makes me enjoy reading this. The novel has elements of lighthearted comedy from time to time and I do chuckle at how direct the humor is. It's not as smart as say WMW nor does it weave an intricate story much like Ergen's novels. More importantly, its fun and it doesn't try to hide it.

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  • Rise of the HordeRise of the Horde


    Rise of the Horde

    Xiao Chen was once a great soldier of Huaxia known for his strange, unique but effective tactics and plans during operations. He would always assume command and orchestrate highly-dangerous missions and would lead his unit to success. He was known for being a great commander which made his military rank soar, from being a young lieutenant freshly graduate from the academy to becoming one of the youngest general that Huaxia had ever seen. Sadly though his military career was cut short when he was deeply involved in the older generals politics. He died a tragic death when he was murdered by the men who he trusted so much and considered his brothers. His soul wandered through the river of time and space still seeking vengeance and was soon swallowed up by a swirling light. He soon found himself in the body of a monster or that's what others consider him to be. He had a hulking figure pack with muscles,towering nearly 7ft tall, a pair thick tusks jutting out from his mouth and lupine ears along with the great desire for battle welling up inside him. He begins his new journey as a green hulking monster or an orc as what his kind was called, a monster born for war and lived for war.

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  • Lord of the TruthLord of the Truth


    Lord of the Truth

    Robin Burton is a young man who grow with everything anyone can hope for, immense talent for cultivation, sharp mind, a wealthy family that will stop at nothing to protect and nurture him He had everything... except the willingness to take them. "Why would I take the same route as my ancestors ? why should I become stronger? to beat this and compete with that..? At the end of this road what will happen? get a harem then die and be forgotten after a few years? NO! That is not what I got my talent for... THAT IS NOT WHAT I WAS BORN FOR! what I want is more... much more. I refuse... I will not take anyone's route, I will make my own... I do not want to be a legendary figure, I will be THE Legend.. I.. Robin.. will do it my way, or die trying." This is the story of a Researcher, a Warlord and... a God Emperor.

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  • The Guardians' Throne - The First Magic SwordsmanThe Guardians' Throne - The First Magic Swordsman


    The Guardians' Throne - The First Magic Swordsman

    After a long time in the darkness, a lost soul is transported to another world, and there the soul is given another chance and is reborn as a boy... In a world of swords and magic, Zaos is given another chance after hearing an unknown voice asking him to protect someone. While he couldn't remember many things about his old life, he still decided to live his new as much as possible. Even though it looked like he was destined to do something, Zaos chose to follow his own path as much as possible. He tried that... but it looked like the machinations of destiny won't give him much option. Weird things were happening in the kingdom he was born, and before he could imagine... Zaos was throw in the middle of a war in which some were trying to revive the god of the world, and others were trying to prevent it. Zaos will fight in this war while he also looks for the person he is supposed to protect. The story, all names, characters, and incidents portrayed in this production are fictitious. No identification with actual persons (living or deceased), places, buildings, and products is intended or should be inferred.

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  • Ace of The Dragon DivisionAce of The Dragon Division

    Ace of The Dragon Division

    There’s SIS in great Britain, CIA in the US. In Huaxia, there’s Dragon Division, known as the mysterious power of the East. When a soldier that originally failed to be selected to join, appeared on the Dragon Division’s list again, no one noticed, that this inconspicuous and humble-looking guy was actually the Dragon King of the division, the one that’s most difficult to deal with. Mercenary: “Report, our squad is under attack, suffering heavy casualties!” Commander: “How many enemies are out there?” Mercenary: “Just… just one! There’s a joker card in his hand.” HQ: “What?! Hurry, retreat!”

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  • A Time Traveller's Guide to Feudal JapanA Time Traveller's Guide to Feudal Japan


    A Time Traveller's Guide to Feudal Japan

    Do people chase greatness, or does greatness chase us? A.I. genius, Gengyo, through the assistance of SAPPHIRE attains the means to time travel. He seeks a simpler life, and wishes to experience the warmth of a family. But often we do not get what we want, we get what we deserve. And his peaceful times soon end, as war storms Japan, and in order to protect his peace, he must conquer. Join Gengyo as he walks a blood-stained path toward absolute domination, seizing control of Japan. //Brief extract from one of the battle scenes. Written from the point of view of a samurai landowner, Niwa Nakatane. The hooves grew closer to Nakatane's position and their beating hearts grew faster. Perhaps they could simply remain like that, hiding behind the tree, and allow these barbarians to pass? That way could they not return home to their families? Could they not give their dear wives one final kiss, or share one final story with their enthusiastic youth? Nakatane knew exactly what they were thinking. And as the ground rumbled, and the mounted beasts howled, he was the first man to step out from the trees and make his stand. "OORAH!" Possessed by a furious energy, he thrust out with all the aggression of a war god, puncturing Ochi's stallion through the chest with the sharpened wooden point of his lengthy spear. The mammoth fell from his mount clumsily, his head colliding with a nearby tree root. He ceased to move, and a pool of blood began to form around him. "ARM THESE SPEARS MEN! VICTORY SHALL BE OURS!" He stood in front of the charge of over 150 horsemen, alone. But he did not give a single inch of ground. He met the charge of the next man in line, roaring vengefully, possessed by all the rage and power that had accumulated in his body over these past years. The horsemen shrieked like a pack of hyenas, fanning out, each eager for a piece of the man who had brought down their leader. //I did not create the book cover. All credits go to the original creator.

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  • The supreme sovereign systemThe supreme sovereign system


    The supreme sovereign system

    Alfonso was a historian of earth who suddenly appear in the body of Alfonso Lockheart, a fallen prince that is the Lord of a formal city known as the wasteland valley, with infertile land and losing the protection of their god, the wasteland valley is land that is destined to be destroyer by the extreme weather and the attacks of beast. Alfonso was in a despair situation; however, he wasn’t destined to fall in this land, that is because.... [The supreme sovereign system welcomes its new host, with the help of the Greek gods as your allies, you will become the new sovereign of this land!]

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  • Legend of the Supreme SoldierLegend of the Supreme Soldier


    Legend of the Supreme Soldier

    **Legend of the Supreme Soldier ( Legend of the Mastermind) is the first novel that was created by Fang Xiang** Ye Chong was a denizen of Trash Planet-12. On one fateful day, he discovered a treasure that would forever alter his destiny from a pile of junk - Mu Shang, an unknown machine with artificial intelligence and a lost memory. Together, they venture into the vast galaxy as the isolated "caveman" that was Ye Chong began absorbing all sorts of knowledge and meeting people from all walks of life. He gradually discovers more and more about his own mysterious past as well as his partner’s. Read to find out more!

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  • Soldiers of Time.Soldiers of Time.


    Soldiers of Time.

    There is a war on the horizon and we need you to lead the world into battle. But you are weak. Far too weak. So you must become strong. Strong enough to bring the world under your banner Strong enough to withstand the tribulation to come. The era wars beckons... A war where Godkings are cannon fodder. A war where even lords will fall ... Apocalypse is coming. And strong... You will become!!! * “Let the Soul of the Universe bear witness Let the Rules of Creation acknowledge Let this mortal be reborn anew Let it AWAKEN as THE CHILDE OF TIME! LET THE TRIALS OF LAW BEGIN!!!” * [First Trial of Time: Trial of a Soldier] [Before you can lead an army, you must first understand what it means to be a soldier.] [Main Objective: Reach the Limit of Mortal Coil.] [Secondary objective: Destroy the organisation that seeks to harm your planet.] [Reward: ***] [Good luck Inheritors. Good luck, Childe.] A group of Spec Ops operators are saved from the jaws of death by the intervention of the Supreme Law of Time. However, nothing comes for free. A prices must be paid. A duty must be delivered. Thus, began the journey to the summit of a group of soldiers who are unavertibly marked as Soldiers of the Supreme Law of Time.

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  • Systemless in a Parallel WorldSystemless in a Parallel World


    Systemless in a Parallel World

    As the Gods descended onto Earth to bless their children to save them from the threat of extinction, supernatural beings were born with the help of the System. However, not everyone was blessed. Zayn was a 'Normie', but he was quite happy about that! Who the hell needs the Blessing of a God or a spoon-feeding system? I don't! As long as I had the Grimoire of the Ancient, some fragmented memories of my past, and my Army of Spirits, not even Gods would dare to look me in the eyes! (The War aspect won't be present from the initial chapter!) ** This is a fantasy novel. If you think everything will be logical or follow the same laws as it is in reality...I'm sorry! Discord Server: Current Cover: Will be updated soon **

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  • The Black MarketThe Black Market


    The Black Market

    WARNING! BOOK CONTAINS SEX/BRUTALITY/RAPE/KILLINGS/GORE/SUBTLE HAREM/ROMANTIC SUBPLOT IF YOU ARE OKAY WITH THE AFOREMENTIONED TAGS, THEN PROCEED WITH CAUTION! Other Ongoing Book: The Immortal's Wine * * * Friction between several big countries escalated in the year 2040 when the world almost ran out of natural resources. In the same year, a terrifying group of unknown individuals surfaced in the world. They numbered more than several hundred thousand, appearing literally out of thin air. To think that such a monstrous group had managed to hide away without anyone's knowledge was inconceivable. The group wreaked havoc in the world with their futuristic weapons. Laser guns, fighter robots, and other advanced weaponry were included in their arsenal. Billions of humans died in the war causing liters of blood to flow in the once flourishing world. The year 2050, Major General Cale Sylvann, a 49-year-old elite and one of the leading figures of Earth Alliance died in battle. "Where am I?" "Calee! Get up or you will be late for school again!" *** Message me on discord: Condemned#0294 Join my discord server to chat with me and other readers on this link:

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  • Monarch of SlaughterMonarch of Slaughter


    Monarch of Slaughter

    Aragon, a village-born boy with exceptional swordsmanship skills, discovers his lineage as a descendant of a legendary swordsman. He embarks on a quest to conquer challenges, unravel old secrets, and face dark forces. Along the way, he forges alliances, inspires hope, and confronts personal trials. As he navigates political intrigue and battles for the throne, Aragon's journey becomes a path of self-discovery and the true meaning of power. (The characters in this story and everything is wholly fictional.18+ and also it may contain some adult and mature content. And it is a completely fictional and imaginary world in which the events of the story take place.) NO NTR OR YURI

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  • The strongest Demonic ImmortalThe strongest Demonic Immortal


    The strongest Demonic Immortal

    I will not be bullied in his life, so i shall take on the name Frankenstein, when my enemies remember my name let them shiver......wait i am a transmigrator? and i also have a system ? Frank was abandoned in the military academy at the ripe age of 15 only to find out that his parents had mysteriously disappeared leaving a message explaining that he was not really their child but the transmigrated soul of an evil entity from another world, he refuses to accept it but slowly he comes to understand his true nature and after unlocking his memories he sets of to control the world his motives unknown but his drive and determination unquestionable Follow our protagonist Frank as he sets off into this new world, his goal to become stronger and one day rule the world,. with war is at every corner. Watch as he makes alliances and enemies in this world of mythological beasts, cultivators, ,evil entities, and gods on his road to the top, Will his ambitions lead to peace in this world? Or will he bring about the ultimate destruction of this world ? chat on discord NOTE: Fair warning the mc will not start out ambitious but when he unlocks the seal in his mind around chapter 108 he will become smarter and more scheming Make it to that point so we can go on this journey together For those who don't like the fatty jack please note that the author and the fatty are one and the same i will make myself a beast in my own novel no need to be worried he will be a badass

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  • Nova RomaNova Roma


    Nova Roma

    Our protagonist was a Mexican who died on a flight, when he woke up he found Apollo who reincarnated him as the grandson of Gaius Octavian Turino (Augustus) the first Roman emperor, having a mission in hand to conquer the New World to save the Roman polytheist world and his existence. Our protagonist will be able to develop the great Roman civilization in America and survive the different ones that exist in this distant land ... Discord Server

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  • All Time MarksmanAll Time Marksman


    All Time Marksman

    Year Date March 30, 2030 On a seemingly normal day across all countries on the face of the earth. A sudden eruption of the crust and a sudden appearance of void rifts-like holes appeared. It was the start of ULTIMA CHANGE, soon monsters arise from those rifts. And it was soon followed by bloodshed. In nearly 5 months 1 hundred million have already perished from the monsters. And with that, countries all over the world have formed their Safe Zones. Building walls that might secure them from monsters. And with the appearance of monsters also the appearance of people with strange powers and abilities.

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    A Girl who traped in to beast world

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  • Synthetic Survivor: Machine AgeSynthetic Survivor: Machine Age


    Synthetic Survivor: Machine Age

    “There is this aching feeling, it pains my heart and fries my already half-human and half-machine heart. I awoke in a world of death and destruction, I am the only survivor. But this may be a blessing, this new world, this world that boasts magic, maybe I will finally bring salvation to my world, even if it causes millions of lives,” One woke with amnesia underneath the shattered remains of a once prosperous human civilization. He remembered nothing, his past or the events that happened that caused the world to become as it was. He was no longer purely human, he woke to find himself a hybrid between a man and a machine. But amid the radioactive dunes and lifeless expanse of the Earth, a lone machine network survived the disaster. After discovering that he controlled them, he set out on one goal: Rebuild. But how can he fully rebuild? For the Earth once had life but now was barren, not even bacteria survived. Until the wormhole appeared a decade later. But he was not alone, when he awoke, a voice rang in his head, who was it? It was his friend, a friend from the past. Although he does not remember her name, he still felt how important she was before even if he has lost all his humanity and memories, her name was Hailey. Follow her as she guides One a decade after he awakes, the both of them will form the most powerful machine leaders who will ever walk in the face of the two worlds. Their story will start a decade into One’s rebuilding, he now controlled a vast network of machines around the planet Earth, all focused in the effort of rebuilding the world towards its former glory, there was only one thing missing, an essential attribute which differentiated Earth from all other known planets, life. But everything changed when a wormhole opened, a breach within the fabric of space and time, opening a pathway between Earth and a world of fantasy! Follow One as he and his Empire explores this new mystical world full of elves, goblins, orcs, dwarves, ogres, humans, kingdoms, empires and magic! His goal of restoring life may be within his grasps. But that does not mean there won’t be opposition. There will be battles, wars and calamities, millions will perish in the onslaught that will soon follow. Especially, when One discovers that the new world held the secrets of the past. He will face Deities and powerful foes, will he prevail? New weapons he will smith and countries he shall wipe out, for he is, One. ----- Discord:

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  • Infallible OathbreakerInfallible Oathbreaker


    Infallible Oathbreaker

    Every day for six years straight, from the time he was twelve, Darius Omen hit an anvil with a hammer ten thousand times a day without stopping. He did not know the reason why he needed to, all he knew was that he had to. Little did he know that hit by hit, strike by strike, his originally meek body was being refined into something that had never been seen before in the history of mankind. In the war against spirits, mankind had little to be proud of. Yet one day a young man entered the battlefield. He dazzled millions and killed even more, all with merely a rusty old hammer than no one could hold or fathom.

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  • Conclave of TyrantsConclave of Tyrants

    Conclave of Tyrants

    The Gutu Empire, a behemoth that stretched across the majority of the Western Continent, dominated all in its path. The Gutu themselves were a race of mighty beings, capable to destroying mountains and splitting oceans with a wave of their hands. A billionaire prodigy from Earth dies in his sleep and wakes up in the body of a child in a Gutu village. He quickly adjusts and slowly begins to formulate a plan to do what he had once done before. Take over the world! This time, not with money, nor with intellect, but pure might! In a world where demons, strange creatures, mages, vampires and all sorts of insanities run amok, Takunda keeps a calm mind, as his vision sees nothing but the top he desires! Watch the legend that swept the Western Continent of its feet, the story of the ultimate cultivator: The Smoke That Thunders! ____________ Will have at least 2000 chapters! At least 5 chapters a week! Any and all support isd welcome! Here is the other book Solitary Sword Sovereign in this multiverse with 70+ chapters

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